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10 Pearl Choker Necklaces that Are Perfect for Any Formal Occasion!

last updated: Nov 12, 2021

There's nothing that speaks more to your soft and feminine side more than pearl choker necklaces. Their classical beauty is unmatched in the jewelry market, as the luster of pearls is something that captures everyone's attention.

If you're on the market for an artisan-quality necklace with a professional and radiant appeal, pearls are your best choice.

We've found several fabulous and distinctive chokers that are sure to add to any outfit. Let's explore some of our favorite choices for the everyday jewelry lover.

Top 5 Picks!

1. Astley Clarke White Pearl Choker

The Astley Clarke white pearl choker in yellow gold vermeil is one of the more uniquely designed pearl necklaces we've seen. With brilliant gold contrasts, this piece is sure to set the stage for any formal event.

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You'll find an assortment of oval-shaped polished pearls affixed to an 18k yellow gold-plated chain. In between each pearl, individually shaped nuggets break the piece apart and add a level of structural beauty.

With three alternate lengths, you can choose to wear the piece as a traditional choker or a vintage pearl necklace.

You'll also have the added benefit of the signature Astley Clarke white sapphire tag at the rear. The immaculate polishing of each pearl is what sets this piece apart from the rest, making it glisten effortlessly throughout the day.

With the elevated gold-plated sterling silver, it exudes confidence and versatility, iconic for any outfit in your wardrobe.

2. Lily & Roo Silver Single Pearl Choker

Simplicity will forever be a fan favorite amongst jewelry lovers searching for a subdued and flirty piece. The Lily & Roo silver single pearl choker will bring whimsical luxury into your jewelry collection.

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Whether you're looking for a gift for yourself or a loved one, the choker is a fabulous choice. It features a timeless style with a delicate, thin sterling silver chain. The pearl embellishment is suspended in the center of the chain, making it look like it's floating against your skin.

There are three different finishes you can choose from, including gold, rose gold, and silver, depending on the style you prefer. Also, the pearl is a genuine freshwater pearl, which elevates the piece from traditional fashion jewelry to a memorable keepsake.

One of the most iconic features of this choker is that it's handmade in the studio, making every piece unique.

3. Vivienne Westwood Mini Bas Relief Choker

The Vivienne Westwood choker takes the traditional style of a pearl necklace to a whole new level. Its intricate detailing makes it a fabulous keepsake that you'll feel confident wearing for any occasion.

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The brilliance of the pearls in this choker is what makes it one of the more unique pieces you'll come across. The luster adds drama while the special Orb and Saturn pendant elevates the designer-friendly necklace.

The most notable part of this piece is the pendant, which takes its inspiration from the Vivienne Westwood Orb and Saturn ring. It has a unique symbolism, with the Orb resembling tradition.

The Orb and Saturn pendant is a fabulous addition because it adds an extra layer of sparkle to an already dazzling piece.

You'll find an assortment of individually laid Swarovski crystals within an imitation rhodium setting. The pendant is perfectly centered in the middle of the necklace, making it the piece's focal point.

It's important to note that the pearls used for this choker are faux, making them significantly easier to care for.

4. Puravida Multi Gem Pearl Choker

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The Puravida multi gem pearl choker is the excuse you've needed to let your inner mermaid shine. This brilliantly designed everyday necklace is the type of piece you can wear with confidence without feeling too bold.

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At first glance, it appears casual, making it great for a white tee and a pair of jeans. However, you can also dress it up to show off its more sophisticated side. Along the necklace's length, you'll find multiple gem-like pearls that pair wonderfully with the thin, streamlined chain.

You'll be able to choose from rose gold or silver for the metal color, depending on your preference. We recommend opting for rose gold as it contrasts beautifully with the pearls if you want to set the stage.

What makes this necklace stand out from the rest is that it boasts naturally cultivated freshwater pearls.

It's the perfect addition to your jewelry collection, especially if you want to bring a piece of the sea with you everywhere you go. There's no doubt this is one of the higher-quality pearl pieces to consider.

Both metal colors feature rhodium plating, and the choker length is 16" with a two-inch extender.

5. Charter Club Imitation Pearl Choker

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Vintage glamour is the first thing that comes to mind when looking at the Charter Club gold-tone imitation pearl choker necklace. It has a fabulous design that's clearly meant to be the focal point of any outfit.

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It's simple and shimmering with a sexy silhouette that will show off your most fabulous features. Not to mention its sophistication is bound to transcend through the ages.

It features three layers of pearls that rest delicately along your neck. You'll find the smoothness of the pearls feels relaxed and comfortable against your skin throughout the day. Also, they feel perfectly supported, so you won't have to worry about the pearls falling off.

Although this choker doesn't feature genuine pearls, the quality of the embellishments is superior. They look like natural pearls, offering affordable luxury that you can adorn for weddings, meetings, or romantic dates.

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Akoya Pearls

The classic and most common pearls are the akoya pearls. Their size range is generally from 4-10mm. They are mostly of round shape with a reflective luster.

It’s easier to find akoya pearls in generic off-white color but there does exist other colors such as silver, lavender etc. for this category of pearls.

This pearl price range is comparatively cheaper than other pearl types due to its wide availability and easier access.

Freshwater Pearls

Freshwater pearls are more popular for their baroque shapes. When it comes to options in terms of size and color, freshwater pearls offer more options compared to akoya pearls. Its colors are usually natural pastel or white.

It has fewer lusters compared to the other pearls. Freshwater pearls are suitable if you are looking for an affordable pearl choker. Also for DIY pearl chokers at home, you can try with freshwater pearls.

These are some of the largest pearls ranging from 5mm to 12 mm. For your choker centerpieces, freshwater pearls would look more apt rather than other pearls.

Tahitian Pearls

They are what we term as ‘dark, exotic pearls’. The reason is its unique black color. When your jewelry has Tahitian pearls, it is automatically considered a rare or exotic piece. These are some of the most valuable and rare pearls.

You will find plenty of colored Tahitian pearls with black being the most popular one. If you want different colored Tahitian pearls, it would be quite difficult to find and you would have to make them customized.

What we love about Tahitian pearls is the variety in their shapes. It comes in shapes of drops, baroques and ovals, all of which look great as neckpieces.

South Sea Pearls

The largest sized pearls are south sea pearls. Their size ranges from 8mm to 18mm. Because of its size, you can safely assume that it would look great on a choker if the patterns are spread alternately.

South sea pearls look great as statement necklaces and we feel it’s a good choice for pearl chokers as well.

If you want perfectly round-shaped pearls, south sea pearls would probably not be your best option. For its large size, it’s difficult to find perfectly round shaped South sea pearls.

Frequently Asked Questions

q: What is the highest quality pearl?


Interestingly, did you know that there isn't a specific grading system used to evaluate pearls as there is for gemstones?

What makes pearls so unique is that the processing company, farmer, and vendor all affect the cost of a pearl. Every single one is unique and needs to be evaluated independently per vendor.

When you start shopping for pearls, you're going to want to find a vendor's AAA-grade pearls, as they are the highest quality. With that said, one vendor's AAA pearl could be another vendor's AA grade.

By doing a significant amount of research to find the most reputable vendors in your area, you can easily find the highest quality pearls.

In general terms, the most sought-after type of pearls are those cultivated from the Golden South Sea and White South Sea. They're not only the rarest but are also some of the largest and most lustrous pearls on the market.

Cultivated from saltwater, they're primarily found in white, silver, and cream colors, with sizes ranging from eight to 20mm.

q: What does a pearl symbolize?


The most common symbolism for pearls is wisdom, often said to bring serenity to the wearer. This feature is likely due to the pearls' subdued coloring and natural luster that set them apart from other embellishments.

Their natural white and cream colors also relate to purity and integrity, speaking to the feminism behind a pearl.

Many cultures believe that those who wear pearls have gained their wisdom through experience. Some groups think they can bring about prosperity and good luck, making them a remarkable gift.

q: How do you know if a pearl is real?


Another fascinating feature of pearls is how they're tested for authenticity. As one of the most commonly faked pieces of jewelry, pearls have a unique natural design. Most often, people will test pearls by rubbing them along the front of their teeth.

When rubbing, you'll be able to tell if the surface feels gritty. Gritty pearls are genuine, whereas simulated pearls are smooth.

q: How to take care of pearls?


Knowing how to take care of pearls is the most important part of owning them. To keep them in their best condition, they require a lot of care. First, you'll want to ensure you wipe them with a soft cloth every time you wear them.

If you clean them, simply use a damp cloth and ensure they fully dry before storing them. It can also be beneficial to take pearls into your jeweler for an annual inspection and professional cleaning. Above all else, keep all perfumes and creams away from pearls, as astringents can permanently damage them.

Unlike other types of jewelry, it's commonly known that pearls look and feel their best when they're worn often. When against the skin, your natural oils are absorbed into the pearl and add moisture. The more they're worn, the more lustrous and expensive they'll look.