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Best Friend Necklaces for 3: Surprise your Besties With One of These!

Anna Anna 16 Apr 2019 791

Truly great friends can be very hard to come by. So, when you are fortunate enough to have 2 amazing friends, you should certainly commemorate it by picking the best friend necklaces for 3.

You and your two besties deserve some awesome best friend necklaces for 3! We have found these 10 fantastic sets that all come with 3 individual necklaces to best suit groups of 3 best friends. We have included options of varying styles from silly and fun to elegant and classy.

Choose your favorite below and surprise your besties with a sweet gift to show off your special bond!

Our 10 Favorite Picks!

1. Top Plaza Silver Tone BFF Necklace

best friend necklaces for 3 - Top Plaza Silver Tone BFF Necklace

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This is the perfect set of 3 best friend necklaces that is exactly what you would expect. These three adorable little necklaces are all individual puzzle pieces.

When you fit the pieces of the puzzle together, it forms a sweetheart shape. These are made from metal alloy to keep the price nice and low while also giving it that beautiful silver shine. Each necklace is on a small metal link chain that measures in at 20.5 inches long. The pieces of the puzzle each say something different.

One says, “best”, another one of the pieces reads, “friends”, and the final piece of the puzzle and third necklace says, “forever”. This is the perfect sentiment for a set of 3 wonderful friends to share. It is the classic “BFF” split three ways for three great friends to celebrate their special bond.

The words are delicately engraved with a sweet and bubbly font style. This makes it extra fun and cute. The words have a black inlay within them to make sure they pop and are easy to see and read. Each one of the necklaces of this set also comes with extra charm.

The little charms are attached at the top of the main puzzle piece charm where the chain hooks to them. The extra charms are small little gemstones that are held in place by a surrounding halo of the same metal alloy that the main charms are made with.

Each one of the gemstones is a different color. This lets the necklaces coordinate quite well without them having to match exactly – just like you and your friends! You’re all individual people that just go very well together.

The smaller charm on the “best” necklace is a bright blue similar to that of sapphire. Then the charm that is on the “friends” section of the puzzle is a pretty light pink, kind of like morganite. Finally, the last piece of the puzzle that says “forever” has a charm that is a lighter blue with an almost green tint. This charm is most similar to blue topaz or even a blue diamond.

This is a great, highly affordable set perfect for three best friends to enjoy together.

2. Pibupibu 3 Pack Set

Pibupibu 3 Pack Set - bff necklaces for 3

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These absolutely adorable donut friend necklaces are the perfect choice for more fun and care-free set of necklaces for 3 best friends! These sweet little jewelry pieces are a fun and silly way to celebrate your unique friendship.

Each one of the necklaces is on a popcorn chain that makes adjustment incredibly easy. The chain measures 13.5 inches but can be adjusted smaller if that is preferable.

At the bottom center of the chain, each necklace has a curvy small piece of flat metal. This metal charm features one of three different words engraved on it.

Hanging down from the word charm of each of the necklaces, there is a small resin donut charm! Each one of these little donut charms is unique!

This helps to signify the differences in each one of you and your friends while also showing how perfectly you all go together as one set of amazing friends.

Each donut also has a small bite taken out that just adds to the overall adorableness of the set. The donuts come in different colors; hot pink with purple and white sprinkles all over it,  a yummy-looking chocolate brown color covered with pink and white sprinkles and a lighter pink donut adorned with purple and bright pink sprinkles.

These tiny little donuts look surprisingly realistic. So, the only downfall is that they might make you hungry!

The set is super sweet and cute. It is the perfect way to celebrate a goofy and care-free friendship between 3 people that love donuts!

3. DIANPEARL Swarovski Crystal BFF Necklace

SWAROVSKI CRYSTAL Best friends necklace for 3

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This stunning yet simple set is much more versatile. It is very minimalistic with a sophisticated and elegant feel to it. These necklaces are ideal for everyday wear even for older women that may be less comfortable wearing the sillier or more child-like jewelry pieces but still want a sweet way to commemorate their bond with their best friends.

These each feature a single Swarovski crystal that hangs beautifully from the chain of the necklace. The crystal is relatively large but far from overpowering. It is just big enough to easily catch the eye. Each one of the three different necklaces features a Swarovski crystal of a different color!

One has a crystal that is clear and therefore looks quite similar to a sparkly diamond! The second features a translucent light blue crystal. This has a look similar to blue topaz. Finally, the last one has a Swarovski crystal that is deep red like a ruby or possibly even more similar to garnet.

The necklaces come together in a cute cardboard box with an adorable and appropriate saying that reads, “Good friends are like stars. You don’t always see them but you know they are there.”

This suggests that the beautiful Swarovski crystals represent stars in the sky for a great metaphorical meaning. This can be especially appropriate if you don’t get to see your friends all the time.

Each necklace is hung on a 16-inch chain that has a small section of the chain designed for adjustability to lengthen it slightly if desired. The chains are all plated with rhodium to increase durability and strength over time.

These are one of the pricier options on our list but really, they are so worth every penny!

4. Sobly Jewelry BFF Engraved Set

Sobly Jewelry BFF Engraved Set - best friends forever necklaces for 3

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This option features a ring that hangs down from the chain. The rings are made from a special metal alloy that gives you decent quality and an extremely cheap price. The rings are each 2.5 centimeters in diameter.

This is a great size that isn’t too distracting but still lets the necklace be easily seen as well as easily read. The side of the rings all have engraving all around them. The engraving on each of the rings reads, “best friends forever”.

This is unique because you can get the whole picture and idea with just one of the necklaces instead of all of you having to be together for them to really make sense. It also works great for if just you and one of your best friends are ever together while the third one couldn’t be around because it still works with just two of you.

Each one of the necklaces is on a chain that measures 45 centimeters long. The chains also feature an extendable section that is 5cm long. This allows each of you and your friends to adjust it to your ideal length based off of personal preference.

Another cool feature is that this set comes with each piece made in a different color than the others. This provides that unique touch that gives each of you a unique piece of jewelry that still match the others perfectly.

Each one features its particular color on both the ring pendant as well as the actual chain for a coherent smooth look. If you don’t like these colors though, the set does come in one other option that you can choose – instead of all being different colors, all of the ring pendants come in silver color on a matching silver-colored chain.

5. Mealguet Jewelry Gold Plated Puzzle Set

Mealguet Jewelry Gold Plated Stainless Steel Three Puzzle BFF Best Friend We Will Always be Connected Friendship Necklace Set for 3

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This lovely set is a nice combination of sophistication and fun! These feature a different take on the puzzle theme we saw earlier.

Each of the necklaces does feature a puzzle piece pendant. However, instead of the pieces creating an actual shape together, they just fit together in a line with each of them looking like a typical jigsaw puzzle piece.

This actually makes the set work better individually because it is very clear what the pendant actually is. The pendants still fit together nicely. Each one also features different engraved wording as well. Instead of saying, “best friends forever” like most sets of 3 necklaces for friends, this set actually has a little saying on it.

This special little sayings have so much meaning and are perfect for a set of really close best friends. Another really cool thing about this set is the quality. They are made from stainless steel rather than metal alloy like most similar options. This is much more durable. They are also even plated with 18k yellow gold with a beautiful polished finish. This gives them an incredible look and quality that you don’t find as often at an affordable price.

Each one of the puzzle piece pendants hangs from a 2mm gold-plated chain. The chains measure at 16” in length. Altogether, this is a really nice set with a quality that is really hard to find among similar products and with a price that is super affordable.

6. Charm.L Grace 3 Piece of Sisters Necklaces

Charm.L Grace 3 Piece of Sisters Keychain Set Heart Shape Puzzle Pendant

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This Charm.L Grace set is another sweetheart puzzle option. These each feature one part of a 3-part heart puzzle. However, instead of saying the typical, “best friends forever”, this set also has a more unique saying on it.

Something different is that each one does not feature specific words, but instead the entire saying is printed onto all three hearts in a way that means you must put them together to get the full picture and actually read the saying.

This is special in its own way. It means you must all be together for others to really understand your special bond together. When you do have all three pieces of the puzzle together to form the heart, the heart then reads in carefully engraved words, “Side by side or miles apart we are sisters connected at the heart.”

All of the necklaces match very nicely together in regard to coloring. They are made from metal alloys that look just like actual silver. The chains also match the silvery pendent puzzle pieces for a clean and seamless design. When the puzzle is put together, the heart measures about 4cm by 4.5cm.

Each one of the included chains measures at 45cm but also includes a special extender that measures at an additional 5cm. This allows easier adjustment for the perfect fit whatever your preferences are.

7. U7 Personalized Necklace Set

U7 BFF Necklace for Stainless Steel Chain Personalized Family Love

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What is really different about this option is what the puzzle piece pendants have on them. They are customizable with names!

These necklaces are designed for you to actually have your names placed especially on the puzzle pieces of the heart. This makes it so much more personal and special for you and your friends instead of being a more generic set of friendship necklaces.

The set is made of much more durable stainless steel bases. The base is then plated with yellow gold or black gold. You actually get to choose if you prefer the one or the other look. Both create stunning necklaces that look amazing with your name on them.

You can also just choose the plain stainless steel as well if you prefer the look of silver for your necklaces. All of these make great choices that are high-quality and beautiful. The names are also put onto the necklaces in a very nice font that is both elegant as well as easy to read.

Each has a chain that matches the color of the puzzle piece pendant. The chains are all 16 inches long, but each one also features an extra section that is 2 inches long. This extra section provides the ability to adjust the chain to a longer length whenever that is necessary or just desirable.

8. Norfrian Unicorn Set

Best Friends Necklace for Unisex-Child, Girls,Boys

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Another adorable set from Nofrian, these are fun and filled with child-like wonder perfect for little girls. Even adults could choose to rock these necklaces if they are trying to stay in touch with their inner child and have a little fun!

These all feature popcorn chains. This makes them quite comfortable as well as very easy to adjust to different lengths. The overall length of each one of the chains of these necklaces is 13.5 inches.

Each chain has a special plaque charm that hangs down at the center. These are metal alloy plaques that have a cute slightly curvy look around the edges of them. Each one features a slightly different plaque with a different word engraved on it. Each one of the necklaces then also has a second charm that hangs down from the first charm.

The second charm is a bright and colorful resin unicorn charm! These precious charms are all slightly unique but still look super great side-by-side. They all feature the full body of the unicorn in a playful galloping position. The body of each of the unicorns is a different color from the others.

However, the tail, mane, hooves, and unicorn horn are all golden on all three of the necklaces. This gives the entire set a nice cohesive look that works perfectly. The bodies of the three unicorns feature the more unique colors to give the necklaces a little more individuality.

The coolest part about this particular set is that each one comes with its own soft red storage pouch –  the perfect presentation when you gift these necklaces to your friends!

9. Godyce Set

Godyce Puzzle Necklace Piece Best Friends BFF - Stainless Steel Jewelry with Gift Box

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Our final choice is this set from Godyce! These are a nice turn of pace since they are quite simple and minimalistic compared to most of the choices on the list.

What gives them this nice minimalistic feel is the complete lack of words on the necklaces. Instead, they appear completely blank. This simple and plain look is a great way to give this set more versatility and make them perfect for everyday wear. The lack of words gives them just a slight edge of sophistication as well which adds even further versatility to the necklaces. The puzzle pieces are close to square in shape and all fit together perfectly.

You don’t need words to tell you how special your bond is or how well you all fit together. Each one of the puzzle piece pendants is strung on a 19.8-inch chain. This is a longer option that can further add to the nice, sophisticated look of the set. The chains, as well as the puzzle piece pendants themselves, are all made of very strong and durable stainless steel. This means increased strength and durability over most other similar choices.

It also gives them a very pretty silver look with a shiny polished finish. They can also work really well for a wide variety of relationship types.

They can work for best friends, sisters, or even a pair of sisters along with a mother. They are unique, durable, beautiful, and affordable.

10. Glamour Girl Gifts Set of 3 Heart Necklaces

Friendship Gift for 3 - Set of 3 ''Best Friends'' Heart Necklaces, Jewelry Gifts for BFF Besties, Sisters, Girls, Teens, Women

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This set is a good bit different than our other picks and we think you’re going to love it! Each one of these works excellently as a stand-alone necklace as well as a set altogether. Each one features an individual heart pendant shape.

The heart measures about 1” by 1” in size. This is the perfect size for eye-catching detail and everyday wear. Each one of the silvery metal hearts is then filled with stunning little crystal rhinestones. The crystal rhinestones are mounted within the face of the heart with various metal prongs that create a nice even texture across the heart’s face.

The color of the crystals varies from the heart to heart to make sure that each of the necklaces inside the set has a unique feature that sets them apart from the others while still making them all work together wonderfully.

The first heart is filled with aqua blue crystals, the second heart is filled with light pink crystals, and the final heart is filled with lovely purple crystals.

These colors compliment each other very nicely and you and your friends can decide who gets which one. Then, across the face of each one of the hearts, a silvery metal banner spans from side to side.

The banner is stamped with the words, “best friends” to show your special bond to the whole world. The curve of the banner and the words provide some nice feminine detail as well. Each one of the chains of these necklaces measures at a nice 17 inches.

They each come with a 2-inch section of chain attached that can be used for adjusting the size to fit just how you like!