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Rhinestone Chokers That Celebs Love Wearing These Days

Anna Anna 09 Mar 2021 3610

Rhinestone, crystal, and diamond chokers have always been a popular choice for red carpet looks. But with chokers surging back on the fashion scene, a rhinestone choker may seem a bit impractical if you are not a regular to movie premieres and fashion events.  However, we cannot help but try to emulate our entertainment heroes. Everyone from Queen Bey to queens of the runway has been spotted with crystal-encrusted chokers and we are all over it.

From a technical standpoint, a choker is any sort of necklace shorter than sixteen inches. This will put it at any spot above the collar bone. They can be worn loosely around the neck or tight across the throat. The nineties saw the absolute dominance of the ribbon choker around the throat. These days fashion seems to trend in all directions. It also points to layering chokers.

These can be ribbon, chain, or collars and still be considered chokers. Close cousins of the choker are bib necklaces which can be anywhere from fifteen to seventeen inches in length. Bib necklaces, however, should lay right where the collar of a t-shirt hits. Or, to say it another way, it should lay right where a dinner bib would drape. Bib necklaces tend to be far more ostentatious than chokers. They are often statement pieces more than they are combo-worthy. While they hit near where a choker lays they often drape farther down the body, like a bib would, hence the name.

beautiful rhinestone choker

The best way to take a rhinestone choker from pure drama to daily wear it to pair it with a less dramatic, less blingy choker. A length of ribbon wrapped loosely below it or a lace choker hugging tight above can take it from a night out to coffee shop chic. We love doubling up rhinestone and lace chokers. It adds sparkle to that killer casual outfit you have. Crystal and rhinestone chokers are also great to pair with loosely hung infinity scarves. You get the warm fluffiness of the scarf and the elegant shine of your jewelry collection. It’s the best of both worlds.

Our 10 Favorite Rhinestone Chokers!

1. Single Row Choker

Rhinestone Choker Necklace, Diamond Choker, Small Delicate Choker Necklace, BEST SELLER Thin Choker Necklace bracelet anklet headband Garter by custom jewelry

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Rosie Huntington-Whitely rocked the simple band of crystals and then doubled it. She may no longer be an angel but she was absolutely angelic in her choker choices. One band hugging her throat and one band kissing her collarbone and we are smitten. Truth be told we were smitten with her style before but we love her choker use so much!

Our recommendation for stealing this look is a handmade piece by an artist out of California. Custom Jewelry takes a selection of rhinestones and mounts them in a single row.  Select from yellow gold-toned setting work or silver-toned setting work. If you are wanting to borrow inspiration from Rosie, pick the silver. Use two of the same choker to get the full effect.  

Rosie Huntington-Whitely

We love supporting the handmade industry.  Even if the piece is not overly complex, there is still something wonderful above wearing a necklace you know was carefully assembled one stone at a time. It gives you a sense of security knowing that each setting was checked.  Plus you know you supported an artist actively creating in the jewelry community.

This choker starts at twelve inches and has a two-inch extender so you can go all-in by wearing one higher on the throat.  The second can be dropped down to sit gently at the base of the neck. And just like that, you are runway ready.

2. Crystal and Leather Choker

Lux Accessories Black PU Leather Crystal Rhinestone Circle Stone Choker Necklace

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Victoria Justice shows us how it’s done with this crystal and leather combo. Many of us grew up watching her on Nickelodeon.  Now we are hoping to steal her style. The three-banded piece works brilliantly with her deep plunging neckline. The hint of the sheerness of her top is almost as playful as the choker she chose to go with it.  It is this perfect mix of playful and alluring, whimsical and still a bit dangerous.

We are going to go ahead and up the ante just a bit and add rhinestones to all that crystal and leather. Created by Lux Accessories, these three banded marvel combines the ruggedness of leather with the elegance of crystal. Get Victoria’s look and pair it with a flowy top in a dark collar with a boldly cut neckline. If if you are not willing to pull off the deep plunge, a detailed sweet-heart cut or scalloped edge would work great.

rhinestone chokers

This choker combines the hard edge vibe with the black leather with the refined classiness of crystal and rhinestone. It will look great over a darker toned monotone look.  Imagine capping off an all burgundy look with some torn-up jeans, a flowy blouse, a fierce pair of pumps and a pea coat. The crystals will add a bright pop above the single-color look and the leather will add the edge the outfit needs.

3. Ribbon Choker with Crystal Charm

OSIANA- Womens Vintage Black faux Leather Velvet Ribbon Adjustable with CZ Crystal Pendant Necklace in Gift Box

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Queen Bey reigns supreme with an elegant black ribbon choker with a single bejeweled charm. She wore it with a slinky, black dress while pregnant with her twins. If that is not jaw-dropping strength and allure, we are not sure what is.

Now we are pretty confident Miss Beyonce Knowles is probably killing it in some actual diamonds. But she has Beyonce money to throw around. Not to mention all the designer hook-ups being Beyonce probably nets her.  Since we do not have Beyonce level cash or friends we are going to have to stay with the more affordable crystal and rhinestone option.  Have no fear though. It is just as fierce.

Our selection features a black velvet choker sporting a single flower charm.  Made of crystal and rhinestone it will glitter and glisten all night long. The vibe might feel very nineties but it is very on-trend right now.  Bey’s piece featured a square stone but we have selected a flower-shaped number. We love the visual appeal of the straight black ribbon with the pointed crystal petals.  

rhinestone chokers

The additional crystals and rhinestones in this piece give it a little more bling.  Luckily it does not push the piece over the top. Copy Beyonce’s look and pair this simple piece with an even simpler little black dress.  This choker will also look perfect with just a t-shirt and jeans, however. The beauty of a ribbon choker with a charm is it is as versatile as Beyonce herself. It can from casual to the boardroom to the dance floor with ease.  Really, this style of choker is a must-have piece and a staple in any collection.

4. Triple Band Rhinestone Choker

Zealmer Daycindy 3 Rows Clear Rhinestone Choker Necklace for Women

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Kendall Jenner has made chokers almost a personal style statement. Her wide band of rhinestones looks fabulous with a loose cut-up sweatshirt and messy bun.  If only we looked that put together on a coffee run! Her three line of rhinestones really gussies up the look. It can work the same for you.

Our find is a triple band rhinestone choker by Zealmer. The twelve-inch length with a generous three-inch extender makes it wearable for anyone. Try out Kendall’s look for yourself with an oversize sweatshirt or cardigan in black. The contrast made by the shining rhinestones and the casual darkness is amazing.

This piece would also hold up to a big, loud print. Chokers, in general, are perfect for that as they don’t have to lay across the piece and fight for attention. This one in particular, with the three rows of rhinestones, is bold in its own right. Luckily not so bold that it will steal the show if you pair it with a statement outfit. The three bands of rhinestones can blend or stand out depending on the outfit you match it with.


Another staple of any jewelry collection, this choker can pair with a slinky number for a night out.  Wear it with a t-shirt and a dark leather jacket for a bit of an edgier look. Try layering this one with a ribbon choker directly over the top of the rhinestones to tone it down for a date night look.

5. Crystal and Rhinestone Flower Choker

Pure Ziva 18" (16" +2" Ext) Inch Flower Floral Teardrop Shape White Clear Crystal CZ Choker Necklace, Yellow Gold Plated Base

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Staying with Kendall Jenner again, this layered look with flowery crystals and a stark black ribbon is perfect for her.  It’s perfect for us too! The jagged edges of the flower play nicely against the stark black ribbon and her skin. The sparkle of the choker and the matte finish of the ribbon are the perfect juxtaposition. We love that she kept the look monotone except for that little lowlight of black and highlight of crystal around her neck.

Kendall wears the layered combo with an off the shoulder denim shirt and stylish ragged jeans. You can emulate that style but this look will also work with anything that leaves the neck exposed. A cold shoulder top with a nice drapey, lightly cowled collar would stun with this charming choker alone. Add a colored ribbon and your best punk rock t-shirt and skinny jeans and you cannot go wrong.

rhinestone chokers

The rhinestone and crystal choker, when worn by itself, is elegant enough to stand up to evening wear look, even black tie. Black tie events can be particularly challenging to accessorize correctly when you do not have the same access to professionals. Even the illustrious Kendall Jenner does not put together her own red carpet looks. An army of stylists and designers beg, borrow, negotiate and coach the whole ensemble from the jewels all the way down to the coordinated pedicure.

This choker can stand up to the red carpet scrutiny so it is perfect for your formal event. And we would be hard-pressed to think of a dress low to mid-neckline this will not go with.

But what if copycatting the stars just is not your thing?  You want to rock the look but you want to do it your own way. We have you covered here too.  It is sometimes difficult to keep your own style when trends are set by celebrities. The best jewelry designers in the world can create the most perfect piece.  But if they cannot get it around the neck, wrist or head of a celeb, it may never see the light of day.

Jewelry aficionados the world over tend to mirror trends on the red carpet and runway. Even celebs do it. How many “Who Wore It Better” comparisons are out there? If you are the lover of unique pieces and one of a kind jewelry collector, it can be difficult to avoid copying.  This is especially true if you want to stay on trend but keep your point of view.

We understand and are here to help. Luckily, we have saved you a few hours of scrolling, digging, and researching. Here are five rhinestone chokers we think are star worthy but have not found their way in front of the paparazzi cameras yet.  

6. Rhinestone Bow Tie Choker

SpinningDaisy Rhinestone Playboy Bunny Bow Tie Choker

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This find is whimsical and playful. A rhinestone band joins in the front with a bow tie made out of rhinestones. Offered by SpinningDaisy we love the options on styling this. The choker is a twelve-inch length with an option for an additional three inches with the extender. This makes it absolutely perfect.

Because the bow tie represents quite a bit of bling this piece may try to verge on over the top of styled incorrectly. That does not mean it cannot be used well or for looks other than nights on the town. The piece can absolutely be worked into a work-ready business casual look.  

Wear a gently patterned button-up blouse and button the collar all the way up. Make use of that three-inch extender and wear this as an actual bow tie. Tuck the band under. Consider a small print flower with a puff sleeve and scalloped collar for maximum femininity. Use a pinstripe shirt with a stiff high collar paired with a vest to pull together that power suit look.

To add it to a casual look, once more we recommend making use of the extender and wearing it loose. Keeping it right on top of the collar bone and the bow a little floppy will keep it looking stylish. Too tight with a casual look and you run the risk of pulling a little to the Playboy side of fashion as opposed to Vogue.  

7. Rhinestone Grid Choker

Hunputa Luxury Womens Girls Punk Alloy Crystal Rhinestones Pendants Tassel Chain Necklace Wide Choker (Silver)

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The next one on our list is probably the least versatile chokers.  It is also one of the most stunning. A wide grid of rhinestones will wrap your throat in glittering sparkle. Crystal tassels drape above the collarbone for that extra punch of glitz.

Offered by Hunputa, this is definitely an evening wear kind of choker. With so many rhinestones and the bold net pattern, it might be a little over the top to wear at work. Depending on your overall style aesthetic, you might be able to get away with it paired with certain outfits, however.  Especially if you layer it.

We suggest wearing a lace or fabric choker underneath the grid to tone it down just a touch. It might also do well layered with several chunky necklaces for a very extreme statement piece.

Lastly, this is a wonderful piece of jewelry for a bridal suite. Pair it with simple teardrop studs to echo the tassels and a simple chain bracelet. The piece has a very crown feel to it. We know it will work perfectly with a strapless gown dotted with crystals or rhinestones of its own.

8. Plunge Tassel Choker

LIAO Jewelry 3 Row Rhinestone Choker Necklace Crystal Tassel Wide Collar Necklaces Gothic Diamond Charms for Women Girls

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This dramatic piece is another piece begging to be bridal. Three rows of exquisite rhinestones come together to form a long, three chain tassel. Dramatic and alluring it will work for most lower cut dresses.  

If you are not in the bridal market, this piece is still wonderful for evening wear or those dramatic plunging necklines in your wardrobe. It is a lot of rhinestones but the bolder fashionista can rock it.

We appreciate that the creators added a bit of textural interest. The middle row of rhinestones verges closely to being more crystalline. The chunkier, heavier crystals ground the piece and give it balance.

The long, sternum draping tassel will highlight the deep neckline of your dress and top, as well as draw attention to bits that deserve attention. Any sort of lariat necklace gives an instant alluring, sexy look. A lariat necklace dripping with rhinestones does it better.

This piece will also work in reverse if paired with a clever charm. If you have an open back or lightly banded back dress or top, this is a perfect way to add a new and unexpected twist. Spin the necklace around and drape the tassel down your spine. Add a pop of color that matches your ensemble with a felt or leather flower to hide the clasp. You will get all the drama of a choker plus a fantastic, original use of a gorgeous piece.

9. 3-in-1 Ribbon Tie Choker

SWEETV Silver Rhinestone Bridal Headband - Wedding Accessories Crystal Necklace Waist Chain for Brides, Bridesmaid, Women and Girl

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This one blew our minds just a little bit. Take all the sparkle and playfulness of a choker, add a pop of color with sheer ribbons for closure, and then wear it three different ways. This little wonder can be worn as a choker, a headband, or a bracelet and we cannot stop saying WOW!

Offered by SweetV, this piece truly is sweet. A band of rhinestones along the tops supports two scalloped rows of the same below.  Bolder rhinestones jut out along the bottom of the necklace for extra pops of drama and shine. It holds steady with the most adorable sheer, pink ribbons.  You can wear it with the bow to the side or in the back as it suits your look.

You can also wrap it into your hair for the most amazing headband. With the jagged little row of crystals along the bottom, it reminds us of those zigzag headbands we all thought were so hot in the 90s. We love every minute of it.

Finally, twist it around your wrist as a bracelet. Use one strand of each end of the ribbons to double back around and add a little bow on top. Adorable in every way, this versatile piece is just astounding.

It is glamorous enough for a night out but if you spin the bow around to the side of your throat, you can wear it with a blush blouse and jeans jacket for a perfect coffee shop date or window shopping look. This do-it-all choker is definitely our favorite on the list.

10. Infinity Loop Choker

Miraculous Garden Silver Infinity Rhinestone Choker Necklace for Women,Party Wedding Bride Prom Fashion Crystal Jewelry Gift for Her

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Last on our list is a charming four-strand choker. These four strands are woven into a beautiful infinity loop. The pairs of rhinestone-studded strands weave in and out to create the infinity loops. Each loop hugs a sizeable crystal.

Offered by Miraculous Garden, it is a mere eleven inches but includes a three-inch extender. This gives you the ability to cinch it up tight or wear it a little looser. Tight it will definitely scream evening wear or bridal wear for sure.  Loosen it up and it relieves a bit of the drama. Either way, it is certain to get a few compliments. And for the price, it really should not be walked away from.  If a three or four band choker is a jewelry collection staple, this infinity loop band probably comes in second.

This is another piece good for just about every look. It has enough visual interest to stand alone with an evening look.  Or pair it with a nice, wide black velvet choker and get an instant punch of sparkle to your t-shirt and ripped up jeans look.  We even love it peeking out from under the collar of your favorite power suit.

A Note on Rhinestones

We love us a good rhinestone or crystal. You get the shine and sparkle of a diamond without the hefty price tag or questions on whether it was truly retrieved conflict-free. Rhinestones are a net term that is used to cover a whole lot of crystalline beads and pieces. It can refer to glass stones, plastic chips, or a type of super-compressed sand. They are all sparkly but some come with higher quality than others.

Unlike fine gems, the term rhinestones are less regulated. For precious and semi-precious stones, certain qualities must be met. Be it quality or chemical makeup, gems and stones included in jewelry are more closely policed. This is not the case for rhinestones.

Originally rhinestones were produced from naturally occurring crystal rocks found in the Rhine valley. The Rhine River forms the Western border of modern-day Austria, also running through Switzerland and Germany. The crystalline pebbles found along the river bed and through the Alps valleys were used in jewelry and on clothing. This added sparkle without the expense of fine gems. Dubbed rhinestones for their place of origin, they became very popular.


In the eighteenth century, a jeweler named Georg Friedrich Strass created a way to coat glass with metallic lead paint.  This mimicked the natural sparkle of the stones from the Rhine Valley. This man-made version of the rhinestone was dubbed “strass” in Europe. They steadily overtook the natural rhinestone in popularity. Over time the terms became interchangeable. The word stress is almost unheard of in the United States.

This same coating method evolved in the hands of other glass-working innovators. The paint changed to a very thin foil and later a special type of vapor coating. Things like carnival glass were created with this new method. Other names for glass colored or coated in this way are aurora glass and rainbow glass. Their iridescence is the same “stuff” that gives rhinestones their glisten.

Other methods and materials entered the production process and today rhinestones can be any combination of materials. From plastic to pressed sand, the word rhinestones encompasses a wide variety of shiny, crystal-like adornment. Some rhinestones are cut glass and others may be made out of actual crystal shards.

Swarovski is perhaps the most famous crystal manufacturer. Based out of Austria they still use a method similar to Strass’s. These are the high-quality rhinestones available on the market. Other pieces may lack in construction, consistency, or quality. This means they will look good for a time but may lose luster over time. Swarovski is most skilled at making rhinestones look most like diamonds.  

Typically the lower the price point, the less likely high-quality rhinestones were used in the construction. Even with fine rhinestone, the glass or polymer needs to be cut with facets, just like real gemstones. And these facets, to get the best look, need to be at precise angles and widths. If the cuts lack the precision, the rhinestone will lack a little luster.

We are never married to the idea that you have to spend the big bucks to get the fancy, real gold and real gem pieces.  Costume jewelry, cubic zirconia, rhinestones, and plating look beautiful and make us feel just as glamorous as high-roller pieces. Of course, we know the quality is much different therefore the pieces will simply not last as long (or, in the case of diamonds, forever.) Wear what you love and we do not believe you should get wrapped up in real or fake.  The value is in the look and love.