Pearl Earrings: Top 15 Best Looking Earrings to Own

by jj@d

Among the many jewelry trends, there is one which never fades out. Pearls are one of the sophisticated and classic jewels. They can be worn at anyBalenciaga time of the day, not only for red-letter days, as there are so many styles. From time to time we have seen how fashion designers reinvented the trend of wearing pearl earrings.

At the Balenciaga couture fashion show for Fall/Winter 2016 we could see some mega pearls statement earrings. This trend definitely forecasts that pearl earrings and jewelry are timeless, regardless in which time of the day are we.

Let’s see what the trendiest and best pearls earrings we can wear in the year 2016.

1. Stud pearl earringsStud pearl earrings

Because studs are tiny, they look good, are comfy to wear and they are trendy. There is a general thinking that wearing pearl earrings on everyday matter is a fancy thing.
Actually, these tiny stud earrings makes you look chic and classy, even though your day is hectic and earrings are a simple accessory to brighten up the set you are wearing.

 2. Classic styled pearl earrings

Classic pearl earringsThere is one earrings style that is a must have in every woman’s jewelry box.That’s the classic styled pearl earrings. In every woman’s life there are those events, like a business dinner, family gathering or any official event that requires a nicely done, formal outfit with suitable jewelry. A classical pearl earrings makes the difference, that perfectly accessorize the outfit and is always a top hit.

3. Chandelier pearl earrings

Chandelier pearl earringsSome occasions require different earrings styles. Let’s say, to an evening with colleagues, friends in a friendly environment, like at a lounge or a club the outfit is different, as well the jewelry. A beautiful chandelier pearl earrings with a cocktail dress or an embroidered jacket is the perfect evening wear, whether we speak about a drink with friends, or a meet-up.

4. Drop pearl earrings

Pearl drop earrings

There are those earrings styles that look good, they are neither too much but aren’t so that simple one cannot observe as well. Just as the drop pearl earrings, which is both classy and wearable, in the terms of wearing pearls in an everyday routine was never easier. What’s great about drop pearl earrings is that they look gorgeous with everything without any effort.

5. Statement pearl earringsPearl statement earrings

Statement earrings can be tricky. When wearing statement jewelry, must pay attention to what you want to emphasize on your appearance. A well chosen statement earrings can define your outfit that makes you chic and stylish. Tassel earrings is a statement jewelry from the start, but combing with pearl brings the jewel to the highest level.

6. Boho pearl earrings 

When we mention boho jewelry, we instantly think about summer and long trips. Pearl boho earringsWhat’s great about boho styled jewelry is that even if you wear a printed skirt or top, and colorful earrings, the whole set won’t create a misunderstanding, because bohemian is a style. Pearl boho earrings effectively are special, because they are different like the others and add a plus value which make the whole look fabolous.

7. Colored pearl earrings

What makes pearl earrings classic is their color. The
re are days when doesn’t want to wear anything fancy, but in the same ti
me desires something colorful. For these days, colored pearl earrings are the most Color pearl earrings
perfect jewelry. They come in
different colors, from pale pink, green, blue to gray to harsh pink exist anything, the choice is yours.

8. Vintage pearl earrings

Vintage pearl earrings

Vintage is a very popular trend, being still popular in 2016 as well. To own a vintage jewelry means the wearer is extremely lucky and has got something in their pocket. But to own vintage pearl earrings really makes the difference, because the jewel is special. It has its own history, it could have meant much in the past for someone and all the details with the appearance make it being special.

9. Teardrop pearl earrings

A must have and good looking earrings is the teardrop Teardrop pearl earringspearl earrings. As it perfectly fits the face line, the teardrop pearl earrings is a superb match for dresses.

10. Pearl Cuff Earrings

Cuff pearl earrings

Certain jewelry looks good only with a limited styles of outfits. Cuff earrings are in this category. As they look edgy on one’s ear, these earrings can be stylish in the same time, as emphasizes heavily the ear. A combo between pearl and cuff earrings sounds interesting, but brings an exciting contrast.

11. Double Pearl EarringsDouble pearl earrings

Double pearl earrings is an interesting yet cute jewelry. It’s being called double as I has two parts, a smaller outside and a bigger one inwards. As it is a double pearl earrings, it can be bravely worn to both formal occasions and on everyday matter as well.

Hoop earrings12.  Pearl hoop earrings

Hoop earrings are a basic and classic jewelry, that was a signature trend back to the 80’s. Nowadays, this style is back on track and some jewelry designers start to rethink the good old style with a twist, like adding pearls to the hoop. The reason why so many woman still loves the hoop earrings is because they are classic and chic with anything.

13. Dangle Pearl EarringsDangle earrings

One of the most popular earrings style is the dangle. It differs from the delicate drop pearl earrings, as the main aim of the dangle earrings to show how beautiful the dangled pearls are and to spice up the outfit. A dangle pearl e
arrings is al
ways a good idea and one can never make a mistake with it.

Cluster pearl earrings

14. Cluster Pearl Earrings

Perhaps one of the hottest pearl earrings is the cluster pearl earrings. What makes it beautiful is the way how the pearls and gems are put together.

15. Baroque Pearl Earrings

Having earrings in a special form is always a great way to
refresh the jewelry wardrobe, also it can happen that a jewelry would inspire us on how to dress up.

baroque pearl earrings