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Cross Ring Selection for Men and Women

last updated: Jan 09, 2020

We have worked hard to find a different type of cross ring selection for men and women to wear.

We have literally used our brainstorming abilities to find the perfect rings that are versatile, unique and in different price ranges, from affordable to mid-priced.

Our cross ring selection comes in different designs - conservative, elegant, chunky and wild.

Any of our picks will add a bit of pizzazz to your jewelry collection and we promise you we made sure to select pieces made out of quality, durable materials which will not corrode or discolor in time.

So dig in, and start looking through our great cross ring selection for men and women. We know you will find at least on ring that will suit your fancy!

Our Top 10 Picks!

1. Black Bow Jewelry & Co. Diamond Cross Ring

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Sterling silver

Diamond-studded Latin cross

1/10 of a carat

You can’t go wrong with this bargain, especially when you consider that you’re getting real diamonds!

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This is a beautiful diamond ring that you can add to any stackable combination of rings. The band is a polished rhodium-plated sterling silver and features a shimmering diamond-studded Latin cross.

The 10 round, 13 clarity, H-1 color diamonds total 1/10 of a carat. Now this is a steal for the price.

This ring is guaranteed to fit together perfectly with all mix and match stackable expression rings.

The cross is prong set with round diamonds. The average weight for a size 7 is 3.25 grams.

All Black Bow products come in a nicely packaged light blue box with wrapped in a gorgeous black bow and include a money back guarantee.

Black Bow Jewelry includes free shipping. The cross ring is available in sizes 5 to 10.

2. Charles & Colvard Moissanite Open Cross Ring

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14 carat white gold

0.24 carat weight

Lifetime warranty

This beautiful pick is one of a kind and is a Forever One 0.24 CTW round moissanite open cross ring in 14 carat white gold.

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The sensational piece is another ring that can be stacked with many different colored gemstones to bring out the beauty of the shimmering stones. We think that an emerald and ruby ring that is stackable would look fantastic with this pick!

What we love most about it it’s the gorgeous open design which allows you some size adjustment since open rings are easier to slip on or off.

When it comes to moissanite stones, you’ll get 26 sparkling gemstones in total.

Moissanite is considered to be the best diamond alternative; it dazzles, shines and has almost the same hardness as a diamond - the main difference being the more affordable price!

You’ll get a lifetime warranty with this ring which testifies to its ultimate quality. It also comes with a 60-day money back guarantee.

3. Ruby & Oscar Men's Cross Ring in Tungsten

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8mm silver

Tungsten carbide

Now our 3rd pick is for men and it’s a tungsten carbide ring. The material is known to be one of the most durable and indestructible metals used for jewelry.

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It won’t fade, corrode, leave green stains or scratch. On top of that, it’s completely hypoallergenic!

The width of the ring is 200mm, and the height is 2,5mm. The style is a brushed satin, with a comfortable fit and a matte finish.

The cross motif is a yellow gold tone and it’s perfectly complemented by the solid silver color of the band.

We think this would be the perfect choice for those of you who are looking for a men's wedding band which is masculine, made with super solid materials and comes at an affordable price.

It arrives with free insured delivery and a 30 day-money back guarantee. You’ll get the ring in an elegant black box which will include Ruby & Oscar’s warranties.

4. Black Bow Jewelry & Co. Milgrain Cross Ring

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Sterling silver


Inspirational verse card included

This beautiful sterling silver milgrain cross ring is a simple design with a masculine look. It was made from rhodium-plated sterling silver and has an antique finish.

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It comes with a card with the following verses printed in English and Spanish “For God did not give us a spirit of timidity but a spirit of power of love and self discipline - 2nd..verse Timothy 1:7; The mind controlled by the spirit is life and peace - Romans 8:6."

The verses alone speak volumes along with the cross on the ring. This pick is an example of the faith God has in man and the gifts He has bestowed upon all men on earth to be strong and walk tall.

Keep in mind it’s 5mm wide meaning this is a chunky piece of jewelry that won’t go unnoticed.

It weighs more than 10 grams which is a bit on the heavy side but when it comes to comfort, it fits like a glove and won’t strain on your finger.

The Black Jewelry Box Company delivers it in a box with their beautiful patented packaging.

This ring makes a wonderful all occasion gift for that special man in your life. It can also be worn on a daily basis as an inspirational piece!

5. Charles & Colvard Cross Geometric Ring

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14 carat yellow gold

Geometric style

60-day return

Ladies, take a look at Charles and Colvard’s moissanite criss cross ring! This beautiful piece is what every woman would want in her jewelry box.

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It can be worn with different stackable rings and is a high end piece. You can mix and match it with other colored gemstones or stackable bracelets.

The 14k gold ring fashions two moissanite covered bands that are positioned to act like an orbit criss cross design. It reminds us of another worldly style that is one of a kind.

What we love the most are the 45 (yes!) moissanite round stones encrusted in the 2 thin bands.

As mentioned in one of our earlier reviews, moissanite is the best alternative to a diamond, being just as sparkly and beautiful.

The weight of the stones amount to 0.45 carats and in case you’d prefer another metal color, the ring is available in rose gold as well!

The bad news? It comes with an expensive price tag but hey, you’re getting 45 super precious gemstones so we think it’s worth every penny!

6. FLYOW Double Cross Ring

FLYOW Double Cross Ring
FLYOW Double Cross Ring on Display
FLYOW Double Cross Ring on Model
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Engraved band

Sterling silver

Size 6 to 8

This options comes with a lovely inspirational word engraved on the inside and stating simply ‘Faith’.

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So ladies, let this elegant piece be a reminder that brings you love, light and courage in your daily life to overcome the obstacles and accomplish your dreams in life.

It is available in sizes 6 to 8 and is adjustable, which is an added feature. This ring is also made with real sterling silver, with a very high polish finishing.

If you’re looking for a dainty option with a simple design that symbolizes Faith yet doesn’t come across boldly, this is your pick.

The ring arrives in a beautiful black velvet pouch for safe keeping. You’ll also get a silver cleaning cloth to polish it off after use.

You’ll be pleased to know the ring is one of the most affordable options on our list!

7. SilverCloseOut Sideways Cross Ring

SilverCloseOut Sideways Cross Ring
SilverCloseOut Sideways Cross Ring - Detail
SilverCloseOut Sideways Cross Ring - Full View
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Cubic zirconia

Stackable cross ring

Leather gift box included

This special pick designed by SilverCloseOut is a stunning cubic zirconia stackable sideways cross ring that will bring out the beauty of other gemstones when stacked together.

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The fine thin ring is rhodium-plated sterling silver with a 7mm width. The cubic zirconia stones are all round and this beautiful piece comes in a black leather gift box.

It features a prong setting and the ring sizes vary from 4 to size 11. The stones are so clear with the perfect cut that they glisten and sparkle with every movement of the hand.

This is a great buy and is affordable for all budgets.

8. Black Bow Jewelry & Co. Men's Cobalt Comfort Fit Band

best offer for today

Comfortable fit

Unique cobalt metal

Detailed budded cross

We have searched the internet for many rings with an unusual look bearing a cross for design. This one we selected because we love how polished, smooth the band is.

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The power driven ring is fashioned from cobalt known for its durability and beautiful features. We decided to choose cobalt because this is a bio-friendly material.

The outer edge of the ring is a flat, comfort design with ridged edges.

The ring is engravable, measures 8mm in width and is finished with a polish satin look.

It weighs 8.46 grams and looks masculine on a man’s ring finger. This is a chunky piece of jewelry and can also be used for stacking a thinner band on top of it. It’s also a good choice for a men’s wedding band.

The price you’ll pay for it is reasonable, but you might want to hurry and order because there are only 6 rings left and the sizes run from 7 to 13.

Free shipping is included along with a money-back guarantee.

9. Charming Jewelers Tungsten Wedding Band for Men

Charming Jewelers Tungsten Wedding Band
Charming Jewelers Tungsten Wedding Band Horizontal
Charming Jewelers Tungsten Wedding Band Gift Box
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Designed for men

Comes in many sizes and half sizes 4.0 to 15.5

Brushed silver exterior

Charming Jewelers designed this tungsten carbide band with a traditional beveled edge featuring a polished silver exterior and a smooth interior finish. The silver ring is perfect as a wedding band or a classy piece of high end jewelry.

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The religious jewelry inspired band stands for a divine marriage. The round shape comes with a smooth white finish and a cross around the exterior of the band.

It features a comfort fit for daily wear. It comes in all sizes and you'll also find half sizes available to choose from.

Charming Jewelers is proud of their modern and affordable designs that can serve as asymbol of love for a union or marriage.

Being made of tungsten carbide, the ring is scratch-resistant and hypoallergenic so perfect for anyone with skin allergies.

It comes with a 30-day money back guarantee and a free gift box.

This ring will fit any budget and is affordable for all.

10. Palm Beach Jewelry Men's 10K White Gold Ring

Palm Beach Jewelry Men's 10K White Gold  Ring
Palm Beach Jewelry Men's 10K White Gold  Ring Profile
Palm Beach Jewelry Men's 10K White Gold  Ring on Hand
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10K gold

12 diamond stones

Lord’s Prayer engraved

We chose this ring because it’s accented with sparkling diamonds and a cross with the message “Our Father Who Art In Heaven”.

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Even though it’s marketed as a man’s ring, we feel it’s quite unisex and would work well as a promise, engagement or wedding band for either a man or a woman.

The band is 4mm in width and is a solid 10k white gold. There are 12 natural, non-treated diamonds featured in a pave setting and the carat weight is 0.0600.

Another great plus is that it comes in a variety of sizes from 8 to 16. The weight of the metal is 2.5 grams and the weight of the stones is 0.060 carats.

When it comes to its price, this is a real steal and has a 5 star rating. The ratings come in at 100% and that’s great considering the price is a great bargain.

Evaluation Criteria


We selected these 10 cross rings to show you how reasonably priced and versatile they are and can be worn as everyday jewelry. You don’t have to spend a fortune on rings or jewelry in general.

However, for those of you who like fine jewelry, we also have searched and found some high end priced rings for different tastes.

We picked a variety of metals and Christian-themed rings. Crosses remind us to keep a gentle touch and have a warm heart, which many can forget these days. A ring with such a symbol can state what our true beliefs really are.

All options on our list are made to last, have high ratings and can be worn for everyday wear. Many of our picks are perfect as engagement rings or wedding bands as well.

Wear Comfort

The cross rings we feature were hand picked for comfort. Our selection is meant to make both sexes feel comfortable with the style and design of the ring along with the fit and the price of the option you choose.

If your budget allows, you probably have chosen a few out of our selection for purchase because of the flexibility in size, price and comfort.

We made sure that all of our selection of rings had a large variety of sizes to choose from. We want the ring you choose to fit your finger and slip on and off easily.


We have done enough research to make sure all of the rings we have selected are made with real metals that are stylish and durable and all the stones portrayed are true to their description.

We have determined that all of the materials used are all quality materials and withstand time.

All options come with a warranty and a guaranteed return in case there is a problem with the piece.The sterling silver is all high quality and durable along with the tungsten and cobalt.

The rings made from white gold and yellow gold are also made from real gold materials of the highest quality.

Many of our picks also come with pouches and gift boxes so they may be stored in a safe place.

Remember to keep your rings separate because the higher the carat of gold, the easier the metal scratches. Some of the metals on our selection are scratch resistant too!

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How to choose the right cross ring for you

You can choose to wear any of the rings from our selection to any events that you choose. These rings were selected for their versatility, comfort and style. You can always be the one to make a new fashion statement with the rings you decide to choose.

If you are into crosses, we have quite the selection for both men and women to choose from. If you are into shimmering stones and orbital geometric pieces, we have found the right selection of accented diamonds and geometric designs, such as options 2, 5, and 7.

How to choose the right cross ring for you

If you love to wear stackable rings, we have a selection of those as well for you to mix and match with other pieces you already own. The best options are 1, 6, 7, and 10.

If you love ridged and beveled designs on your rings, we have found the perfect picks! Some of the rings we selected have that antique, vintage appearance that many people crave to wear and our favorite vintagy option is number 2.

You can’t go wrong with the selection or the pricing so comb this guide and choose the ring of your choice!



gold and silver cross ring selection


cross ring for her and him


q: What is the importance of a cross on a ring?


The cross is a symbol that stands for devotion and faith.Those who choose to wear religious jewelry and in this case, a cross ring, do so to remind themselves of their faith.

A cross represents deep values so remember to properly cleanse and polish your cross as a matter of respect.

q: How long has cobalt been used for jewelry?


Cobalt has now become a very popular metal used as an alternative metal in jewelry for men.

It is especially common in men’s wedding bands, as a great alternative for white gold or platinum. There are so many advantages to this metal that it’s popularity is continuously growing.

Cobalt is mixed with other metals to give it more luster. The highly reflective gleam makes it hard to tell the difference between cobalt and white gold.

It does not tarnish or corrode easily so you don’t have to re-plate like you do white gold. Cobalt is scratch resistant and has minimum maintenance.


Rings are the most popular piece of jewelry for both sexes because a ring can help to express one’s emotions, believes and values.

The traditional rings have changed into more affordable and lasting materials like tungsten and cobalt and in our selection of cross rings, we made sure to include not only silver and gold options, but tungsten and cobalt picks as well.

Cobalt can be polished into a beautiful luster to resemble white gold for more than half the price. Both cobalt and tungsten can be engraved and both last a lifetime with little maintenance.

Diamonds are a girl’s best friend but men wear them as well, so we also have presented a very nice selection of diamond cross rings for both men and women and a beautiful geometrical orbital design bringing in the second decade of the 21st century.

Sterling silver, yellow gold and white gold are still very popular metals so we have included some rings with these beautiful materials.

Last but not least, the rings we selected all come in many sizes and half sizes and are very affordable.

Times are changing so quickly and science keeps finding new metals to use so people can find their own unique style of jewelry in the pieces they buy.

Have fun shopping and choosing from our selection of cross rings which include everyday wear picks, engagement and wedding rings!