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Elephant Jewelry: Check Out Fab Elephant Necklaces, Bracelets & Charms!

last updated: Nov 18, 2019

An elephant necklace, bracelet or any type of elephant jewelry is considered a good luck charm and there's a reason for it.

Elephants, in many cultures, represent great symbolism. These adorably huge creatures are a symbol of strength and good fortune.

Their presence stands for good health, happiness, and are widely believed to promote spiritual wellbeing in our lives!

Whether you wear your elephant jewelry with the trunk up or down, good things are sure to come your way.

There is even a saying that says, "an elephant never forgets." This goes to show you that elephant jewelry makes a thoughtful and unforgettable gift to your loved ones.

From a gorgeous layered look to a dainty elephant necklace, our top 10 list is comprehensive and exhaustive. Start browsing; time to fill your cart ladies!

Our Top 10 Picks!

1. Jeulia Elephant Necklace with Birthstone

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Made of 925 sterling silver

Features an elephant pendant detailed with a birthstone

Available in different chain lengths

Jeulia is one of our favorite brands that designs both high quality and super cute pieces we keep falling in love with. Just look at this delicate necklace designed with an elephant pendant featuring a birthstone twinkle in his eye. It's gorgeous!

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This is a highly customizable piece; the designer gives you an engraving option where you can choose to have a name or a special date engraved around the pendant.

In addition, the jeweler lets you choose your birthstone. You can go for a birthstone that represents your birth month or, if you're looking for an elephant necklace to gift, you can choose the birthstone of the person you'll be giving it to!

The necklace is made of 925 sterling silver in gold plating and it's available in silver, rose gold, and yellow gold. The lovely pendant hangs on a delicate cross-chain.

You can also choose your preferred chain length from the available size guide and even the metal color. 

The elephant pendant and the fact it comes with a choice of birthstone makes it the perfect gift choice for someone's birthday.

The gorgeous elephant necklace is medium priced and comes backed with a 1-year warranty and a 30-day return policy.

2. Ruby & Oscar Baltic Amber Elephant Necklace

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Made of sterling silver

Presented in Baltic amber

Our next pick is a shiny sterling silver elephant necklace in Baltic amber. It's exclusively styled to bring out the elephant with his trunk up.

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Remember, the upturned trunk is a symbol of good luck, meaning this necklace will bring fortune to whoever wears it!

The pendant displays high-quality craftsmanship and extreme detailing. We love the contrast created by the amber gold tone that highlights the stomach area.

It gives it a whimsical flair and a lovely textural appeal; in a poor man's word, it's so unique.

The beautifully designed pendant hangs on an 18-inch sterling silver box chain finished with a spring clasp.

You can wear it a solo piece or play around with other chains to create a layered look.

The price? More than reasonable for such a pretty piece of jewelry!

3. Black Bow Jewelry Co. Elephant Charm Anklet

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Made of sterling silver

Designed with an adjustable box chain

Secures with a lobster clasp

If you are looking for meaningful and fun jewelry to show off your sexy legs, then look no further. We're not super sold on anklets, but this one? It stole our hearts!

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It's designed with small elephant charms, each measuring approximately 7x 9mm.

The little charms are positioned on a 1mm width box chain accentuated with 2mm beads for a playful touch.

The anklet is crafted from polished sterling silver. It has an adjustable chain (9-11) inches, which secures to your leg with an impressive lobster claw.

With an adjustable length, it means it will fit perfectly most ankles. The closure will ensure that the piece holds up pretty well to frequent movement of the leg.

Considering the medium price point, this is an excellent gift to anyone who loves foot jewelry; but hey, it's also a great good luck treat for yourself!

4. Ruby & Oscar Baltic Amber Gold Tone Elephant Bolo Bracelet

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Made of sterling silver and Baltic amber

Designed with an adjustable chain with a bolo closure

Don't you just love this charming bolo elephant bracelet in sterling silver?! It depicts an adorably cute little elephant accentuated with Baltic amber (gold tone) in a bezel setting.

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When it comes to bracelet charms, it's all about the meaning, and this one is quite symbolic.

Elephants are emblems of good luck, but the raised trunk is said to shower in fortunes of good luck!

The amber is believed to have healing protection, and its equipped with the gift to soothe stressed nerves. So what you get is an elephant bracelet with super powers (almost!).

Made completely of solid sterling silver, the 9-inch bracelet charm features a simple yet super versatile design.

It will look fantastic when paired with casual outfits, but it can also pull together a formal look.

The well detailed 3D elephant pendant gives it a high-end appearance.

We love the contrast created by the amber gold tone against the highly polished sterling silver structure.

The pendant which takes center stage is attached to an adjustable bolo chain. This design makes it easy to slide on the bracelet for a snug fit.

This option is available at a reasonable price tag.

5. Dremmy Studios Elephant Necklace

Dremmy Studios Elephant Necklace
Dremmy Studios necklace
Dremmy Studios elephant necklace on model
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Crafted in 14K gold-filled over brass

Designed with an adjustable chain

Backed with a 90-day money-back guarantee

According to the ancient lore, the elephant was created to teach humans about true strength. This mighty animal is incredibly gentle in nature. Show the world that you are enlightened by wearing this lovely, everyday elephant necklace.

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It's the perfect reminder that you have of the mighty power within you.

The dainty necklace is made from 14 K gold-filled over brass. You can count on it, not to fade.

The designer took into account functionality and beauty and created a piece that is perfect for everyday wear.

The chain is 16.5 inches with a 2-inch extender finished with a lobster claw clasp.

The adjustable length gives you styling options. You can wear it on its own or layer with other favorite chains below it.

The pendant depicts a well-curved elephant with the trunk up. The best part? The necklace is super affordable!

It makes a meaningful and thoughtful gift for young girls, women, and animal lovers.

6. Black Bow Jewelry Co. 14k Yellow Gold Elephant Bracelet

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Crafted in 14K yellow gold

Features a polished finish

Open back design

This adorable elephant bracelet is one of our favorite picks on this list! The good luck charms are well depicted through the several well-crafted elephant pendants with trunks raised and positioned around the chain in intermitted links.

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The charms are super cute, and the bracelet is all in 14K yellow gold. We particularly love the polished finish and open back design!

It features a strong solid chain measuring approximately 5 mm in width and 7 inches in length. It's connected to a finely crafted and sturdy lobster claw clasp for a secure hold.

The bad news? This option is one of our most expensive picks. However, if you ask us, it's worth every penny!

7. Jeulia 3PC Sterling Silver Elephant Ring

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Made of sterling silver

It's customizable

Features a primary sparkling stone and side accents

What could be cooler than sporting this stunning 3PC elephant ring around your finger? In addition to being gorge, the ring stands for loyalty, strength, and determination.

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It's said that wearing the elephant's trunks down will allow the good fortunes to flow naturally and freely to whoever wears it and those around.

The symbolism is something we truly love, and that is why we included this piece on our elephant jewelry list.

With both style and the added sparkle, no one will fail to notice this dazzling ring full of elephant charms.

It is crafted in sterling silver. It features an eye-catching round-cut 2.5ct, diamond white, Jeulia stone wrapped in a glimmering halo frame.

This ring is stackable. It's an engravable, unique piece that can be worn as a non-traditional engagement ring with a coordinating wedding band.

You will need to dig deeper into your pocket to get this one. Still a great steal for what you're getting!

8. Black Bow Jewelry Co. 4k Two Tone Gold Elephant Pendant

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Crafted in multi-tone gold

Features a smooth polished satin finish

Just look at this stunning two-tone elephant pendant necklace. It's such a stylish piece with great detail.

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You can see intricate work showcased all through the elephant pendant to bring out the two-dimensional open-back design.

We also can't get enough of the satin and the polished finish.

Combine 14K yellow gold and rose gold, and what you get is a piece of jewelry that you don't see every day (finally!).

The pendant measures approximately 21x 18mm, including the bail.

However, the chain is not included. This gives you the option to choose your chain style and length.

This gorgeous piece is upper affordable.

9. Angel Caller Elephant Necklace and Earrings Set

Angel Caller elephant necklace and earrings set
elephant earrings
Angel Caller elephant necklace
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Comes with a necklace and a pair of earrings

Both pieces are made of sterling silver

Our next pick is a jewelry set giving you a sterling silver elephant necklace and a pair of earrings. Both pieces are packed with meaning.

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The set comes with a lovely message reading, "MAY EACH DAY BE TOUCHED WITH A BIT OF LUCK." This is a really sweet statement, and we hope this pick brings you plenty of good luck!

Above all, you will quite an impression when you pair these two lovely pieces, both featuring an elephant pendant with trunks raised. Both are made of sterling silver.

This goes to show you that the set is super skin-friendly and incredibly durable.

The necklace pendant hangs on a 16" +2" extender cable chain, which gives you lots of sizing and styling options. It ends with a spring-ring clasp for a secure hold.

The post earrings are so cute you will never want to take them off! They are designed with friction back findings for added security, so no chance of them falling off.

Both the earrings and the elephant necklace feature a simple design. When paired together, they will deliver a well put look ideal for everyday kind-of-style.

However, whether paired or worn as individual pieces, this set gives you endless possibilities.

We believe the set is a steal considering that you are getting a pair of gorgeous earrings and a necklace.

Give it as an inspirational gift to that special someone who needs encouragement and positive vibes in their lives.

10. Black Bow Jewelry Co. Lucky Symbol Toe Ring

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Crafted in polished 10K yellow gold

Features five lucky symbols

It's adjustable, and one size fits most

Toe ring fashion is back, and its trending believe it or not! And because we like keeping you in the know, we are happy to include in our list this toe ring that bears five lucky symbols. We hope it will always bring you good luck wherever your feet take you!

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Toe rings are a fun and easy way to add a bit of femininity to your look.

This option will give your feet a girly touch and heck why not, if you love jewelry you should invest in a toe ring.

Crafted from 10K polished gold, the ring is designed with a total number of five traditional lucky symbols which include an evil eye, an elephant, a four leaver clover and a horseshoe.

Trust us; you will never run out of luck with this one since it packs all the fortune symbols out there!

Measuring approximately 4mm inches in width, the toe ring is adjustable, which means one size fits most.

It's upper affordable, which makes it an excellent gift item for any occasion.

Criteria Used for Evaluation

Jewelry Metal & Gemstone Quality

If you are going to wear your good luck jewelry charm nearly every day, it should be made of materials that can withstand the rigors of daily use.

It's for this reason that we picked pieces made from high-quality and durable materials such as sterling silver and gold.

Not only will these metals last you a lifetime, but they are also safe on the skin.


Your good luck jewelry should be pieces that are ideal for an everyday look. We picked elephant jewelry that is sure to charm up your everyday jewelry game.

Whether you believe in the good luck vibe or not, all-out top 10 picks are unique and fabulous additions to your jewelry collection. They are stylish and versatile.

Our list is compressive so you get to choose from bracelet charms, earrings, to elephant necklaces. We even included a toe ring!

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Styling tips

Whether you are among the people that swear by them or the other group that believes good luck charms are a silly thing, charm jewelry is still a fun way to spice up your look and inspire yourself or someone.

Meghan Markle, while in Botswana, was spotted wearing an elephant hair bracelet which in Africa is a symbol of good luck.

She wore this bracelet on her left wrist which holds a deeper meaning!

Meghan Markle elephant bracelet

You too can wear your cute elephant jewelry and look absolutely amazing.

You can rock a super casual and relaxed style on a daily basis with any of the bracelets and necklaces we picked.

If you like layering your pieces, feel free to combine your elephant necklace with other jewelry.

layered elephant necklace

You can pair a short elephant pendant necklace with other charm necklaces since layering is always a good idea if you ask us!

Styling tips

Love stacking jewelry? Pair your stacked good luck charm bracelets and mix metals.

Combining gold and silver looks sooo good as long as you nail the style by making sure to pick daintier bracelets rather than chunky bracelets.

elephant bracelet

Your delicate elephant pendant necklace will go well with both cute and elegant dresses.

elephant anklet

A charm necklace will emphasize your femininity, so pair with it your little black dress or a velvet dress (which is our favorite current trend so we just had to mention it!).


q: Why are elephants associated with good luck?


In many cultures, elephants hold great symbolism. They stand for strength and determination and symbolize good fortune, health, fertility, good beginnings, wisdom, success, and happiness.

In Buddhism, an elephant is admired for its strength; it's also known to be the guardian of the temple.

In Hinduism, the Hindu God Ganesha showcases the head of an elephant which is believed to bring good luck and also represents wisdom.

q: Should the trunk face up or down for good guck?


Some people believe that when the trunk is raised, it showers fortunes onto the owner and people around it.

Others believe that when the trunk is facing down, good fortunes and luck will naturally and freely flow to those around it.

q: Which elephant is considered sacred?


The white elephant is rare and it is considered as the most sacred of all. It is said that mothers of masters and great teachers dream of a white elephant.

q: Bonus: Fun fact!


Did you know that the elephant is among the most intelligent animals?

According to scientists, an elephant has the ability to recognize its own reflection in a mirror, which is an index of high cognitive ability!

It shows self-awareness, intelligence (yes!), and high thinking capacity.


Elephant jewelry, just like a girl's little dress, is one of those types of jewelry pieces that should never miss in anyone's jewelry box. We all need a bit of good luck in our everyday life, and while at it, we should look the part.

Whether you believe in an elephant's good luck charm or not, wearing an elephant necklace or any other piece of elephant-themed jewelry symbolizes strength and wisdom so it's the perfect accessory for any woman out there!

Our top 10 picks include necklaces, pendants, bracelets, and rings crafted in sterling silver and gold and some embellished with gemstones.
We made sure to choose pieces that are beautifully detailed and made from quality metals which will last you in time and won't tarnish or fade.

Lastly, it's said that an elephant never forgets. This goes to show you that elephant jewelry will always make for an unforgettable gift!