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Mood Ring Colors & Color Meanings

Briana Briana 23 Dec 2019 5399

Do you remember the best mood rings from your childhood? We know we do! Every vacation we couldn’t help but pick one up from the gift store and watch in amazement as they changed color throughout the day. 

Lately, mood rings have come back into style and we must admit, we couldn’t be happier! Today, this type of rings are better than ever and are a stylish addition to any jewelry collection. And just like they used to be, they are great conversation starters!

The only problem is, most of us don’t actually know how mood rings work, or what the various colors mean. If my ring is purple, what does that mean? Now it’s green? Orange??

The colors all have unique meanings, and if you want to get back into wearing mood rings, you should know what each color represents! 

Today we are here to help and are breaking down all of the different mood ring colors and their meanings.

Whether you’ve got an old mood ring you want to wear again, or if you are in the market for a new one, here’s what to look forward to when wearing this unique jewelry again.

How Do Mood Rings Work?

Before we get into the various mood ring colors and color meanings, it is necessary to first start with the basics.

What actually is a mood ring, and how does it manage to change color? No, it isn’t magic. Instead, it is actually all based on temperature. That’s right! A temperature change will cause the stone to change colors. 

Now, we know what you’re thinking. It’s called a mood ring after all; so does this type of ring actually work to tell what mood you are in? It does!

The reasoning here is that various body temperature changes are typically associated with certain moods. We will get into all the colors and meanings later. 

Mood ring color meanings
Source: Shopee

With that in mind, it probably makes sense now why you see mood rings and rarely see other types of ‘mood’ jewelry.

Rings that fit properly will stay in place and in contact with your skin and body temperature, allowing it to give the best reading of your temperature, and therefore, your mood. Pretty cool, right? 

While mood rings do in fact work, it’s important to note that they are not 100% accurate. Because they are based on temperature changes, it is very easy to force their color to change based on external factors. They are still incredibly fun though! 

What Stone is in Mood Rings?

mood ring color - green

You might think that only incredibly rare or expensive stones would exhibit this type of color change, but you would be wrong!

In fact, in the majority of cases, you will find that mood rings are incredibly affordable. So, what type of stones are used? 

In the majority of cases, something like quartz or glass is used.

However, it is not those materials themselves that change color. Instead, these materials would be hollowed out and filled with thermochromic liquid crystals.

As the name suggests, these crystals change their position and structure due to temperature change, which is what results in them displaying a different color. 

Mood Ring Colors and Meanings: Explained!

Now that you know all about how mood rings work, let’s get into the different mood ring colors and mood ring meanings.

This is a great chart to keep on hand when you are wearing an existing mood ring, or for when you purchase a new one.

Green: If your mood is calm and you are relaxed, you will likely see a green shade on your mood ring. This color is associated with being relaxed and not being stressed.

Think of this as an average reading. You aren’t feeling down, but you are also not feeling excited. This is a good color to start with as it is the most average, baseline color. 

Blue: Depending on the shade of blue this may mean a few different things. The closer the color to green is, the more relaxed you are.

If your ring is a blue-green shade, you are emoting slightly more than a true green, but are still fairly relaxed and calm.

Once you get into a more solid shade of blue, this means you are still feeling calm but are having more active emotions and are also feeling loveable

Violet: For a mood ring that is a deep shade of blue or a shade of violet, you are feeling very happy and are also likely feeling romantic and passionate. You also may be feeling very excited.

Where green is at an average state, violet is at your most active and positive state. You are happy, excited, and feeling passionate! 

Amber/Yellow/Orange: A mood ring in this color family is associated with negative emotions like fear and nervousness. If you are feeling unsettled, unhappy, or uneasy, you will likely see your ring in this shade.

This is a more calm state, but certainly a negative one. Think of this as similar to green, but on the negative side of the spectrum, versus blue which is on the positive side of the spectrum. 

Gray: A gray stone is a more active version of an amber stone. You are feeling very strained and nervous in this state. It is certainly not a good state to be in.

Instead of being unsettled or uneasy, you have moved to being truly anxious when dealing with a gray stone.

Black: You certainly don’t want to see a black stone! The black color is associated with being incredibly tense and stressed out. You may also be incredibly tired or just otherwise worn out.

This is the most intense of negative emotions. Keep in mind that a stone this color may also mean that your stone is broken, so if you are not feeling negative and see a black stone, your mood ring may just be broken. 

For an easy and quick way to remember these mood ring colors and their meanings, here’s an awesome chart to refer back to: 

Mood ring colors
Source: Thoughtco

While these are the most common colors and meanings, it is possible that your stone may show a different color. However, we covered the most common colors and their associations based on traditional temperature research. 

In general, you will find that the more active emotions are associated with warmer temperatures and more blood flowing to the fingers. Think a deep blue or violet color.

More calm emotions, or even negative emotions that are less active are associated with cooler temperatures, as typically you have less blood flow to your fingers; think the amber or gray colors. Fascinating, isn’t it?  

Shop Mood Rings

Have we inspired you to pick up a new mood ring to keep track of your emotions? It’s a fun way to check in with how you are feeling, plus simply put, mood rings just look cool!

Better yet, as you are about to find out, mood rings have come a long way! You can absolutely find some stunning options that make a great addition to any jewelry collection. They also make for great gifts!

Ms.Iconic Vintage Style Ring

Ms.Iconic Vintage Style Ring

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We absolutely love the vintage look of this ring! If you love both vintage and modern jewelry, what a better way to combine the two than a vintage styled mood ring?

This makes for a really eye catching piece of jewelry and we think it would look great as a cocktail ring to wear along on your middle finger.

Best of all, the ring is adjustable so you can adjust it as needed, making it possible to easily wear it on different fingers!

The bronze color of the band gives it a really nice antique look, and the middle stone is larger than most mood rings you will find. If you really want to show off your mood- this ring is perfect.

HONEYCAT Mood Ring in Gold, Rose Gold, or Silver

HONEYCAT Mood Ring in Gold, Rose Gold, or Silver

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For all the minimalist jewelry lovers out there, this simple mood ring is perfect for you. The band is simple and sleek, and you can get it in either gold, rose gold, or silver.

The stone itself is small and simple-;certainly not too flashy, but big enough to make a statement. A lot of mood rings are typically pretty elaborate or flashy, so we love having the option for something more simple as well.

We think you could easily wear this ring every day and for any occasion. 

Ms.Iconic Emotional Mood Ring Bang

Ms.Iconic Emotional Mood Ring Bang

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The majority of mood rings that you find will have some type of center color changing stone. This ring is completely different and instead is a band.

We love the unique design of this ring and think it is perfect for both women and men. The whole ring band will change according to your mood; and we just think that is so cool! If you are looking for a really unique option, this band is perfect. 

Fun Jewels Minimalist Ring in Silver

Fun Jewels Minimalist Ring in Silver

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Here is another more minimalist ring that we really love. The band is a bit more intricate, but is certainly not overly elaborate. If you like simplicity but want something a bit more unique, this is perfect.

The band with the cutout is unique and elegant and we think this is a great option to wear during the day or for a night out!

We also really like the oval shape of the stone, as most that you will find are circular. This ring is also another size adjustable ring, making it a great option for wearing on multiple fingers easily.


Mood rings are a fun way to check in with your emotions and see what mood ring colors pop up when you are feeling happy, excited, or stressed out. While they are not 100% accurate, they do a pretty great job sending your body temperature and figuring out what emotion you are feeling.

Whether you get one for yourself, or give it as a gift, now you know that they aren’t just called mood rings; they really do sense your mood!