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10 Beautiful Anchor Rings to Go with Your Bracelet

Anna Anna 12 Mar 2020 7733

Anchor rings have always been a cornerstone of beauty when you talk of pieces of jewelry. People of different ages and times have adorned themselves with them, and in today’s world, we have seen anchor rings transform into stunning jewels in the fingers of the anyone from the celebrities on TV to the models on the runway.

The stunning look and burnishing appearance of the rings when you wear it to an occasion will keep you in the eyes of the public, and it even makes you more attractive when you rock it so well with your bracelet. It doesn’t matter whether it is a Christmas party, wedding events, get-together, or dates, anchor rings fit well for any occasion.

Apart from being stylish and elegant, the elements of anchor rings are of high grade and purity, garnished with glistening gemstones. With all the quality and beauty, anchor rings are still made quite affordable for you.

So, we have some exciting things to say about these pieces of fashion and, having compiled the best from the best; we have come up with a list of ten beautiful anchor rings to save you from doubt or stress when considering getting one.

Our 10 Favorite Anchor Rings!

1. XingYue Nautical Open Ring

925 Sterling Silver Nautical Anchor Blue Birthstone CZ Ring Expandable Open

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Regardless of the occasion, you are looking forward to attending; this sparkling exquisite silver anchor ring should be on your top list of jewelry. It is an open love ring that is easily adjusted and made of beautiful 925 sterling silver adorned with dazzling blue CZ birthstone.

Being stylish and elegant, it is suitable for any kinds of event whether Valentine’s day or Christmas or just a regular occasion. It also makes an excellent gift for a loved one. Made of classic craft, the dimension is 8mm X 8mm, and the band size is 2mm, and it weighs 1.5g which makes it cool for your finger.

Wearing this ring over a long period doesn’t harm your skin in any way as it is designed without heavy metals such as lead, nickel, cadmium that are known for being poisonous. But instead, it continues to make you look glamorous irrespective of the time of the day. For all lovers of good things, this anchor ring is the one.

2. Berricle Rhodium Plated Ring

BERRICLE Rhodium Plated Sterling Silver Anchor Fashion Right Hand Ring

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Berricle is the darling of jewelry lovers and fashionistas, and this is not only because of the high-quality finish of the ring or glimmering rhodium plated skin. It has all that, but it’s the joy that wearing it gives you that put it on our best list.

We love it because it is so bright and lightweight and it fits very well every inch of an average finger. Although this ring is not adjustable, its band has a width of 2.5mm, and ring size 9 makes it a perfect fit.

The metal is burnishing and untarnished; however, any time you feel like cleaning it, you should avoid using silver liquid cleaner so that it will not start to rust. That way, it retains its sparkling appearance on you.

3.  CZ Ring in Sterling Silver

Twisted Style Nautical Rope and Anchor CZ Ring in Sterling Silver

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Over the years the manufacturer of this ring, Claddagh Gold, has established themselves as the forerunner of jewelry producer. And with this product, they have proven that they are worthy of staying relevant in the fashion world.

If you have a classic taste in matters of fashion, you should know what cubic zirconia gem symbolizes. With a touch of expert, this anchor ring was handcrafted and embellished with 925 sterling silver. The sleek design makes it very suitable for you. It announces your presence at any event and shows that you are classy. It is lovely and beckons on people’s attention the moment your finger is caught on sight.

Made with sterling silver and cubic zirconia gem of at least 0.01 carats, this product is guaranteed to make you gleam and bring you instantly to spotlight. The ring size is 6, and it is quite adjustable which means it is suitable for fingers of any size.

When next you need to attend, and you need a classic ring to beautify your finger, don’t think twice before reaching out for this anchor ring. It promises you glamour among the crowd.

4. CloseoutWarehouse Sterling Silver Ring

loseoutWarehouse Sterling Silver Anchor of My Soul Ring (Color Options, Sizes 2-15)

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For this ring to be called the anchor of my soul, you should have known that it is worth the name. Made from 92.5% high-quality silver with alloys of other elements, it comes with high strength, durability, and wear resistance. If you don’t consider picking this anchor ring into your jewelry collection, you’re missing out.

Apart from the stunning polished finish that makes you glimmer on any occasion, the ring is highly durable. It is packaged in a velvet or organza bag, and if you are thinking of getting anyone a gift, this ring makes a perfect one.

With a height of 1.7mm and width of 8mm, the ring is resizable between 1 and 12. It makes a great ornament for fingers of any size. Another perk you get from this ring is that it is quite versatile and can go on any outfit. So, whether it is the office, schools, clubs or any other event, this ring would help you look stunning. It is a very significant piece of jewelry, and you will be glad to have in your collection.

5. Oxford Diamond Co Plain Ring

Oxford Diamond Co Plain Anchor Rope .925 Sterling Silver Ring Sizes 3-11

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If you all about chic design and awe-inspiring glimmer, then adorning your finger with a sterling silver ring is just a big step ahead. This product is designed with an artistic grandeur in a spiraled shape and burnishing surface.

Crafted with 925 sterling silver, the ring is perfectly safe for your skin. At the front of the band is an anchor with the band twisting into it in the form of a rope. It has a creative design and would do well in your collections. There is also the prong setting to make sure that everything is in place for aesthetic pleasure.

Though it has a kind of simplistic design, when you wear it on your finger gracefully to match your bracelet, it will surely exceed your expectations. The ring size is adjustable between 3 and 11 and is one of the most exceptional qualities of anchor rings produced by Oxford Diamond Co. With so many amazing features, the ring is quite, and you can choose to get one for yourself and your loved one.

6. INBLUE Women’s 925 Ring

INBLUE Women's 925 Sterling Silver 13mm Ring CZ Silver Tone Rope Anchor Nautical

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Inblue has an abundance of beautiful jewelry collection but this one we selected surpasses them all, and that is not for nothing. This anchor ring of high-quality stainless steel, tungsten, silver, and leather. The elements incorporated into the design make the ring very durable and can last a very long time. It is alluring and attention-grabbing and feels very comfortable in your finger.

But it even gets better; it is designed with a cubic zirconia gem that adds to its charming appearance, making it perfect for any classic occasion. And you know what, it is quite affordable which means if you don’t buy it for yourself, you should get it for a friend.

This ring is just amazing and regardless of any chemical substances: lotion, body spray, perfume, it stills retain its beauty and keep on dazzling around your finger. No wonder it has amassed great accolades from lovers of jewelry around the world.

7. CloseoutWarehouse Anchor of Hope Ring

CloseoutWarehouse Sterling Silver Anchor of Hope Ring (Color Options, Sizes 2-15)

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Unlike many of the sterling silver manufactured by CloseoutWarehouse, this anchor of hope ring is available in many colors. This eliminates the restriction of colors and offers you a variety of choices. Mind you, every color is well polished and designed with a pure silver element that leaves the ring alluring and captivating.

Using a metal stamp of 925 sterling and width of 7.64mm, this anchor ring is a perfect match for your finger. It is very cool with a dazzling appearance that makes your finger noticeable in any gathering.

As the sterling silver is alloyed with high corrosion resistant materials, you are sure of high durability. It doesn’t matter how long you keep the ring in your collection, whichever environment you wear it, the ring doesn’t become tarnished or change color. The craftsmanship of this anchor ring of hope is incredible.

8. CloseoutWarehouse Sterling Silver Ring

CloseoutWarehouse Sterling Silver Anchor Ring (Color Options, Sizes 3-15)

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When it comes to making an anchor ring that is impeccable, perfect for any finger and a fantastic choice for any event, CloseoutWarehouse is one of the makers to reckon with. Just like other exquisite anchor rings produced by this manufacturer, this product is alloyed with high-quality sterling silver for high resistance against water or chemicals which makes it durable. But what makes this anchor ring different from the rest?

Besides the design that makes the ring sit strikingly against your skin, the ring has a lot of symbolic values, one of which is love. It reminds you of the good memories and makes every single day unique for you. We are not the only one to have observed this; many other users have also said it. With a width of 15mm and weight of 3.04 ounces, this anchor ring is lightweight, and it won’t make your hand heavy while it adds strength and contentment to your personality.

9. Sabrina Nautical Ring

Sterling Silver Anchor Ring 916 inch (14 mm) long

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If you are a nautical style enthusiast, this anchor ring may be the kind you have been looking for to bring out the glamour of your finger. With the simplistic style and beautiful design, the feeling of comfort you get from wearing this product is quite amazing.

Sabrina silver is well known for using high-quality materials to make jewelry that meets customer satisfaction. This anchor ring was crafted with 925 sterling silver and only get beautiful as time goes on.

There is the ring face which measures 9/16 inches, so you can get the one that is exactly perfect for you. This is a kind of piece that places you in the top hierarchy of fashion. The adjustable settings make the ring feel right for your finger, and it is an adorable ring that you can also gift someone on special occasions.

10. Sac Silver Bali Rope Ring

Anchor Bali Rope Band Fashion Cross Ring New 925 Sterling Silver Sizes 4-12

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One of the things that attracted us to this anchor ring and places it among our top ten is the quality. The 92.5% sterling silver quality of this ring and the kind of alloys that are used to enhance the integrity of the materials are quite remarkable. Wearing this ring is like getting a double portion of the expected value because while it makes you dazzle and reflects light in a glamorous way, this piece is also durable.

There is no reason to be afraid of discoloration or tarnishing by the effect of body cream or water. It makes a great piece of jewelry that you can wear to any event. The lightweight metal sits comfortably against your skin and makes it glisten without the feeling of having heavy object around your finger.

The ring also comes in a convenient pouch that always you to keep it safe when you are not using it. You can wear the ring for both casual and formal outing, and if you want to give out a gift this season, then choose this option.

A Brief History

An anchor is usually a metal device which is used to connect two parts of a metal body. It was used on the ocean to secure vessels and to prevent them from being drifted away by the wind. They were also used to hold down ships during very storming weather on the ocean. The word anchor emanated from Latin, Ancora.

As the Christianity religion permeates through the world, the use of anchor became more prevalent and symbolic. The earliest Christians would wear anchor jewelry because it looks like the shape of a cross to show the rulers of those days, who frowned upon Christian practice. They did this to show that they were practicing Christianity even though they knew they could be persecuted.

From then on, anchor pieces of jewelry grew popular among the Christians because it symbolizes strength and stability even in the face of abject adversity.

Moving away from those much first times, anchors began to gain use during wars as they were used to mark houses and camps that were safe places. They meant a secure haven for those seeking refuge from the grim hand of the war.

In modern days, as the anchor was known to be a significant figure in the seas and oceans, they became a symbol of love for the sea among mariners. Navy men, coastguards, sea explorers were known to have anchor tattoos on their bodies. Even today anchor tattoos are commonly seen on celebrities.

Frequently Asked Questions about Anchor Rings

Now that we have revealed to you the best among many beautiful anchor rings, we hope we have made it easy for you to make a decision.

However, we know that you might still have some reservations about any of the products we have described and you may want to ask some questions for clarity purpose. For this reason, we have made available detailed answers to some of the questions that we are frequently asked when we make recommendations like this.

Why You Should Choose Anchor Rings?

When considering a piece of jewelry that has some fascinating designs and the glamour of quality life, anchor rings are some of the best available to us. Being handcrafted and of high quality gives the rings a kind of aesthetic appearance and presence that catches attention.

These anchor rings are of high-quality sterling silver adorned with some gemstones and alloyed with some other elements which make them very durable. More so, they are versatile and are available in many forms, shapes, and designs which means you have the options of choosing whatever pleases you. The following are some of the things worth noting about these anchor rings:

Carat: The purity of gemstones in these anchor rings are measured by their carat. These anchor rings are designed with some beautiful cubic zirconium gem of at least 0.01 carats. As small as this figure seems, the treasure contributes so much to the alluring look of the ring.

Colour: Though mostly silver look, anchor rings are still somewhat available in a variety of colors. So, pick the one that best suits your bracelet.

Quality: Before getting any anchor ring, make sure you check for the constituent materials, you don’t want something that will peel soon after buying it. It will also help you determine if its safe for your skin. We advise that you should mainly stick with 925 sterling silver or 14K and above plated metal.

Which Anchor Ring is the Best for Me?

The answer to this question is relative because as individuals we have different tastes and favorites. So, for jewelry, just like everything else, you have your preferences. However, there are certain things you will have to consider before purchasing an anchor ring. For instance, some of the anchor rings that are available online are designed with materials which are harmful to the skin.

anchor ring

This is something you should pay attention to because you don’t want to end up buying something that will harm your skin. So, before you go for any anchor ring, check out the materials it is made from, the percent purity of the silver (92.5% or 925 are quite good). Heavy metals such as nickel, lead, cadmium are known to be harmful. You may want to avoid any anchor ring that has such elements.

That is why we have ensured that all the ten anchor rings we have selected for you are free of heavy metals so you can trust our selection.

How Do I Clean it?

Anchor rings are comfortable, safe and healthy to clean. However, there many certain anchor rings you have to be very careful when washing them especially any anchor rings that are plated with rhodium. For rhodium-plated anchor rings, avoid cleaning them with a silver liquid cleaner, but instead, you may only use a soft cotton cloth.

Alternatively, you can purchase a special jewelry polishing cloth made for rhodium-plated anchor rings. But for those anchor rings designed purely with sterling silver, you can use a silver liquid cleaner to clean them.

How to Take Care of Your Rings?

Most of the anchor rings we have selected for you are highly durable and are alloyed with some materials which make them suitable for any environment or weather. However, you should still take note of the kinds of situation where you wear your ring.

Edgewater Jewelry Collection

Rhodium-plated anchor rings, for instance, should not be worn when you want to swim or do some other physical activities. And also there are some of these anchor rings that are better worn when you are done applying lotion, body cream, body spray, or perfume on your body not before using them.

In that case, it is generally advisable to always take it off and store it away in a box or soft pouch before engaging in physical activities. If you feel the need to brush off dirt from the rings, use some soft cotton to do that. You may also give it to an expert for ultrasonic ring cleaning.