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Our Selection for Men’s Engagement Rings

last updated: Jan 17, 2020

We have picked this sensational selection of men’s engagement rings for your viewing. Our selection is fun to review if you are searching for that perfect engagement ring for a man.

The bands included in our list are dazzling and polished to the highest gloss imaginable, resembling white gold and gold.

All of our options are designed to wear with any attire, go well with other accessories, and are very strong and durable. The bands all have a comfortable fit, and are timeless.

Our engagement rings for men are very affordable and fit into everyone’s budget!

There are also a variety of unisex rings in our selection as well so if you’re looking for a couple’s set, you can always get 2 matching engagement bands.

Our Top 10 Picks for Men's Engagement Rings!

1. Ruby & Oscar Eternity Ring in Titanium

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30 day money back guarantee

This beautiful titanium band is designed by Ruby and Oscar and retails for less than $200. What a steal for a band with such beautiful cubic zirconia stones.

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It was made out of solid titanium and both men and women can get a matching set for their engagement rings.

The gemstones consist of round brilliant cut cubic zirconia gemstones. The carat weight totals out at 1.5 and that’s a good amount of sparkle. The stones are set in a channel setting.

The band is smooth and comfortable to wear, meaning it slide on and off effortlessly on your ring finger.

The sensational man’s engagement band is 150 mm wide and available is sizes 5 to 8.

This is an absolute top seller, affordable for any budget. The ring has a unique design and comes with free insured delivery by FedEx Express.

2. Jeulia Princess-Cut Men's Engagement Ring

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Princess cut stones

5% discount

Sterling dilver

Jeulia is one of our favorite brands when it comes to affordable jewelry and we just couldn’t resist this intricate men’s sterling silver ring.

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It features a center row of glistening bright princess-cut stones, wrapped in princess shape frames. Between each set of stones there is a vertical row of 3 square-cut stones encrusted one below the other.

The band consists of a total of 23 stones with a carat weight of 2.34. The tiny crystals are Jeulia stones; the brand lab-creates these gemstones to resemble diamonds, almost matching the hardness and look of a diamond for a fraction of the price of a diamond!

The color of these precious stones are diamond white and the shimmering gemstones are set in .925 sterling silver.

The band comes with free shipping, a 30-day return policy and a year warranty.

The band is available in a variety of sizes from size 3 to 15. You also get the opportunity to have it engraved for an extra $20.00!

3. JEWELRY Tungsten Ring

100S JEWELRY Tungsten Engagement Band
100S JEWELRY Tungsten Engagement Band Profile
100S JEWELRY Tungsten Engagement Band Inner Detail
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Casual and modern

Heavy duty band

Gold sandblasted finish

This band is absolutely an incredible piece. The ring is made from tungsten carbide and has a gold sandblasted finish dome. It is available in sizes 6 to 16, which is a nice variety of sizes.

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This ring is casual yet very sleek and high-end looking, it offers affordable luxury without the high cost. We promise you it looks like real gold and does not appear fake at all.

The band is designed to be heavy duty and is a wider-fitting ring. Bear in mind tungsten carbide is a super durable material that lasts for years, water and 100% scratch proof.

On top of that, since the band is 14k gold-plated, it’s super shiny and won’t tarnish easily.

The sizing is ideal from a small size 8 to a larger size 16. It is 8mm wide and perfect for both genders.

You’ll get the band in a sweet jewelry box good for storage or gifting.

4. Black Bow Jewelry & Co. Unisex Comfort Fit Band

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Comfortable fit

Stainless steel


This unique band we have selected from The Black Bow Company is a grooved stainless steel 8mm comfort fit ring.

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It’s multi-grooved and crafted with the highest quality of stainless steel which means it won’t scratch, discolor or tarnish with time. This band is easy to care for and very durable.

The contemporary ring features three grooves dividing it into four symmetrical sections with a a super polished silver finish. It appears as 4 dainty bands stacked together into a perfectly matched ring set.

The band is available in sizes 6 to 13 including half sizes, which is a plus for all genders who are interested in this modern look for an engagement band.

It measures 8mm in width and is perfect for daily wear. In addition, The Black Bow Jewelry Company will ship your beautiful band in one of their lovely gift boxes so you can safely store your ring any time you’re not wearing it.

5. King Will Celtic Dragon Man's Engagement Ring

King Will Celtic Dragon Man's Engagement Band
King Will Celtic Dragon Man's Engagement Band on Hand
King Will Celtic Dragon Man's Engagement Band Gift Box
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Excellent tungsten carbide

Unique Celtic design

This special find is unique because of the Celtic dragons with a carbon fiber background inlay, which is why this band is considered extraordinary.

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The metal is an excellent tungsten carbide with a super comfy interface, which gives you a cozy feeling everytime you wear it.

This is a beautifully polished silver-colored band and the intricate design of the dragons make it a delectable piece of man’s jewelry. The width is 8mm, so it’s quite wide and masculine which we love.

The ring sizes vary from size 6 to 15. This price is super affordable making it the perfect budget-friendly pick for a man’s engagement ring.

King Will offers a gorgeous jewelry box that saves you on gift wrapping and is excellent for storing the ring when not in use.

6. Ruby & Oscar Men's Milgrain Style Three Stone Ring

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Cubic zirconia

Yellow tone 8mm ring

Sale item

This gorgeous band comes in solid titanium and we fell in love with the gold tone details and the milgrain design. The width of the ring is 200mm and the height is 2.5mm.

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The gemstones are a brilliant cut cubic zirconia totaling 0.15 carats. The cut of the stones are round and the setting is a prong style.

This choice of titanium is perfect for a man’s ring since the metal assures ultimate durability, a very scratch-resistant surface and a super polished finish.

The milgrain detail runs all along the band’s edges and the contrast between the yellow tone of the milgrain detail and the silver of the band is gorgeous.

The use of a different metal colors makes this band a statement piece, a piece of jewelry that won’t go under the radar.

The brand gives a 30-day money back guarantee to all customers and as far as the price goes, it’s a bit more high-end but considering the unique design, worth every single penny!

7. Jeulia Two Tone Titanium Steel Men's Ring

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Two tone ring

One year warranty


We have selected this piece because it’s versatile, beautiful and also makes you feel closer to your loved one with the words “Forever Love” engraved along the band.

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The metal used is stainless steel with black-colored edges running along the band and inlay.

There is one single Jeulia stone encrusted on the band and separating the words ‘forever’ and ‘love’.

Julia stones are lab-created crystals by the brand, made to be more resistant than natural stones, while costing only a fraction of the price of a high-end gemstone.

The smooth finish makes it super comfortable to wear and you get to choose a size between 7 and 12.

This is one of the most affordable picks on our list and considering that you’ll also get a 1 year warranty and 30-day return option, it’s a risk-free investment!

8. Black Bow Jewelry & Co. Diamond & Oval Black Onyx Band

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13mm tapered ring

White diamonds

Genuine black onyx

The velvety hue of onyx combined with the glittering diamonds and polished rhodium-plated sterling silver makes a statement of sophistication and power and that’s exactly what we think of this ring option.

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The polished men’s onyx ring features a tapered design, a beautiful undercarriage, genuine black onyx and four natural white diamonds totaling 0.16 carats. The rhodium-plating makes it super resistible to tarnishing as well as shinier than silver.

The ring is approximately 13mm in width across the top as it narrows down to around ½ the width across the bottom. It is only available in size 9 to 11.

It weighs 12.94 grams so it’s on the heavy side but sits comfortably on fingers so don’t worry about any wear issues

While it comes with a hefty price tag, considering you’re getting real diamonds and onyx, we think it’s a steal purchase not to miss on!

The Black Bow Jewelry Company offers free shipping, a money back guarantee and easy returns.

9. Shuremaster Men's Engagement Ring

Shuremaster Men Engagement Band
Shuremaster Men Engagement Band Horizontal
Shuremaster Men Engagement Band on Hand
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Bue/silver design

Engraved with “I Love You”

We chose this unique selection because there are a variety of widths to choose from: 4mm, 6mm and 8mms.

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This ring is a brush tungsten with a smooth blue inner color. It is made from genuine tungsten carbide, therefore durable and scratch-resistant.

The workmanship is impeccable as the ring slides on your finger very comfortably.

This is a unisex engagement band for men and women, and makes for a great romantic gift since it comes engraved with the words ‘I Love You’.

There is a lifetime guarantee and 60 days money back return or exchange. The cost of this ring? Less than a take out for 1!

Shuremaster prides themselves on good quality and considering this particular band got hundreds of 5-star reviews, they certainly do make a good job when it comes to unique jewelry at super affordable prices!

10. Shuremaster Black/Silver Engraved Band

Shuremaster Black/Silver Engraved Band
Shuremaster Black/Silver Engraved Band Horizontal
Shuremaster Black/Silver Engraved Band on Hand
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Black/silver color

Comfort fit

Our second pick by Shuremaster, this ring comes in 6mm & 8mm widths with a brush finish and a step edge design. The solid tungsten carbide band is scratch-proof and retains its color.

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What we love about it the most is the polished black hue on both the inner as well as the outer side of the band.

The outer side features a black streak design while on the inner part of the band you’ll find the ‘I Love You’ phrase engrave on it, just like with our previous option.

If you’re looking for a more masculine, durable, and simple man’s engagement ring, this is your pick.

As for the price, it’s so affordable that you can get more than one and give the second ring you purchase to your bride-to-be so that you can have matching rings!

It comes in sizes 6 to 15 and in case you’re not crazy about the black hue, there are 11 more color combinations to choose from!

Evaluation Criteria


We have put a lot of time and effort into searching the internet for the right men’s engagement bands. During our search, we found that many of these bands can be worn by all genders and come in a variety of sizes to choose from.

Our selection of man's engagement rings are created from the best quality of new and popular metals.

Metals such as tungsten carbide and stainless steel can be highly polished to look like white gold, gold and a beautiful silver. Some of our bands are .925 sterling silver so if you're looking for a more classic band, that's your pick.

The engagement rings for men featured on our list are perfect for daily wear, as a replacement or new engagement band. The rings are a suitable gift for any occasion and are very budget friendly!

Wear Comfort

The male engagement rings we have selected were all hand-picked for comfort. The bands slide on and off your finger with ease and also fit your finger correctly according to your size.

This selection is made to make all genders feel comfortable with the pieces they have chosen to add to their collection.

The metals used for all options on our list are safe for your skin, hypoallergenic and non-skin irritant.

Regardless of the type of engagement ring you choose, you can be sure you won't see your skin turning green when wearing your ring or any irritation occurring at any time.


We have researched the companies and the artisans behind the jewelry picks on our list, and we can promise you these are highly-rated brand known for the quality of their products.

All of our picks are made with genuine stones, real sterling silver, stainless steel and the most durable tungsten carbide.

Tungsten carbide and stainless steel are known to be some of the most durable, scratch-resistant and hard materials out there.

This means that even if you wear your ring under water, while exercising or during any strenuous activity, it will keep its shine and won't tarnish.

Every ring comes with a guarantee or a 30-day money back option, so you know your purchase is risk-free.


q: What is a princess-cut stone?


A princess-cut stone is a specific diamond cut very popular for engagement bands.

The cut has a rectangular or square shape when looking from above, and the side is similar to an inverted pyramid with four beveled sides.

q: Why is tungsten carbide becoming so popular in rings?


Tungsten carbide is the most scratch-resistant metal known to man. It never bends out of shape due to its hardness, so if an accident occurs, the ring will not deform and injure your finger.

Tungsten is hypoallergenic and people with allergies to gold can wear tungsten jewelry for a fraction of the price.

q: Are the brands featured on your list considered reputable companies?


When we search the internet to find a selection of products that will intrigue you, we only select companies with the highest customer satisfaction, highest ratings and money-back guarantees.


We hope you have enjoyed checking out our selection of men’s engagement rings.

We have selected many different choices based on style, comfort, durability, design and price.

Many of the options on our list are made from from tungsten carbide, a material that is hypoallergenic and scratch-resistant.

We have also selected some beautiful rings in .925 sterling silver with genuine gemstones or particular designs such as milgrain.

We value the tradition of getting engaged and view it as a sacred union between two people who plan to spend the rest of their lives together. This is why we work tirelessly and put much effort into finding you the right bands to celebrate and symbolize such union.

One thing about men's engagement rings and wedding bands is these are sentimental and timeless; however, many people can’t afford to spend thousands on engagement jewelry.

This is why we made sure we included both budget-friendly as well as high-end picks on our list; regardless of your budget limit, there are options on our list you will be able to afford.

Enjoy browsing and shopping guys!