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Shop for Layered Necklaces!

last updated: Sep 25, 2019

If you love the layered look, but are overwhelmed by all the possibilities, we are here to save the day. We understand your dilemma! The sky’s the limit when it comes to layered necklaces.

In fact, we found so many celebrities wearing them, the list is staggering. The layered look is “in” and trendy, but many of us have no clue what goes with what. There are no worries when you go shopping for necklaces. These combinations are a sure thing and sure to get you noticed wherever you go.

Our picks make it easy, too. You don’t have to go hunting for the looks you need, because they are at your fingertips. If you want gold metal, silver, mixed metals or colorful gemstones, we have you covered!

10 Affordable Layered Necklace Picks!

1. Choker Multi Chain Layered Necklace Set

Choker Layered Necklace
multilayered necklace
necklace set
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Environmentally friendly alloy material

Lead-free, nickel-free and chromium-free

Get four gold and pink necklaces in one with this Multichain set. The first chain is shorter and is considered a choker. The charm is a very small gold cube. The cube attaches to a jump ring which connects it to the chain.

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But, before that, there are four coral beads that cause this piece to stand out. The second necklace has a triangle pendant with a jump ring that attaches to the chain. The pendant has a stone in a bezel setting. It is a very pretty soft, pale, pink color.

The third necklace is simply a gold bar that’s almost an inch wide attached to a gold chain. The last and longest chain is an oval pale pink stone in a bezel gold setting. It attaches to the chain via a jump ring.

This piece is a fantastic buy. We are calling it super cheap!

We are happy to say that this layered necklace is adjustable! It comes with a 2.3-inch extender chain.

The base lengths are 16.8 inch for the cube chain, 17.7 inches for triangle chain, 22.2 inches for the bar chain and 24.3 inches for the oval pendant chain.

Add 2.3 inches, and you get 19.1, 20, 24.5 and 26.6 inches. It weighs 29 grams or just over one ounce.

2. Dtja Layered Disc Pendant Choker Necklace

Dtja Layered Disc Pendant Choker Necklace
Disc Pendant Layered Necklace
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925 Sterling Silver with White Gold-Plated or 18K Yellow-Gold

Comes in a gift box

30-day money-back guarantee

This is a dainty, two-strand layered necklace. It is made of S925 sterling plated in white gold and therefore is hypoallergenic.

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The first strand is the choker layer. It’s very simple and has only small, silver, 3mm beads evenly spaced on it. They are about an inch apart.

The great thing about this piece is that it’s adjustable because it comes with an extender chain. It is possible to get this piece engraved, making it a great gift!

This set is a steal. It is very reasonable and a good value for what you will pay.

The choker is 14” in length, and the extender, it is 16”. The longer chain is approximately 18/20” in length.

3. Wistic Bar Layered Necklace

Wistic necklace set
Wistic layered necklace
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Stainless steel coated in 14k gold


90-day refund policy

You get three in one with this beautiful layered gold necklace. The inside gold chain has tiny beads approximately every inch on it. The middle gold chain is attached to a gold bar on both sides.

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On the right side of the bar (as you’re looking at it) is tiny cubic zirconia. The last gold chain is attached to a gold disc-shaped pendant. At the bottom of the pendant is tiny cubic zirconia.

The CZ gives this layered necklace a little dressier look, yet you can wear it with all sorts of outfits!

The price is rising on this piece, but not so much that we wouldn’t classify it as reasonable.

Because of the extender chain type, you can adjust this piece anywhere from the shortest length to two inches above that, giving a good amount of sizing flexibility to it.

The length of this necklace is 14, 15.6 inches and 18 inches.

4. Lucky Brand Layer Pearl Necklace

Lucky Brand Women's Lucky Layer Pearl Necklace
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Lobster clasp

Faux pearl pendant

This is one of our favorite picks on the list. It’s a three-strand silver layered necklace. This piece features a gorgeous design and it's worth every penny!

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The middle chain is different from the other two. The inner chain is a cable chain attached to a silver bar. In the center of the bar, there is a faux white pearl in a bezel setting.

The middle strand is a silver ball chain. On the ball chain are nine small silver discs or medallions. The discs are hammered in the fashion that’s very trendy right now.

The outside chain is the longest and has one round silver pendant. The pendant is a hammered disc and larger than the discs in the middle strand.
All three strands are attached to a necklace detangler (the necklace detangler keeps all of the strands from getting tangled!).

This piece also comes with an extension chain, giving you even greater versatility for your length.

The price for this layered necklace is creeping up there a bit, however, we think it would make it a very nice gift (or you could even gift to yourself, it's just that beautiful!).

The inside strand is 18 inches the middle strand is 24 inches and the outer strand, which is the longer of the three, is 36 inches.

5. ACC Planet Vintage Layered Necklace

ACC Planet  Coin Pendant vitange Layered Necklace
Vintage layered necklace
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Gold-plated cooper

Hypoallergenic material

Comes in exquisite gift box

This layered coin pendant necklace is very pretty. It is all gold and sure to please you if you’re looking for something dazzling. The chains for all of the strands are the same.

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The long and middle strands have Canadian coin pendants. The pictures are of Queen Elizabeth II.

They are rather large, and if you want a piece that will make a statement, this is it. The short strand has a pendant bearing the resemblance of a beautiful female figure.

All of the strands have beads about an inch apart that go all the way around.

This piece is made from premium quality material. It is 18 karat gold plated over brass; it’s hypoallergenic and free of lead and nickel.

There is an extender giving you even greater versatility. And, it has a lobster clasp closure. This piece is great for any occasion and a winner when it comes to easy accessorizing.

The layered coin pendant necklace is affordable. The price is right in our sweet spot!

The length of the inside layer is 15 inches the middle strand is 16 ½ inches, and the third strand is 21 ¼ inches.

You do get a 3 ½ inch extender. This makes the average length of of3 ½ inches and anywhere in between.

6. PEIMKO Dainty Double Layered Choker

PEIMKO Dainty Layered Choker Necklace
Heart layered necklace
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Made in 925 sterling silver and finished in white gold

30-day money-back guarantee

We have decided that this silver layered necklace could be either for a guy or girl. It would make great Valentine's gift to give each other, showing your love and affection prove us wrong!

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It is two layers. The shorter, choker chain has beads that are spaced approximately 1 inch apart. The longer chain has a small silver heart pendant. It is very delicate and very pretty.

The layered necklace is made of 925 sterling silver. It is allergen-free and nickel, cadmium, and lead-free.

It also comes with a 2-inch extension chain. That gives you a little more variety in choosing the link you would like to wear.

This piece has a good price point. It’s not too expensive and should be pretty affordable to most buyers.

The choker strand it’s 14.5 inches, and the longer strand is 17.3 inches. This layered necklace weighs 3.88 gr or 0.13 ounces.

7. Michael Kors Double Chain Pave Pendant Necklace

Michael Kors Double Chain Pave Pendant Necklace
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Crystal, gold-tone over stainless steel

Rolo chain

Designer piece

Our 7th pick is a gorgeous, simple and double -ayered necklace featuring two individual pendants. It comes in gold and we all know gold jewelry has been the newest trend on the street since the beginning of this year!

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Both layers are separated by a detangler, but the detangler isn’t near the clasp. Each side of the necklace has its own detangler just above the collarbone.
The clasp is a lobster claw clasp (the easiest clasp when it comes to putting a necklace on or taking it off!).

Both chains are the same type. However, as we said, the pendants are different.

The pendant on the shorter strand is a disc that says Michael arched across the top and Kors that arches around the bottom. In the middle is a small cubic zirconia.

On the bottom of the longest strand is a round ball. However, it’s flat on the bottom. On the ball there are white cubic zirconias in a pavé setting and, there are lots of them. This means more sparkle!

The top strand is approximately 18 inches and the bottom is approximately 20 inches. Good news! There is an extender, which gives you greater sizing versatility.

8. PANDORA Layered Heart Necklace

PANDORA Layered Heart PANDORA Rose Necklace
Pandora layered necklace
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925 Sterling Silver stamp

Comes in original PANDORA box

Pandora has done it again! This layered heart necklace is made of mixed metals. That makes it really nice to wear with more of you’re outfits. Both of your chains are made of sterling silver.

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The shortest strand has a very pretty rose gold plated silver heart.

The longest strand is a silver disk with the word Pandora going up the right perimeter of the circle. The middle of the circle has a heart carved out of it. It is approximately the same size as the heart pendant on the shorter strand.

It looks as though the rose gold heart came from the inside of the silver heart. How pretty!

This layered necklace fastens with a lobster clasp. It is adjustable, giving you greater versatility with your necklace length choice.

The Pandora necklace is more expensive. It would make an outstanding gift for Valentine’s Day or Mother’s Day (however, it would make the best gift to give to yourself because seriously, it's just that pretty!).

The necklace is 50 cm, or 19.7 inches long at its longest. You can adjust it down to 47 cm., or 18.5 inches.

9. ZAXIE Silver Layered Necklace

ZAXIE Silver Layered Pendant Necklace
ZAXIE  necklace
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You also get a black jewelry pouch

30-day exchange and full refund policy

The silver layered pendant necklace is our favorite pic on the list. It is great to wear with anything and at any time of day. You can wear this piece with a T-shirt, a bulky sweater and a scarf, or a little black dress. Now that's called versatility!

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The piece has three chains and they are all snake chains. They are rhodium-plated brass and hypoallergenic, lead-free and nickel free.

The longest strand has a hollowed center ½ circle. The circle has angled sidewalls. It is thicker in the middle and tapers up to the top.

The middle strand has a pendant in the shape of an of teardrop. However, it has been slightly hammered.

The shorter strand has the same silver chain and a different pendant, also a teardrop. The teardrop is hollow in the middle but has sidewalls that are thicker at the bottom and taper, again, to the top.

The teardrop appears as though it’s been twisted slightly at the bottom of giving it a very pretty appearance and a unique design.

What you get is an extremely pretty necklace with three different and classy looking pendants. We just love it!

The price point is only slightly expensive. We would consider it to have a mid-price point yet be affordable.

The shortest length of this piece is 17 inches the longest length is 32 inches. It does have a 3-inch extender, making the shortest line 20 inches and the longest line 35 inches.

10. Fettero Natural Stone Multilayer Chain Necklace

Fettero  Natural Stone Multilayer Pendant Long Chain Necklace
Fettero 14K Gold Plated layered necklace
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Gold-plated brass

AAAA-grade natural stone

The three layer pendant necklace is a little edgy and a little new age as well. The longest gold strand is attached to s pretty, natural stone crystal. It’s different shades of purple and white!

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The middle strand has a pendant that is oval-shaped and there is no center but instead, there are five spikes that protrude from the perimeter. It also attaches to a gold chain.

The shortest strand has a small pendant in the shape of an arrow tip.

The whole set comes is 14K gold plated over brass.

This would be a great piece to wear for casual occasions and on an every day basis.

The price point of this piece is affordable, making it available to anyone on a tight budget!

The best part? The company behind this piece offers a 100% satisfaction and money back guarantee.

The shortest strand on this multilayered pendant necklace is 16.14 inches, the middle is 19.69 inches and the longest strand is 24.02 inches. The crystal pendant measures at 1.18 inches tall.

Criteria Used for Evaluation


We have quite a few criteria we use while picking our piece. For these picks, the main one was being an awesome and stylish piece of jewelry!

We wanted to show you pieces that were pretty and attractive. Let’s face it…if your layered necklaces don’t look awesome and don’t match anything you wear, you won’t wear them.

We wanted pieces that were going to look great on you and reflect your personal style. If it doesn’t coincide with your style, or the style that’s trending, you are not going to wear your layered necklaces, let alone purchase one.

We want your jewelry to be something you look forward to wearing, or it’s a waste of your money.

Wear Comfort

Another criterion was ease of wear. We didn’t show you anything too heavy and in fact, all were the total opposite.

The bottom line is, with our picks, we want you to be comfortable all the way around. That's why we picked pieces featuring a lobster claw clasp (the easiest clasp to deal with), and pieces with extenders in order for you to adjust your necklace set!


One other aspect was durability. We wanted to bring you items that were sturdy and, wore well. With the proper care, these pieces will bring you years of love and great wear.

We do feel that the layered necklaces trend is here to stay, so we wanted pieces that will last you a long time. Nothing brings more satisfaction than getting a good deal.

These items will give you great value for the money you will spend. When cared for properly, these picks will flatter you, wear well and last a long time.

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Style tips

The bottom line is, you don’t have to be a celebrity to layer your necklaces. You are already a star and these pieces will boost your confidence even further.

But, just so you know, we spotted Miranda Kerr, Alessandra Ambrosio, Zoe Saldana, Jamie Chung, Jessica Alba, Rhianna, Sarah Jessica Parker, Kate Hudson, and Solange Knowles wearing layed necklaces. And these are only a few of the Hollywood ladies we saw.

If you think layering necklaces is only for women, think again. We saw Perry Farrell, Zac Brown, Nas, Lenny Kravitz, Steven Tyler, Ed Westwick, and Cody Simpson.

Now that you know you can do it, be brave, take one of our picks and add something from your own collection to it. Or, go rogue and do it on your own.

When layering your jewelry, we have only one, ultimate suggestion. Be fierce. Have no fear. Ok, that’s two. But you’re gonna be great and look fantastic.

Pair your layered necklaces with...

If you are looking for wardrobe to wear with your layered necklaces, try these options. Grab a V neck T-shirt and pair it with an 18 inch plain necklace, a 20 inch bar necklace and a 32 inch feather necklace.

Or if you are in an evening gown, try a pretty stone choker that compliments the gown color and a black velvet choker.

You can also make it easy on yourself and go with our very first pick, a pair of overalls, and a coordinating sleeveless top.

Really, anything goes!

Other Factors to Consider

Jewelry Metal & Gemstone Quality

Now that you have the concept of layering your necklaces all figured out, you will need to take care of them in order to preserve the metal quality.

If you want to keep your pieces for a very long time, there are several guidelines to follow. Most of the guidelines are standard for taking care of any type of jewelry.

We can offer a few tips, however.

✓ Keep your piece dry and not wearing it while bathing or swimming.

✓ Avoid sprays, like perfumes and hair spray, and lotions.

✓ Try not to touch your necklaces a lot. The grease and/or sweat on your hands may cause discoloration.

✓ Clean your piece with a cloth or a jewelry cleaner (if the manufacturer recommends it) or a magic eraser.

✓ Always hang your necklaces to store them. Getting knots out of chains is stressful for both you and the chain.

Hang them on some a jewelry mount or store them neatly in a jewelry box!

Frequently Asked Questions

q: What’s an alloy?


An alloy is two or more metals combined together to give the piece added strength, or a greater ability to resist corrosion.

q: Why would jewelry discolor or tarnish?


This happens because of the pieces metal content. It may discolor because of a chemical reaction between your skin and the piece.

Or, it may be that other substances have come in contact with the metal, causing it to change color.

However, we made sure to pick pieces which are non-tarnish and corrosion resistant!

q: What is hammered metal?


For hammered metal you actually use some type of hammer. Hammered metal is a technique used to distress metal or create a wavy, bent or flattened effect. It gives the piece texture!

q: What is gold plated or rose gold plated?


Generally this means a piece was made of an alloy and is coated with a more precious metal.

When a piece is coated with gold or rose gold, it is less expensive than one made entirely of the precious metal.

q: Is it ok to mix chain types when layering?


Not only is it ok to mix, we recommend you trying it!

q: What is hypoallergenic?


Hypoallergenic means that the metals in a jewelry piece are unlikely to cause an allergic reaction.


Lots of things have layers. It takes a long time to learn how to make a layered cake and do it well. But when it comes to fashion, you are going to layer your necklaces with poise, being sure of yourself right from the get-go.

We have made it that easy; from here, it’s all up to you!