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Something Out of the Ordinary? Check Out These 5 Bamboo Earrings!

last updated: Aug 16, 2021

Bamboo earrings are a beautiful and ornate accessory that can add an exotic flair to your favorite outfit.

With their cutting-edge design, they add a little bit of organic nature to your accessories with a decorative touch.

Let’s explore some of the most distinctive bamboo earrings that you’ll love pairing with other pieces.

Top 10 Picks

1. John Hardy Earrings

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Sterling silver

Post back

45mm diameter

High shine

The John Hardy bamboo collection hoop earring set takes bamboo earrings to the next level. Instead of showcasing natural textures, these accessories focus on the more distinctive elements of bamboo.

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The perfect polishing of the metal used in these earrings is what sets them apart from the rest.

You’ll find fine details that make them look like bamboo, but it’s a more modern style than other outdated accessories.

Each earring is crafted from sterling silver, boasting a streamlined flair that works well with other accessories.

Alternatively, you could easily wear these on their own, and the earrings are sure to capture everyone’s attention.

One of their more spectacular features is their hand-carving with a motif iconic to John Hardy’s Bamboo Collection.

You’ll love the post back on these earrings, making them easy to wear with other accessories.

2. Sears 14K Bamboo Hoop Earrings

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14K yellow gold

Delicate texturing

Bamboo finish

Hooked clasp

The Sears 14K bamboo textured round hoop earrings perfectly capture the organic styling of bamboo earrings. They’re finely detailed with radiant features that will draw attention to your ears with ease.

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It’s time you treated yourself to a pair of high-quality earrings. This set is crafted from 14K yellow gold, making them ideal for jewelry lovers with sensitive ears.

They have a thick and structural style that makes them sit comfortably in your ears while staying secure.

At the broadest part of the earrings, you’ll find the circumference is approximately 3mm. Also, as sturdy as they are, the earrings weigh approximately 1.22 grams, making them comfortable for all-day wear.

If you’re prone to your piercings sagging, these are a fabulous alternative to more heavy-duty pieces.

3. Wolf & Badger Bamboo Hoops in Clear


Lucite bamboo design

14K gold-plated post

Sterling silver base metal

Non-toxic dyes

Who says you need to wear entirely silver or gold earrings to set the perfect impression? The Wolf & Badger bamboo hoops in clear are a phenomenal solution for a modern accessory with one-of-a-kind styling.

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They’re exquisitely styled to fit in with anyone’s wardrobe, primarily as they don’t focus on a single metal. Instead, the clear bamboo texturing pairs perfectly with any other earrings you own.

Each earring is crafted from premium lucite and features handcrafted details, making each piece unique.

At the post, you’ll find 14k gold-plated sterling silver, making them safe for sensitive ears.

All of the fine details of the earrings are bound to set the stage to showcase your personal style.

They’re edgy and eye-catching while also being sexy and shimmering for everyday wear.

4. Frost NYC 10K Heart Bamboo Earrings

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10K gold

Two to three-inch diameters

15-day money-back guarantee

100% real gold

It’s time to show off your street style with the help of the Frost NYC 10K gold heart bamboo earrings. These fashionable earrings are sure to set the stage with their sassy details and decorative flair.

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Like most classic bamboo earrings, you’ll see all of the fine details engraved into the metal. You’ll love the textured finish, which adds to their authenticity and showcases artisan craftsmanship you won’t find elsewhere.

These earrings are in three sizes, depending on preference. You can choose from two inches up to three inches in diameter if you want them to be the focal point of your outfit.

Both earrings are made from pure 10K gold, making them ideal for sensitive piercings.

You’ll also receive a 15-day money-back guarantee to ensure you’re 100% satisfied with your purchase.

5. Oliver Bonas Earrings


925 silver

Stud back

High-shine finish

3cm width

The Oliver Bonas bamboo 925 silver hoop earrings are a geometrical marvel that every jewelry lover must-have. Their expensive-looking styling makes them a phenomenal multifaceted set of earrings to own.

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When choosing bamboo jewelry, you’re going to want an eye-catching design without being too over the top. These earrings are a remarkable option, as they’re perfectly styled for minimalists.

The stunning 925 silver glistens effortlessly in the light and can easily be shined to their original luster.

There’s no doubt these earrings look expensive, especially as the silver shines equally as much as white gold.

You will fall head over heels for the unique engineering and artisan craftsmanship the earrings offer.

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Who popularized bamboo earrings?

These eye catching ear candy are usually round, gold, chunky and large, with a bamboo texture.

Made famous by R&B and hip hop group Salt-n-Pepa and rapper Roxanne Shante, bamboo earrings were famously brought into the 21st Century with a bang by Beyonce, Kelly and Michelle in the Destiny’s Child Bootylicious music video.

In the opening clip all three ladies are captured wearing their iconic gold bamboo earrings.

Beyonce in particular wears her bamboo earrings as the ultimate accessory to complete her iconic look, alongside her gold cross necklace, elegant rings and a purple hat.

Frequently Asked Questions

q: Are bamboo earrings still in style?


Bamboo earrings originally became popular in the 80s and 90s and have recently made a resurgence.

If you’re a fan of vintage accessories paired with modern gear, these earrings are your best bet.

They’re feminine and flirty while also bold and confident, making them easy to wear with modern fashion staples.

q: What do bamboo earrings represent?


For some cultures, bamboo earrings are more than a fashion choice. Primarily in Black and Latino communities, bamboo earrings are seen as a symbol of strength and struggle.

The resilience of bamboo in its natural state speaks to the strength of building oneself up.

q: When did bamboo earrings become popular?


Bamboo earrings have always been popular in a variety of communities. They have recently become even more of a topic, with popular retailers creating their own versions of the immortalized accessory.

There’s no doubt they’re a fashion faithful for many women.

q: Where did bamboo hoop earrings originate?


Bamboo earrings first became popular with POC communities as they have been worn for decades.

They’re often found in beauty supply stores at discounted prices, making them an iconic staple in jewelry collections.

Over the years, they have become a style that’s adored by people around the world.

Our Editor's Final Word

So that’s our top 5 suggestions for bamboo earrings. Whether you prefer trendy triangles, heavy doorknockers or dainty hoops, we’ve given you plenty of styles to explore when it comes to bamboo hoops. If you thought there was just one type to choose from, you were wrong!

how to wear bamboo earrings

But don’t worry, we’ll forgive you. Now you are ready and prepared to enter the world of bamboo jewelry and give our A-list celebrities a run for their money!