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Baby Bracelets For Girls And Boys!

last updated: Oct 22, 2019

Are you excited to know about the arrival of a brand new member of the family?

Continually looking for the perfect way to cherish occasions like these? Look no further! We got you covered.

Here are 15 baby bracelets out there to forge the bond of innocence with that lovely little being.

Top 15 Picks

1. Crystal Dream Christening Baby Bracelet

Silver Cross Charm
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A pretty white bracelet to welcome the baby to this world would be this one from Crystal Dream.

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It has a charm of the Christ, as well as crystals and simulated pearls. So the child can have blessings of the Lord and look gracefully stylish at the same time!

The simulated pearls and clear crystals are from Swarovski. There are also sterling silver spacers and an inch-long extender chain of the same material to add to its style quotient.

The chain allows it to grow along with the baby as time passes by.

It is available for all ages ranges up to 12 years. This includes even infants who have just been born.

2. Pori Jewelers Gold Plated Little Princess Bracelet

Baby ID Bracelet
Baby ID Bracelet Chain
Jewelry Box
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Let the kids enjoy the royalty of gold-plated jewelry from a very early age!

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If you prefer, you can also plate this bracelet with rose gold or 925 sterling silver.

The design is kept simple and elegant with a minimalistic chain. It is made for babies aged zero to five years.

It weighs only about 0.16 ounce and therefore, will not be uncomfortable for the newborn.

This bracelet also has an adjustable extend link whose length is one inch to grow with the baby.

Other than that, it is about five inches long. It is meant for girls since the words “little princess” are engraved in it.

It comes inside a white velvet pouch, as well as a gold embossed gift box and a beautiful white gift bag.

You don’t have to worry about spending any amount of money on gifting packages!

3. In Season Yellow Gold-Plated Twisted Cable Cuff

In Season Baby Bracelet
In Season Baby Bracelet Side
Baby Bracelet on baby
Baby Bracelet Box
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The cuff baby bracelet is plated with 18k gold and looks every bit of “royally stylish”.

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Multiple sizes are not available for it since the bracelet can be resized manually by squeezing it tighter or expanding it wider.

Due to its rounded ends, it is not prone to falling off the wrists accidentally. For the same reason, it can be taken off and worn at any time without any difficulty!

It is usually seen on female babies, but there are no specific restrictions for baby boys either.

The length of this bracelet is less than an inch and comes with a money-back guarantee within 30 days of purchase.

Its cost is pretty affordable, so you can buy one anytime you are looking for an inexpensive gift solution!

4. Ivy and Max Gold Finish Baby Bracelet

Ivy and Max Bangle Bracelet
Bangle Bracelet Size
Bangle Bracelet Back
Bangle Bracelet Box
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We love this bangle bracelet, which is designed with elegance in mind. The base metal is made of brass and finished with gold.

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It has been topped with a beautiful glossy white enamel coating and a number of cute multi-colored hearts over that.

They come in vibrant shades of blue and purple, as well as the pastel shades of pink and off-white.

This balance between these colors is enhanced even more with the presence of gold bars between every pair of hearts.

It can be found in various styles from 35mm to 57mm so that even adults like their older sister or mother can wear the same bracelet pairing it up with the little angel.

There are three clasps included in each bracelet, one box, and two safety ones. It is not resizable and weighs only about 0.8 ounces.

This bracelet comes in a sleek black box, making it an eligible gift material and is not expensive at all!

5. Ice Carats Yellow Gold-Filled Children’s Bracelet

ICE CARATS Bracelet Size
ICE CARATS Bracelet Box
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This pick has one of the simplest yet most valuable designs on our list.

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It is included in the Amazon Curated Collection, which promises gold jewelry which can be worn daily and still lasts a very long time.

The size is not usually large enough to fit kids over the age of two. Although, it can fit perfectly on the hands.

The whole bracelet is made of 14 karats yellow gold, and it doesn’t just look royal; it really is so.

The material yellow gold is usually alloyed with silver and copper, which is why it weighs a bit higher at 1.6 ounces than other options on this list.

Being hand-crafted from the USA, it comes in a nice black gift box. The guard and hinge clasps ensure safety for the baby.

6. Beloved Child Goods Sterling Silver Bangle for Babies

Sterling Silver Bangle Bracelet
Sterling Silver Bangle Bracelet Box
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Beloved Child Goods have made this bracelet that has the simplest design of a round silver bangle.

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They come in two sizes of “baby” and “child,” which have inner circumferences of four inches and almost five inches, respectively.

The child ones can also be ordered in plain version or engraved version. The age range usually expands over between three months to five years.

It is made of genuine sterling silver and gives the appearance of a classy shiny bracelet.

There is a smooth hinge included in its design so that the baby cannot open up the bracelet by accident.

You don’t need to prepare much to give it as a present to anybody since it comes boxed in a white organza bag and with a gift tag to write on.

It is built in complete compliance with the Consumer Product Safety Act or CPSA and promises to give you the money back if you are not satisfied!

7. Child to Cherish Baby To Bride Bracelet

Child to Cherish Bracelet
Child to Cherish Baby To Bride Bracelet
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This is one spectacular gift idea for any little girl out there!

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This one is a very special entrance on our list since this bracelet does not aim to stay in your little angel’s life for just three or four years; instead, it wants to be with her till her wedding day!

It is surely one of the most sentimental presents a baby girl and her whole family can receive on her birthday.

That is why this bracelet from Child to Cherish comes with an acrylic frame where a beautiful poem is written describing the transition of the baby girl into a woman in a few lines.

On the back of this frame, there are detailed directions on how to use it on her big day.

The bracelet is made of sterling silver and freshwater pearls. They are put together in such a classy and elegant way that no one can take their eyes off of them for a while.

It is two inches in length and is obviously very durable. It comes packaged in a clear box and is pretty affordable.

8. Crystal Dream Elegant Baby Girl Gift

Elegant Baby Girl Bracelet
Elegant Baby Girl Bracelet Model
Elegant Baby Girl Bracelet Box
Elegant Baby Girl Bracelet Info
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Crystal Dream brings you yet another pretty and elegant bracelet for baby girls!

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This one is made of Swarovski simulated pearls in pink and rose colors, as well as Swarovski crystals.

So along with the classic elegance of pearls, the baby will also be getting some sparkles on her hand.

The bracelet comes in a variety of sizes from 3.75 inches to 6 inches, covering all age groups from newborn to 12 years!

There is also a one-inch extender growth chain so that it can adjust its length according to the baby’s growing body. The lobster clasp and the base are made of sterling silver.

All these parts have been put together and handcrafted by Brooklyn Mom. This cute and dainty bracelet is pretty lightweight at only 0.8 ounces!

Moreover, it is not expensive at all and can be a good investment for anybody.

9. LGU Sterling Silver Polished Engravable Bangle

Lgu Sterling Silver Bracelet
Lgu Sterling Silver Bracelet Side
Lgu Sterling Silver Bracelet Info
Lgu Sterling Silver Bracelet Close up
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The bracelet from LGU is made of sterling silver and portrays a very simple design that is perfect for babies.

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It consists of a thin base and an engravable oval surface only. Therefore, the weight is very light, allowing a lot of comfort for the young wearer.

Also, because of its simplicity and unisex design, both girls and boys can wear it.

It is meant only for babies – infants and small toddlers since it cannot be worn by anybody with a wrist wider than four inches.

The bracelet itself is 4.5 inches in size, and its oval surface is half-inch long at the widest point.

Its shiny look draws all eyes to the baby’s cute little hands every time!

You can put any name in any font on the oval area, but make sure if you like how the monogram looks overall before confirming the order.

The price of this bracelet is a bit higher than usual. Once it has been personalized, you cannot return the item anymore.

10. Lily Brooke Personalized Baby Charm Bracelet

Lily Brooke Personalized Baby Charm Bracelet
Lily Brooke Personalized Baby Charm Bracelet Box
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One of the most beautiful and exotic baby bracelets on our list is this one from Lily Brooke Jewelry.

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The best part is it comes in twelve amazing colors, each representing the birthday month crystal!

This color palette includes shades like sky blue, pastel green, dark green, baby pink, matte golden, dark purple, light purple, chocolate, blood red, and more.

Moreover, you can have the baby’s name spelled out in letters as part of the bracelet. Each letter will be presented on a sterling silver bead in the middle of all the amazing crystals!

A growth chain is also provided so that the baby can wear it for a long time as it grows from an infant to a toddler.

There is a lobster clasp in the shape of the heart, making it look even more adorable. The size range expands from 4.5 inches to 6 inches.

The bracelet comes in a Lily Brooke gift box, so you don’t have to worry about wrapping it upright!

11. Crystal Dream Christening White Swarovski Bracelet

Crystal Dream Baptism Bracelet
Crystal Dream Baptism Bracelet Packaging
Crystal Dream Baptism Bracelet Info
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This is yet another perfect gift for a baby on occasions like christening or keepsake. It incorporates the two elegant and creamy colors of pale pink and off-white.

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Their combination, along with the transparent crystals and silver beads, make up a graceful piece of jewelry that radiates love, care, and innocence.

These are also handmade in the USA by the Brooklyn Moms. The simulated pink pearls and white crystals are from the trusted brand of Swarovski.

There are normal beads made of 955 sterling silver as well as a cross bead. The silver beads and the crystals both work as partitions between the pink pearls.

It is available in different sizes from 3.75 inches to 6, since the makers wanted to bring this product for a wide age range of newborn to 12 years.

The clasp is of lobster nature and a growth chain is provided of one-inch length to support the growing baby.

With all of these wonderful elements, it weighs only 0.8 ounces.

The cost is also kept very cheap!

12. Crystal Dream Baby’s 1st Birthday Gift Bracelet

Delicate Sterling Silver Bracelet
Delicate Sterling Silver Bracelet Packaging
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This is the second “baby to bride” bracelet on our list and is meant for the little girls who will grow into beautiful brides one day.

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Since it is made to accommodate an adult’s wrist too, you can buy one for yourself if you like it too much!

This adjustable growth is allowed by the provided long growth chain with a white ball in the end for some added style.

It looks very fashionable with clear crystals along with white and pale pink pearls from Swarovski.

They are separated in groups by blockheads and spacers made of high quality 925 sterling silver.

The clasp and heart charms are also made of the same material. For all these top-notch components included, it costs pretty expensive.

In terms of packaging, they come with two options for you – one is pink themed and the other is silver.

For the first one, the bracelet comes in a crystal bear with a pink heart. These are kept in a box that is pink and has white patterns on it.

The silver box includes a heart-shaped box whose top is exquisitely designed with details and white stones.

13. Baltic Amber Raw Honey Baby Bracelet

Baltic Amber Teething Necklace
Baltic Amber Teething Necklace Model
Baltic Amber Teething Necklace Box
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This one is made of baltic amber, and all beads bear the same honey color, which is considered to be the most popular shade.

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The material is certified to be 100% natural amber right from the Baltic Sea of Lithuania. On the 5.5 inches long base, several baroque style round beads are accumulated.

As a result, the baby can get that stylish bohemian or casual look from a very early age!

Due to its simplistic design and not-so-feminine colors, the bracelet suits both girls and boys.

These beads contain 3-8% succinic acid, which we all know, is helpful for the baby’s dental health.

The shape of the beads may not always be completely round since they are all-natural and unpolished.

The beads are free from BPA, phthalate, latex, and lead for maximum safety of the child.

It weighs very little at just 0.16 ounces and is, therefore, one of the lightest baby bracelets. There are plastic screw clasps that can be assembled.

The beads are bound to each other by a silk threaded string and are knotted between each two. So if the bracelet tears apart, all beads will not scatter around at once.

Make sure it is worn under the clothes so that the baby cannot chew on it, and the thread does not break off.

14. i1it Baby Name Bar Id Baby Bracelet

Baby Name Bar id Bracelet
Baby Name Bar id Bracelet on Hand
Baby Name Bar id Bracelet Hand
Baby Name Bar id Bracelet Inside
Baby Name Bar id Bracelet Size
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One of the simplest, cheapest, and most lightweight baby bracelets is this one made in Texas.

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There are two chains on both sides of the solid plate in the middle where you can engrave the baby’s name or any other word you want!

The whole bracelet is made of copper and can be plated in 16 karats gold, rose gold, or silver.

The length of the plate itself is just three-quarters of an inch, while the chain can be from 4 to 6 inches depending on how you adjust it on the baby’s wrists.

Since the design is so plain and straightforward, it will look good on both girls and boys.

It suits babies who are just born up to infants aged a year. Even though a lobster claw clasp is provided, the baby needs to be under adult supervision at all times to prevent any choking hazard.

15. Unicornj ID Bar with a Pink Ladybug Baby Bracelet

UNICORNJ Sterling Silver Bracelet
UNICORNJ Sterling Silver Bracelet Box
UNICORNJ Sterling Silver Bracelet Certificate
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Out of all the baby bracelets, this one has a unique design. It is overlaid with silver and has a solid bar in the middle.

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But on one side of this bar, there lies a pink ladybird looking at the pink flower charm just above it!

The minimalistic yet eye-catching design is sure to make the guests take more than one look at the baby’s wrists.

It comes with a two-year warranty and weighs about 0.32 ounce only. It is available in two sizes of five and six inches.

This bracelet can suit baby girls up to the age of two years, and it is the cheapest one on our list!

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How to Take care of baby bracelets?

Here are some very easy tips to follow to give you a general overview of how to wear these precious baby bracelets and take care of them:

✓ Keep the bracelet away from hair spray, body lotion, deodorant, and any other product of this sort.

✓ Store it in a cool area if the bracelet is not meant for daily use. In such a case, also keep it away from extreme heat, sunlight, and sweat.

✓ You can wrap it in a tissue or some other soft fabric to stop it from getting scratches.

How to Take care of baby bracelets?

✓Unless the bracelet is of the teething kind, always keep the baby under adult supervision when he or she is wearing it.

Otherwise, the child’s teeth and gum can get hurt, or the ornament can get damaged.

✓ If it is made of any plated material, never gift it to a baby with sensitive skin. Because doing so can cause allergic reactions immediately or over time.

✓ Clean it regularly with a cotton ball or soft cloth to get rid of the daily dust, preferably after each use. Apply the ball or cloth on each bead, and if it is waterproof, cleanse it with spring water.

✓ In case the bracelet is already stained or tarnished, use a jewelry cleaner or toothpaste on it to bring back the shine.


We hope you and the baby both giggle as soon as he or she sees the bracelet!

It is a great way to start a new and pure bond with a kid, as well as to welcome the little angel to this planet.

With all our good wishes and blessings, these little humans will surely make the world a better place once they grow up!