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Rhinestone Chokers That Celebs Love Wearing These Days

last updated: Aug 16, 2021

Rhinestone chokers can easily upgrade your fashion sense with their simple and stunning aesthetic.

As a fashion staple, these necklaces are designed to sit higher on your neckline and offer exceptional details to any outfit.

From fabulously styled celebrities on red carpets to stunning influencers, chokers are a beautiful way to showcase your style.

There are hundreds of chic chokers that you can choose from, some with elegant embellishments and others with casual flair.

Let's explore some of the most brilliantly designed pieces you'll love having in your collection.

Our Top 4 Picks!

1. Manokhi Rhinestone Choker Necklace

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Suede band

Swarovski crystals

Silver-toned crystals

Adjustable fit

The Manokhi rhinestone choker offers a giant step up from your standard everyday choker. This fashion faithful is sure to be one of the most stunning statement pieces in your collection.

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We guarantee that while wearing this choker, you'll be the topic of interest in the room. It's elegant while also adding an extra ounce of drama to a traditional outfit.

There's no doubt it has a little bit of edginess within its exotic detailing, especially with the silver-tone rhinestones.

You'll find that instead of being transparent, the silver adds an extra ounce of luxury. As an added benefit, it's absolutely covered in Swarovski crystals, dripping with class and elegance.

At the back of the choker, you'll find a comfortable suede band that nestles against the back of your neck.

2. Windsor Triple Threat Rhinestone Choker Set

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Varying sized rhinestones

Gold colored chain

Lobster clasp

Chain extender

The Windsor rhinestone choker set is exactly what we dream of when thinking of a modern choker. It's perfectly charming with a comfortable design that's easily wearable for any occasion.

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Affordable luxury is one of the best ways to describe this choker set. It looks expensive but has a price that makes it easy to add to your collection of jewelry.

If you're someone who loves wearing bling, this is the perfect accessory that you've always needed.

There are three strands included in the set, with the first choker showcasing larger, chunkier rhinestones.

Settled directly above is a thinner choker, adding a touch of femininity and class to the entire piece.

Our favorite piece is the top strand, which sits less than half an inch above the other two strands.

3. Lulus Chance to Shine Choker

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14K gold plating

Brass base

Cubic zirconia

6.75" total chain length

Quality is one of the most important things to consider when selecting accessories for your collection. The Lulus Chance to Shine choker has everything a contemporary and feminine choker needs.

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There's much to be said about this choker, especially if you're looking for a unique piece.

The brilliantly designed piece sits delicately at the base of your neck rather than being a standard high-neck choker. You'll find this style is far more comfortable than some of the popular ones at the moment.

This exclusive design features 14K gold, which contrasts perfectly with the individually set rhinestones.

The overall placement of each stone is unique as well, as they gently trail down from the main chain.

We fell in love with the cubic zirconia in this piece, which looks quite similar to high-quality diamonds. At a glance, it will be impossible to tell whether the necklace has genuine stones or not.

4. House of Pascal Love Rhinestone Slogan Choker

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Gold-tone finish

Brass base

Glass rhinestones

Adjustable chain length

The House of Pascal slogan choker in gold is an excellent option for a trendy piece of jewelry. It has plenty of ornate decorations that make it a funky and fashionable choice for casual wear.

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It's pretty sassy, especially when compared to more minimalistic pieces, but it's not too bold for everyday wear.

There are tons of rhinestones placed throughout the choker, arranged in perfect symmetry to capture the eye. At the base of the chain, you'll find four blinged-out letters that spell "LOVE."

If you're the type of person who carries love with you everywhere you go, this accessory is ideal.

The brilliant gold-colored metal contrasts stunningly against the clear rhinestones for even more dimension.

It's the perfect choice for someone who enjoys owning jewelry that pays close attention to details.

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A Note on Rhinestones

We love us a good rhinestone or crystal. You get the shine and sparkle of a diamond without the hefty price tag or questions on whether it was truly retrieved conflict-free.

Rhinestones are a net term that is used to cover a whole lot of crystalline beads and pieces. It can refer to glass stones, plastic chips, or a type of super-compressed sand. They are all sparkly but some come with higher quality than others.

Unlike fine gems, the term rhinestones are less regulated. For precious and semi-precious stones, certain qualities must be met.

Be it quality or chemical makeup, gems and stones included in jewelry are more closely policed. This is not the case for rhinestones.

Why ahould you buy rhinestone Jewelry?

We are never married to the idea that you have to spend the big bucks to get the fancy, real gold and real gem pieces.  

Costume jewelry, cubic zirconia, rhinestones, and plating look beautiful and make us feel just as glamorous as high-roller pieces.

Of course, we know the quality is much different therefore the pieces will simply not last as long (or, in the case of diamonds, forever.)

Wear what you love and we do not believe you should get wrapped up in real or fake.  The value is in the look and love.

Frequently Asked Questions

q: Does wearing a choker mean anything?


Wearing a fashionable choker doesn't have a specific meaning, but it can be an alluring accessory to wear. It draws attention to one of the most desirable areas of your body, your neck.

It's a great way to add a little bit of glitz and glamour to any outfit without having to worry about any hidden meanings.

q: Who looks good in a choker?


Anyone can look good in a choker, as long as you find one that comfortably fits your neck. If the choker is too tight, a tight fit can look evident while being uncomfortable to wear for extended periods. Your best option is to find an adjustable choker that you can customize to your needs.

These accessories are particularly great for women and men with short and long necks alike. You'll find that they help to elongate your neck by adding a little bit of dimension.

Also, they can help break up neck length as the embellishment can act as a separation.

q: Are chokers tacky?


When you find a perfectly styled choker, it's anything but tacky. These accessories can be worn easily on their own or paired with other longer necklaces.

There's no doubt that when worn with the right outfits, they can be dramatic, distinctive, and elegant.