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Timeless Dangle Earrings You can Wear Over and Over Again!

Marianne Marianne 20 Feb 2020 931

Thanks to the advent of technology and the internet, you can order almost anything, even a pair of beautiful earrings while sitting on your couch and eating pizza. Now talking about earrings, the dangle earrings specifically, you have to be careful when it comes to the design.

But a quick question, which one will you prefer?

  • An earring you can only use once or twice
  • A timeless earring

Your choice, if you are like everyone who loves things that last, will be pretty obvious. However, your next purchase might fall squarely in the first category. You might end up buying a pair of earrings, use it for a short period, and then you may find it underwhelming.

On the flip side, if you are careful with your choice of purchase, you can choose something that’ll stand the test of time. With that in mind, we dive into Amazon, to fish out the best timeless dangle earrings for women.

Our 10 Favorite Picks!

1. 14K White Gold / Timeless Brilliant

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Some of you would love to be appreciated for your look, but if you neglect what you put on your ear, you might miss that. Here is a choice to make. Choose this ring, wear your favorite dress and you are set; enough compliments should pour in to last you some time.

To that, we have a pair of earrings from Gem Stone King, made of sapphire gemstones and Moissanites. Both of these materials sit flush with earrings’ choice in metal (white gold) to create a smooth and attractive look. We recommend it to anyone whose partner doesn’t mind the eyes that accompany such a piece of jewelry. If she loves flaunting what she has, without screaming to everybody, make the choice for her.

So if you are thinking of presenting it as a gift, then try giving it to her on her birthday or maybe even on your anniversary. Now, here’s what you can do to spice everything up. Include elements from her hobbies to liven up the place and really grab her attention. You don’t have to be overwhelming, but just make sure you let her know it’s her day.

2. White Cultured Freshwater Pearl Leverback 

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This option prioritizes quality over everything. What we mean is this; the LaRegis Jewelry earrings makes use of 14K white gold and a white freshwater pearl to pull of an elegant design that’s practically made for professional women. It’s feminine and bold, which together, is a personality that working-class women have in spades. When she’s at home, she’s all soft with you. But at work, she’s stern and straight to the point. If you think you understand your partner’s personality enough to recognize where we are going with this, then this is a gift that you shouldn’t miss giving.

We have the upcoming Christmas and after that, the New Year festivities. Both are good enough periods to give her a gift that’ll last indefinitely. Especially, the latter one since a new year stands for new beginnings, which is rather symbolic. Still, if both these ideas are not good enough, then you need to plan a night out with her.

Make it romantic with it filled with her favorite food, movies, etc. Other people that you can give the pair of earrings to include your daughter, mom, or sister. But keep in mind that their personality should be taken into consideration. If not that, then she must be in formal settings a lot.

3. Cultured Freshwater Coin Pearl

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The first thing that makes a statement about this pair of earrings is the size. It is quite big, but it’s not one of those pairs that lack taste or class. Evidence is that the base of each earring is adorned with gold pearls that glisten/glow. If it was gold doing the whole ‘glowy’ thing, that would be great for any setting. But as we mentioned, you’re dealing with pearls here, and as expected, it’s almost professional to a fault. We recommend it to any woman you know who falls under the category of serious people. That is, she’s in the best position to use the pair of earrings as she’ll be moving from one meeting to another formal dinner at work.

This is why it was a pleasure to see the earrings completely made out of gold-filled metal. The material is tough enough that it will easily shrug off wear during day-to-day use on the part of your partner. In fact, it’s a gift that will see a lot of anniversaries if it’s indeed going to your partner. For other people (maybe your daughter), it should definitely lead to some phone calls down the line (ignore the minor pun).

4. Mirrored Finish Sterling Silver Minimalist Design

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One of the highlights of this earring pair is the fact that it’s affordable. The manufacturer uses a butterfly as inspiration for the design. Now, the best part about their choice in insects is that butterflies are synonymous with change. Especially their wings, which the design emphasizes on. If you give this as a gift to your partner, you’re showing your support for her in the form of the earrings. It’s a nice way to be with her at all times.

That said, the product’s choice in materials shouldn’t be ignored. The pair of earrings is made from Sterling silver which makes the entire jewelry durable enough to resist wear on major scales. And that’s without too much maintenance on her part. Perfect for people who don’t like going through the hassle of constantly polishing their jewelry just to make it shine. In other words, if she’s carefree and bold (whether your daughter, mom or grandmom), give this to her. The message it’ll send across should definitely improve the bond between the both of you.

5. Body Candy Handcrafted 925 Silver Purple

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For those who love colorful earrings, this is a piece that you shouldn’t miss. The dangle earrings each come with a purple dichroic glass that practically reflects the rainbow, Sterling silver in the form of the swirl holding the glass, and then the complimentary Swarovski crystals. Colors like green, orange, blue, yellow, purple, and pink gives it a vibe that’s almost eccentric.

Having said that, this pair of earrings isn’t for professional use. Instead, it’s made for people who look casual most of the time. The fact that it’s colorful and pretty means it’ll attract a lot of attention in official settings. But everywhere else, it performs exceptionally well. That is, it’s more than strong enough to resist wear and at the same time, getting a few glances when she goes to work will be the norm.

Therein lies the only requirement for wearing the pair of earrings. If your partner or daughter is the type of girl who wears things that suits her interests/preference, this is a good buy. Otherwise, consider giving it to her on Christmas as an accessory that she’ll wear during celebrations and holidays.

6. Timeless Radiant Cubic Zirconia Chandelier 

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This is designed to look like a small chandelier drop. It is made of Cubic Zirconia gems and luminous 18K gold-plated base. In other words, the pair of earrings doesn’t have a problem when it concerns looks. When it concerns the durability too, we are pretty confident it’ll hold up well if the use of CZ is to be taken as an indication of quality.

That said, if you ask where the earrings should be worn to, the answer is actually pretty limited. The pair of earrings is excellent when you use them as dress/statement accessories. But when you separate them from their elements, their performance is lacking. So, this pair goes as a gift to women who attend a lot of parties. If not that, then the occasion meet-ups during holidays like the upcoming Christmas.

Still, if Christmas isn’t good enough, the other occasions we can think of are birthdays and anniversaries. Anything other than that, and you’ll have to arrange special and spontaneous dates to properly give her the gift.

7. 14.00 Ct Blue Topaz

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The name Topaz in Greek is usually associated with strength. It is believed that wearers of any jewelry that holds a topaz experience a boost in strength. As usual, we don’t know how true that definition is, but we do like the sound of a boost, especially in the strength department. As a result of that, this is one of the better earrings on the list as far as symbols are concerned.

Give it to a strong woman like your mom or partner, include a message writing your intentions and positive opinions on her capability, and she’ll probably fall in love more with you. Now, do this on a plain day and make it rival the best in her memories to leave a good impact. At that point, this pair of earrings will serve as mementos.

Nonetheless, if you prefer to, you can go for a different approach and purchase several of these earrings to share amongst the girls in the family. If you prefer to vary things, include any other dangle earrings that you like on the list. Now, give this during holidays like Christmas, and you would have created a constant connection between each member of the family.

8. Sterling Silver Vertical Bar Dangle Earrings


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If you haven’t picked any of the dangle earrings you’ve seen so far, we think you’ll love this one. The pair makes use of simple vertical bars to pull off one of the most impressive looking pieces we’ve seen all day. The fact that it doesn’t break the bank at under $20 is just one of the complements.

The pair is made from Sterling silver and it’s completely bare of any other material. This adds to the overall appeal, rather than deduct since it’s pure. So who’s it for? We think you should consider people who don’t like flashy jewelry accessories. In fact, the type of people we’re talking about would rather go without earrings if it meant they could avoid the extra weight.

This pair of earrings pulls of their own sublime comfort levels by being well built and extremely well balanced. To the latter, she’ll feel the presence of the earrings but she won’t be displaced. “Quality First” is a motto that Amazon takes seriously and we are glad to see it in full effect here.

9. 14k Gold Over Sterling Silver Pressed-Flower Heart

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Yes, it’s another pair from Amazon. But what’s funny about the brand’s product is that each one is surprisingly different from the last one. Unlike the previous Vertical Bars Dangle Earrings, this pair uses a heart-shaped flower-printed design to pull of a pretty look. If you can’t give your partner at least an 8 out of 10 when it comes to her romantic side, give this earring to your daughter.

The design is entirely feminine and attractive. But when you note the fact that the chain is 14K gold-plated, that’s a sure sign of success, which is a bold statement to make in any setting. Having said that, the pair of earrings is perfect for any woman. Whether she’s complex, simple, flashy, etc—this is one of the best accessories that a girl can have in her repertoire.

Similarly, the earrings are not limited in terms of application. She can easily wear them to casual settings or it can see some use at work. It’s practically an item that’ll just seamlessly adapt to any environment that it finds itself. Essentially, it’s a general-purpose accessory that’ll remind her of you all the time since it’s so versatile.

10. Bassion Womens Classic Double Linear Loops Design

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Out of all the earrings on the list, this is probably the most technical piece. The pair of earrings perfectly match women who are sophisticated. That may be your mom or even wife, but rest assured that she’ll drift towards the idea of using the earring if her personality fits. Point made, the earrings are plated with silver, which makes it almost as bright as white gold.

Still, we would have loved to see the use of Sterling silver instead of an unknown alloy. But at the same time, the design is pretty enough and the price is really nice. Both things, to an extent, make up for the lack of use of Sterling silver as the only primary material. Now, with that part properly tied up, let’s talk about the pair’s potential as a gift.

The Bassion earrings come in a free gift box, which makes the entire process far easier to pull off. We mean; you don’t have to go through gift boxes online looking for the perfect one for the nor do you need to pay for the box separately. Your job is just to pick a day and set up the perfect environment to give her the gift. Make it so that the entire thing focuses on her hobbies, rather than anything else. It should help set up the day as one of the best she has had so far.

Moving on, we want to show you how impressed we were with the earring pair’s potential. Regardless if you’re giving the jewelry to a girl/woman who attends parties or banquets, or someone who loves to make her presence known in the most subtle of ways, this is a choice you should consider giving them. They’re not flashy, but they’re complex which makes them one of the ‘Big Boys’ on the list.

Q&A on Dangle Earrings

What causes changes in dangle earrings cost?

The price varies depending on the material used and the design. Even some dangle earrings have prices that are dependent on location, as they are higher in some places than others due to factors such as transportation and production cost in the region.

Therefore to determine the price of a dangle earring, take into consideration the design, choice in material (metal and stones) and their quality, and your location.

Are these earrings suitable for weddings/engagements?

Yes, they are. Especially the ones that hold a pearl and CZ gems. Still, in the case of the more eccentric ones, you may have to confide with your wife-to-be. As a matter of fact, let’s even go ahead and say that the type of earrings you’ll be getting for the wedding or engagement depends on what she prefers. So make sure that she wears something comfortable and familiar, that help with the occasion.

Where should I avoid wearing dangle earrings?

Despite their application in professional environments, we mean settings that do not require her to get physical. If she gets in environments like engineer sites, dangle earrings are a poor choice.

The same thing can be said about other professions such as nursing. But instead of there being any huge potential for hazard, the setting is just not the type where anyone should be trying to make an impression. These are things you should put into consideration before choosing any gift for your partner.

Which type of faces are dangle earrings perfect for?

Dangle earrings are perfect for women with oval, round, square, and narrow-shaped faces. If your partner’s face fits the description of any of these types, then the right dangle earring might just be the best addition to her repertoire of jewelry.


Oval-shaped faces describe women whose foreheads and cheekbones are equally as wide as the other. Downwards from the cheekbones, the face narrows a bit more. Now, here’s the fun fact about women with this shape.

Dangle earrings don’t only fit them, they can practically wear any type of earring they want. If your partner is anything like this, you have options whenever you have to give her a gift.


With round faces, the widest points are at the cheek while everything narrows up at the forehead and jawline. The reason why dangle earrings are good choices for women with this type of face is that they help elongated the shape. Created this effect where her face doesn’t seem as found as it really looks.


With square-shaped faces, the shape doesn’t narrow down from the cheekbones to the jawline and forehead. Instead, all 3 are almost equal in terms of width. Now, what dangle earrings do this type of faces is slimming down the cheekbones and jawline. Makes it more feminine.


Narrow faces are smaller versions of square-shaped faces. The forehead, distance between the cheekbones, jawline are closer to each other.

Are they heavy?

No, they aren’t. Most of these earrings are made of light materials such as Sterling silver with its lightweight. So, they are light and won’t hurt, even over long periods of use.

Our Final Thought

The main theme is durability. Not that we are excluding other factors such as design, beauty, and cost. But the earrings on this list are meant to be beautiful with a design that’ll be relevant for a long time.

This is important especially if you are a minimalist who doesn’t particularly like the hassle of getting a new pair of earrings for every occasion. If you want something good and timeless, these are the earrings we personally think any woman would love.