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10 Marquise Engagement Ring Options We Think Are the Bomb!

Anna Anna 06 Apr 2021 2572

A marquise engagement ring is far from the most popular of engagement rings, but really, that’s just more reason to love them! The cut is a very unique option that stands out from the rest. The marquise cut is basically an elongated oval with ends that come together into a point rather than remaining rounded. It is very elegant and beautiful.

Many people boast about the marquise stone’s ability to create an elongated look to the fingers because of the shape. If you’re looking for a different option for your engagement ring, marquise rings are definitely a wonderful choice! Here are 10 different options that we hope you will fall in love with just like we did!

10 Marquise Engagement Ring Options on Our Must Have List!

1. Hafeez Center 1 Carat Marquise Cut Engagement Ring

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The first marquise engagement ring on our list is this lovely piece with a nice classic look to it. The metal of the ring is 925 sterling silver, but there is actually more to it than just that.

The silver used in this piece of jewelry is recycled. This doesn’t take away from the durability, quality, or beauty in any way. It does, however, make you feel that much better about this smart purchase! The recycled sterling silver is also plated with rhodium.

This adds an even nicer shine to the finish of the ring while additionally increasing overall durability. The marquise stone at the center is a brilliant simulated diamond, also known as a cubic zirconia stone.

It has amazing sparkle to it just like a genuine diamond but is much more affordable. The stone is surrounded by a halo of additional cubic zirconia stones.

These little simulated diamonds are very small and are actually set using micro paving technology. This gives even more sparkle and detail to the ring. The band is very thin and dainty with a rounded edge.

It is all very feminine and goes well with the classic look of the ring. The band also features more of these little cubic zirconia stones. They start about 2/3 of the way up the ring and then split into two rows on each side of the center stone.

There is a total of 72 of the sparkly round-cut cubic zirconia stones. The elegant ring box that is included with your purchase of this option is also made to be easily recyclable allowing you to more easily support the preservation of our environment when you are ready to get rid of the box.

Until that time comes, it makes a great storage solution for your piece of jewelry! There is a decent range of sizes available for this ring ranging from size 6 to size 10 and including all half sizes.

It isn’t our least expensive pick but is definitely a very affordable option that still looks absolutely breathtaking!

2. MABELLA Trio Marquise Wedding Band

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Here is a super fabulous wedding set from MABELLA! This set includes 3 separate rings – the main engagement ring and 2 lovely accent bands. The main ring of the set is where you’ll find the beautiful marquise stone that measures in at 1.62 carats.

This is another cubic zirconia choice, which helps to make it insanely affordable even though it looks like it would cost at least 10 times as much as it really does.

The metal of the ring is 925 sterling silver and the marquise stone is prong-set with 6 silver prongs evenly spaced around it. The stone extends out slightly past the sides of the particularly thick band. The band is rounded for a smooth look and features additional round-cut cubic zirconia stones set into the sides of it in simple but pretty patterns.

The band does get a bit narrower towards the bottom to help keep it in place with no spinning problems. The two additional bands that come in the set fit perfectly like a puzzle around the main ring. Each band features a cut-out in it that accommodates the pointy end of the marquise simulated diamond. This helps create a lovely seamless look.

The accent bands are also filled with small inlaid cubic zirconia stones to help match the center ring and create a ton of interesting sparkle. You can get the ring set in any size you want from 5 to 11 and it does also include a helpful free ring box!

The three rings all fit together so nicely to create a eye-catching look that is absolutely beautiful. The main ring could also be worn alone if you ever feel like going for a slightly simpler look, though!

3. Houston Diamond Marquise Ring

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Now, if you do have a larger budget and are looking for a truly gorgeous ring that is high-end and top-quality, this is one of your ideal marquise diamond rings!

Every bit of this ring is real and genuine with the highest quality materials available. The center stone of the ring is a jaw-dropping 1.6-carat marquise-cut natural white diamond. This sparkling stone is mounted perfectly with 6 white gold prongs.

The prongs on the pointed ends of the stone are even special protective v-shaped prongs that help to prevent possible chipping of your precious stone.

The entire ring is made from solid 14k white gold with a nice thick and wide band that not only provides a durable setting but also adds weight to the ring that adds even more to the quality look and feel of it.

In the center of the white gold band, there is a row of channel-set baguette diamonds placed flush against each other on each side of the marquise center diamond.

This creates a lovely reflective sparkle that draws more attention towards the center where the marquise diamond is located. Then, on the outside edges of the band, there are more rows of stunning diamonds, but these are round cut.

The different cuts of diamond add more interest and value to the ring while also providing multiple textures for a very pretty and intricate design overall.

If you prefer, you can purchase the ring in genuine rose gold or genuine yellow gold as opposed to the white gold. All options are absolutely beautiful with this ring.

It is available in sizes 4 to 9 and does offer half sizes as well. This is one of those unforgettable rings that is truly fit for a queen!

4. Palm Beach Jewelry 14K Yellow Gold-Plated Ring

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Here is another beautiful option with multiple different stone cuts that is much more affordable. If you need a less expensive engagement ring but still have high-end style, this is the right marquise engagement ring for you.

It is plated in 14k yellow gold that gives it all the beautiful shine of gold without the expensive price tag. The center stone of this ring is another lovely marquise-cut option.

This one is a simulated diamond cubic zirconia stone. It looks very similar to a real diamond with incredible cut and clarity. The stone is just over 2 carats in size, so it will certainly turn some heads. It is prong-set with 6 prongs spread around the stone, including two at the points.

On each side of the stone, you will see that the band features a golden staircase that flows down into the smooth sections of the rounded bottom half of the band.

The golden steps of the band are each filled with more cubic zirconia stones. The top golden stair on each side of the marquise stone is filled with round-cut cubic zirconia stones. Each side has 4 of the round-cut stones.

The second and middle stair on each side of the center stone is filled with baguette diamonds that are all set flush together to create a lovely smooth look.

The third and final step on each side of the ring is filled with more round-cut cubic zirconia stones. There are 3 of the stones in each side for this bottom step. Choose any size from 5 to 10 in this sophisticated pick!

5. Clara Pucci Marquise Brilliant Cut Solitaire

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From Clara Pucci comes this very sweet and simple option! This ring is about mid-priced. The band of this Clara Pucci ring is made from solid 14k yellow gold. It is a fairly thin band with a dainty and very feminine feel about it. The inside of the band is flat and smooth, but the outer part of the band is rounded for a softer look.

The band stays one consistent width all the way around lending to the simple and clean look of the ring. You will also see that there is a 14k stamp in the inside of the band for authenticity purposes.

Right at the center, there is a single stone making this one of the most perfect solitaire marquise engagement rings! The stone is a simulated diamond cubic zirconia stone. It is 1 carat in size and prong-set with 6 solid yellow gold prongs.

All of these details – the 1 carat size, the yellow gold band, the solitaire simulated diamond – come together to create a very nice classic-looking piece of jewelry.

The marquise cut of the simulated diamond gives it that one perfect unique touch to help make the ring your own, but overall it is very nice and traditional for anyone that loves that classic feeling! An elegant ring box adds to the value of your purchase and gives you a great presentation method for proposal!

It will obviously also make a great place to store your ring when needed! This ring also comes in a huge range of sizes guaranteeing that it will be a perfect fit for absolutely anyone.

The size range on this ring starts at just 3.5 and goes all the way up to 11. Not only is it a huge range, but the range also includes all half sizes and all quarter sizes. That means anyone can get a really good fit perfect for them!

6. Palm Beach Jewelry Sterling Silver Solitaire

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This pick is highly affordable and super unique. It has a really cool modern look to it that is very stylish and chic. This is another solitaire ring, so there is only one stone in the entire design. This helps keep it simple even with the more unique style. The band is made from solid 925 sterling silver. This is great for both quality and durability.

Of course, silver is very pretty as well! It goes excellent with the simulated diamond cubic zirconia stone of the ring. The solid sterling silver band starts out already fairly wide at the bottom of the ring. Then, it just gets wider and wider as you get closer to the top of the ring.

Then, shortly before the two sides of the wide silver band meet, there is a sudden break. Right at the widest part of the band, it just stopes with a flat end. This leaves a space between the two wide ends of the band.

What you can’t see – unless you take a peak from the side – is that the band instead continues down lower completing the circle of the ring below this open space.

From that section of the band, prongs rise up to hold the beautiful marquise cubic zirconia stone in place perfectly. There are 6 of these prongs to guarantee the stone is secured safely.

Because of the design, you get a really cool optical illusion that the marquise stone is just sort of floating between the two open ends of the band.

This ring comes in sizes 5 through 10 but does not include any half sizes. It is a great pick that is very chic and modern in regard to style.

7. Houston Diamond Marquise Engagement Ring

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Another unbelievably beautiful choice from Houston Diamond Direct is this Twisting Infinity ring! This ring is another more expensive option. Although, it isn’t the most expensive option that we have mentioned. This is one of the rings with the best of the best when it comes to materials and quality.

The marquise diamond at the center of the ring is just over half of a carat in size at 0.61 carats. It is a very tasteful size that shows the genuine white diamond well but matches the sweet look of the ring.

It is held carefully in place by 2 v-shaped prongs as well as 4 regular prongs. All of the prongs as well as the rest of the metal in the ring are solid white gold. The bottom half of the band of the ring is a uniform width. It is fairly thin with smooth cut edges.

Just over halfway up the band, the metal splits into two sections that curve and twist around each other all the way up the top half of the band. One of the two sections is just the plain solid white gold.

The other section of white gold has tiny genuine diamonds pave-set all along it. This gives a lot of contrast to the ring and the perfect amount of pretty detail.

If you don’t love the white gold, you can also choose the exact same ring in rose gold or yellow gold. Each version has a different feel to it, so you can easily choose the right one for you! It comes in sizes 4 to 9.5 including half sizes.

This is definitely a very pretty genuine marquise diamond ring made with a stunning design and high-quality materials!

8. Palm Beach Jewelry 14K Yellow Gold Ring

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Here is another great Palm Beach Jewelry option! This is a ring that just about anyone should be able to fit into their budget. Even with the low price, it is still a great, very beautiful, and well-designed option.

The metal of the band is plated in rich 14k yellow gold. This lovely gold is paired with cubic zirconia stones of high-quality that mimic diamonds in a very impressive way.

The center stone is a marquise-cut cubic zirconia stone that is actually bezel-set into the gold of the band with 2 v-shaped prongs that help to fully secure it and protect the pointed ends of the stone. The golden band starts out a medium width at the bottom of the ring and widens as it gets closer to the center stone.

About 2/3 of the way up the band, the band starts to curve up on one side and down on the other side. This helps to create a really nice asymmetrical design.

Several indents in the band at this point curve with the sections creating greater texture and beautiful detail. Within this, there is a channel with small cubic zirconia stones set within it.

This gives a break in the gold that adds a lot to the design. At the end of each side of the curved band, there are also 3 medium-sized cubic zirconia stones that are set similarly to the main marquise stone. It all comes together very nicely for a stunning pick that can be purchased in sizes 5 to 10.

9. Houston Diamond Marquise Ring

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Our final Houston Diamond Direct pick also happens to be among our most expensive marquise engagement rings recommendation!

This incredible ring set may be pricey, but it is highly luxurious and well-worth the cost when you consider quality and materials. This is an engagement set, so you are actually getting 2 rings – the main engagement ring and a wedding band that matches perfectly.

The metal on both is a lovely 14k rose gold. This is a very feminine metal that gives a soft and sweet look to the ring. The main diamond on the engagement ring of the set is a natural white diamond with a marquise cut.

It measures at 0.75 carats and is set with 6 rose gold prongs including 2 v-shaped prongs that help secure the stone in a protective manner. Vertical bands of rose gold that circle the main band of the ring flank the sides of the marquise diamond.

Farther down the main band, there are additional vertical bands. Between the sets of these bands, there are stunning baguette diamonds inlaid horizontally into the band.

These compliment the main diamond beautifully! On the outside of the baguette sections of the ring, you will see that there are round-cut diamonds inlaid down the sides of the ring as well.

The wedding band is almost identical to the actual engagement ring except rather than having the marquise stone, it has a place in it to accommodate the stone, so the bands can be worn flush against each other. There are also more round diamonds in the band.

All of the diamonds in this exquisite ring are real and genuine as well as GIA certified. Get it in sizes 4 to 9.5 including half size options. It is definitely hard to go wrong with such an impressive set!

10. Palm Beach Jewelry 18K Yellow Gold Cubic Zirconia Ring

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Finally, we have one more Palm Beach Jewelry ring and this one has something unique about it! This is our only pick with more than one marquise stone on it. This is another very affordable option.

It is made with metal plated in 18k yellow gold. The gold is very high-quality and absolutely gorgeous. The band is thick and fairly wide for a more high-end feel and look.

The outside of the band has a smooth rounded curve to it. It also has got a high polish finish that brings out the shine in a really incredible way. This ring has not just one marquise stone, but 7 marquise stones! They are all cubic zirconia that is high-grade with lots of sparkle.

The center marquise stone is the largest. Then, the two stones on each side of the center stone are just a little smaller. This pattern continues with 2 more sets with the last set, of course being the smallest.

The stones are all bezel set with gold on the bottom of them holding them to the ring, but they also each have 2 prongs on them. The prongs are nice and thick and all very even with each other to keep the symmetrical shape of the ring.

They are located at the pointed ends of the stones to help ensure they are secure and protect the ends from chipping. You can get the ring in sizes 6 through 10.

Celebrities with Marquise Engagement Rings

Engagement rings featuring marquise stones may not have the same popularity as round-cut, princess-cut, or oval-cut, they are still an incredible choice that holds a special place in the world of engagement jewelry.

They’re actually even well-loved amongst various celebrities. Check out these celebrities below that have received marquise engagement rings!

Victoria Beckham

Victoria Beckham, the wife of famous soccer player David Beckham, really loves her engagement rings. That’s right, rings, as in she has 14 of them!

Victoria Beckham’s marquise ring

Throughout the years, Victoria has created quite the collection for herself as just one engagement ring wasn’t enough. However, that first ring that she had that David proposed to her with back in 1998 was a stunning 3-carat marquise-cut diamond ring with a lovely yellow gold band.

Ashlee Simpson

Now if you want to talk about a really unique engagement ring, just look at Ashlee Simpson’s ring finger. Her incredible engagement ring given to her in 2014 by Evan Ross is one-of-a-kind. At the center, it features a 5-carat marquise-cut diamond!

Ashlee Simpson’s ring

The diamond is surrounded by inlaid ruby stones and the rest of the large ring and band is covered in 140 individual tiny diamonds. It is impossible to miss this incredibly beautiful ring!

Catherine Zeta-Jones

The biggest marquise diamond ring yet belongs to Catherine Zeta-Jones. Reports say that Michael Douglas spent a whopping $1 million on this ring. It features a whopping 10-carat marquise diamond that is uniquely side-set into the lovely ring.

Catherine Zeta-Jones marquise cut ring

You don’t often see the marquise-cut set sideways like this, so it just adds to that much more to how unique this ring really is. The center diamond is also surrounded by 28 additional diamonds in a blinding halo!

Portia de Rossi

The last celebrity marquise stone we want to share with you is the ring that Ellen DeGeneres proposed to Portia de Rossi with in 2008! It features another side-set marquise diamond – which again, is far from the norm.

Portia de Rossi’s ring

This one is a 3-carat beauty that is accented perfectly by plenty of tiny little pink diamonds that wrap around the ring in a very elegant way. It is definitely a very lovely celebrity marquise engagement ring!