Insight Into the Boho Chic Look: Must Have Jewelry

Anna Anna 06 Apr 2021 4095

Nowadays the boho-chic look is one of the most popular fashion trends among youngsters, but not many are aware of the history of the whole bohemian, hippie concept. One of the biggest elements of this look is boho chic jewelry.

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All begun with the ‘Summer of Love’ phenomenon during the summer or 1967, when hippies gathered in San Francisco and protested against the Cold War and rejected the values of the modern life while embracing the alternative lifestyle, free love, and gender equality.

From this type of free-thinking and hippie lifestyle evolved what we call nowadays bohemian fashion.

In our days, when we say boho-chic, perhaps festival style comes into our mind instantly.

The reason why the boho-chic look is so popular among young girls can be traced back to the original concept of the hippie lifestyle: to live freely without expectations, sexual freedom and embrace the alternative lifestyle (see sustainability, eco-friendly living, and fashion, vegetarianism and veganism).

Behind the lifestyle, perhaps the fashion side is what youngsters are most interested in.

The whole gist of this fashion trend is the freedom of wearing clothes effortlessly. Maxi skirts, fringe skirt and tops, hats, sandals, and ankle boots are the staples of the boho-chic look. And jewelry. Lots of it.

To look effortlessly bohemian this summer, next to your favorite bohemian-inspired clothes, jewelry is a  must-have.

As boho chic is about living freely without caring about other people’ opinion of our lives, expect more jewelry than one would usually wear, expect earthy tones and lots of gemstones and accessories.

Stacks of boho bracelets

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The basic must-have jewelry that comes into our mind is a large stack of bracelets.

The concept of wearing bracelets is to mix materials, no matter whether it’s gold, leather, or gemstones. The larger and colorful, the better.

A stack of bracelets is a great summer accessory, it perfectly complements your favorite shorts with a basic tee or a tiny patterned maxi boho dress.

You may not be that person who goes to any major festivals, but with a large stack of boho bracelets, you can embrace the ‘summer of love’ feeling, wherever you go or travel.


Chunky rings

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This trend allows us to wear anything we want and chunky rings are a must-have. The bigger the ring is, the more colorful and brighter the stones in it, the more is bohemian.

There is a reason why all things boho are more popular during the summer rather than winter.

You don’t have to worry about wearing layered clothes; with a maxi skirt, tee and sandals and some chunky rings and feathered earrings you easily get the mood going for summer and positive thinking.

This is what the bohemian lifestyle tries to convey: live the moment positively and don’t worry about what other people say.

Boho earrings

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image via Pinterest

A beautiful bohemian inspired earring is definitely a must-have in every girls’ jewelry box.

As we all know, statement jewelry is a must-have and if you are that free-spirited girl than embraces the boho-chic trend on its finest, you simply must own a gorgeous pair of boho earrings.

There are those days when the weather is underwhelming, and your mornings don’t seem to start the way you wanted them to.

For these type of days, a colorful pair of boho earrings will be the perfect medicine. Boho earrings are timeless and look good paired with any outfit.


image via Pinterest
image via Pinterest

The headpiece is probably the key accessory for any boho girl out there. The flower headpiece is a festival -style must-have accessory; with it, you will definitely bring the flower child and hippie mood out loud.

Today we can definitely talk about the haute couture hippie look which is a more designer-y version of the boho-chic.

Florence Welch and Lana del Rey are just a few celebrities who embraced the Haute hippie style.

After all, a headpiece is the perfect accessory for any event, as part of your wedding jewelry if you want to spice up your upcoming wedding photoshoot, or you want to make a statement with your style at the next summer festival you plan to attend.

Whether you consider yourself a bohemian, free spirit or you are that people who don’t like to follow any high street trend,  remember that you don’t need to live by anyone’s expectations and do and wear whatever makes you happy. This is what being bohemian is about after all!