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Shark Tooh Necklaces That Are the Perfect Wild Accessory!

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There never has been a creature on land or under the sea that has inspired such awe and fascination as the shark.  We have celebrated it with movies, television shows and even dedicate a celebrated week of specials known as Shark Week. We are having our own version of Shark Week here at Jewelry Jealousy while finding our favorite shark tooth necklaces.

An ancient species, the shark is one of the species that existed with the dinosaurs. So fearsome and efficient a predator they were even then, scientists believe they have undergone precious few evolutions over the millennia. From the powerfully massive meg0ladon of eons gone by to the tiny but fierce dwarf lantern shark swimming in our oceans today, these animals have and do reign as predator supreme in the depths of the seas and oceans.

Shark Symbolism

Symbolically, the shark has often been associated with power, strength, grace, and ferocity. This can be represented by the tremendously recognizable shape of the shark. From the wide, powerful tail, to the distinctive dorsal fin gliding above the surface of the water, most of us can look at an image and identify the imposing image of the shark.

shark teeth

Movies and television depictions of sharks would have us believe sharks are blood-thirsty, rabid to the point of insanity, cold-blooded killers. Most scientists, however, report that except under specific circumstances, sharks are peaceful, easy-going, and nominally laid-back. This does not make them any less fearsome of a hunter but they kill for food, not pleasure.  

The shark is a symbol for many cultures. Sharks lack a swim bladder, therefore, must keep constantly moving to keep water moving through their gills, enabling them to breathe. For this reason, many sailors use shark and shark teeth necklaces as a sort of amulet.  The belief is that it will protect them from the dangers of the deep and offer protection from drowning.

In Celtic mythology, the instantly-recognizable dorsal fin rising from the water resembles a sort of sickle the ancient cultures used during the harvest. Because of this, the shark came to represent health and a good harvest.

Not all superstitions around sharks are without a modicum of acknowledging the power of the shark. In several Polynesian cultures, people will tattoo their ankles with rows of dots to protect from shark bites  Even sailors, who believe the symbol will protect them believe that if a shark follows their ship, it is an omen that someone on board will die.

A Brief Look at Shark Teeth

Perhaps more subtle than the literal figure of a shark is the shark tooth pendant. Wearing this in place of a shark-shaped pendant can give you that strong sense of symbolism without verging on childish or stereotypical.

The shark tooth is a fascinating creation of biology. There are over xxx breeds of sharks and almost all of them boast layers and layers of teeth. Unlike humans, the inside of a shark’s mouth is ringed with rows of pointed and serrated teeth.

diamond shark tooth

A shark’s teeth never stop growing. A new row of teeth emerges at regular intervals, the timing of which is dependent on the specific breed of shark. This being true we can absolutely understand why sharks always seem so cranky. If you’ve ever been around a teething baby or a puppy cutting teeth, you will understand as well.

Each new ring begins on the innermost portion of the jaw and begins pushing all the older rings forward. The older rings will release teeth as they are damaged or age beyond the point of usefulness. Since a shark’s most powerful weapon is its jaw, this is essentially a self-sharpening function.

Our 10 Favorite Shark Tooth Necklaces!

1. Diamond Ridge Gold Shark Tooth Necklace

Christmas Sale White Diamond Shark tooth Necklace In 10K Solid Gold

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Our first selection we spotted around the neck of sweetheart celebrity Jessica Alba. Turns out Miss Alba enjoys the shark tooth motif and has been spotted wearing several variations. It makes us a little sad that she has never been spotted wearing one on the red carpet. Nothing says fierce like a shark tooth to protect a lady from the fashion and culture sharks that line those long red-paved walks.

Even so, she has worn a series of them in varying lengths and styles, so it is safe to say, she might have a thing with shark teeth.  And we cannot blame her. What was once just a California Cool look is pretty adorable now. Plus anything related to strength is just a great symbol for any guy, gal, or kiddo willing to sport it. We all need strong folks in our lives.

Our favorite necklace found around Jessica’s throat is a dainty little, gem-studded number worn at collarbone length. Her piece rocked the rose gold look but we found this killer yellow gold pendant while inspired by her look.  

This shark tooth pendant is in solid 10k yellow gold and includes a ridge of round cut prong set diamonds. With I2-I3 clarity ratings, these gorgeous gems are sure to sparkle brightly. The pendant arrives on an eighteen-inch chain.  This is perfect for copying Jessica’s look.

However, we think this piece would look amazing on a slightly longer chain as well, bringing it down to mid-breastbone. This would make it perfect for layering or wearing over shirts with high necklines. Choose a twenty-two to twenty-four-inch chain for this look.

2. Gold Shark Tooth Charm

Charm America - Gold Shark Tooth Charm - 14 Karat Solid Gold

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If ever there was a woman fierce enough to need to sport a shark tooth necklace, it is probably Jennifer Lopez. Her powerful voice, shockingly powerful dance moves and super-mogul career in the entertainment industry has solidified her reputation as a force to be reckoned with. We love her! We love her designer shark tooth pendant almost as much!

j lo

We’ve found a charm inspired by her look. There are some differences from her high-end piece but we love our find just as much.  Hers is a solid yellow gold piece with a nice, blocky top hung on a long chain. Ours is slightly more delicate but it combines two colors of gold.  A 14k yellow gold frames a textured white gold for a stunning contrast.

We love the big chunky top over the flowing lines of the shark tooth. The charm is a full inch so it is slightly dainty than J-Lo’s but we love the versatility that offers. Just like Jennifer’s, the serrations of the tooth are highlighted on this shark tooth piece.

Copy her style and wear it on a long chain in the thirty-inch range or wear it a little shorter for your own spin on her look. Since this is a charm only, you have the width and breadth of your own collection to draw on. Play with gold colors and lengths until you get the look that works best for you and your fashion aesthetic.

3. Handmade Natural Shark Necklace

Gold White Shark Tooth Necklace

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Next up on our list is a handmade piece by a California artisan, Jenny and Jude. This artist takes real shark teeth and dips the top in 14k yellow gold to create the top of the pendant. It is the perfect blend of gold and bone to highlight the strength and fierceness of the piece and its wearer.

We appreciate that this handcrafted piece will be one hundred percent unique as it uses real shark teeth as opposed to a resin mold used in a few other selections. There’s absolutely nothing wrong with mold cast pieces but the uniqueness of the natural option is beyond appealing to us.

While others may share your style and wear this piece, their tooth will vary slightly. No one in the world will have the same tooth as you. That one will be all yours. There is something so invigorating about having something purely and wholly one of a kind.

The gold-dipped tooth comes on a 14k gold fill chain with a length of eighteen inches. This will put it at or just below the collarbone for most folks. Because the pendant is daintier, this makes it the perfect height.  

Any shark tooth necklace will work perfectly by itself as a solo work but this one can be layered well also. We recommend this being the star of the layered look, hanging in the center accompanied by other less dramatic pieces. A few chains or a light-colored beaded piece underneath. Wear this shark tooth against the skin above an ivory-colored top to really highlight the natural shark tooth pendant.

4. Megalodon Fossil Shark Tooth Necklace with Sterling Silver

Fossil Shark Tooth Sterling Silver Pendant

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We will stay in the territory of the use of natural materials for just a moment but rewind the clock on it just a bit. This next piece on our list rewinds the clock quite a bit actually. It is owning a piece of history in jewelry form.

The pendant pairs a shark tooth that has been fossilized with bold straps of 925 Sterling Silver. The fossils are sourced from South Carolina, a region of land once underwater and home to the famed Megalodon species of ancient shark. These teeth come from these awesome beasts or their close and equally fearsome cousins, Carcharocles angustidens. We refer to these as the Mako species, a species of shark that shared the waters with Megalodon and is still swimming in our oceans today.

Since these are fossils, these shark teeth could be up to sixty-six million years old. That is some time investment into creating this one of a kind pieces. Since natural teeth are used, each piece will vary slightly in shape, size, coloration, and serration.

What will not vary is how versatile this pendant will be. Most of the pieces will range in the deep chocolate browns to onyx black colors due to the fossilization process. The makers, Starborn, then take each tooth and wrap wide, but not too wide, bands of sterling silver to go from stone to stunning pendant. It is a brilliant use of contrast to create even more drama as if a Megalodon tooth was stunning enough. It also elevates the piece from surfer dude wear to an elegant, refined and well-designed piece.

Averaging in the one and a half to two inches in length, this piece will be fine for layering. But honestly, with the dark and light contrast as well as the pure originality of the fossilized tooth, we prefer it as a solo piece. Wear it against the skin with a top of any color or cut and it will do the work for you!

5. Turquoise Enamel and Rose Gold Shark Tooth Pendant

Sterling Silver Shark Tooth/Nautical Style Navy Blue Turquoise Enamel

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Now we wander away from the natural shark teeth items and get into the stylized ones. The natural wonder of bone and fossil shark teeth is enough to create a wonderful piece, but we love these inspired pieces as well. It accomplishes the look and strong symbolism of the shark tooth necklace and moves it beyond the pooka shell stage, into fashion and elegance.

This turquoise enamel piece is by far our favorite on this entire list. The cool turquoise paired with the warm rose gold is absolutely, incontrovertibly perfect. The brilliantly colored enamel plays so well with the rosy pink gold, we just cannot get over it.

This necklace comes with a built-in extender that will take it from sixteen inches to a generous twenty. This provides versatility when styling. Wear it short against the skin as a solo piece or use the longer twenty-inch length and add a few simple rose gold chains and simple charms above it, using the two-toned shark tooth as the anchor.  

Alternatively, use the mid-length and pair it with a nice chunky bead piece in an orange, purple, or another bold color of your choice for a complete statement look. Since this necklace incorporates both metal and enamel, it will work well when paired with other colors.

We also love this piece for the finishing touch on a festival look. The natural vibes of the shark tooth with the turquoise just begs to be draped over a lacy tank and your hottest pair of jean minis. Add a messy updo and a few rose gold chains and the look is sharp but still carefree.

6. Crystal Gemstone Shark Tooth

18KT White Gold Plated Genuine Gemstone Healing Shark Tooth Pendant Necklace Leather Chain Jewelry For Women

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While this one uses more natural materials, it still incorporates the design and feel of a shark tooth without needing the real thing. A carefully carved selection of gemstones is capped with 18k white gold and a row of sparkling rhinestones to create a beautiful amalgamation of symbolism, natural beauty, and elegantly crafted jewelry.

You select from Green Agate, Tiger Eye, Lapis Lazuli, Black Onyx, Amethyst, or Rose Quartz. Each of these gemstones is equated with a specific healing energy for those that use healing crystals. If that is not your cup of tea, choose your favorite color. Because natural stones are used in this piece, there will be some color variation between each stone. This also makes your piece wholly unique. No two shark tooth pendants will be the same.

The metalwork that grasps the carved semi-precious stones is detailed well. The crystals rimming the top add a splash of sparkle and strike the perfect balance between fine jewelry and natural creation without crossing over into overworked.

Hung from a leather cord, we love that it does not include a standard-issue cable chain.  t adds to that nature versus industry vibe.

7. Sterling Silver & Wood Necklace

Sterling Silver Koa Wood Shark Tooth Necklace Pendant with 18" Box Chain

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Once more we present a combo of gold and natural materials to form a shark tooth inspired piece. This necklace by Aloha Jewelry Company sets a polished wood cabochon in 925 Sterling Silver to great effect. The polished, striated wood stands out amazingly well against the pure, gleaming silver.

Altogether the piece almost reminds us of the fossilized pieces we looked at but with the added benefit of the sterling silver. As with almost any pendant featuring a natural material, the look and details of the wood will vary from piece to piece. Your necklace, while similar in design will be unlike any other.  

With the sienna to chocolate brown wood inclusion, this piece will likely be best worn with a more neutral palette. Pair it with peaches, pinks, creams, browns, and warm greys to really highlight the wood.

Given the contrast of the metal and the wood, this necklace will work with a more cowboy fashion, a natural, down-to-earth sensibility, as well as more extreme Steampunk looks. We love it for daily wear as well. It isn’t so flashy it will look out of place with a t-shirt and jeans.

We do recommend this piece as a solo work, however. While most pendant style chains beg for layering, this one, in particular, looks best working all by itself. There is enough detail in it that the two-material pendant really does not need friends.

8. Industrial Style Shark Tooth Inspired Pendant

Jstyle Stainless Steel Necklace for Men Necklace Chain Spear Wolf Teeth Pendant Adjustable Chains

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This next one is the most stylized of all our selections. It takes silver or black stainless steel and sculpts it into a very modern, sleek representation of a shark tooth. (Although a case could be made for wolf fang, we think it looks more shark-like.) The smooth tooth makes clever use of negative space and includes a triangular cut out that adds both interest and function to the charm.

Created by Jstyle, this pendant is the most concept-driven on our list. We love that it is a little less in your face about the toothiness, wandering into artistic rendering territory pretty hard. The charm feels very industrial and machine-made. It brings with it all the meaning of the shark tooth necklace without the irregular shape and unpredictability of natural materials.

It comes on a wax-coated cloth cord which may work for some but we do not exactly love. The pendant is so chunky we would absolutely add a couple of jump rings and wear it on a thirty-ish inch chain as an anchor in a layered look.

This piece is also perfect for men and folks who prefer more traditionally masculine styling. But as always, wear what you love no matter who it is marketed “for.”

9. Simple Shark Tooth Necklace

Small Shark Tooth Lucky Pendant Necklace Gold Plated .925 Sterling Silver 16" - 18" Free Jewelry Box

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Our final two offerings are the simplest and most straightforward on the list. The first of the two is a yellow-gold plated sterling silver creation. A cast shark tooth, complete with the dental detailing and mild serration is statically hung from a sixteen-inch chain. The chain includes a built-in two-inch extender for a bit of versatility.

The charm is the smallest on our list coming in at under a half an inch. This one almost needs to be included in a layered look being so petite. Not that its tiny size lacks in beauty but mini-charms like this one are purpose-made to be worn with other necklaces.

Play with combining gold colors and symbolically important charms while wearing this shark tooth piece. We are always huge fans of combining all three popular gold colors and this piece is just right for that combination. Use this at its sixteen-inch length on the top layer and add a white gold piece for the center and a longer rose gold chain with a chunky pendant below.

Really work the Polynesian theme and go for a hibiscus charm, shell charm, or a starfish to really drive in the message.

10. Sterling Silver Pendant

Sterling Silver Sharks Tooth Design Pendant (16", 18", or 20")

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Our final find is a gorgeously simple sterling silver cast shark tooth pendant from Eve’s Addiction. Clever cuts in the surface will add a certain sparkle and gleam without needing to add crystals or gems and overwork the simplicity.

This is another one of the pieces that plainly needs to be layered. You select your choice of chain length from sixteen, eighteen, or twenty inches. We feel this necklace works really well as one half of a permanent tandem set.

Tandem sets are two necklaces of very similar length so the charms often interact with each other. Typically tandem sets make use of two colors of metal but they do not have to if you do not prefer the combination look.

This shark tooth is another of our mini-pendant selections. We are completely digging the mini-pendant charm. It is subtlety combined with an elegance that works as well on the way to the gym as it does on the red carpet. This is the perfect daily wear necklace to proclaim your strength, power, and fierceness.

History of Shark Teeth as Jewelry

Before humankind learned how to refine and work with precious metals, jewelry and valuables were made of stones, unrefined gems, bones, wood and teeth of various animals. Among cultures that lived on islands and close to the shores of the seas, shark teeth adornments were not uncommon.

Given that even out of the shark’s mouth they are still razor-sharp, Hawaiian culture often included shark teeth in tools as blades.  They also sported necklaces of beads, shells, and shark teeth, believed to be totems of protection from the creature from whence they came.

In modern Western culture, the shark tooth necklace became popular in the 70s and 80s with the release of the iconic Jaws films.  Sharks skyrocketed to pop culture awareness and, of course, the jewelry trend followed suit.

Shark Teeth as Jewelry

The peak of surfer culture in the 90s saw the shark tooth as jewelry experience another boost. “Surfer dudes”, borrowing from Hawaiian and Polynesian cultures, began wearing shark teeth as both style and protection mysticism.

Our first two selections are inspired by current celebrities absolutely killing the shark tooth necklace trend. No longer are shark teeth just for surfer dudes and little kids. Our selection of shark teeth necklaces proves that they can be a part of even the most refined jewelry collection and elegant style. These necklaces are all perfect for any gender style ethos, age group, or event!

A Note on Cleaning Combo Materials

A few of our selections include a few different materials to achieve the looks. Cleaning combo pieces can be challenging. What may work for one material can damage another.  

Luckily shark teeth are pretty resilient. Any real shark tooth item you have in your collection is made of bone, therefore a natural material. Avoid cleaners with high acid contents like vinegar for these. Over repeated exposure, any protective enamels applied to the bone may wear away and the bone itself may begin to form unattractive pockmarks. The same goes for the fossilized piece on our list above as well as the wood piece.

For pieces featuring enamel, once again, this is not a challenge when paired with gold. In fact, the cleaning procedures are the exact same. Both gold and enamel can be a softer material and scratch easily. No one wants that. Clean your gold and enamel pieces by gently soaking them in warm water and mild dish soap. Brush them gently with a soft bristled brush and dry them well. You will have brilliantly sparkling and clean pieces ready to wear in just a few minutes.

Polyresin pieces are even easier to clean! Polyresin is a jeweler’s fancy word for plastic.We are not even mad because polyresin makes for cute looks without the price tag. Plus the care for these pieces is easy! Water, soap and a good scrub will polish those bits right up! No special wipes, cleaners or steps needed.  

Be sure to give your jewelry pieces a good clean every few weeks to preserve their sparkle, shine, and wearability.