Geek Chic - Jewelry for Science Lovers

Anna Anna 12 May 2019 2917
Science Jewelry for Geek Chic
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As a science lover, it really delights me that science – in all of its disciplines – has become more mainstream, in recent years. The likes of Stephen Hawking, David Attenborough, Neil Degrasse Tyson and Brian Cox, have made space, and science as a whole, something exciting and cool. Fans of a particlar sport wil wear a replica jersey, so why can’t biology of chemistry enthusiasts be geek chic in some science jewelry.


There is some really gorgeous science jewelry available right now, because of it’s increase in popularity. And it can be just as meaningful and sentimental as regular jewelry. After a rough time in life, a friend gifted me with a necklace with a pendant of the chemical symbol of dopamine, the feel good chemical of the brain. It was such a thoughtful gift and it’s been treasured ever since. So fellow science lovers, why not treat yourself to some lovely science-themed jewelry, you definitely won’t regret it.

Science Jewelry – Space

All science have beauty within them, bu arguably the most beauty is seen beyond our world…in space. If you have seen images of the earth from beyond the atmosphere, or been lucky enough to see the clusters of stars of the Milky Way galaxy on  a clear night, will know that the beauty of space can take your breath away. Not only is space stunning, but it is also fascinating, for example there may be a planet out there that is made completely of diamond. Yale University scientists suggests a planet called 55 Cancri e, may have a surface made up of graphite and diamond – it’s 40 light years away, but totally worth a trip, am I right?

Science Jewelry for Space Lovers

Space Jewelry (l-r): Moon Ring; Solar System Bracelet; Outer Space Glass Pendant.


Science Jewelry – Biology

The world of biology offers so many variations on beauty – from the stunning double helix of the DNA that makes us who we are, to the vibrant abundance of life in the coral reefs, to the iridescent sheen on a beetle shell. If biology is your preferred science, there are so many gorgeous pieces of jewelry that have been inspired by the wonderful study of life. Everytime you will look at it, you will be reminded that there is beauty everywhere in the world, no matter where you look. It will be sure to make you smile, and crave a marathon of your favourite nature show.

Science Jewelry for Biology Lovers

Biology Jewelry (l-r): Real Fearn Leaf Necklace; Neuron in a Circle Necklace; DNA Wedding Rings.


Science Jewelry – Chemistry

Chemistry is one of the more complicated branches of science, studying the elements that matter is made of, as well as the reactions between them. It is in these reactions when you can see great beauty – such as the vibrant green/blue flame of copper burning, or any crystallisation reaction. You can see many more lovely chemical reactions of the Beautiful Chemistry website, which may just inspire you to pick up some chemistry jewelry. And just so you know, there are lots of tutorials online, which will teach you to to make your own crystal necklace, so get Googling.

Science Jewelry for Chemistry Lovers

Chemisty Jewelry (l-r): ‘Gold’ Earrings; Seratonin Chemical Symbol Necklace; Love Symbol Bracelet; Periodic Table of Elements Brass Cuff.


Chemical Structure Necklace
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You can be guaranteed that wearing any of these gorgeous pieces of science jewelry, you can be sure that you are going to get plenty of admirin glances. You may even get a chance to stretch those knowlegde wings, if someon asks what your piece of jewelry means or represents. Plus science jewelry, could be a really great gift for the special person in your life, even if they aren’t science fans. For example, if you have a coffee addict in you life, why  not get them a necklace with the chemical structure of their favourite pick me up, caffeine.


So there you have it, some stunning science jewelry to satisfy your inner nerd. Maybe it isn’t considered very cool to be a nerd, or to be more interested in the lastest scientific discovery than the latest celebruty gossip. But who cares what other people think, science is incredible, and all those celebrity addicts wouldn’t be able to watch their reality TV shows without science, would they? So hide that inner geek no longer, throw on some science jewelry, get out your copy of Scientific American, and enjoy.