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Ruby Meaning, Healing Properties & Price Per Carat

Briana Briana 09 Jan 2020 10119

Rubies are classic gemstones that people have worn for decades. While they may not be the most common gemstone, they have remained a fairly popular choice through the years, even as trends come and go. Helping them keep their popularity is their status as the birthstone for the month of July. But do you know anything about the ruby meaning?!

With their gorgeous, striking red color, it is easy to see why rubies have remained a top option in jewelry. However, besides their appearance, how much do you actually know about rubies? Do you know anything about ruby meaning, or their healing properties? If you are looking to buy a new piece of jewelry, do you know what rubies cost? If you don’t know the answer to these questions that is okay! Today is all about the ruby.

If you have always wanted to know the history of the ruby, or if it just happens to be a favorite gemstone of yours, why not learn a little more about its unique qualities?

In addition to learning all about the ruby, be sure to keep reading for important pricing information, as well as some awesome ruby jewelry that you can shop right now! 

Ruby Meaning

Let’s start with the basics: the ruby meaning. Where did it get its name from? Great question! The name actually derives from Latin and is the word for, surprise, red! The Latin word is ruber, and in English, you have ruby. Given that rubies are known for their intense red color, the name really shouldn’t come as a surprise. 

Rubies are one of the 4 precious gemstones, with the other 3 being diamonds, emeralds, and sapphires. Rubies are incredibly durable and in fact are considered the third hardest of all gemstones, behind only diamonds and moissanite.

Their gorgeous color and strong durability can help explain why rubies have been so favored for so many decades. These stones hold up incredibly well, and their distinct color has kept them popular. 

In most cultures, the color red is seen as one of the most intense and passionate colors. If you are looking for jewelry that evokes those same feelings, going with a ruby gemstone just makes sense! 

ruby meaning and properties
Source: Pinterest

Throughout history, rubies have been associated with royalty and nobility. Their presence across numerous cultures has helped to cement them as some of the most sought-after gemstones. Unlike other precious stones, rubies are only red in color.

While you will find variation in the coloring (more on that later when we discuss pricing), rubies will always be red, or on a spectrum from more of a light pink hue to a deep blood red. 

In fact, rubies are in many ways simply a red sapphire, as they possess all the same physical properties (minus color of course).

Given their popularity throughout history, they have been given their own name and classification instead of being referred to as a red sapphire.    

Healing Properties of Rubies 

In addition to their association with passion due to their red color, rubies are also known for several other healing properties. They promote a variety of positive and passionate emotions and actions like knowledge, wealth, love, and health. Rubies are also thought to help protect the body and the mind from spiritual or psychic attacks

Today, rubies are also thought to help focus the mind and aid in concentration, creativity, and overall energy. Overall, rubies are seen as powerful gemstones that help with a range of things from passion and love, to creativity, wealth, and even wisdom. And who doesn’t want more of all of that?  

Ruby Price

Whether you are interested in rubies because of their healing properties, their history, or simply because of their beauty, it’s important to know how much they cost! If you are looking to buy some new jewelry featuring ruby gemstones, you will certainly want to do your research to ensure you select the right stone.

Similar to other gemstones, rubies have a great range in quality, and therefore, in price. Like we mentioned earlier, while rubies are always red in color, you will find a fairly wide range in hues of red.

Ruby stone hues
Ruby stone hues, source: Navneetgems

Some lesser quality rubies will have more of a pinkish hue, where as deep blood red rubies are the most sought after (and expensive). These deep colored stones are also far more rare, adding to their value. 

Thankfully, rubies are nearly just as durable as diamonds, however they often cost far less. While the ruby gemstone is certainly an expensive stone, they are not as pricey as diamonds while still being incredibly durable.

They make a great option for an engagement ring or other piece of jewelry that will be worn daily. Keep in mind that certain, rarer rubies can be incredibly expensive. However, for more available rubies that are of good quality, they tend to be more affordable.

While there are a lot of factors to consider, if you are looking to purchase a good quality ruby gemstone, 1 carat will cost between $400-800 (and up) and a good quality 1 carat diamond will start at around $1,500.

It is certainly possible to find a very nice ruby ring, or other piece of ruby jewelry, for much less than the cost of a similar piece with diamonds. 

Shop Ruby Jewelry 

Are you interested in buying ruby jewelry? It is becoming an increasingly popular gemstone in engagement rings. If you aren’t shopping for an engagement ring, it is also a great gemstone for a birthday gift for those who are born in July, or for another romantic occasion such as Valentine’s Day or for an anniversary gift.

Specifically, rubies are the gemstone for both the 15th and the 40th wedding anniversary, so that is something to keep in mind as well! 

Here are some gorgeous ruby pieces that we are absolutely loving right now. Why not add one (or several) to your collection? 

Gem Stone King Created Ruby & White Diamond Engagement Ring

Gem Stone King Created Ruby & White Diamond Engagement Ring

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If you are looking for either an engagement ring or a special ring for an anniversary, this beautiful ruby ring is a great option. This is a gorgeous piece of jewelry for anyone that loves vintage inspired pieces.

Rubies look great with yellow gold, it gives off a wonderful warm, royal appearance that we really love. The side diamonds set off the ruby just enough to ensure it stands out and the oval shape of the ruby gemstone makes this ring unique, yet still timeless.  

Ruby & Oscar Trillion Cut Ruby Stud Earrings

Ruby & Oscar Trillion Cut Ruby Stud Earrings

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If you really want to show off rubies, a great way to do so is with a simple stud. It’s all about the ruby stone, and when you have something as gorgeous as this gemstone, you don’t need anything else!

These studs are a wonderful option if you want something simple, yet different from a traditional round stud. This trillion cut design is so eye catching and ensures there is a lot of sparkle from the ruby.

The sterling silver setting provides more contrast, giving even more attention to the rubies. We love these! 

Galaxy Gold Oval-Shaped Ruby Rose Gold Ring

Galaxy Gold Oval-Shaped Ruby Rose Gold Ring

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For a truly vintage looking ring, this simple halo ring is it. The oval shaped ruby is surrounded by white diamonds to help it stand out.

The rose gold band gives it a true vintage appearance, but as we all know, rose gold is incredibly popular these days, so it’s perfect for anyone who likes keeping up with trends but has a vintage leaning aesthetic.

Ruby & Oscar Ruby Tennis Bracelet

Ruby & Oscar Ruby Tennis Bracelet

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You cannot beat the elegance of a nice tennis bracelet. These never go out of style and are a staple item that every woman should have in her jewelry collection. Most times we think of diamond tennis bracelets, but why not go with this gorgeous ruby tennis bracelet?

What we also love about this bracelet is that each ruby is pear shaped- so unique! This is such a gorgeous tennis bracelet that makes for a wonderful gift.

Black Bow Jewelry & Co. White Gold Ruby & Diamond Earrings

Black Bow Jewelry & Co. White Gold Ruby & Diamond Earrings

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Looking for a statement earring? These ruby and diamond chandelier earrings are perfect. We absolutely love the unique teardrop shape of the hoop with the pear shaped ruby being the focal point in the center.

These are totally unique earrings that are perfect for an evening event. If you like getting dressed up or attend a lot of formal gatherings, these earrings are a great addition to your jewelry collection.

Ice Gems Sterling Ruby Red and Heart Ring

Ice Gems Sterling Ruby Red and Heart Ring

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Of course, we had to include a romantic heart shaped ring. Rubies are the gemstone of love, it only makes sense to take that all the way with the heart shape.

This is great as a gift for Valentine’s Day for any woman who loves unique pieces. Sometimes being bold is the way to go, and a ruby red heart ring is just that.

Black Bow Jewelry & Co. Ruby Necklace

Black Bow Jewelry & Co. Ruby Necklace

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Slide necklaces have been popular for several years now, and we love this unique take on it with the rubies in the center instead of diamonds. This is perfect for anyone who loves minimalist jewelry.

The rubies make this necklace more of a statement piece, but the simple design keeps it simple and sleek. 


Rubies are beautiful, fiery gemstones that are just as durable as they are gorgeous-looking. With their distinct red color, they have remained popular throughout history.

With the ruby meaning of passion, love, and wisdom, the ruby stone is one that is rich in history and is sure to be a great addition to your jewelry collection.

Whether you personally believe in the meanings and history of the stone, or if you just find rubies to be beautiful, you can still benefit from adding some new ruby pieces to your jewelry box!

Additionally, because you can find good quality rubies for a more affordable price, they are a great practical option to consider when purchasing fine jewelry. While a ruby gemstone can be incredibly expensive, there are plenty of reasonably priced stones out there as well that are just as beautiful. 

Would you consider having a ruby as your main stone in an engagement ring, or do you prefer to stick with the classic look of a diamond? Let us know!