Make a Statement: Geometric Jewelry Must Haves

Anna Anna 09 Mar 2021 3354

The geometric jewelry has been a trend for a few years now, embraced by celebrities first and then had been spread in tgeometric1he world. Most women are somehow scared of this trend because it’s tricky. The reason why wearing geometric jewelry usually causes confusion is the edginess this trend bears.

Geometric jewelry comes in almost infinite forms and ranges: if you like sharp designs choose a triangle or square, but smoother shapes are there too, like a hexagonal that is timeless and chic or choose anything in between or combined if want your geometrical jewelry to stay classic yet edgy.

Some consider that wearing a necklace in an unusual form and shape, braveness is needed, but maybe this isn’t entirely true.

As fashion always inspires you to try new things out from current trends, to experiment with new patterns and forms while staying true to ourselves at the same time. That’s why the geometric jewelry trend is simple.

You may like a triangle necklace but you are uncertain whether to buy it or not. In this case, it is recommended to start from the beginning and choose jewelry that is most suitable for you, looks good on you and the most important thing, you really really like.

It is a known fact that the jewelry we choose to wear on a particular day will cheer us up. Some days we feel like getting outside the box and stepping out of our comfort zone can be wearing a triangle or hexagon-shaped necklace.

You don’t need to be a Lady Gaga for adding a touch of edginess to your casual look. There are so many designers to get inspiration from once you get the idea of what kind of geometric jewelry you’d like to wear.

Jewelry comes in 2 ways: minimalist and statement. Whether you opt for a casual look or a more elaborate set, with geometric pieces of jewelry you will make a statement while keeping it simple and chic.

Minimalist triangle necklace

A good way to add a geometric jewelry item into your personal style is with a simple triangle necklace. This type of pendant is not complicated, the sharp shaps and the classic design makes it simple but in the same time differs from an average dainty piece.

Peggy Li Creations
Peggy Li Creations

It’s perfect with your favorite t-shirt and jeans combo which gives the impression that small things can bring the best out of even the simplest thing. Fashion is art, right?

Statement triangle necklace

What makes geometric jewelry unique is the whole concept: the combination of the different sizes of triangles offers a bold yet minimal impression at the same time.

Krisp geometric jewelry

Gold triangle earrings

If you want to embrace the geometric jewelry trend, gold triangle earrings are must-haves. These type of earrings have got the three ‘S’: simplicity, shape, and style.

These three characteristics make them timeless pieces while adding to any outfit an accessory which makes a difference. These delicate geometric earrings are effortlessly elegant yet edgy.

Moi Estelle geometric jewelry

Hexagonal necklace

The imaginary crowned queen of the bohemian style, Nicole Richie, came up with her own jewelry line, House of Harlow 1960 in 2008. The jewelry line perfectly combines sharp and smooth designs – one of the first collections that embraced the geometric jewelry trend.

We believe that this necklace is a staple piece if you want to wear something bold because the hexagonal combined with the triangle makes the jewelry stylish and extremely wearable.

Sophisticato Geometric Jewellery
Sophisticato Jewellery

Gold geometric cuff

We have shown you how to make a statement during the days, now we can bring give you a tip for accessorizing for a night out. What’s special about statement jewelry is how it make the difference no matter the outfit.

We believe that with a gold geometric cuff one can never fail! Investing into one is always a great idea as it can be combined with both casual and evening wear, whether you decide to go to a cocktail party in a fancy dress, or to drink with a friend in a simple tank top and jeans.

Gold geometric jewelry cuff
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