Make Your Old Jewelry Shine Again - Jewelry Cleaning Tips

Marianne Marianne 22 Jul 2019 4288

We were all in the situation when our favorite jewelry simply doesn’t have the bling it used to, and instead of spending tons of money, and wasting your nerves on finding a jeweler that will properly restore the old shine of your jewelry, try our Jewelry Cleaning Tips. You will save money and feel good about yourself as well.

Jewelry cleaning tips - Items from your kitchen are everything you need
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Everything you need to give your jewelry its former glory can be found in your kitchen. By using ingredients you already have in your pantry, and the entire process costs almost nothing and you don’t have to use any chemicals that can damage your skin. You will clean your jewelry only with the help of science!

Plus, your old toothbrush will be pretty glad that it found a new purpose in its life when it discovers that it will be used for some gentle jewelry scrubbing.

And before you can say How to Choose the Ideal Wedding Jewelry, you will have your Bling Bling once again! Here are a couple of easy, and very useful jewelry cleaning tips.

Jewelry Cleaning Tips – How to Polish Your Silver

Jewelry Cleaning Tips - How to clean your silver jewelry
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The biggest enemy of your precious jewelry is tarnished… Luckily, there are some weapons that can kill it! Of course, we don’t mean real weapons like guns and knives, but the regular household items every woman has in her kitchen.

For example, if your jewelry isn’t in a critical condition and it is slightly darker than it used to be, or if it lost its shine, or maybe the colors have started to change a little, here is what you need to do!

You need to add warm water and a couple of drops of mild dish soap in a bowl.

The next thing you have to do is dipping a soft cloth in that mixture and rub your jewelry with it. After that, wash-out the jewelry in cold water and polish it with a dry cloth until it is completely dry.

For those of you who have problems with jewelry seriously tarnished, don’t despair, we have some tips for you as well! You will have to make a mixture that includes baking soda and water. To make it a paste, use a 3 to 1 ratio, three-fourths of baking soda and one-fourth of water.

Damp your silver with clear water, take a smooth cloth and apply the paste on the silver. Make sure that you use a smooth cloth and not paper towels

. Rub the silver with the cloth, and make sure that the paste gets into every single crack and scratch, and turn the cloth when it becomes gray.

Wash-out your silver jewelry with clean water, polish it with a dry smooth cloth. Remember NOT to soak the silver in the paste because that will only make the tarnish worse.

Make your Gold and Gems Shine Again

Jewelry Cleaning Tips - How to clean your gold jewelry
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Did it ever occur to you to take off your ring and make a thorough inspection of the inside of its prongs? Everyday things like dirt and even soaps and lotion can fill up the prongs and make the stone look flat and like it was cut badly.

Don’t think that gold pendants and gold chains are off the hook! Even these can get clogged with dirt and who knows what else when you wear them every day. If you want your gold to look like new and to have that sexy shine again, prepare a relaxing bubble bath (for the gold, not for you). You will need a small bowl, a few drops of mild dish soap, and seltzer water WITHOUT sodium.

Mix the water and the soap in the bowl, place the gold on a small plastic colander and leave it there for around five minutes. Shake it around in the bowl, and take each peace out when you want to scrub it with a soft toothbrush (the one we mentioned at the beginning of the article).

Every time when you are done with a piece, put it back in the bowl. When you have scrubbed all the gold, wash it out under running water. Then polish it with a smooth, dry cloth.

Give Your Pearls a Shine Treatment

Jewelry Cleaning Tips - How to clean your pearls
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We are not sure if you knew that pearls are highly porous. That is why pearls tend to lose their gloss over time. It doesn’t matter if they are faux or real, you need to take care of them and clean them properly.

Cleaning your pearls is not something that you should be afraid of, in fact, it is a pretty simple procedure. All you need to do is place them on a dry, soft, clean cloth. Go over each pearl with a makeup brush that you have previously dipped into a mixture composed of a few drops of shampoo and warm water.

For the grand finale, brush out the pearls with a damp cloth. When you are all done, leave the pearls to dry out on a flat surface.

We said flat surface because this way the string will not stretch. This shine treatment is also quite effective when it comes to turquoise as well.

Have These Jewelry Cleaning Tips in Mind for the Next Time!

When washing your hands or when applying lotion to your body, remember to take off your rings. This will save the settings from clogging up.

When you get home, take off your jewelry and wipe it off with a soft cloth. This way you will remove perfume and all body oils from your precious jewelry.