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10 Best Nose Studs we Are Loving in 2021

Marianne Marianne 07 Jan 2021 9270

Nose studs were incredibly popular back in the early 2000s and guess what? They are coming back in style again! We are personally really excited to see this trend come back, as nose studs are such a fun way to show off your personality.

What is great about nose piercings is that they are still pretty small and simple, and if needed, you can easily remove it in order to keep your piercing a secret around certain family members or at work. If you thought you were just limited to a simple diamond stud, think again! As with any type of jewelry, you have an incredible selection of designs, stones, and metal types to choose from. No matter your personality, you can find the perfect nose stud to match.

Do you have an old nose piercing, or are you thinking of getting your nose pierced for the first time? Either way, how exciting! The best part about your new piercing is selecting the perfect jewelry to wear to show it off.

Does It Hurt?

Are you thinking of getting your nose pierced? If so, before you can really enjoy picking out your studs, the question on your mind is probably: Will it hurt? A logical question to ask! If you want an honest answer, yes, there is some pain involved. But think about it, you are piercing your skin – of course, there is going to be some pain involved! If you made it through getting your ears pierced then you can get through getting your nose pierced as well.

While the pain isn’t the same necessarily as when getting your ears pierced, the thing to keep in mind is- it is quick! If you really want your nose pierced (and if you don’t want it, you shouldn’t get it) then the quick pain is worth it for the end result. Most people say it hurts slightly more than getting your ears pierced, but is quick enough that it isn’t a big issue.

Can You Use Any Metal?

There are several metal types that are best for nose piercings. As with any piercing, you always want to be safe and choose something that won’t cause irritation or any sort of reaction. There are a few metal types to keep in mind that tend to be the safest for most people:

Surgical Stainless Steel: Keyword- surgical! This is a high-quality metal that is also the most common type that you will find with nose piercings. It tends to be cheaper than some other metal types but it also safe for a majority of people to use. If you have very sensitive skin you may experience an issue, but for most people, this will work just fine and is very safe.

Titanium: Technically, titanium is the safest metal type to use with your nose piercing. However, the downside to being the safest is that it is also the most expensive. However, if you are in search of just one nice nose stud, or if you suffer from very sensitive skin, this will be your best option metal wise. Titanium is very safe and will not cause any irritation or rash.

Gold: Gold is a tricky metal. Yes, it is safe, but the downside is that it does cause a lot of people irritation. You won’t really know how your body will react to the metal until you use it, so it is not really your best option. This is particularly true for the first stud you will wear when your nose piercing is fresh. We recommend choosing surgical stainless steel or titanium for that first piercing, and then incorporating gold once it has fully healed if that is what you want. If you have an old piercing you are wanting to use again, gold would probably be fine for you (unless you have had a reaction in the past).

As with anything, be sure to monitor the piercing to make sure everything is okay. If you experience any type of reaction or pain, remove the piercing.

Choosing The Best Nose Studs Out There

Now for the fun part! Now that you have decided to get your nose pierced (or are thinking about getting some new studs for an old piercing)- what do you get? We have searched around and found this list of 10 nose studs that we absolutely love. Take a look and see what you fall in love with as well!

1. Inspiration Dezigns 20G


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We absolutely love this first nose stud, as it is so unique and eye-catching! The stud is in the shape of a moon and has a nice filigree design on it, elevating it from just your typical moon charm design. Also making this stud unique is the metal – it is rose gold plated over surgical stainless steel, making it safe to wear all of the time.

If you aren’t a fan of the rose gold, you can also get this design in regular gold or just stainless steel. If you have majorly sensitive skin, the steel option is probably your best bet. No matter the metal color, this is a beautiful nose stud and a great choice that is unique, but still subtle. In terms of the technical elements, this is a 20 gauge stud that is 7 millimeters in length.

You should find this nose stud to be incredibly comfortable to wear while still being incredibly stylish. If you are looking for something different from your average stud design, this is a perfect, high-quality ring to consider, and we just love the unique detailing, even in a ring that is so small.

2. Jstyle 20G 4-15 Pcs


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This next item on our list isn’t just one stud, it is a full stud set, which we love (and you will find plenty on this list!) For a very reasonable price you aren’t just getting 1 stud, you are getting 4. This is a classic design and we knew we wanted to include one simple stud set on our list for all the people out there who love the classic, timeless look of a simple diamond stud.

You really can’t go wrong with this look, and it isn’t overly trendy, so you don’t have to worry about it going out of style. This is a great set to have on hand whenever you aren’t sure what to wear. You can never go wrong with a diamond stud. These studs are 20 gauge and are 9 millimeters in length and feature a comfortable L-shaped design.

The studs are round cubic zirconia, ranging in size from 1.5mm-3mm. The smallest one is perfect to make a small statement, and the largest one is big enough to really notice without it being ridiculously large. This set is made of stainless steel, and can also be purchased in gold or rose gold.

3. Rbenxia 20G 316L

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Want to add some color to your nose rings? We don’t blame you! We love this set of 10 nose studs- they give you such variety! While there is, of course, the classic diamond stone, there are also 9 colored stones – green, shades of blue, amber, pinks, reds, and a black stone as well.

No matter your mood (or your outfit of the day), you can find a stud to match! These are also 20 gauge studs that are 8 millimeters in length, with the studs being 2 millimeters big. We like the unique L-curved shape that these rings have, ensuring they fit comfortably and securely in your nose piercing. Made of stainless steel, these are also comfortable and safe rings to wear daily.

You also can’t beat this value – for a small price you are getting 10 quality nose studs! If you want a simple stud, but are still looking to add a pop of color, these are the studs for you. There are plenty of more neutral shades to wear during the day, but also plenty of fun more vibrant shades for wearing to parties or at night (or any time!!)

4. Tornito 20G 8-16Pcs Stainless Steel

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Rose gold is so popular these days, and we just fell in love with this gorgeous 8 piece set. The rose gold has a beautiful matte finish, while the ring itself is made of stainless steel, a safe and comfortable option for your nose ring. What we really love with this set is that you have 4 options that have a rhinestone and 4 that do not. This is a perfect mixed set that gives you a little bit of everything. There are simple studs and balls and more unique designs as well including a heart-shaped stone and a heart and rose-shaped design for the stoneless studs.

The rings are 20 gauge and 9 millimeters in length and feature a comfortable L-shaped design. If you aren’t a fan of the rose gold (or are afraid it will go out of style) you can get this set in silver as well, or get a mixed set that has both metal colors. This set is full of versatility and that is why we love it so much, we had to include it on our list.

5. Forbidden Body Jewelry


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Are you looking to make a statement with your nose stud? Do you find basic diamond studs to be so boring? If so, this is the perfect stud for you. This stud features a beautiful and bold floral design featuring diamond petals and a colored stone for the center. This nose stud jumped out at us right away and we knew we had to include it on our list – it is just so unique!

Best of all, you have a few options to pick from for your colored stone. Our personal favorite is the multi-colored Aurora Borealis stone, but you can also pick a solid pink or greenstone if you prefer. This stud is made of safe surgical stainless steel and is 6 millimeters in length. The floral design is 6.5 millimeters, making it larger than most studs, it certainly makes a statement! If you are looking for a unique nose stud that is still very feminine and delicate, this is the perfect stud for you.

You are sure to receive so many compliments when wearing this stud, and we love the perfect size of it. Large enough to be seen, but not too large that it feels uncomfortable or looks ridiculous. It is perfect!

6. Alagia Bird Nose Stud Piercing


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Simple and delicate, this next nose stud is perfect for anyone looking for a delicate ring that is still unique. We love the design of this ring- it is in the shape of a bird! This is a gorgeous nose stud that is still subtle enough to wear every day. This is made from sterling silver and is also a 20 gauge measuring 3 millimeters in length. It also is a comfortable L-shape, so you can easily enjoy wearing this every day if you want (and who wouldn’t?)

We also love that this comes in a box, making this an excellent gift idea (although we won’t blame you if you get this as a gift for yourself!) If you don’t like the silver, you can also get this nose stud in either gold or rose gold. We love the simplicity of this nose stud and think it is a great option for someone who wants something small but still something different. This is the perfect stud ring for you!

7. Ruifan 20G Surgical Steel Flat Ball

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Sometimes having too many decisions isn’t a good thing! What we love about this set is that it is 4 pieces, two with rhinestones and 2 without. You have options, but not too many! These also all have a simple design, even though each one is still completely unique. If you have a classic sense of style but still want some variety, this is an excellent set for you and is the reason we put it on this list.

We appreciate the small variety this set has, while each stud is still very well designed and looks beautiful. While the set may be simple, you actually have more variety than usual when it comes to the metal color! Choose from rose gold, black, gold, silver, or our favorite, rainbow! That’s right – we said rainbow.

If you like the simplicity of this set but wish it were just a little more unique, you have found your perfect option. The rainbow metallic like the finish on this set makes it incredibly fun and fresh looking and we love it. All of these studs come in a comfortable L shape, are 20 gauge, and 6.5 millimeters long.

8. Ruifan 6PCS 18G Mix Color

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Another set from Ruifan made our list because we love the variety you can get from just one set. While all have the same shape and setting, they come in a variety of colors. What we really enjoy is that it is not just the metal part of the stud that is colored, the stones also come in unique shades! How fun! If you like a simple design but want to find originality in another way, this is perfect for you.

Best of all you can also decide how large you want the stones to be – do you want to keep it subtle, or do you want to be bolder? The choice is yours! Choose a stone size of 2 millimeters, 2.5 millimeters, or our favorite, 3 millimeters – go big or go home! These studs are 18 gauge and 6.5 millimeters long and made of safe surgical stainless steel. The colored cubic zirconia stones are beautiful and elevate these from being just another set of ordinary studs.

9. SEXYPOINT 60 Pcs 12

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If you are a little edgier and want your nose studs to match your personality, you will love this incredible 12 piece set. First off, we love that you get 12 nose studs for a very affordable price. The unique designs range from sweeter looking studs like the heart or star shape to more daring styles like the pointed stud or the loop design.

You have a large variety of styles with this set, and that is really what we love about it. This could easily be the only set of nose studs you ever need to buy, and you will be set no matter what your mood or style is! All of these studs are stainless steel, 24 gauge, and 9 millimeters long. 7 of the studs feature a stone, while the other 5 are just stainless steel. Whether you want to keep things very simple or wear something a little more unique, you can find something you like here in this set.

10. MoBody 4-8 Piece Stone Set

MoBody 4-8 Piece Stone Set

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Finally, we could not leave these gorgeous nose studs off our list- the stones were simply too pretty to not include! This is an 8 piece set of surgical stainless steel studs complete with semi-precious stones. We love how unique these stones look and love that you get a variety of shades.

The marble-like appearance makes these studs look incredibly expensive even though they are not. These studs are 20 gauge and 6 millimeters long. The metal itself has a high shine to it, which we love on this set. If you want something simple that is different from a plain metal ball or rhinestone, this is the perfect option for you. Totally unique, but not too different, this rides a fine line and is simply beautiful. The hardest part about this set is choosing which one you want to wear first!

We’ll leave that decision up to you, but rest assured that this is a great stud set that you can easily wear each and every day.

Wrapping Up

There you have it! Those are the 10 studs and stud sets that we are really loving this year. Whether you want something more simple, or something that really makes a statement, there is something for you on this list. Gone are the days of having no variety with your jewelry, now you have the chance to get exactly what you want!

From different stone types and colors to designs and various metal types, there is a lot to choose from, and this list gives you a great idea of the best stud designs out there today. Which ones will you choose?

Frequently Asked Questions

 Still, wondering if getting a nose piercing is right for you? That is totally understandable! Getting a piercing is a big deal and not a decision you should make quickly. Make sure you take time to research what piercing you want and think about any potential problems you might run into- such as skin allergies or issues that people at work or school might have.

To help you make your decision, we’ve also answered some frequently asked questions. These are questions you are probably thinking of too, and here are the answers you need!

 Do nose piercing holes close up after a while?

Yes. In fact, this is a much bigger issue to deal with when you have a nose piercing vs. a piercing say in your ear lobe. The truth is, you are piercing a very different part of the body and it heals differently and in fact, much quicker. The inside of your nose is a mucous membrane and it will heal and close very quickly if the jewelry is removed – as fast as in just a few hours!

The outside of your piercing will take longer, for some people years will go by and the hole will still be there. If you have an old nose piercing that you want to use with jewelry again, more than likely you will need to get it re-pierced, even if you see a hole on the outside part of your nose.

This is also an even bigger concern when you first get your nose pierced and it is healing. The nose hole will close very quickly, so make sure you keep your piercing in place and do not remove it for a while so that you don’t accidentally lose the hole and have to get pierced again.

How do you keep a nose piercing clean?

Keeping your nose piercing clean is essential during the healing process. After you get your nose pierced, more than likely the artist who did the piercing will provide you with aftercare instructions. For the first couple weeks after getting the piercing you should apply a saline (or saltwater) solution to the piercing two times a day. Soak a cotton pad with the solution and apply it to the piercing area (do not remove the piercing!).

You can also clean the inside area of the piercing by using a cotton swab, just be sure to be careful and do not stick it too far into your nose. You don’t want to cause any damage. The saline solution should be comprised of sterile water and sea salt – never table salt as that contains iodine. The place where you get your piercing may give you this solution, or you can make it at home. If you make it at home, make sure you heat up the water so that you can dissolve the salt inside it, but make sure you cool it before applying it to your piercing!

At night, you can also wash the piercing with a mild soap that is not fragranced. Make sure to also listen to any specific instructions that your piercing artist gives you. They may want you to refrain from eating or drinking certain things or avoid going to the pool or out in the sun for a certain amount of time to really allow the piercing to heal properly.

When can you switch your initial piercing out for another one?

Of course, the thing everyone wants to know is when they can start taking out their piercing and switching it up for a different design! The truth is, you will want to give your nose plenty of time to heal before you start taking out your original piercing and changing it for another one.

You might think it wouldn’t be a big deal to quickly change it out (it seems like it wouldn’t be) but the truth is you could actually cause damage to your nose. Taking the original piercing out too quickly can cause irritation to the area or could even cause an infection. You may also struggle to get another piercing put in, so it is best to wait.

If you can, try to wait a full 6 months before changing your original piercing. At the very least wait 4 months. The person who does your piercing may give you a different time frame, but it will probably be in that window. It may seem like a long time, but it is worth it to wait!