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How To Find Your Skin Undertone And Compliment Your Jewelry To It

Anna Anna 02 Mar 2020 16915

You may have asked yourself countless times why that exact same accessory piece looks so stunning on the girl advertising it but somehow it just doesn’t cut it for you? Does something feel off? This might ultimately leave you sitting there scratching your head, wondering what went wrong.

No, it’s not the jewelry’s style and design or the fact that the advertisement was shot with expensive equipment and edited by a professional and it is definitely not a fault on your part either. What is it then, you ask? It is most likely the case that the jewelry does not compliment your skin undertone.

While your shades may seem similar to the model, believe me, the undertone is not the same. The undertone of your skin is the shade under the surface of your skin. It plays a big role in determining what you should wear that looks most flattering on your skin. This is the case for every part of beauty and fashion. Starting from your makeup and foundation shade, to accessories, and even which family of colors would suit you the best – whether you should wear more cool or warm colors. Hence, the undertone of your skin should never be underestimated or neglected.

Now, you might start guessing yours based on the shade you are on the surface of your skin. If you are fair, you might assume you are cool-toned. And if you are darker, you are most likely to assume you are warm-toned. In reality, that is actually not the case. You can be cool or warm-toned regardless of how fair or dark you are.

So, how do you find undertone and where to start? Ask yourself these questions and take some time to actually ponder before you answer.

Finding your undertone: Are you cool, warm or neutral?

1. Take a look at your veins

First, take a look at the veins in your wrist. You will see one of three things: your veins are more bluish and purple, they tend to be a bit greener, or you simply cannot tell whether they are green or blue.

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If your answer is the first one, then you are most likely to be cool-toned. The second will confirm that you are warm-toned. If the latter is the case, then you are in luck. Finding it hard to determine whether your veins are blue or green means you have a neutral undertone.

2. How would you look in yellow?

Ask yourself how you look in different colored clothes. If clothes with bluish undertones look the most flattering on your skin, then you are cool-toned. If clothes with golden or peachy undertones look the glowing on your skin, then you are warmer toned. Can you pull off wearing either? Then you are most likely to be neutral.

3. See what your skin favors when it comes to neutrals

See, if your skin favors more of blacks and whites, or ivory and tan shades. You can judge whether you are cool or warm toned accordingly.

If you have fair skin with a yellowish undertone, meaning that you are warm-toned, whites will look more flattering on you, whereas ivory shades may make your complexion appear dull.

To fully understand how your particular skin tone reacts to wearing pure whites and the neutral shades with yellow undertones, hold up a piece of white paper against your skin and your answer should be obvious. Furthermore, do an actual experiment with white and ivory dresses and see for yourself if you are still unsure.

4. Your eyes and hair are the obvious signs of your undertone!

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You can also determine your tone by the shade your eyes and hair are. Having blue or gray eyes means you are cool-toned. The same is the case if you have blond, brown or black hair with a bluish or purplish hue. Similarly, you are most likely to be warm-toned if you have brown and hazel colored eyes, and your hair is strawberry blond, brown, or black with golden or red undertones.

5. What happens when you go under the sun?

Think about how your skin reacts when you are under the sun. If your skin tans easily and turns golden brown, then you are warm-toned. Instead of tanning, if you burn and your skin turns pink or bright red, then you are considered to be cool-toned. You will turn pink first if you are fair-skinned with a cooler undertone. Similarly, if you are medium skinned but have a cool undertone, you will see that you will burn first and proceed to tan.

6. Find someone with your skin and undertone

A smart idea is to identify your skin and undertone to that of a celebrity to easily figure out what colors and makeup suit you the best.

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Having said all of the above, do keep in mind that you do not always have to follow what is said about your undertone. Some colors might look good on you regardless of what your undertone is.

Finding the right jewelry to best match your skin tone

As mentioned earlier, you will undoubtedly find that jewelry has a different effect on different people. While there are various reasons behind why that is, the predominant reason is your skin tone. Depending on whether you have a warmer or cooler undertone, certain gemstones and metals will look the best on you. Understanding which metals and stones to reach for and which to avoid makes life a lot easier when choosing what jewelry to wear and you will find that you are not constantly worrying about how it will look.

To learn more, follow the steps mentioned below:

1. Knowing your skin undertone

This part should now be the easiest one. If you have carefully read and followed what has been mentioned above and the detailed step by step instructions to find your undertone, then you should have already come to a conclusion by now.

You can be one of three types: warm, cool, and neutral. But do make sure that your undertone (one under the surface of the skin) and the actual skin tone (one over the surface of the skin) varies. Moreover, one may not determine the other.

Your skin color is something that is or may change due to the surrounding environment and weather. One can be fair-skinned at the same time have a warm undertone.

2. Knowing what metals go with your skin undertone

Now that the hardest part is over and you know your skin undertone, it is easy to figure out what color of metals would look good on you. Putting the theory side of things aside, you can also determine this by simply observing which metals, silver or gold, match well with your undertone.

jewelry and skin tone

In theory, white jewelry such as silver, platinum, and white gold should look the most flattering on cool-toned women, whereas, warmer undertones tend to favor more of yellow and rose gold, along with jewelry made of copper metals. If you are neutral, then you will find that one looks equally as good as the other on your skin tone. Meaning, you can wear anything without stressing about your looks much.

3. Knowing what gemstone match best for your skin undertone

So you have found what metals to opt for while shopping for jewelry. Once you have found the metal to best suit your skin and does not make a sight for sore eyes when you have it on, finding the right types of gemstones trends that accentuate the jewelry is crucial to have a more complete and comprehensive look.

Again, while finding gemstones keep your undertone in mind. Go for brighter and more vibrant colors such as blue, reds, purples and pinks as it will liven up your complexion if you have cool-toned skin. For warm-toned women, try opting for earthy and warm tones. This may include oranges, various shades of browns, golden and yellow. Also, turquoise is another beautiful color that would do exceptionally well on warm skin tones.

The final verdict

At the end of the day, when it comes to jewelry there are no hard and fast rules. You do not have to strictly follow a checklist when choosing your jewelry based on your skin tone. The idea of knowing and understanding your undertone is to help roughly guide women to realize what looks good and how to make your skin tone work for you. But it’s just a starting point to show you in which direction to head towards.

Jewelry is an accessory that enhances your look and it should solely be based on what you like and what your taste is. If a piece looks good on you, regardless of your skin tone, then go ahead and wear it. What matters is that you like it and feel comfortable wearing it.