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Shark Tooth Necklaces That Are the Perfect Wild Accessory!

last updated: Aug 12, 2021

Shark tooth necklaces are the ideal wild accessory for a confident edge to an everyday outfit. As a lightweight and easy-to-wear piece, it's sure to be one of the more unique options in your collection.

If you're on the hunt for a remarkable conversation piece, a shark tooth necklace is one of the best options.

Let's explore some of the most ornately designed pieces that would look iconic on any fashion lover.

Top 6 Picks

1. Mateo 14k Gold Shark Tooth Necklace

Mateo 14k Gold Shark Tooth Necklace
Mateo 14k Gold Shark Tooth Necklace

14k gold chain

Thin chain

Shark tooth bone

Sourced in the United States

The beautiful authenticity of the Mateo 14k gold shark tooth necklace is bound to take your breath away. With the beautiful styling of the shark tooth bone, you'll have a one-of-a-kind piece to wear daily.

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You'll fall in love with the open-worked, organic appeal of the shark tooth pendant. It doesn't boast any over-the-top coloring or coating, speaking to the natural beauty of ocean wildlife. It also has an original style, thanks to the added whisper-thin gold chain.

Also, it's crafted from 14k gold, which speaks to the durability and elegance of the piece. The gold maintains its original luster over time and is incredibly easy to maintain with a soft cloth.

If you need a decorative necklace to go with your favorite pieces in your summer collection, this is one of our top choices.

It has the perfect amount of soft edges with rough-cut components as if you sourced the tooth yourself.

2. Mr. Ettika Shark Tooth Pendant Necklace

Mr. Ettika Shark Tooth Pendant Necklace

Zinc chain

Black leather

30" length

Toggle clasp closure

The Mr, Ettika shark tooth necklace is a bold and confident piece that sits perfectly around the neck. It combines plenty of contemporary features, making it one of the more appealing shark teeth necklaces on the market.

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It's easy to tell that this necklace is engineered with boldly confident wearers in mind. You'll appreciate the exceptional detail put into the piece, borrowing inspiration from a nautical lifestyle.

The edgy styling of the necklace features a chain made half of black leather and zinc. Instead of using traditional options, such as stainless steel or sterling silver, zinc breathes life into the piece.

Pairing this piece with a classic tee is one of our top recommendations, especially as an everyday accessory. We also love the unique addition of a fish hook on one side of the chain, leading to the focal point of the piece.

The beautifully designed zinc shark tooth is smaller sized, making it more comfortable to wear daily.

You'll love how it's distinctive, detailed, yet still subdued, offering an air of luxury. Fortunately, although many materials are used in its design, it's easy to spot clean as needed.

3. Darkai Tooth Pendant Necklace

Darkai Tooth Pendant Necklace
Darkai Tooth Pendant Necklace

Rolo chain

Crystal embellishments


Clasp fastener

There's no doubt the Darkai necklace is a lustrous and elegant option. It combines all of the features you'd expect from a high-end designer piece, making it ideal for formal occasions.

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Every jewelry lover deserves to have a statement piece in their collection, and this undoubtedly the ideal option.

It's fashion-forward with a masculine appeal and has subtle femininity, making it ideal for unisex wear. You will love its fancy texture, which adds depth to the piece without focusing on contrasting colors.

The streamlined design looks flawless when worn, with striking elements you aren't likely to find elsewhere.

One of our favorite features is the sparkling crystal embellishments surrounding the entire shark tooth. Instead of being plain polished metal, the beautiful crystals add a level of sophistication.

When paired with the rolo-style chain, you'll find it helps make the pendant the necklace's focal point. It almost looks studded from afar but doesn't feel too heavy when worn for extended periods.

As an added benefit, you have an easy-to-use closure, thanks to the clasp fastener.

There's no doubt that the sophistication of this necklace makes it the perfect gift for yourself or a loved one.

4. True Rocks Silver Shark Tooth Necklace

True Rocks Silver Shark Tooth Necklace
True Rocks Silver Shark Tooth Necklace

Sterling silver

Polished metal pendant

Cable-link chain

Clasp fastener

As another fabulous option for a statement piece, the True Rocks silver shark tooth pendant necklace is delicate and luxurious. It doesn't have any over-the-top features but instead offers a distinctive luxury that you can pair with anything.

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This piece is one of our favorites simply because of how easy it is for anyone to wear. It would make the perfect gift for yourself or jewelry lovers of any age, thanks to its streamlined design.

If you're looking for an eye-catching necklace with an exquisite appeal, this is one of the top options. Instead of a traditional shark-tooth design, this piece is slightly more abstract.

Its softer edges sit delicately against your collar, adding an extra ounce of fine detailing to your other accessories. We also love how professional this piece looks when paired with a strong suit.

There's no doubt the necklace is sleek and timeless, making it transcend through the ages. You could even say it's slightly sporty, especially as it doesn't have any crystal embellishments.

The perfectly polished sterling silver shines effortlessly and is easy to maintain. Fortunately, sterling silver can also be worn in water and can be exposed to sweat without tarnishing.

With the added benefit of the clasp fastener, it's easy to put on and take off as well, making it the perfect accessory.

5. Aloha Jewelry Co. Koa Wood Necklace

Aloha Jewelry Company Koa Wood Necklace
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Genuine Hawaiian wood

Sterling silver

30-day money-back guarantee


This necklace by Aloha Jewelry Company sets a polished wood cabochon in 925 sterling silver to great effect. The polished, striated wood stands out amazingly well against the pure, gleaming silver.

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Altogether the piece almost reminds us of the fossilized pieces we looked at but with the added benefit of the sterling silver.

As with almost any pendant featuring a natural material, the look and details of the wood will vary from piece to piece. Your necklace, while similar in design will be unlike any other.

With the sienna to chocolate brown wood inclusion, this piece will likely be best worn with a more neutral palette. Pair it with peaches, pinks, creams, browns, and warm greys to really highlight the wood.

Given the contrast of the metal and the wood, this necklace will work with a more cowboy fashion, a natural, down-to-earth sensibility, as well as more extreme Steampunk looks. We love it for daily wear as well. It isn’t so flashy it will look out of place with a t-shirt and jeans.

We do recommend this piece as a solo work, however. While most pendant-style chains beg for layering, this one, in particular, looks best working all by itself.

There is enough detail in it that the two-material pendant really does not need friends.

6. EVE'S ADDICTION Silver Shark Tooth

EVE'S ADDICTION Sterling Silver Sharks Tooth Design
EVE'S ADDICTION Sterling Silver Sharks Tooth Design
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Sterling silver

3 chain sizes to choose from

60-day returns


Our final find is a gorgeously simple sterling silver cast shark tooth pendant from Eve’s Addiction. Clever cuts in the surface will add a certain sparkle and gleam without needing to add crystals or gems and overwork the simplicity.

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This is another one of the pieces that plainly needs to be layered. You select your choice of chain length from 16, 18, or 20 inches. We feel this necklace works really well as one-half of a permanent tandem set.

Tandem sets are two necklaces of very similar length so the charms often interact with each other.

Typically, tandem sets make use of two colors of metal but they do not have to if you do not prefer the combination look.

This shark tooth is another of our mini-pendant selections. We are completely digging the mini-pendant charm.

It is subtlety combined with an elegance that works as well on the way to the gym as it does on the red carpet.

This is the perfect daily wear necklace to proclaim your strength, power, and fierceness.

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Shark Symbolism

Symbolically, the shark has often been associated with power, strength, grace, and ferocity. This can be represented by the tremendously recognizable shape of the shark.

Many sailors use shark and shark teeth necklaces as a sort of amulet. The belief is that it will protect them from the dangers of the deep and offer protection from drowning.

In Celtic mythology, the instantly recognizable dorsal fin rising from the water resembles a sort of sickle the ancient cultures used during the harvest. Because of this, the shark came to represent health and a good harvest.

Not all superstitions around sharks are without a modicum of acknowledging the power of the shark. In several Polynesian cultures, people will tattoo their ankles with rows of dots to protect from shark bites

Even sailors, who believe the symbol will protect them believe that if a shark follows their ship, it is an omen that someone on board will die.

Did you know that...

A shark’s teeth never stop growing. A new row of teeth emerges at regular intervals, the timing of which is dependent on the specific breed of shark.

This being true we can absolutely understand why sharks always seem so cranky. If you’ve ever been around a teething baby or a puppy cutting teeth, you will understand as well.

Each new ring begins on the innermost portion of the jaw and begins pushing all the older rings forward.

The older rings will release teeth as they are damaged or age beyond the point of usefulness. Since a shark’s most powerful weapon is its jaw, this is essentially a self-sharpening function.

Other Factors to Consider


A Note on Cleaning Combo Materials

A few of our selections include a few different materials to achieve the looks. Cleaning combo pieces can be challenging. What may work for one material can damage another.

Luckily shark teeth are pretty resilient. Any real shark tooth item you have in your collection is made of bone, therefore a natural material. Avoid cleaners with high acid contents like vinegar for these.

silver shark tooth design

Over repeated exposure, any protective enamels applied to the bone may wear away and the bone itself may begin to form unattractive pockmarks. The same goes for the fossilized piece on our list above as well as the wood piece.

For pieces featuring enamel, once again, this is not a challenge when paired with gold. In fact, the cleaning procedures are the exact same. Both gold and enamel can be a softer material and scratch easily. No one wants that.

Clean your gold and enamel pieces by gently soaking them in warm water and mild dish soap. Brush them gently with a soft-bristled brush and dry them well. You will have brilliantly sparkling and clean pieces ready to wear in just a few minutes.

Polyresin pieces are even easier to clean! Polyresin is a jeweler’s fancy word for plastic. We are not even mad because polyresin makes for cute looks without the price tag. Plus the care for these pieces is easy.

Water, soap and a good scrub will polish those bits right up! No special wipes, cleaners or steps needed.

Be sure to give your jewelry pieces a good clean every few weeks to preserve their sparkle, shine, and wearability.

Frequently Asked Questions

q: What does shark tooth symbolize?


Shark teeth are one of the more notable symbols of masculinity and strength. They hold this meaning because they're challenging to get, proving the warrior's strength who wears them.

Historically, they were added to tribal jewelry to show the successes of warriors within a tribe.

q: Are shark teeth valuable?


Shark teeth can be valuable, depending on their size and quality. It's also important to note, however, that there are millions currently saturating the jewelry market.

Typically, the smaller the shark tooth, the less valuable it will be.

q: What does a shark mean spiritually?


Shark teeth have a unique spiritual meaning that has been passed down through generations.

Traditionally, fossils are used to help the wearer transition from their old life to their new life.

Alternatively, teeth can be seen as a symbol of self-confidence as well as brightened faith.

History of Shark Teeth as Jewelry

Before humankind learned how to refine and work with precious metals, jewelry and valuables were made of stones, unrefined gems, bones, wood and teeth of various animals. Among cultures that lived on islands and close to the shores of the seas, shark teeth adornments were not uncommon.

Given that even out of the shark’s mouth they are still razor-sharp, Hawaiian culture often included shark teeth in tools as blades. They also sported necklaces of beads, shells, and shark teeth, believed to be totems of protection from the creature from whence they came.

In modern Western culture, the shark tooth necklace became popular in the 70s and 80s with the release of the iconic Jaws films. Sharks skyrocketed to pop culture awareness and, of course, the jewelry trend followed suit.

real shark tooth necklace

The peak of surfer culture in the 90s saw the shark tooth as jewelry experience another boost. “Surfer dudes”, borrowing from Hawaiian and Polynesian cultures, began wearing shark teeth as both style and protection mysticism.

Our selection of shark teeth necklaces proves that they can be a part of even the most refined jewelry collection and elegant style. These necklaces are all perfect for any gender style ethos, age group, or event!