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We Found Affordable Dupes for the Love Bracelet!

last updated: Feb 21, 2020

You must certainly have heard the phrase ‘love makes the world go round’, and what better way to express the emotion than to use an accessory that symbolizes “inseparable love”.

A love bracelet is just that! Besides the fact that Cartier's love bracelets are iconic bangles worn by pretty much every Instagram influencer and celeb that counts, it's also a true statement piece of jewelry.

However, love bracelets are quite expensive since they are made of the priciest metals and gemstones you can think of.

We’re talking diamonds, gold, platinum, silver; so, we get it. A Cartier's love bracelet replica is your affordable version of the original and to be honest, there are some replicas that look just like the real thing.

We decided to search the internet just to find 10 affordable love bracelet dupes as pretty as they come!

Our Top 10 Picks!

1. MVCOLEDY Jewelry 18 K Gold Plated Bangle Bracelet

MVCOLEDY Jewelry 18 K Gold Plated Bangle Bracelet
How to open an close love bracelet
MVCOLEDY Jewelry 18 K Gold Plated Bangle Bracelet on Model
MVCOLEDY gift box
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This awesome MVCOLEDY love bracelet replica It has the same shape as the original that you love, it's just slightly larger in diameter.

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It has a diameter of 2.36“ x 1.97" that allows for the perfect fit.

To put it on, it comes with the same type of screw and lock mechanism that the original Cartier has.

You’ll appreciate that the base metal is made from 316L stainless steel, one of the safest and most durable materials out there.

The stainless steel was plated with 18k yellow gold giving it a polished shine.

The bracelet features cubic zirconia stones which look just like diamonds but cost only a fraction of the price of a diamond.

These little gems sparkle like crazy and that is why cubic zirconias are considered a great diamond alternative.

The price is super affordable and the bracelet will come in a fancy white gift box!

2. Wewett Titanium Steel Love Bracelet

Wewett Titanium Steel Love Bracelet
Wewett love bracelet dupe
Wewett love bracelet replica
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The Wewett love bracelet might as well have been designed by a high-end jeweler. It looks so much like the original one, with this one measuring 7.5 inches around your wrist.

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This bracelet is absolutely perfect if you don’t mind the fact that it’s a replica.

You get to pick from three colors, that can basically be broken down into silver, gold, and then rose gold. We think you should get all three just to mix and match them altogether!

It is made of stainless steel plated with 6 layers of 18k gold. This means it's super lustrous and it won't stain, tarnish or scratch easily.

It features a hidden clasp mechanism that you will easily lock and unlock by using the screwdriver you'll get with the bracelet.

This particular piece is your classic love bracelet design and it's perfect for stacking with other gold, silver or rose gold bangles!

3. Designer Inspired Titanium Steel Love Bracelet with Swarovski Crystals

Designer Inspired Titanium Steel Love Bracelet with Swarovski Crystals
Designer Inspired love bracelet dupes
Designer Inspired Titanium Steel Love Bracelet with Swarovski Crystals  on Model
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This Swarovski crystal-embellished bangle looks exactly like the Cartier one. It comes with sparkly, colorless stones set into it all around, a titanium band that can stand any type of wear and tear!

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You can choose among 3 metal colors: gold, rose gold and silver. We particularly like the silver one as it looks so polished and sleek!

The stones are original Swarovski crystals and you'll find 10 of them encrusted in the bracelet.

The bracelet has a 6MM diameter meaning it will fit most wrists. It's also unisex so in case you're looking for a love bracelet that will fit a guy, this is it!

Along with the bracelet, you'll get a black gift box but no screwdriver since this option comes with a simple clasp that locks and unlocks by pressing lightly on it.

4. GDMSQ Stainless Steel Cuff Bangle

GDMSQ Stainless Steel Cuff Bangle
GDMSQ Stainless Steel Cuff Bangle on Display
GDMSQ Stainless Steel Cuff Bangle on Hand
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We just couldn't resist adding a rose gold option to our list and this pick has us falling in love at first sight!

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Again, it's made from stainless steel and plated with 18k gold. It features 5 cubic zirconia stones encrusted on the band.

It has the usual stay-on screw design and comes with a simple to use screwdriver which will allow you to effortlessly put the bangle on as well as take it off.

You can choose among 5 sizes meaning it will fit any wrist as long as you nail your wrist size!

As for the price, it's a couple of dollars more than most of our other pick but still very much affordable!

5. MVCOLEDY Heart Love Bracelet

MVCOLEDY Heart Love Bracelet
MVCOLEDY Heart Love Bracelet Detail
MVCOLEDY Heart Love Bracelet Model
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Now how sweet is this love bracelet dupe?! We think this is the perfect gift for the girl who loves romantic and classy jewelry (we're that girl and 2 team members just bought this piece!).

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The bracelet is made of stainless steel plated with gold or white gold, depending on the color you choose (yes! It's available in 3 metal colors).

What we love the most about it are the sweet hearts laser-cut into the bangle.

Between each heart design there is a tiny, brilliant cubic zirconia encrusted. So what you get is hearts & affordable diamond-like gemstones!

The brangle has a hidden clasp on mechanism that does not require a screwdriver.

You'll also get a 30-day return policy as well as a 12 months warranty!

6. Byqone Love Bracelet Replica

Byqone Love Bracelet Replica
Byqone Love Bracelet Replica on Model
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Back the basics with the most classic version of the love bracelet. No sparkly stones, no hearts, no frills. What you get here is an almost identical replica of the original Cartier love bracelet.

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Stainless steel made with 18k gold plating, you can be sure the bracelet is safe to wear even if you suffer from skin allergies. It's also tarnish and scratch resistant.

The bangle comes with the classic screwdriver you will be using to screw the bracelet together on both sides. Don't worry, it may take a minute but it's an easy job.

It comes in 5 sizes and 3 colors. It's perfect for stacking and we particularly like the gold version which we think would go perfect with a few other dainty gold bracelets all stacked together!

7. B.Tiff Diamond Love Bracelet

B.Tiff Diamond Love Bracelet
B.Tiff love braceelt replicas
B.Tiff Diamond Love Bracelet on Model
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We know this is a list of affordable love bracelet dupes, however, we just had to include this gorgeous replica which comes at a high end price.

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Even if you'll have to splurge a little to get this one, it's worth every penny!

It's constructed with surgical stainless steel plated with yellow gold, gold or rose gold.

It also features 2.4cttw diamond alternative stones lab-created by the brand. The stones are super dazzling and look just like real diamonds!

There's a feature hidden clasp you can easily push on to lock and unlock the bracelet.

This love bracelet replica is designed by a New York-based jewelry brand we love.

They're known for making quality jewelry pieces that are super safe on the skin and resistant to scratches and superficial damages!

8. Latier 'Always Be With You' Bracelet

Latier 'Always Be With You' Bracelet
Latier Love Bracelet
Latier Love Bracelet on Models
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We decided to include this option not only because we love it, but it's also the perfect gift that will work both for a girl and a guy!

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Made of 316L titanium, the bracelet features a unique, sweet message on the inside; it says 'Always Be With You'.

Unlike the original love bracelet, the outer side of the bangle is super smooth and polished; it does not feature any particular design which makes it unique and slightly different replica.

It comes in 4 sizes so you'll be able to get one for her as well as for him.

It comes with a screwdriver and features a lock mechanism just like the original option.

9. Pandora Explosion of Love Silver Bracelet

Pandora Explosion of Love Silver Bracelet
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We know this option is a little bit different but that's why we love it. And on top of being a unique piece of jewelry, it's a Pandora bracelet!

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Pandora has made its own version of a love bracelet and you can't deny it's simply fantastic.

It's made of 925 sterling silver which means it's super shiny and won't tarnish or scratch.

The bracelet features tiny cubic zirconia stones in pink and white. The pink gemstones are heart-shaped while the colorless diamond-like ones are round.

Instead of the lock on mechanism, it has a sliding thread type of closure which means you'll be putting it off and taking in off in a matter of seconds.

The price tag it comes with is slightly higher but hey, this is Pandora and worth every single penny!

10. Designer Inspired Numeral Open Cuff Love Bracelet

Designer Inspired Numeral Open Cuff Love Bracelet
Designer Inspired Numeral Open Cuff Love Bracelet on Display
Designer Inspired Open Cuff Love Bracelet
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Our last pick is again a little bit different than your classic Cartier love bracelet replica. We chose to include this beautiful Design Inspired's Swarovski bracelet because it's super thin and dainty and would work well stacked with a classic love bracelet dupe.

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Made of stainless steel and Swarovski crystals, it also features roman numbers making it quite unique design-wise.

Another highlight is the presence of a second, tinier cuff attached to the main bangle.

This second cuff is smooth, does not have any particular engraving on it and it's only slightly noticeable.

It looks almost as if you were wearing 2 cuffs stacked together instead of one. Interesting right?!

It's an open cuff so it's one size fits all. No screwdrivers, lock mechanism or clasps.

The price is super affordable and you'll also get a luxury gift box that works perfectly if you intend this pick as a gift!

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Screw and Lock Bracelet TIPS

Almost all screw and lock bracelet come with their own screwdriver.

This specially designed screwdriver has a flat mouth that allows you to easily remove the screw that holds the bracelet securely closed around your wrist. You obviously do the opposite to get it off.

Kylie Jenner love bracelets

Be careful when using your little screwdriver and make sure not to force the screws in when locking your bracelet.

Just think of Kylie Jenner and the time she had to storm into one of the love bracelet shops to get it off her wrist (yes, even the original Cartier one gets stuck)!

History background

Founded in 1874, the house of Cartier became one of the best and most respected jewelers in no time.

With designs that became the talk of the town for their inspiration and romantic accent, the house of Cartier was the go-to jewelry for royals.

In 1969, its popularity exploded all over town especially when Richard Burton purchased a 68-carat Cartier diamond necklace for Elizabeth Taylor!

With a knack for transforming the beauty of ancient into modern, Aldo Cipullo, a young Italian designer working for Cartier, created the love bracelet the same year.

cartier love bracelets

The bold and charismatic appeal of the love bracelet attracted jewelry enthusiasts all over the world.

Royals and celebs went crazy for it and up to this day, the love bracelet is an iconic piece of jewelry that never goes out of style.

Interestic fact...

Did you know that love bracelets were made to replace chastity belts? Of course, this was just the symbolism behind the design and we must admit it's such an original one.

So a lock mechanism made of a screw and a lock is a love symbol meaning ‘I’m taken’ or better yet, ‘You have no chance at all with me’.

love bracelets stacked

This is why the love bracelet is such a romantic gift for your partner!


We’ve included some of the best love bracelets dupes that we could find online and we think each and every option in our list is just gorgeous.

When you think about the original Cartier love bracelet, although beautiful, it can cost you up to 40,000$!

Now we don't have that kind of cash and just like many of you, we decided that a dupe works just fine for us.

Our list of dupes includes quality pieces made of stainless steel or sterling silver and with cubic zirconia or Swarovski crystals.

All options are perfect for stacking as well as gifting and if you decide you're not into the lock and screwdriver mechanism, we included picks that feature either a simple clasp or open cuff design!