The Next Level: Amazing Innovative Jewelry

Anna Anna 02 Mar 2020 5676
3D Printed Innovative jewelry
Image via Pinterest

Is Innovative Jewelry the Next Big Thing?

Technology has come a long way in the last few decades, and it has influenced almost every aspect of our lives. The latest arena technology has thrown its hat into, is jewelry. In just a few years there has been a surge in innovative jewelry, with pieces being created with new technology and completely new ideas. It is an exciting time, and who knows what will be next. But, for now, let’s take a look at the latest in innovative jewelry.


Examples of Innovative Jewelry

Innovative Jewelry created by the wind
Image via Love & Robots

Memories on the Wind

3D printing has helped the development of innovative jewelry take a huge leap forward. This is certainly true of jewelry brand Love & Robots, and their Windswept collection, which uses the weather and 3D printing to create unique pieces of jewelry. They can create custom items of jewelry, modeled on weather data from a specific time and place, for the past 50 years.


Love & Robots use an algorithm that models a cloth or a ribbon blowing in the wind that was blowing in a specific place at a specific time. So, for example, you could get a necklace that shows how the wind was blowing when and where your fiance, proposed. Pop in a location and date, and they will show you how the wind would blow a cloth or ribbon, via an animation. You pause the animation at your favorite part and Love & Robots with 3D print a wax model in an hour, which is used to cast and pour the chosen metal of your necklace, pendant or earrings.


Perfume Innovative Jewelry
Image via Flo

Perfume Jewelry

It can be irritating when you spray on your favorite perfume, and you lose its scent after only a few hours. Well one of the latest jewelry innovations, combines your favorite perfume, with stunning necklace designs. Accessories brand Flo, have created a line of necklaces that have special slow-release capsules inside. When these capsules are sprayed with your favorite scent, they release the fragrance all day long. One capsule can be used many times.


There are also designs available for the special man in your life. And you could even spray your necklace with the scent of a loved one who is away for a long time, to make it feel like they are with you wherever you go. How simple, yet clever.


Technology Meets Jewelry

Unless you have been living under a rock for the past few years, you will probably know that the smartwatch is the must-have piece of techno-jewelry. But, there is way more technology advanced jewelry available, that twenty years ago would have seemed like pure science fiction. Here are some examples of innovative jewelry that incorporate technology.


Smart Rings Innovative Jewelry
Image via Ringly

Ringly creates a line of smart rings in a number of precious metals, with your choice of stone, and comes in three different sizes. It connects to both Android and iOS phones, and by using different vibrations and colors programmed to texts, calls, calendar alerts, and social media notifications. So, by noting the color and vibration patterns of your ring, you will know whether to pay your phone some urgent attention or just to let it go.


What is even more amazing, is that the latest version of their smart ring will feature the ability to make NFC payments in collaboration with Mastercard…all on a ring, just incredible. Ringly have also just created a line of smart bracelets too, making themselves a definite brand to watch in the future.


Lifestyle Innovative Jewelry
Image via Bellabeat

The 21st century is a stressful place to live, but the Bellabeat LEAF is here to help manage that stress. The necklace connects to an app via iOS and Android, which has a host of lifestyle racking options. It monitors stress, by looking at breathing patterns, which can be monitored via the app over a length of time.


The app also advices the user on mindfulness and meditation, and the calming effect can be tracked. The LEAF can also monitor sleep, activity and periods in women, to help them know their times of ovulation, and therefore the chances to conceive.  It’s not only sure to be beneficial to your lifestyle, but it is also extremely stylish looking.


So, there you have it future fans, a guide to the innovative jewelry that may just be, the next big thing.