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Herringbone Chain Necklace Selection for Men & Women

last updated: Mar 04, 2020

To really understand our excitement about herringbone chain necklaces, you must check out the herringbone pattern.

It's pretty popular since it's basically an arrangement pattern for tiles that coincidentally resemble the bones of a herring (hence the name herringbone!).

So herringbone chain necklaces are just a variant of necklaces that exclusively use the flat pattern. And there's no doubt that the ensuing love for the luxurious uneven look is contagious.

People really love this for the mere fact that it deviates from the stereotypical necklace design.

In this article, we'll be reviewing ten of our favorite herringbone chain necklaces that you can buy. They're the best in terms of price, design, and material!

Top 10 Herringbone Chain Necklaces!

1. The Diamond Deal Shiny Imperial Herringbone Chain Necklace

The Diamond Deal  Shiny Imperial Herringbone Chain Necklace
The Diamond Deal  Shiny Imperial Herringbone Chain Necklace Clasp
The Diamond Deal Herringbone Chain Necklace
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This is a pick made out of solid 14K gold, with the inside filled with sterling silver. In terms of looks, build quality, and safety, this necklace is comprised of an excellent mixture.

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One of the reasons why everybody loves gold is because the metal instantly makes any outfit look like a million bucks.

At the same time, the metal isn't a pushover when it comes to durability, primarily because in this piece, it's further supported by sterling silver. Lastly, the safety part comes in due to sterling silver being hypoallergenic.

The advantages of a gold chain exist both as a fashion statement and as an investment.

In the former case, this necklace features the famous herringbone pattern, and since it's flat, it feels great to wear!

The 16-inch variant features a lobster claw clasp for security and comfort.

Also, you may need to buy a gift box since the pouch isn't that flattering.

2. The Bling Factory 14k Gold Plated Herringbone Chain

The Bling Factory 14k Gold Plated Herringbone Chain
The Bling Factory 14k Gold Plated Herringbone Chain Clasp
The Bling Factory pouch & warranty
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The Bling Jewelry' chain is one of the best you can find online. It's made out of 14K yellow gold over a brass metal so it carries the usual attributes of this metal mixture.

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This chain is extremely sturdy due to the manufacturing process and since it's made out of brass plated with yellow gold, you get the best out of your investment if you buy this option.

The necklace is available in 5 sizes, 8 (bracelet size), 18, 20, 24, 30 inches, with all of them measuring 10.5 mm in thickness.

When you move down to the end of the chain, the choice is a lobster claw lock. It's a pretty popular clasp variant that's known for its comfort and security.

Having said that, the reason why we love this necklace is obviously because of the herringbone pattern. The pattern's flat and minimalistic design isn't only gorgeous to look at, it's comfortable as well.

What we love even more it's the super affordable price tag that comes with this option!

3. MCS Jewelry Silky Imperial Herringbone Chain Necklace

MCS Jewelry Silky Imperial Herringbone Chain Necklace
MCS Jewelry Silky Imperial Herringbone Chain Necklace Sizes
MCS gift boxes
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Like the previous options, this piece of accessory is also made out of pure 14K yellow gold. You'll find that each section of the herringbone pattern is clean-cut, fitting, and made out of gold.

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Aesthetics-wise, the look is top-notch especially as there's an emphasis on the gold and pretty much nothing else. The fact that the thickness measures a chic 3 mm complements that with some extra effect (oomph!).

The herringbone chain is hypoallergenic since it uses sterling silver to fill the hollow space in the chain up.

Given that the combo of gold and silver always result in exceptional build quality, you should expect exactly that from this piece of jewelry.

In terms of sizes, you can purchase this chain in 16, 18, and 20 inches.

You'll discover a lobster claw clasp towards the end of the necklace. It's definitely a welcomed feature since it provides security without sacrificing comfort when the chain is worn.

Heck, it's actually downright perfect since it only accentuates the flat design of the herringbone pattern.

Finally, the necklace comes in a signature jewelry/gift box.

4. JewelStop Herringbone Chain Necklace

JewelStop Herringbone chain Necklace
JewelStop Gift Box
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At 9.20 grams, JewelStop's 20-inch herringbone piece really does feel like imperial silk. While it features the herringbone pattern like any other chain on this list, the surface polish is glossy.

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Add that visual effect to the appeal of 14K yellow gold, and you start to see why it's one of our best-rated picks.

The necklace, like the others above, also has its inside filled up with sterling silver. It's a rather nice choice in precious metal since it combines two things.

First is the looks while the second is its high ratings when it comes to sturdiness and price.

This piece of accessory comes in 2 sizes with each one measuring 3 mm in thickness. It's just thick enough to make make a bold statement and add character to pretty much any outfit.

Packed in an elegant jewelry box, the chain has a 1-year warranty as well as a 30 days money back guarantee.

5. US-Shopsmart Flexible Herringbone Chain

US-Shopsmart Flexible Herringbone Chain
US-Shopsmart Flexible Herringbone Chain Clasp
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US-Shopsmart has one of the best variations of herringbone chain necklaces we've seen.

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With this piece of jewelry, the choice in material is yellow gold while the thickness is 6 mm thick. So when it comes to price, it certainly isn't cheap.

Made from 10K gold, the gold percentage is approximately 41.7%. This means that the necklace is hypoallergenic, has better build quality since it features more additional metals while still retaining the appeal of gold.

It features a lock that is not only secure but also quite comfortable. In addition to that, you can get it in 18, 20, 22, and 24 inches which are a lot of choices.

Finally, this necklace comes with a jewelry box, that also doubles as a gift box.

6. JOTW 2.8mm Herringbone Chain

JOTW 2.8mm Herringbone Chain
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Made out of 10K gold, the 24-inch variant that we're reviewing comes in at a solid 3.5 grams, and it's completely hypoallergenic.

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You can also choose a different length (7, 16 or 18'') which will come with a more affordable price tag, though any of the other, shorter lengths keep all the goodies despite the price.

The herringbone chain necklace comes with spring clasp. The lock provides both comfort and security, which complements its flat design.

JOTW, the brand selling this pretty chain, gives you a 30-day return policy. No questions asked.

However, given the positive reviews and how pretty this chain is, we don't see a reason for it being returned!

7. JOSCO Sterling Silver Herringbone Chain

JOSCO Sterling Silver Herringbone Chain Detail
JOSCO Sterling Silver Herringbone Chain
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Unlike other options, this herringbone chain is a bit more inconspicuous since it's entirely made out of 925 sterling silver. Other than the strong resemblance to white gold, the highlight of this chain is that it is 11.5 mm thick.

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Compared to the usual average of 3 mm, this is essentially a dress necklace that also boasts excellent build quality.

It comes in a jewelry box which can alternatively double as a gift box if that's what you have in mind.

You can get it in six sizes: 16, 18, 20, 22, 24, and 30 inches (definitely accommodates a wide range of individuals).

To summarize, this necklace is functional, aesthetically pleasing, safe, and even budget-friendly.

If you prefer the reserved appeal of silver, then this option is worth checking out.

 Herringbone Necklace

 Herringbone Necklace
 Herringbone Necklace Clasp
 Herringbone Necklace Gift Box
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Unlike our previous pick, this one measures 8.75 mm in thickness. The metal looks a lot like white gold which certainly adds to its appeal. Nevertheless, keep in mind that sterling silver's build quality is exceptional as well (to the extent that taking proper care of the metal makes it last indefinitely).

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Moving on, you'll find a lobster claw clasp which is pretty much the standard for this type of necklaces and it does get the job done in terms of security and comfort.

The necklace weighs 22.32 grams (the 18-inch variant), which is definitely not light. It's something to keep in mind if you'd prefer a smaller-sized necklace instead.

You can get this option in sizes 18 and 24 inches and it comes hand-wrapped inside a gift box.

Other benefits that come with this pick is the inclusion of a lifetime warranty and 30-day return eligibility guaranteed by the brand.

9. Miabella Snake Dome Herringbone Chain

Miabella Snake Dome Herringbone Chain
Miabella Snake Dome Herringbone Chain Clasp
Miabella gift box
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Miabella's take on the herringbone pattern is superb. We have the 20-inch variant under review and despite the budget-friendly price, the necklace is good enough to rival all other options on this list.

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This piece of jewelry is made out of 925 sterling silver electroplated with 18K yellow gold.

It uses a low-domed design in the form of the herringbone pattern and finishes with diamond-cutting to make it extra-reflective.

Further, the thickness, this time around is a dainty 4 mm, and it's a size that allows the necklace to buff up any woman's collection.

The herringbone chain features a pear lobster-claw clasp which uses a spring mechanism.

The mechanism is an indication of the security that clasp provides though comfort isn't neglected in the least.

You can get it in sizes 18, 20, and 24 inches.

10. Miabella Solid 925 Sterling Silve Flat Herringbone Chain

Miabella Solid 925 Sterling Silve Flat Herringbone Chain
Miabella Solid 925 Sterling Silve Flat Herringbone Chain Detail
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What we love about this particular chain is that it measures 10 mm in thickness. It's not small, but it does look gorgeous with any outfit you combine it with.

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The piece combines the durability of sterling silver with the aesthetic appeal of this wonderful, shiny metal.

Sizes for this piece are 17, 18, 20, 22 and in the case of people looking for a gift, it also comes in a gift/jewelry box.

Lastly, remember that this piece weighs a hefty 30.5 grams. However,  the necklace is so well manufactured and the weight properly distributed throughout that this is not a biggie.

Like other options on the list, it comes with a 30-day, 100% money-back guarantee.


q: What is a herringbone chain necklace?


It's just another type of necklace with its own unique design. As we already mentioned, the necklace gets its name from the herringbone pattern.

And to successfully replicate that design, the necklace is made up of thin, flat metal segments.

The segments are then bent in the middle and arranged to create the herringbone pattern.

q: What are the cons of this type of material/design?


They are prone to kinks due to their minimalistic design. You apply a bit of pull to one of the flat and thin segments, and you'll easily bend it. This is the one downside to their appealing design.

q: Can these chain's segments be fixed?


They can be fixed to an extent - this depends on the type of damage you want to repair.

For instance, if a segment gets bent, you can have it straightened out and flattened; however, this will definitely create a weak spot and a weak spot is always prone to breaking so you'll have to be more careful.

An alternative to this is to have the segment cut out and then have the chain rejoined at their edges.

The one drawback to doing this would be that the necklace won't be as flexible as it originally was, and kinks will also appear faster that way.

q: How to wear one?


This type of jewelry is perfect with literally everything. The only problem is pendants; they soften the aesthetic appeal of the herringbone pattern, and they also have the potential to create kinks over time.

Bella Hadid

If you still want to layer the herringbone necklace with a pendant, make sure the pendant is smaller in size and that it also has a clasp that fits flat chains.

Hailey Bieber


There you have it, our choice of 10 gorgeously beautiful herringbone chain necklaces (most options are unisex!).

When putting together our list we made sure to select herringbone chains made of quality metals such as silver or brass plated in white or yellow gold.

We also paid attention to give you length options as well as picks that comes with a super affordable price tag!

If you're looking or a gift for someone special, a lot of the herringbone chain necklaces on our list come in free gift boxes and free return policies.

Finally, the brands we chose to feature in our list are all trusted sellers with rave reviews so if you're worried about getting a low quality product, we can guarantee you it will never happen!