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We Found Affordable Dupes for the Love Bracelet!

Marianne Marianne 20 Aug 2018 6879

You must certainly have heard the phrase ‘love makes the world go round’, and what better way to express the emotion than to use an accessory that symbolizes “inseparable love”.

Love bracelet is just what they sound like. An exciting piece of jewelry that sets a tone full of love and romance, two of the sweetest emotions in the world.

Besides the fact that love bracelets are a very iconic piece of jewelry, its fashions statement is loud enough to get you to stand out from the crowd.

Add its multifaceted charm with a classic tone that gives a distinct signature and puts in on the jewelry collection of young and old, upbeat and classy, celebrities, and royals.

However, love bracelets are quite expensive since they are made of the most expensive materials you can think of. We’re talking diamonds, gold, platinum, silver, etc. So, affordability may very well be an issue right now—which is not bad.

You may have your school to worry about, family to care for, and even a business to run. So, their prices definitely mean you have to be super careful. But luckily, that doesn’t mean you won’t get to wear love bracelets.

In this article, we have for you a list of affordable replicas to help you join the ‘love bracelet train’. They don’t have cheap build quality, so no offending glances when you try to flaunt them in public.

Instead, what you may experience is jealousy. After all, everyone recognizes a love bracelet, how expensive they are, and what they mean to our partners.

Celebrities Seen Wearing It

kylie jenner love bracelets

With its charm and popularity, celebrities like Kanye West are such big fans of the article.

Even one of the trendiest and richest millennials, with about five on her wrist, Kylie Jenner, can be considered to be the best celebrity to point to when talking about love bracelets.

Older celebrities are also not left behind in this fashion trend with Angelina Jolie, Lindsay Lohan, and Salma Loyek also seen, donning these lovely (pun intended) bracelets.

How It Got so Famous

For one, most of the most popular celebrities we see now definitely didn’t start the trend. From a workshop in New York to one of the must-have article for many, how did the jewelry get so famous?

Heck, it was the most searched jewelry in 2017, so what’s up with that?

Heres what!

Founded in 1874, when we put no color in our pictures (except if you’re talking black and white), the house of Cartier was one of the best and most respected jewelers.

With designs that became the talk of the town for their inspiration and romantic accent, the house of Cartier quickly became the go-to jewelry for royals. In 1969, their fame had exploded all over town especially with Richard Burton purchasing a 68-carat diamond necklace (weighs a heavy 13.6g on your chest) for his wife, Elizabeth Taylor

. We doubt we’re the only ones that would want to be in that position. With their boat rocking the waves of fame, the house of Cartier introduced one of their masterpieces into the jewelry market—the love bracelet.

With a knack for transforming the beauty of ancient into modern, Aldo Cipullo, a young Italian designer at the house of Cartier, created the love bracelet, which became one of the most exciting pieces of fashion in 1969.

The versions made by Aldo during this period were not made with solid diamond or gold but were plated with those materials instead. That didn’t stop it from becoming a hit in the ’70s.

The bold and charismatic appeal of the bracelets attracted jewelry enthusiast right away. Royals and high-class citizens of the time accepted it, and it started a fashion trend that has continued to endure the test of time.

cartier love bracelet

Now, we have a particular piece of info for you. Did you know that love bracelets were made to replace chastity belts? It goes like this: whenever our husbands went to battle at the time, we had to lock our bodies in place like a clear sign of commitment.

We could only ever open the lock when and if the husband came back alive. So Cipullo brought up a new design, one that didn’t need to physically lock us in place while at the same time, gave a new meaning to the term enduring love.

See, the love bracelet forces them just to have to trust us.

This increases the trust massively, especially if he’s the one who bought the love bracelets too. And since it’s unisex, that trust goes vice-versa and easily increases the bond between you guys.

So, a lock mechanism made of a screw and lock is a love symbol that means ‘I’m taken’ or better yet, ‘You have no chance at all with me’ to us.

cartier love bracelet

Nowadays, the bracelet is made of solid gold, diamond, or silver. It’s expensive, which is right up the alley of many celebrities we have now.

Though some of those who wear the love bracelet is not attached to anyone, which is rather underwhelming.

It remains one of the boldest and most significant symbols of love today, and it’ll be very nice to have that kind of devotion shown to someone through the bracelet.

Why Love Bracelet Dupes?

Like the original, you should first notice the simplicity and meaning first. That’s what we did at the least since it represents how much we love and care for our partners.

To an extent that we’re not afraid of flaunting that fact to people. After that, we love the variety. You’ll find love bracelets in different colors, which you can combine with different outfits.

Or, you can go with matching bracelets with your partner, if you want to set a romantic tone for just about any occasion.

Next and the most important, we have the use of gold, silver, platinum, etc. in making an authentic love bracelet.

You like it; in fact, we all do as we get to show them off to both our family members and onlookers in the most subtle manner.

Though, you can be plain out striking if you combine three love bracelets. They know, and you know that they’re worth between $4,000 to $40,000 per piece.

That price is the main issue of authentic Cartier love bracelets. The price might just be an issue that you don’t want to deal with now.

You may, of course, have the cash (even for several pieces at a time), but your friends and family might not appreciate your expensive tastes in this case. It’s nothing bad, just that you have your priorities.

So, we can say dupes are the way to go this time around. You get durability that can keep up with your relationship, simplicity for the appeal, and the significance that literally locks both of you in place, and together.

Your Skin and Love Bracelets Dupes

When you hear the word ‘dupes’, you might be thinking fraud or fake, and thus, you should only buy the authentic—never them.

This is more so when you’re gifting it to close ones (your daughter and son—especially if you have twins!), as you’ll obviously be thinking of their opinions and safety in terms of the materials used.

Well, you should try to bury that thought. We know it won’t be that easy, considering what’s at stake. This is why we’ll be giving you a reason to do just that.

So, some dupes put your safety first by using only safe materials such as surgical-grade stainless steel and Sterling silver or 925 silver throughout. It just so happens that we chose love bracelets made of such body-safe materials.

10 Affordable Love Bracelet Dupes We Found for You!

With the history, the meaning, and the appeal of love bracelets, we think it’s time you see what we have for you.

We spare you the trouble of searching for a love bracelet that fits our definition of a perfect one. So here are some of the best dupes that you will find on an online store.

1. Z.RACLE 12MM H Buckle

Get It Here

Love bracelets are one of our favorites for uniting culture, style, and love—all in a simple form. With this Z. RACLE bracelet going extra miles by throwing in a twist.

It has the same shape as the original that you love, but then has an increase in height.

There are some of us who still won’t appreciate a straight out replica, but we still want to enjoy the feel of a love bracelet on our wrists.

The Z.Racle bracelet is that one! You should get it if your partner is particularly picky about such jewelry. It has a perimeter of 19 cm (7.5 inches) to allow it fit perfectly around your hand.

To put it on, it comes with the same type of screw and lock mechanism that the original Cartier has. So, it’s straightforward and extremely to use (just to your taste).

So, loop and lock your heart with your loved one and set a tone of commitment when you get two.

We advise one for you and another for your daughter to wear, especially if her wedding or graduation is upcoming since she’ll use this to remember you by.

You’ll appreciate that the base metal is made from 316L stainless steel, one of the safest materials for your skin. You can likewise choose from a variety of colors, specifically your favorite or that of the person you’re giving it to.

Four layers of the subtle rose are used to plate the bracelet, making sure that it lasts for a long time. That’s particularly a highlight since a gift should definitely be able to keep up!

Regardless of whether you wear it to work or it’s used casually.

2. GuqiGuli 14k Yellow/Rose/White Gold Bracelet

Get It Here

This GuqiGuli love bracelet might as well have been designed by Aldo. They look exactly the same, with this one measuring 7.5 inches around your wrist.

This bracelet is absolutely perfect if you don’t mind the fact that it’s a replica of the original. You get to pick from three colors, that can basically be broken down into silver, gold, and then rose gold.

We think you should get all three if you can. You can then combine them or, better yet, wear them with specific outfits!

It’s like this; if you have dinner coming up, we advise gold or rose gold since it’ll make you look ravishing! For a simple date with your partner or you’re on a trip, get the silver.

You’ll easily blend in at first glance, while you’ll catch attention on a second. If that doesn’t work, the third time’s always the charm.

Embedded in the bracelet are cubic zirconia stones, giving the bracelet a true image of graceful romance and love mastery rolled, hammered, and engraved into the masterpiece. For your peace of mind, they won’t fall out!

Which will otherwise beat the whole purpose of arranging a replacement for the love bracelets.

It’s a perfect piece to include in your collection, especially as it can be stylishly worn to any outing that you have.

3. Y.S.M.Y CZ Stone Bracelet

Get It Here

The CZ stone piece looks exactly like the Cartier one. So, it’s perfect for the occasion. It comes with stones set into it all around, a titanium band that can stand wear, and a layer of rose gold to give a luxurious look.

Combined, you have exquisite jewelry that you should buy multiple copies of. Use one and pass the rest amongst the family to represent unity and love.

It’s the perfect gift to your husband (or boyfriend) to show his allegiance, the ideal present if your children or close ones are moving away, and with the different sizes, you can even pick a pair for mother and child, as a birthday gift to either one to share.

Perfect during Christmas, where the spirit of love and sharing is in the air. You really have no limitations when it comes to this!

The bracelet has a 6MM perimeter for the comfort of your wrist. So you hardly feel its presence on you, though due to the posh look, others definitely will.

The best of all this is that you don’t even need to break the bank to look good.

4. Plazar Gold Plated Cuff Bracelet

Get It Here

A golden bracelet has always been a symbol of beauty on the wearer’s wrist. A love bracelet takes this beauty and soaks it up with love to give something that is simply just extraordinary. Both in looks and meaning to the people that mean the world to you.

The love bracelet doesn’t have enough modifications to be different from Cartier’s version. And we love it that way, especially since it doesn’t carry the same price tag.

So, this lush 6.5 – 7.5-inch bracelet is essentially that gift or next accessory to add to your wardrobe, that you’ve been avoiding due to the hefty price tag.

It has the usual stay-on screw designs. And also comes in three colors; rose gold, white gold, and yellow gold for you to pick from. It also has the cutest of stones!

Though, that depends on the option that you opt for. Just know that the ones with CZ stones encrusted are naturally more expensive, and they’ll be better suited as part of the gifts you’ll be giving to your mother on her birthday.

They might not know the price, but keep in mind that the thought counts a lot, and they’ll treasure all the same!

5. MVCOLEDY White Gold Plated Bangle


Get It Here

MVCOLEDY replaces the usual diamonds with cubic zirconia here. After that, the bracelet itself is gold-plated, which is needed if you want to make a huge impression with your partner (the public does not count here).

You can, of course, get the silver model if you think she won’t appreciate the shine. Some of us her humble like that, so you can go along and do that. It’s perfectly fine!

The 6.7-inch diameter bracelet sets you apart, and the strong build (stainless steel) makes sure you won’t be looking for a replacement for a long time.

She’ll even appreciate this fact, as everyone loves a favorite that actually lasts. On the other hand, you can leave it sitting pretty on that wrist of yours.

6. BESTJEW Love Bracelet

Get It Here

There’s no better way to represent locked-in vows and the affection between you guys than a love bracelet that looks the part.

Although it shouldn’t just be a piece of jewelry, we encourage you to wear daily and build enough romantic tales to last you several lifetimes.

With a distinctive design that borrows an ancient tool, this love bracelet from Bestjew should definitely be shared.

In fact, Cartier itself encourages that thought, as the love bracelets were only sold to couples at one time. They understand the meaning of being bitten by the love bug, and all the emotions that it brings.

The love bracelets are meant to lock you, your family, and friends together. If you have several besties, this is what you should buy to signify a strong bond.

Just looking at it on each other’s wrists will build bonds! Although it still makes a great fashion item if you haven’t found the right one yet. They simply set a tone with the gorgeous mix of CZ stones and the metals silver and gold.

7. Gift2u Titanium and Steel Bracelet

Get It Here

If one object were to represent your undying affection, it’d be a love bracelet, and luckily, Gift2u provides us with one.

It doesn’t speak, nor does it have any special feature. But its significance in proposing, coupled with a sweet valentine card is definitely a smooth idea that’ll leave your partner high.

Better yet, how about you buy two, own one and give the other to your partner. After that, make sure you have only one screwdriver!

That dependence, in any relationship, represents a deep level of trust and even dedication to each one’s happiness.

You can pick between rose gold, yellow gold, and white gold. The first two are perfect if you’re in the mood to show off a bit.

It doesn’t necessarily have to be with your partner next to you since it does bring in a lot of appeal. Choose the white gold type if modesty is something you’re not willing to part with.

8. BONUS: FHMZ Love Zircon Ring

Get It Here

This one is different! Unlike the bracelets for your wrists, this is meant for your fingers. We primarily included it to act as complements to whatever love bracelet you choose from the list.

It comes in two colors; the yellow gold and the rose gold. You can choose either one to go with the bracelets if you need a break from your wedding ring.

You can very much also ring your partner with this since it’s absolutely stunning in color and luster. Later, we can discuss some more expensive replacements for that if you wish for one. Though, that’s not to say this is in any way or form flawed.

The combination of titanium and stainless steel gives you the highest quality possible. We recommend this for your next anniversary, whether it’s your girlfriend or wife, and vice versa since it’s unisex. You’ll make quite the couple with this!

Screw and Lock Bracelet TIPS

  Putting on the Screw and Lock Bracelet

All screw and lock bracelet come with their own screwdriver. This specially designed screwdriver has a flat mouth that allows you to easily remove the screw that holds the bracelet to your wrist, or better yet, that of your partner.

You obviously do the opposite to get it on.

Though be careful, or it just might get stuck. So try as much as possible not to pull a Kylie Jenner when she had to storm into one of the love bracelet shops to get it off her wrist.

If you’ve lost your screwdriver, however, don’t panic, just go online and order for another one.

Style to Use the Screw and Lock Bracelet with

Here, we can comfortably tell you to go wild! Screw and lock bracelet, like the house of Cartier love bracelets, can be worn with almost anything you have in your wardrobe, to anywhere you want.

In fact, you don’t need to put in any extra effort before you get noticed with these beauties. Simply screw it on and go to any occasion that catches your fancy.

The love bracelets have become so popular on the jewelry market that all you need to do is step out with them. The only thing left is to combine the bracelet with any trendy style going on you’ve got and you will still be spot on.

Tip: Do remember that this versatility applies to everyone, you know. It’s perfect for those picky relatives, who just seem to have everything in their wardrobe. Love bracelets are simply perfect for their numerous styles!

✓  Where to Buy Screw and Lock Bracelet

Absolutely anywhere! Screw and lock bracelets are sold everywhere, from online stores to physical shops. If you are getting an original, always check for a serial number and brand name engraved inside the bracelet. Try as much as possible to avoid that!

However, if it’s a dupe, just make sure the material is good for you and you are set to start rocking the bracelet. Of course, you can skip the stress and just choose any from the ones we listed.

They’re perfect for anything you have in mind. From acting as gifts for anyone in your life to being worn personally.

Taking Care of Your Love Bracelet

Screw and lock bracelet are exactly what they sound like; they have a lock that can be clasped and unclasped by a screwdriver. The ones initially made could only be unlocked by special types of flat screwdrivers.

But that’s not the case anymore.

love bracelets

No matter, you still have to take care of your modern love handcuffs (or the ring) to squeeze out as much personal time as possible. Though they don’t need that much of a clean-up, to be honest.

You only need to do the occasional rub down with a clean and dry cloth to maintain them. None of that heavy maintenance through a licensed jeweler. So that’s another highlight, you get to save up on maintenance costs.

Wrapping Up!

We’ve gone through some of the best love bracelets dupes that we could find online and we dropped a lot of recommendations that you and that lucky guy will enjoy. You can even use them interchangeably with anyone of them.

So, from just using it to make a powerful fashion statement (despite the fact that it’s not that punchy if you don’t buy for two), to both you and your wife/husband, girlfriend/boyfriend, friends, and children (your family) wearing it together, it should be an instant favorite!

It’s a good template to represent your love, especially if you can even custom engrave your names on it.