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Stunning Swarovski Bracelet Picks We Want to Put on Our Gift List!

last updated: Feb 27, 2020

By owning a Swarovski product, you’ll always have a timeless piece on you.

What’s great about Swarovski crystals is that these come in a variety of styles ranging in different colored stones and designs.

There are no two Swarovski bracelets looking the same, and this is one of the things we love about these crystals.

We picked 10 gorgeous Swarovski bracelets deserving of your attention and believe us when we say; these babies dazzle like no other piece of jewelry!

Our Top 10 Picks!

1. LADY COLOUR A Little Romance Series

LADY COLOUR bracelet
LADY COLOUR collection
Swarovski bracelet
Girl with a Swarovski bracelet
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This Swarovski bracelet is a truly stunning piece of jewelry that you’ll want to wear all day long!

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What makes it unique is the differently shaped Swarovski beads; yes, you get a combination of square and circular beads!

This pattern gives it a very interesting design. What makes it stand out is that even though the Swarovski beads are colorless, when the light hits each bead reflects a color. The spectrum of colors reflected includes blue, purple, pink, yellow, and green.

To give you an idea of its size, the inner circumference of this bracelet is approximately 18cm / 7inches and you get an extendable chain 5.1cm / 2.0 inches long.

It has an adjustable, lobster claw clasp. The piece is made from sterling silver and is lead and nickel-free, so perfect for those with sensitive skin.

The stylish bracelet is being sold by LADY COLOUR. If you take a look at their website you’ll see they have a huge collection of jewelry, ranging from sterling silver, white gold rose gold and yellow gold.

The brand is also known for its unique statement pieces rather than minimalist jewelry.

2. Swarovski Crystal Bracelet

SWAROVSKI Crystal Bracelet
SWAROVSKI leather Bracelet
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Our next pick has been created using soft leather. What we love about it is that it includes crystal suds that create a beautiful sparkle across the entire bracelet.

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The leather and sparkle combo is just lovely!

We can also tell you that it is very comfortable to wear. The size can be adjusted using the two-snap button detail on the closure. The length is approximately 14.13 inches.

We love that this silk fabric bracelet will always feel soft against your skin. The use of poppers makes it easy to put on as well as take off.

It does not offer many extensions, which means it’s one size only, so make sure to check if its length fits your wrist size.

It has been made by a brand called Swarovski and is being sold for a medium price. If you take a look at their collection, they offer a variety of jewelry pieces.

If you don’t like this nude-colored bracelet, they also offer a range of differently colored silk bracelets.

3. Swarovski Twisty Drop Bangle Bracelet

Swarovski Twisty Drop Bangle
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This piece is unique in many ways! Firstly, the bracelet has been created using a rose gold-plated metal and features beautiful crystals.

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The metal has a smooth and shiny surface, which shimmers beautifully alongside the crystals.

The design consists of a double wrap bracelet and includes a single row of clear crystals across the entire outer edge.

What’s great about it is that it’s stretchy and flexible, which means it can naturally be adjusted to suit the size of your wrist.

Since it has been designed as a double wrap bracelet, when stretched, it won’t affect the overall design.

It features dozens of crystals, and a slightly larger crystal is also featured at the end of right next to the clasp.

This difference in size and shape makes the stones stand out. It also adds that extra bit of sparkle, which we love so much!

The diameter of the bracelet is approximately 5cm, so definitely a decent size.

4. Swarovski Crystaldust Bracelet

Swarovski Bracelet
Swarovski Bracelet on a hand
Swarovski Bracelet collection
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The designer, Swarovski, has really done well in creating a unique bracelet that stands out among the rest.

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One of our favorite things about it is the sparkle that comes from the bracelet. Interestingly, Swarovski has used a rolled crystal technique to create this chrome-effect color.

The bracelet has been lavishly encrusted with super dazzling leaves of crystals. It has been created using a rhodium-plated base metal covered in crystals.

The size of the bracelet is approximately 4.8cm in length, making it a good size. It’s adjustable, so no worries about fitting any wrist size; since it consists of a three-spiral wrap, it’s perfect for any wrist.

This gorgeous crystal bangle has been finished by including stainless steel crystal-capped ends at either side.

This super dazzling piece is the perfect accessory for an evening outfit or a little black dress!

The piece is being sold for a mid-range price by Swarovski, so once again, you’re buying this bracelet from the best brand when it comes to dazzling crystals!

5. Swarovski Emily Bracelet

Swarovski Emily Bracelet
Swarovski Emily Bracelet collection
Swarovski Emily Bracelet collection
Swarovski Emily Bracelet model
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If you like classy, minimalist jewelry that shines, you’ll love the Swarovski Emily Bracelet!

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It features a very simple design and is extremely elegant to wear.

We think it would make a special gift for an anniversary, birthday, or a Valentine’s Day gift. Whatever the occasion, this is a must-have piece of jewelry.

The bracelet has been simply designed so that it features individual Swarovski diamonds. The gemstones have been cut into a small circular shape.

When you look at the diamonds, you’ll be almost blinded by its sparkles and that is truly something special!

The base has been made from a rhodium-plated crystal chain. Rhodium is known for being a super resistant material, which means your bracelet won’t break or scratch easily.

When it comes to the size, this lovely accessory is approximately 4.33 inches in length and weighs 6.66 grams.

It’s not adjustable, so make sure to check your wrist size before adding this beauty to your cart.

The style of lock makes the bracelet easy to put on and take off without fiddling with it for ages.

This particular piece will arrive in a stunning blue box with the Swarovski logo on. This makes it a great piece for gifting!

6. Swarovski Slake Emerald Bracelet

Swarovski Slake Wrap Bracelet
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This pick comes in a gorgeous emerald green color. It’s the perfect choice to accessorize casual wear such as a simple pair of jeans and a white t-shirt.

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The gorgeous piece has been with a silk emerald green colored leather. It has then been decorated using a mix of green and yellow crystals that create a dancing array of colorful sparkles when hit by light.

The bracelet also features a two-snap button closure, which allows the size of the bracelet to be adjusted slightly. The button closures are made of a super polished silver metal.

As stated before, this is a super colorful piece of jewelry perfect for summer days and casual outfits.

You can layer the piece with simpler Swarovski bracelets made with colorless stones; we think the combination would look stunning!

7. T400 Blue Purple Pink Swarovski Crystal Butterfly Bangle

T400 Blue Butterfly Swarovski
T400 Swarovski Collection
T400 Swarovski Model
T400 Swarovski Bracelet
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If you like diamonds and butterflies, then take a closer look at this blue Swarovski crystal bracelet.

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Whether you have a friend or perhaps a family member who loves butterflies or you’ve been searching for a butterfly-themed jewelry accessory, this is a lovely gift to give to someone special.

Designed by T400, the solid bangle features the lovely Swarovski crystal detail that it shimmers beautifully.

In the center of the bracelet, there are two blue butterfly-shaped gems positioned one next to the other.

The butterflies cleverly capture the light, creating a beautiful sparkle that is pure perfection!

The metal base is 925 sterling silver and smaller, colorless, Swarovski crystals have been embedded all along with the bracelet.

The bangle also includes an extendable chain making it adjustable. It is a comfortable piece of jewelry to wear on your wrist.

This extendable chain features a lobster claw clasp, which will guarantee that your bracelet won’t come loose.

This stunning bracelet will also arrive in a pretty box, so there is no need to spend out on special gift wrapping and, you’ll get a free 30 days return and 12 months warranty. What more could you ask for?

8. Swarovski Crystal Crystaldust Double Bangle

Swarovski Crystal Crystaldust Multi-Colored Double Bangle
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This beautiful piece of gold crystal jewelry is so unique and will definitely brighten up any outfit, whether casual or formal!

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Similar to one of our previous Swarovski bracelet picks, this accessory consists of golden-hued crystals in a beautiful wrap style bangle.

The lovely bracelet also includes gold-plated capped ends, and this is a detail that adds even more sparkle and a lavished look to it.

We just love that it has been designed in a double spiral style. The size is approximately 5.5cm in diameter, and the length of it is perfect.

The design allows it to be adjustable. Whatever the size of your wrist, this piece will be a good fit. We can also guarantee that it will keep its shape.

The gold-encrusted crystals give this bracelet plenty of dazzle and that special wow factor that will make anyone notice you're wearing a fantastic piece of jewelry on your wrist!

It's simply stunning at it comes with a mid-range price tag so you won't have to dig too deep into your pocket to get it. Now that's what we call good news!

9. SWAROVSKI Pink Crystals Double Bracelet

SWAROVSKI crystal double wrap bracelet
Swarovski collection
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We’ve chosen a dainty Swarovski bracelet for those of you that prefer more delicate jewelry and also love all things pink!

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This is a stunning piece that offers plenty of sparkles; we simply love it!

The bracelet has been created using a rose gold metal and features five individual Swarovski crystals.

It includes three different colored stones, pink, silver, and purple. What’s great about this mix of colors is that they subtly complement one another.

When it comes to the structure, it has been designed with a small rose chain. The tiny links don’t draw too much attention but offer a strong base.

Even though the chain has been designed with a rose gold color it has actually been made with a gold-plated base.

An important feature that we need to point out is that this bracelet is 100% nickel-free and hypoallergenic, which means it is safe to wear for people with sensitive skin.

It also features a clever closure fixture. When looking at it, you may be surprised to find that the solid rose gold circular ball is the closure and not part of the bracelet.

This invisible closure is also magnetic, which means it will easily open and close. The magnetic fixture also makes it very strong, secure and gives it a seamless finish, which we love.

It’s also important to note that this style of bracelet is very versatile. It would look lovely on your wrist as the only bracelet but would also look great if you wore a selection of bracelets creating a layered style.

It comes enclosed in a soft luxurious velvet drawstring bag so you won’t have to worry about storing it.

My Jewellery Story has designed and created this piece and is selling fast for a super affordable price!

10. Swarovski Angelic Bracelet

Swarovski Angelic Bracelet
Swarovski Angelic Bracelet collection
Swarovski Angelic Bracelet Model
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We chose this piece as our last bracelet because we thought it was very classy and stunning!

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It has been created using a rhodium-plated metal, which makes it extremely strong and durable. It also won’t tarnish easily.

The design of the bracelet consists of colorless round crystals. The size is approximately 7cm, making it a decent size.

The crystals used have also been cut into a round shape. When it comes to the structure, it consists of a circular jewel in the center and smaller gemstones around the edge of the center stone.

The stone layering shows how much attention to detail has gone into this piece of jewelry. It also includes a simple clasp, allowing the bracelet to be easily removed from your wrist.

This elegant Swarovski bracelet is being sold for a high price, but we feel it’s well worth each penny.