Alexandrite and Pearl - The Best June Birthstone Jewelry

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Alexandrite and Pearl the June Birthstones

June Birthstone

If you were born in the month of June, you are definitely one of the lucky one, as June has not one, but two stunning birthstones. The June Birthstones are the lovely Alexandrite and the pearl, two natural beauties that are loved by more than just those born in the sixth month. Still, for those that are born in June, alexandrite and pearls may have a real emotional significance, and would make a really lovely gift for June babies, any time of the year.



Alexandrite is a beautiful gemstone, often features two tones, looking a purple shade from a distance, but actually having shades of blue, green and red in the same stone. Additionally, alexandrite has a wonderful way of playing with the light, it appears to be a rich forest green in sunlight, and a deep red when under electric light, which has led to it being described as ’emerald by day, ruby by night’.


Alexandrite is a June Birthstone
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Alexandrite was oriinally discovered in the 1930s in Russia’s Ural mountains and was named after Czar Alexander II of Russia, for the compassion he showed to his people. It is now mainly mined in East Africa, Sri Lanka and Brazil, and it’s rarity can make it a fairly expensive gemstone, especially in larger sizes.


The stunning colour changing stone doesn’t have a very rich history as it has only been arund for a few hundred years, but Alexandrite is believed to sinify love and luck. Additionally, it is not only a June birthstone, but it is also the gemstone for the 55th wedding anniversary.


Stunning Alexandrite Jewelry

There is sure to be a piece of alexandrite jewelry to fit any budget – whether you decide to invest in the real thing for a special keepsake, or pick up some fabulous costme jewelery for more everyday wear. The beautiful gemstone, will really make for a great piece of statement jewelry, especially  since it will look a new shade in different types of light.


Best Alexandrite Jewelry for June

June Birthstone – Alexandrite Jewelry (clockwise from top left): 9ct White Gold Created Alexandrite and Diamond Ring; Alexandrite Jewelry in 14K White Gold; 14K White Gold Alexandrite Gemstone Necklace9K Alexandrite Gold Ring; Gold Tone Earrings in Simulated Alexandrite.



The pearl is the other birthstone for June, an they are the precious gems that are produced inside mollusks, such as oysters. So unlike other gemstones they are not mined, instead being a wonder of nature, produced when layers of mother of pearl from around an irritant inside the shell of the mollusk. Since natural pearls are so rare, many of todays pearls are cultured, i.e. grown in pearl farms, which can still produce a high quality, beautiful stone, in many shapes and sizes. There are two types of pearls, freshwater and saltwater,  and both have stunning natual beauty and lustres.


Pearl is a June Birthstone
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The pearl has a richer cultural history than its June birthstone counterpart, having been worn as adornments since and as a symbol of purity since the Roman Empire. Pearls were also a significant stone during the Ancient Egyptian era, being burried with people to show their wealth. The pearl is not only a symbol of wealth and prosperity, but also of integrity, focus, faith and charity.

Stunning Pearl Jewelry

Today, the pearl continues to be classed as one of the most elegant and chic gemtones that will forever be in style. They come in a number of different colours, including crisp white, irridescent cream, old, pink, champagne, green and even black. Therefore, pearls will make for a really versatile jewelry piece, especially since they can be worn for all kinds of occasion. So whether you invest in some real high quality pearls, or choose some imitation costume pieces, every girl should have some pearls in her jewelry box.


Best Pearl Jewelry for June
June Birthstone – Pearl Jewelry (Clockwise from top left): Sterling Silver and Pearl Ring; Leaf Drop Sterling Silver Freshwater Pearl Earrings; Pearls and Sterling Silver Necklace; Black Freshwater Pearl Silver Ring; Akoya Pearl and Diamond Stud Earrings.


So there you have it, a guide to the June birthstone, if you want to know more about the gemstones for other birth months, we have a comprehensive guide to birthstones.