Ankle Bracelets are a Hit This Summer!

by Ana

This summer,  tiny, almost unnoticeable trends will be totally IN. When I say almost unnoticeable, I mean those fashion trends that are there, but are under-the radar at the same time. The same ones that seem to pop out of nowhere one day, and if you pay a bit more attention, you will notice that everyone is wearing the next IN thing. This time, the next “big” thing are ankle bracelets, also known as anklets.

When I hear the words “ankle bracelet”, “anklet”, “ankle string”, or whatever name the young generations of today call it, I get a nostalgic flashback.

ankle bracelets - summer 2016 trends

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 The strange, but beautiful ’90, the period that marked the start of new, weird fashion trends, wacky cultures and movements. However, nowadays the cute little anklet is on its way to become one of the most important accessory trends, and it can already be seen flashing its tiny, but important glow, from the catwalk of almost every spring-summer 2016 fashion show.

But are the ankle bracelets just a piece of an accessory that currently has its 5 minutes of fame, or is there something more to it? The question drove me crazy in the last few days, so I decided to do a little research about the history and the rules of wearing an ankle bracelet. Here is what I found.

Ankle Bracelets 2016 – What to Expect This Summer

ankle bracelets - rainbow flip flops and tiny golden ankle bracelet by Clare Waight Keller for Chloe

Image via Vogue

The catwalks of 2016 spring-summer  fashion shows presented various ankle bracelet designs and how to combine them with your outfit. The most notable combinations were were rainbow flip flops and tiny golden anklets by  Clare Waight Keller for Chloe, and evergreen black pumps with double-layered ankle bracelets by Jacobs. But, I have to tell you that there are plenty more cool designs and combinations that will be a huge hit this summer!

The Origins Of Ankle Bracelets and Which Ankle to Wear it On?

We live in an era that is so electric and fast that all the rules are meant to be broken! With that being said, I can freely add that nothing can surprise me nowadays… And it is no wonder that all the traditions and stereotypes are rapidly fading away. So, the rules about wearing the ankle bracelet on your left or right ankle don’t exist today. But, was it like that before, in the “Dark Ages”?

wedding ankle bracelets

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Just like with the old tradition of expressing your marital status by wearing a ring on your left fourth  finger (and you can also check our other article that explains how this tradition was born), the ankle bracelet on a girl’s left ankle meant that she is engaged to someone. On the other hand, if a girl had a bracelet on her right ankle, it meant that she was… let’s just say “much more open-minded” when it comes to men. But, the weirdest thing is that the Church considers the left side of the body as the “Devil’s side” and wearing jewelry only on this side meant that you are connected with the evil forces… I also discovered that wearing a bracelet on your left ankle was also considered that your sexual orientation was non-traditional… So, which rule should we embrace? Maybe none of them! And that is the biggest reason why I love the no-rule trends of our era! However, there are some rules of when to wear a certain type of ankle bracelet, but they are not as drastic as in the old days. Keep reading to find out more.

Types of Ankle Bracelets and When to Wear Them

Today, you can find a wide palette of ankle bracelet designs in almost every jewelry store, and buying one is a walk in the park. However, wearing one properly might be a bit more complicated… So, to make your life easier this summer, I have prepared the most popular types and suggestions when and how to wear them.


Golden Ankle Bracelets

Golden ankle bracelets

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Do I need to emphasize that everything that is made of gold is an indication of luxury?

Probably not… Add to that precious stones like rubies or diamonds, and you get the idea – These kinds of ankle bracelets are not supposed to hang from your ankle when you do your grocery shopping!

They usually come with a single or two-layered chain designs, and are meant to be worn by ladies who are of a certain more serious age, and of course, for occasions that are more special.

Silver Ankle Bracelets

silver ankle bracelets

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These ankle bracelets are meant for a more relaxed atmosphere, and come with a more bohemian spirit. You might have guessed that they are meant for mood ring. The ideal summer evening combination would be a silver ankle bracelet, paired with either flat or high heeled summer sandals.

Beaded Ankle Bracelets

beaded ankle bracelets

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Surfer girls, young bohemian girls, or simply said, girls with a free spirit, should pair either a rainbow beaded, or a monochromatic ankle bracelet with beach flip flops or sandals. Ideal for a summer beach party!

Barefoot Ankle Bracelets

barefoot ankle bracelets

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In my opinion, the most interesting ankle bracelet style! They are most popular in India, but the rest of the world is accepting them as well. These ankle bracelets are basically bracelet that are ankle fastened, go down the foot bridge, and end with a toe ring. At first glance, they look like sandals without a sole. The ideal, and the only occasion for a non-Indian women to wear this type of ankle bracelet would be on a beach.

Ankle Bracelets with Charms

ankle bracelets with charms

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The main culprit for this trend is Pandora. They started their radical customizing jewelry trend, and it was only logical that it would spread to ankle bracelets as well. Not that I am complaining, though! If customized in a tasteful way, they can look pretty charming. Women, or girls who wear them, wear them because they want to make a personal statement.