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10 Pearl Engagement Rings - Because A Pearl is Always a Girl's Bestie!

Anna Anna 18 Feb 2020 3617

There was a point in time where nearly all engagement rings were very stereotypical. There wasn’t a ton of differences among the options available. Now, the variety and choices for engagement rings continue to grow and expand and nothing is off limits! Many couples now prefer to opt for something more unique or personal – for example, pearl engagement rings.

The options are nearly endless, but if you are looking for a really unique, special, and pretty option, a pearl engagement ring is a way to go! These stunning rings are a lovely way to represent your special relationship and your marriage.

The best part is that pearl engagement rings are actually surprisingly affordable. We hope you love our top ten picks for these beautiful rings below!

Our 10 Fave Pearl Engagement Rings!

1. THE PEARL SOURCE Genuine White Pearl Tessa Ring

THE PEARL SOURCE Genuine White Pearl Tessa Ring

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The Pearl Source is undoubtedly one of the best pearl suppliers there. They have been operating for over 25 years, and their experience really shows.

They started just selling loose pearls, but now they create absolutely stunning pieces of pearl jewelry. The pearls they use are only the best of the best. They are high-quality pearls that look beautiful all-around. Don’t be surprised when you see this incredible company on our list multiple times.

This particular pearl engagement ring has just the right amount of detail for an interesting and lovely design, but still maintains a relative simplicity that helps avoid an overbearing or busy look. The pearl in this ring is a nice size at 9-10mm in diameter. It is set on a shining 925 sterling silver band.

The bottom of the band is one solid piece, but as it reaches up towards the middle of the ring, the band splits on each side into two smaller bands that spread out to house the large pearl. This pearl is a freshwater cultured pearl that is a bright, clean, white color. On one side, the small sections of the band actually wrap all the way around the side of the pearl.

This creates a really stylish asymmetrical look. Precious little Swarovski crystals also line all along the smaller sections of the band starting at the place where the band splits halfway up the ring. They even wrap around the side of the pearl going along with the asymmetrical design of the band.

The crystals are clear in color and uniform in size. They look nearly identical to tiny little diamonds and compliment the white freshwater pearl perfectly.

The pearl ring is available in sizes ranging from 5 to 8, including half sizes.

The price of the ring is a little higher than a lot of pearl ring choices, but the quality and design definitely match the price. Plus, no matter how you look at it, this is definitely an extremely affordable engagement ring choice!

2. PearlsOnly AAA Pearl Quality Ring

PearlsOnly AAA Pearl Quality Ring

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Another wonderful pearl jewelry company is PearlsOnly. This fantastic company has more than a decade of experience and creates high-quality pearl jewelry at very reasonable prices.

This ring is full of sophistication and modern style. It is another freshwater cultured pearl. This one measures at 6-7mm in diameter and is also set into a lovely 925 sterling silver band.

The band is very dainty with a soft, feminine design. It splits into two sections on each side just above the half-way point of the ring. These sections bend outward and curve around each other to create a perfect spot at the center of the ring for the white freshwater pearl to sit.

The bands of silver look almost like little delicate pedals around the sides of the smooth pearl.

The pearl is a stunning AAA quality with incredible luster and a perfect round button shape. With your purchase, you will also get a certificate of authenticity and appraisal. The ring even comes with a very nice gift box that is perfect for both a sweet presentation and proposal as well as easy and convenient storage.

The ring is mid-priced for pearls and definitely gives a great value to the ring when you look at the overall quality. You can enjoy the beauty and elegance of this simple, chic, modern pearl engagement ring in sizes 5, 6, 7, 8, and 9.

3. THE PEARL SOURCE Genuine Pink Pearl

THE PEARL SOURCE Genuine Pink Pearl

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Another really lovely modern ring from The Pearl Source is this stunning pink pearl and rose gold Luna ring! This ring is quite dainty and feminine as well as elegant and modern.

The pink tones of the metal and the pearl really help bring out the soft feminine feeling and give it a very pretty look. This ring actually consists of two bands rather than just one like most rings.

The two bands are very thin and spaced out evenly from each other with a complimentary symmetrical design. They are connected at the bottom of the finger with 2 thin bars of the ring’s metal. Speaking of which, the ring itself is actually made from durable and affordable 925 sterling silver.

It is then coated with a plating of beautiful rose gold. The top half of each one of the thin bands is also lined with rows of tiny cubic zirconia stones.

These clear cubic zirconia stones sparkle almost like real diamonds and bring a very refined and expensive look to the unique engagement ring.

The pearl of this ring has a sweet pink tone to it that compliments the rose gold perfectly. It measures at 7-8mm in diameter for a decent size. It is a freshwater cultured pearl and it sits perfectly on top of both bands – centered between the two.  It is secured by a hidden band of rose gold plated silver beneath the pearl that runs between the two thin bands.

A high-quality ring box is included with your purchase for added value and convenience. You’ll also get a certificate of authenticity for your pearl ring. The certificate states that the pearl is real and genuine without any dyes added.

It comes in sizes 4 through 9. This is definitely a super romantic ring with the soft pink colors of both the rose gold and the pearl. It is perfect for a modern, unique, and feminine piece!

4. ICE CARATS Freshwater Pearl and Diamond Engagement Ring

ICE CARATS Freshwater Pearl and Diamond Engagement Ring

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This very pretty pick from ICE CARATS features genuine diamonds and a stunning freshwater cultured pearl. The pearl is white in color and has a sweet button shape to it. It is the centerpiece of the ring sitting on top of beautiful silver bands.

The metal of the ring is all solid 925 sterling silver. The bottom of the band is relatively narrow but gets wider the higher up on the ring you get.

This helps the ring to stay in place on your finger better without accidentally spinning around. It also creates a more comfortable fit for your finger, which is definitely great for an engagement ring since you’ll be wearing it so much. Right at the top of the band, the silver splits into sections that curve around each other beautifully. This is where the pearl sits.

On each side of the freshwater pearl, there is a tiny little genuine white diamond. These tiny diamonds are a sweet accent to the overall design of the ring and look adorable with the pearl.

While they are very small, they still add a bit of sparkle to the ring for the perfect subtle bling. The high polish finish of the silver helps give the whole ring a shining glow that captures attention perfectly. It is a sweet and modern ring that has a very clean cut and smooth look to it overall.

The price is right for most people and it definitely has a good value to it. It does have a more limited range of sizes, though. You can get this ring in a size 6, size 7, or size 8.

This should accommodate most average sized fingers but doesn’t allow the ring to be purchased for those with small or large fingers giving it a bit less versatility. It is still an excellent choice for many, however.

5. THE PEARL SOURCE Genuine Pink Pearl Olivia Ring

Pearl Engagement Rings - THE PEARL SOURCE Genuine Pink Pearl Olivia Ring

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This stunning pearl engagement ring is especially unique and beautiful. It features a large pink pearl rather than the more traditional white pearl. The pearl is a freshwater cultured pearl with a lovely pink tone to its color.

It measures at 10 to 11 millimeters across, so it is pretty large for a pearl in a ring setting, but definitely not overbearing. The pink color really pops against the silver shine of the ring’s band. It is a high-quality solid 925 sterling silver.

The band is fairly narrow, but also pretty deep with flat sides that give it a really cool look. It is clean cut and has a high-society feel to the design.

The edges of the ring have a slight curve for added detail and a soft touch of femininity that goes along great with the gentle pink color of the pearl.

Mounted onto the silver band, on each side of the large pink pearl, there is also an accent stone. These little stones are fairly big for accent stones just to ensure that they don’t go unnoticed next to the larger sized pearl in the center of the ring.

The stones are clear cubic zirconia. They match each other perfectly and shine beautifully just like real genuine diamonds. They’re much more affordable, though, of course. That allows this ring to come in near the middle of the list in regard to the price of the ring.

Each of the little cubic zirconia accent stones is mounted with 3 silver mounting prongs. They are placed smoothly in a symmetrical design to each other to keep the ring looking high-quality and clean cut.

This ring is incredibly simple and elegant as well as just the right amount of unique design. It has a more classic feel to it, even though it is a very unusual ring as far as engagement rings go.

It is another choice from the Pearl Source as well. This means you can expect a nice gift box for the ring as well as pearl guarantee that helps you understand the value of your pearl. Choose any size you need for your ring from size 6 to 8, including all half sizes within the range.

6. Amazon Collection Platinum Plated Sterling Flower Ring

Pearl Engagement Rings - Amazon Collection Platinum Plated Sterling Flower Ring

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It is surprising to realize that this breathtaking pearl engagement ring is actually one of the most affordable choices on our entire list of recommendations.

Even though it features a large pearl at the center of the ring, it still has a very classic engagement ring design to it overall. Upon first glance, it seems like a relatively normal ring. The creamy white pearl at the center of this ring measures in at 10mm across. It is a good size with wonderful luster and a nice button shape.

It sits in the center of a small silver plate with flower-pedal like designs around the edges. In each curve of the pedal-like design, there is a round-cut clear Swarovski crystal inlaid into the silver. This surrounds the pearl completely giving it a bed of sparkling crystals to sit on.

The are so carefully cut and placed that they resemble diamonds better than nearly any other diamond look-alike. They are very beautiful and incredibly sparkly.

A total of 14 of the Swarovski crystals sit around the base of the pearl, while more adorn the sides of the ring’s bad. The metal of the ring is all made from solid 925 sterling silver for impressive durability and stunning beauty. Then, the silver is plated with platinum.

Not only does this increase the overall value of this piece, but it also helps add to the gorgeous look of the ring and even increases durability.

The band is about the same width all the way around the ring, but it expands just a very small amount right at the top of the ring near the silver flower shape.

The widened section of the band, on each side of the flower shape, features a pyramid of the Swarovski crystals inlaid into it. This adds a lot of interest and even drama to the ring, but also obviously increase the value a bit and makes the ring look super expensive even though it is actually super affordable.

If you prefer, you can also choose to get the Swarovski crystals in pink or frosty mint color when purchasing rather than just the typical clear ones. The sizes available for this ring are 6, 7, and 8.

7. THE PEARL SOURCE Genuine Pearl Khloe Ring

Pearl Engagement Rings - THE PEARL SOURCE Genuine Pearl Khloe Ring

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Another very nice choice from the Pearl Source is this Khloe Ring! This ring is another choice that features a larger pearl. The pearl on this Khloe ring actually measures between 11 and 12 millimeters across.

It has a regal and classic feel to it that will keep it looking stunning on anyone’s ring finger! The pearl is, of course, set at the center of the ring’s band. The band is solid 925 sterling silver. This helps keep the price down and the durability up without costing an arm and a leg.

Even so, this is one of the more expensive choices when it comes to our pearl engagement rings recommendations. It is a bit on the pricey side for a pearl ring specifically, but it is definitely a very affordable engagement ring. The large pearl is freshwater cultured and a brighter white color with just a very slight creaminess to it.

The luster and button shape of the pearl is excellent. The solid silver band of the ring is a bit wider than many similar rings, but this helps to balance out the larger pearl.

A smaller band would make the larger pearl look out of place, but this band looks excellent even with the larger size of the pearl. The band widens even more as it gets closer to the pearl and then actually splits into two smaller bands on each side of the pearl.

They simply flow underneath the pearl smoothly, helping to hold it securely at the center of the ring. Each of the total of 4 smaller band sections is adorned with a row of gorgeous clear crystals.

Each one looks like a tiny diamond and sparkles in an unforgettable way! The ring comes in sizes 6 through 8 and does include half sizes. It is another Pearl Source choice with an included guarantee and ring box for your convenience!

8. Palm Beach Jewelry 10K Yellow Gold Green Jade Ring

Pearl Engagement Rings - Palm Beach Jewelry 10K Yellow Gold Green Jade Ring

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If you crave attention and love to be as unique as possible, this insanely fun and unusual ring is perfect for your ring! This stunning piece is from Palm Beach Jewelry and it really is unlike any other.

The band of the ring is not made of metal like most rings. Instead, the ring’s band is carved out of genuine jade stone. This is highly unusual but very clever and innovative. The jade is carved artistically into a smooth band.

The band is flat and smooth on the inside but has a nice soft curve on the outside edges of it. It doesn’t have the same comfortable fit as many of our picks, but it really isn’t that bad and is definitely much more comfortable than it actually looks at first sight. The band is fairly thick, though, to allow it to keep the integrity of the jade intact well. In general, the jade stone is a really beautiful natural green color.

Keep in mind, though, that as the jade is genuine and all-natural, the color of the stone will vary slightly from ring to ring and can actually even appear different throughout the actual stone of the ring.

Some parts of the band may be lighter or darker than others. At the top center of the jade stone ring, you will find a large freshwater cultured pearl that is inlaid into the ring.

It actually features a half-bezel setting. This just means that it has a nice bezel edge, but about half of the pearl is actually sticking out from the ring. This helps to further add to the loads of attention you are sure to attract with this gorgeous and unique piece of jewelry.

The pearl is set down into the carved jade ring. The edges of the pearl are held into the piece of jade with 10k yellow gold.

This yellow gold creates a truly perfect accent touch to the ring. It complements the creamy but bright white of the pearl while also provides the most ideal accent color for the jade ring itself.

All components of the ring go together very nicely in a fun, unique, and clever way. You can choose this great ring in sizes 6 through 10, and believe it or not, this is not the most expensive ring on our list – although, it is pretty close.

9. Amazon Collection Platinum Plated Ring

Pearl Engagement Rings - Amazon Collection Platinum Plated Ring

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If you adore your bling and sparkles, this Amazon Collection ring could definitely be the perfect option for you. It is very nice and well-made with a beautiful pearl, but it also features tons of accent stones all over it to really bring home that need for sparkle!

The button-shaped, freshwater cultured pearl is right at the top center of the ring and is surrounded by tons of Swarovski crystals for intense sparkle at all angles.

Right on each side of the pearl, there is a curved section of silver that wraps down into the band of the ring. The entire band is made from 925 sterling silver and the silver is plated in platinum.

This greatly increases durability and value while also adding to the beauty of the ring. On these two platinum plated silver sections, there are rows of the Swarovski crystals going down each side of the larger pearl.

This is the perfect frame for the freshwater pearl. It doesn’t stop there, though. Along the side of the bands, there are more rows of these stunning little sparkling Swarovski crystals.

Each side features three individual rows of the crystals. The rows are all set at different angles on sections of platinum-plated silver. This helps to really ensure that you get that stunning sparkle from all angles of the ring. The rows of crystals extend over the entire upper 1/3 of the ring.

The crystals are inlaid into the metal of the ring and secured with small and uniform mounting prongs. You can get the ring in sizes 6, 7, and 8. It will come with a nice ring box for easy storing and a nice presentation for a proposal!

If you prefer, you can also have the crystals along the sides of the pearl in a soft pink color or frosty mint color! This adds a pop of color for contrast. The ring looks lovely with any of the available colors. It is even very affordable for those on a tighter budget!

10. THE PEARL SOURCE Pearl Sara Ring


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Our final pick is another beautiful pick from the Pearl Source. This ring is very simple in design but still holds good interest as the simplicity of the design is still quite unique.

The pearl in this ring is another freshwater cultured pearl that is white in color. It is 9-10 millimeters in diameter and button-shaped. The metal of the ring is solid 925 sterling silver.

The band has a clean rectangular shape it that gives a modern appearance to the design. It is a uniform width all the way around the ring which keeps it light and feminine while also complimenting the modern design better.

On each side of the central pearl, there is an additional band of the solid sterling silver that curves around the side of the pearl without actually touching it. These bands feature beautiful cubic zirconia stones that add great sparkle to the ring.

They’re the perfect accents for the smooth iridescent pearl. The way these bands and the pearl are situated creates a really cool appearance of the pearl actually just floating in space between the two curved bands. It is really unique and interesting, for sure.

While this is one of the pricier pearl ring choices, it still makes a great affordable engagement ring with the unique and pretty addition of the pearl.

It comes in sizes 6 through 8 and includes half sizes as well. You will get certificated of authenticity with your purchase and it even comes in a special nice ring box.

This can be used for good presentation during the proposal and also doubles as a convenient storage solution for the ring anytime it isn’t being worn.