Baby Ear Piercing: This is What You Need to Know!

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These days, baby ear piercing is on everyone’s radar. If you’ve heard all the talk surrounding Khloe Kardashian and her newborn True, you might be wondering: what is all the fuss about? Well, it is just one of those hot parenthood debates, right up there with breastfeeding and vaccination. Some parents may be repelled by the very thought of getting their baby’s ears pierced, but the truth is – there really is no reason why anyone shouldn’t. At the end of the day, it all boils down to personal choice. If you find diamond studs on little ones cute, we say, go for it.

piercing baby ears

Here’s how baby ear piercing made it to becoming a trending topic in 2018. Anything the Kardashians do is sure to take the world by storm. So, when Khloe Kardashian posted multiple pictures of her two-month-old daughter, True Thompson, on Instagram, donning little gold studs and looking no less than a baby fashionista herself, well, it would be an understatement to say that social media exploded. Khloe received a lot of flak for her choice, with strong words such as “abuse” and “disgusting” hurled around. As the debate rages on, we can’t help but feel that the backlash was definitely uncalled for. After all, as long as you know what you are doing, there is nothing wrong with getting your child’s ear pierced.

Why Do Parents Pierce Their Child’s Ears?

Contrary to popular belief, the answer is not always vanity. Yes, many parents do have a penchant for jewelry and accessories and would love to pass that on to their children. Besides, there is no denying that a pair of diamond studs does look incredibly cute on a toddler. Gender identification is also one of the reasons why many parents choose to pierce their child’s ears. Telling apart between male and female infants can be quite confusing and for those who’ve had their baby girl mistaken for being a boy, they will have you know that repeating their child’s gender over and over can get frustrating. Dainty earrings are an easy way to let the world that this little one here is a princess.

Many parents pierce their children’s ears owing to cultural traditions and family customs. For instance, in Spanish and Latin American cultures, it is customary to gift a new mom a pair of stud earrings. These are a symbol of femininity and it is widely accepted for little girls to wear earrings. Ear piercings are also common in South Asian culture; jewelry and femininity go hand in hand and it is encouraged to pierce the ears of baby girls. Certain families also have a long history of ear piercings; it is a part of the rich tapestry of their traditions.

baby ear piercing

Another reason why parents choose to get their children’s ears pierced is to reduce pain. Although some parents think that piercings unnecessarily inflict pain on children, the truth is it is less painful to get ears pierced as a baby than it is for an adult.

Because many females would like to get their ears pierced, why not just do it at an early age when it’s not as painful? They might even thank you for it when they are older. And the sheer cuteness of a baby with earrings is, of course, just one of the perks.

Baby Ear Piercings Sound Great! So, What’s The Debate About?

Indeed there is nothing wrong with choosing to get one’s baby’s ears piercing. The public furor is just from a tiny fraction of parents who have several misconceptions about piercings. However, we must add that unless you know what you are doing, it might not be the best choice for your child.

Some parents claim that baby ear piercings are just borderline child abuse. The child certainly did not consent to this and they would rather not inflict more pain on the baby than necessary. Besides, there is also a risk of infection and developing a nickel allergy. Some also don’t think it is appropriate for little children to be wearing jewelry.

Although the other side of the fence feels very intensely about the topic, we believe there really is not much to argue about. If you’d like to have your child’s ears pierced, there is nothing wrong with it and you certainly should not be shamed for your decision. In fact, most people agree with this viewpoint and actually find baby ear piercings adorable. However, as far as health risks are concerned, that definitely cannot be compromised with.

To settle the debate from a health perspective, let’s hear out what the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) have to say. According to them, anybody can pierce their ears at any age. There is very little risk involved as the long as the piercing is done carefully and by a professional. And if the piercing is cared for conscientiously, there is absolutely no need to worry. Sounds great, doesn’t it? As a parent, you will have to put in a bit of work though. So, before making the proverbial leap, make sure you cover all the bases and are basically an expert on baby ear piercings. When it comes to your child, there is no such thing as being too informed. Luckily, this article brings to you every scrap of information you need to know on the topic.

I’m Ready. When Can I Pierce My Child’s Ears?

Can’t wait to have your newborn child’s ears pierced? Although as the AAP has confirmed that age is not an issue when it comes to piercings, you should definitely be careful about when you choose to pierce your child’s ears.

Many pediatricians agree that a baby as young as 2-month-old can have their ears safely pierced. At 2 months old, most children complete their first round of vaccination and this includes a tetanus vaccination. This is especially important to avoid infections resulting from unsterilized equipment. Some experts think you should wait until the child is 6 months old or has completed all rounds of vaccinations. One thing is for sure: it is best not to pierce the ears of a child until they’ve had vaccination.

Now, some parents may want to wait until their child is a few years older. If you want their piercings to entail minimal risks, we don’t think that’s the best course of action. Pediatricians say, since babies cannot localize pain i.e. trace the pain to a source in their bodies, it is easier to pierce their ears. As they grow older and develop spatial localization, they might tug and pull at the earring because of the pain and discomfort. They could even pull out the earring altogether, hurt their earlobes and cause an infection. There is little to worry about the pain; it lasts only for a couple of days and it takes very little time for the baby to get accustomed to wearing earrings.

Who Will Do The Piercing?

Back in the day, it was not uncommon for piercings to be done at home by a wizened matronly figure. With an ice cube and a hot needle, she would simply pierce through the baby’s ear and everything would be fine. Although this is how it’s traditionally still done in many parts of the world, we understand if this doesn’t sound too appealing to you.

These days, many people get their ears pierced at a shopping mall or jewelry store and do not hesitate to take their children too. Truth be told, this is no better than just doing it at home in the good old “needle and ice” style. Those places often use a piercing gun which cannot be fully sterilized. Besides, the employees are usually not trained professionals; piercing your baby’s ears in the care of a novice could be a mistake.

The first thing you should do is to discuss ear piercings with your child’s pediatrician. You might get some invaluable suggestions about baby ear piercings and how to care for them. Some pediatricians also offer to pierce; if yours does, so much the better. You may also consult a dermatologist. The point is there is no better place than a doctor’s clinic to have your baby’s ears pierced. In case you do not find clinics which offer the service, you should ask for referrals from your doctor, family or friends. If that doesn’t work either, there are plenty of body piercing parlors which can do it. Just made sure that they have experience with babies; piercing the ears of babies requires a bit more expertise than for adults.

Finally, if you’ve found the right person to do the job, just remember you can never be too careful. Take a quick scan of the place where the piercing is going to be done; it needs to be clean and hygienic. Even when your baby is sitting on the piercing chair, observe how the person proceeds. Here are some basic safety procedures they need to follow: washed their hands, wear surgical gloves, used an alcohol pad to clean the child’s earlobes, took out an unused sterilized piercing needle from an intact package.

While some of these precautions may seem extreme, it is best to be careful. A baby’s ears are very tender and any kind of careless treatment could even lead to long-term damage. With a trained professional in charge, preferably someone with experience in piercing the ears of babies, you will have a lot less to worry about.

A Walkthrough of the Piercing and What You Can Do

It is natural for you to be a little hesitant to get your baby’s ears piercing. She is, after all, just a baby and the last thing you would do is to hurt her. To prepare your child as well as yourself for the piercing, a brief snapshot of the piercing process may help. Besides, you can also learn how to make the experience as less painful as possible for your precious child.

little girl ear piercing

Many parents think that ear care begins after the piercing. Although you will certainly have to be much more cautious afterward, your work as a parent can begin much earlier, even before you take your baby for the piercing. For instance, you need to make sure that your child is healthy and in a good mood. A baby is obviously all tears after the piercing and a cranky baby won’t make it any easier. Make sure her ears are clean; you may wipe her earlobes with some alcohol.

An important task is to dress her in loose comfortable clothes in a breathable fabric that doesn’t irritate the skin. Children are extremely sensitive to their clothes and surroundings. Making them comfortable will help them feel safe in the unfamiliar situation of getting their ears pierced. A button-down dress is also a good option, considering that it will be easier to change your baby’s clothes without hurting her ears. You can also take along your baby’s favorite toy to the piercing clinic; distracting them from the piercing will definitely make the process smoother. Besides, you can even offer them a treat later.

Now that you know what to do, here’s a bit of background on what you might see. First of all, the piercing technician is going to rub the baby’s ears with an antiseptic lotion or a disinfectant of some sort. Piercing is obviously a painful experience for anybody. Doing it without anesthesia could be unbelievably painful for a newborn. Although we are sure your doctor or trained piercing professional will apply a topical anesthetic cream on your baby’s earlobes, in case they don’t, be sure to ask.

Topical anesthetics are basically local anesthetics which can numb a body part for a while. One tip by experts is to apply an ice cube, wrapped in cloth or plastic, to your child’s earlobes, 15 minutes to half an hour before the piercing takes place. This can numb the pain receptors for a while. Although there is a possibility that it might have a very limited effect, it is very well worth a shot to alleviate the situation for your child.

Next, the ear piercer will mark an area on your baby’s ears with a marker. This is just to provide a rough guideline about where the piercing should be. As a parent, you can consult with the piercing professional about the exact placement of the piercing and the marking. Sometimes, dyes are also used to do the mark in the area. However, this is not recommended as they could irritate or even cause an allergic reaction in your baby’s skin. So, if you do see the piercing going for a dye, ask them to opt for a pen or marker instead.

Although modern piercing techniques revolve around piercing guns, when it comes to baby ear piercings, it is recommended to use a needle. This is because piercing guns cannot be fully sterilized. On the other hand, needles present a much lower chance of acquiring infections. That being said, after the piercing technician has marked out the area to be pierced and has disinfected it, the fearsome moment we had all been waiting for- the piercing itself- is upon us. Your child may be terrified and crying up a storm by now. This is where you let your parental instincts kick in. Hold her head back; if she moves around too much, there is the risk of the piercing needle missing the aim and worst-case scenario, there may even be bleeding. Throughout the piercing, hold your child close, soothing and comforting her in this unfamiliar situation.

Finally, the ordeal is over in just a few seconds. Although the piercing itself did not take very long and was a simple procedure, the real work begins after the piercing as parents know very well. This is when the risk of infection is at its highest and unless you do everything you can, there is always the teensiest possibility that the piercing may be a mistake.

Post Piercing Baby Care

If you were afraid about how your child will cope with an ear-piercing at such a tender age, you will be surprised by how resilient these little ones are. To make their lives a little easier for the short while after a piercing, when their ears need extra attention, here’s a guideline for you to follow.

It is expected for your baby to be in some pain for a day or two. You may apply the antibiotic ointment to your child’s earlobes twice a day or as recommended. In extreme cases, your child’s doctor may even prescribe painkillers. Experts suggest that you rotate, twist or slide the earrings, just move them around, at least once a day to avoid them getting jammed. You will also need to regularly clean the ears to prevent dirt accumulation and growth of bacteria; use special antibacterial soap for babies to avoid irritating their tender skin. Also, remember to dry the ear area after washing; damp skin could be breeding ground for bacteria. While you are caring for your child, try not to push the earrings or the surrounding area too hard to avoid causing the baby any further pain.

No matter how much you want your precious baby to rock fancy some fancy ear bling, you will have to exercise restraint for at least the next 6 weeks. As doctors say, earrings should not be changed for a period of at least 6 weeks from the piercing. This is how long it takes for the earlobes to fully heal. Changing the earrings before the recommended period could cause infection in your baby’s ears.

Besides, when it comes to caring for your child, there is nothing better than your general parenting skills. Check your newly pierced baby’s earlobes from time to time and look for warning signs such as redness, pus, discharge, swelling- basically, anything that seems irregular. Your baby may also be running a fever. If you note any kind of irregularity, no matter how minor it may seem, do not hesitate to contact your doctor. It is important to combat early signs of infection to prevent them from growing into something serious.

What If She Still Contracts an Infection?

Yes, we’ve been trying to do all we can to nip infections in the bud. But there’s still a chance that pesky bacteria make their way and cause unnecessary pain and trouble to your darling child. Before you learn what to do, educate yourself about the possible complications which may follow after an ear-piercing.

The most likely problem you may encounter is an infection. Maybe the piercing equipment was not sterilized or the earrings themselves were too tight or dirty. Whatever may be the case, your child’s ears may turn red with some swelling and even pus.

There is also the possibility of an allergic reaction. This happens due to impurity in the earrings. This is why we strongly suggest that you avoid earrings with nickel or cobalt in them and only choose earrings made from quality metals which don’t react with the skin.

Although this is primarily a genetic occurrence, your baby may have a keloid formation. This means that her body, after the piercing, will try to heal itself and this will lead to scarring around the area. Keloids require medical or surgical intervention.

Regardless of what the cause is, if you notice redness, swelling, blisters or any kinds of irregularity, consult a medical professional immediately. Do not attempt to alleviate the symptom with home remedies such as hot water compression. Although they work for adults, they could end up exacerbating the situation for your child. Seeking medical help and following through with your doctor’s prescriptions is the best thing you can do and your baby will be just fine in no time.

What Kind of Earrings Can My Baby Girl Wear?

baby earring

Okay, so, it’s been 6 weeks, there has been no instance of nasty infection and you are excited to change the initial pair of ear studs into a beautiful, fashion-forward pair that your child can appreciate. Although the danger period is over and your baby’s earlobes have healed, remember, she is still a baby and you will need to pick her earrings accordingly.

During piercing, the trained technician will fill in the newly pierced holes with gold posts to prevent them from closing. This is what your child is going to be wearing for the next 6 weeks. Right after the piercing, when your baby’s body is at its vulnerable, you will need to make sure that the placeholder earring is of the highest quality metal. 14k gold or higher is your best bet, pure gold does not react with the skin and therefore, does not cause infections, redness or irritation. The technician may also use surgical steel which is free from nickel and will not cause any allergies. Although any trained pierced professional will know to use these, you should consult with them and confirm what kind of posts they will be using.

After the waiting period is over, you can now choose the perfect earrings for your baby girl. For the choice of metal, the initial rules still apply. Opt for high-quality metals such as gold, titanium, platinum or surgical steel. Under any circumstances, do not pick earrings which have alloy impurities such as nickel or cobalt in them. You should also generally stay away from gold-plated earrings as they are known to cause allergic reactions. If you have to pay a little extra for earrings made from the finest and the purest metals, then so be it, because there is no price tag on your child’s wellbeing.

For the earrings themselves, post type earrings or studs are the best for little children. You will be happy to know that within the category, there are plenty of cute and trendy designs and we will even review a few of them so you can find your favorite and snatch it up before anyone else does. Although we are highlighting post earrings, the idea is to find earrings which are small, flat and rounded at the front. As for the rear of the earrings, the fastener should be soft and flat covered while the post should have a rounded end instead of the usual sharp projections we often see in earrings for adults. The rear design is particularly important for little children because you don’t want the metal to poke and pierce into their delicate skin. Also, make sure that the rear post of the earrings is tight and secure; if it falls out, your child may end up swallowing it.

If there is one kind of earrings that you should refrain from giving to your children, it is the dangling earrings. Wait until she is older before you hand her those dangling accessories but for toddlers, it is an absolute no-no. There is always the looming danger of your baby or her playmates tugging at it and the earring itself getting stuck into something. It could even lead to the tearing of your child’s earlobes. While we are discussing what sorts of earrings to avoid, you may also want to stay away from extremely shiny or sparkly earrings which grab the attention of other children. It could lead to unnecessary pulling and tugging which can hurt your baby.

This is a lot of information to take at one go and we understand if you think that finding suitable earrings for your baby is a daunting and confusing task. It is, after all, a long list of requirements. This is where we come in and make your work as a parent a little easier.

Best Baby Earrings Reviews

Now that you know all there is to know about baby ear piercing, we understand that you are excited about what’s to follow. An adorable little girl in little studs in cuteness personified. If you can’t wait to begin shopping for earrings for your little princess, let us show you a couple of our favorite baby earrings. Once you see these, we bet you won’t be able to resist getting your baby’s ears pierced.

1. Massete Gold High Polished Shiny Ball

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Right after your child has got a piercing, it is best to keep her ear fashion accessories limited to simple studs. Quality is of utmost importance during this time. But that doesn’t mean style has to take a backseat for your little one. The High Polished Gold Stud Earrings by Massete brings to us a stylish pair of studs, perfectly suitable for babies who have just got piercings.

Massete has made a quite a name for itself in the realm of online shopping for jewelry. Their whopping collection is not limited to just children; women of all ages will find themselves entranced by Massete’s sparkling gems. Beautiful rhinestones and cubic zirconia against the durable 925 sterling silver – this recurring motif steals hearts every time. However, unlike most other jewelry stores, the children’s collection of the brand does not disappoint. There is such a variety for you to pick from and so many playful themes too. Even your child would love to look through the vast selection of stone studded flowers and unicorns, a delight for every child.

The earrings are the perfect pair for babies- they are simple yet pretty with a childlike innocent to the fashion accessory. We strongly recommended such designs for the newly pierced ears of babies; your child won’t be pulling at them nor will her other playmates. Besides, such studs don’t get stuck on a dress when you are changing your child which can be unnecessarily painful for them and may even cause them to panic.

These earrings by Massete are simple indeed but they are undoubtedly classy. The front is shaped like a little sphere, rounded and smooth. The screw back at the other end of the earring is flat covered. This means that they won’t poke into your child’s ears as she sleeps which is a common complaint with most earrings. The screw backs are also very secure so you won’t have to worry about them falling out.

If you are already in love with it, you will be pleased to know that they are plenty of options for you to pick from within this design. The 18k yellow gold and 18k white gold are the safest picks if you are willing to pay the premium. The same colors are also available in 14k and there’s a 14k rose gold too if you’d like. These are also available in 10k but we suggest you make your selection from the 14k and above options; 14k is the minimum recommended gold karat for children.

These earrings are solid gold. There is no nickel in these and there’s a certificate of authenticity from Massete to vouch for it. You can choose the diameter of the spheres- 4 mm or 5 mm. For toddlers and younger children, 4 mm could be the right size. Older children can opt for the bigger 5 mm.

For little babies just making their foray into jewelry, you can never be too careful with the choice of accessories. This stunning piece of jewelry puts all your worries to rest; allergies and infections are out of the question with this pair. To top things off, your princess looks like royalty in glittering gold. For your daughter’s very first jewelry and prized possession, there could not be a better pair of earrings.

2. Buyless Fashion Surgical Stainless Steel

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After your child has finally gotten her ear piercings, you will be excited to finally deck her in the brightest and the sparkliest jewelry. Now, before you get too ahead of yourself, you need to remember that extremely shiny accessories can do more harm than good to your child. Besides, quality always needs to be at the center of her jewelry. Thankfully, the Butterfly Stud Earrings by Buyless Fashion strikes the perfect balance between crystals and safety.

If there is one thing to know about Buyless Fashion, it is that they never compromise on quality. Their product line is all about children’s accessories and they understand that jewelry for children has to be created with special care in a style which is appropriate for their age. All of their jewelry is made from surgical steel, which is one of the best options to keep allergies at bay.

Each earring, strongly built from surgical stainless steel, is carved in the shape of a little butterfly. Inside the butterfly, beautiful cubic zirconia crystals are flat set, following the pattern of the shape. The stones are tightly fitted, so they won’t fall out any time soon. Although the Butterfly Stud Earrings has crystals, it is definitely not blingy; the adorable design is perfectly appropriate for the kids.

This beautiful pair of earrings is available in a number of colors selections; all of them are so stunning that you will be spoiled for choices. Although the frame of the earrings is the usual silver of steel, the CZ stones can be aqua, white, pink, sapphire or tanzanite. Your baby will simply fall in love with soft colors.

The rear end has a push back configuration. This means the metal post will easily slide in and out while maintaining the hold. The back is rounded so it won’t hurt your child as she sleeps. At a width of 1 cm, the earrings are small enough to be worn by children.

As soon as your beloved daughter gets a piercing for the first time, you will want her to look like an angel. And if there ever was a pair of earrings which are absolutely angelic, it has to be this item. Safe to wear and beautiful to look at, your very own princess will look like a little star in these.

Baby Ear Piercing: Easier Than You Thought

Despite all the controversy surrounding baby ear piercing, it is a relatively harmless procedure as many parents will attest. If there’s one thing to take away from this, let it be that the decision to pierce your little one’s ears is completely up to you, the parents, and you should not pay heed to the naysayers. But once you’ve made the call to pierce, you need to do all you can to keep your baby healthy and safe. Although ear piercings are completely safe for people of any age, unhygienic conditions and neglect will not spell good news for anybody, let alone children.

Now, if you have decided to follow the lead of millions of parents who choose to pierce their baby’s ears, go find a piercing technician and get started. To help you every step along the way, our guideline is always here to help. You will find that the process is much easier than you thought and there really is nothing to be afraid of.