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A Swarovski Pen! The Perfect Gift for a Coworker?

Anna Anna 27 Feb 2020 9177

If you’re on the lookout for a gift for a coworker, you’re in luck as we have a few super cool ideas for you. Our choice today is a Swarovski pen, and we picked this idea because of its unique combination of exceptional aesthetic appeal, functionality, and most importantly, the sentimental value it holds if it’s used as a gift. In this review, we’ve chosen 10 of the best Swarovski pens for you to consider.

Have a read through their features to decide which one you like the best and the pick that would be best suited for a colleague that’s celebrating a special event in their life.

10 Swarovski Pens We Really Really Love!

1. Swarovski Crystalline Rose Gold Ballpoint Pen

Swarovski Crystalline Rose Gold Ballpoint Pen

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Swarovski does understand the inner workings of making a pen, and this accessory goes a long way in proving just that. First, it’s a ballpoint pen that’s made out of metal and then electro-plated with 18K rose gold. The gold is only applicable to selected parts of the pen: the tip, grip, and clip.

As for the barrel, Swarovski’s signature crystalline design is boldly showcased. The barrel is filled with up to 540 crystals to add a bit of class and extra sparkle which will bedazzle anyone holding this marvelous accessory.

In addition to everything we’ve mentioned, the pen is like any other, in the sense that you open the pen at the central ring to replace the ink cartridge.

A small pouch is additionally included with it which makes gifting it easier. Other than that, the ballpoint also feels superb to write with since it’s top-notch quality and ensures smooth writing.

This isn’t only a functional and sentimental piece, it’s also a statement pen that’ll subtly flatter anyone using it (in this case, the coworker you are shopping for!).

2. Swarovski Pitch Black Pen

Swarovski Pitch Black Pen


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When it comes to the third option on our list, we decided to go for a piece that’s more inconspicuous than the the last two picks.

This is also a ballpoint pen with a high-quality ink cartridge that you’ll have to change periodically. As usual, we also recommend you purchase a few of the refills to gift together with the pen.

Having said that, let’s focus on the design. We particularly love the way the black lacquered surface of the pen contrasts with the chrome-finished tip and clip. But perhaps the best part of this pen is the barrel; it’s filled with 540 Swarovski crystals to add in that bit of elegance.

The pen glides on the paper super smoothly with the ballpoint in exceptional condition to work for a long long time!

Finally, you’ll get this beauty together with a pouch which makes gifting it easier. In terms of value, this Swarovski pen is an easy way to ensure your coworker always works in style.

It also works as a little souvenir gift in case you’re looking to buy something for a colleague who is leaving their current job.

3. Swarovski White Ballpoint Pen

Swarovski White Ballpoint Pen

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This is another pen from Swarovski, and it retains the original design though in another hue. It is entirely crafted from metal with the grip featuring a white pearl color that contrasts really well with the chrome-finished tip and clip.

As with our previous picks, the barrel is also filled with 540 Swarovski crystals. On the inside, you’ll find the cartridge and you only need to twist the middle to access it in case a replacement is needed.

This pick doesn’t come with a pouch but it does arrive wrapped in a small rectangular box which showcases the brand’s logo. We recommend you buy a leather case to actually hold the pen when it’s not in use since it’ll hugely help with protecting the little crystals encrusted on the surface.

The color of the ink is black, and writing with it is incredibly smooth. Lastly, the pen isn’t too cheap, but the fact that it can rival higher-priced Swarovski pens makes us want to ignore the price and add it to our shopping cart!

4. Maranda Ti ROSE GOLD Crystal Pen

Maranda Ti ROSE GOLD Crystal Pen

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When it comes to our top picks, Maranda Ti’s Swarovski crystal pen is here for multiple reasons. For one, the pen is cast in a metal that’s plated with rose gold to create a durable and beautiful piece.

On the part where you grip the pen, you’ll also find that it has Swarovski crystals sprinkled in order to add a bit of appeal and extra sparkle to such an everyday item as a simple pen. This style is adopted from the brand Swarovski and it’s called the Crystalline technique.

That said, this is a ballpoint pen which means you’ll have to refill the ink periodically. So if you’re shopping for a gift for your coworker, we recommend buying some refills to go with it.

Some other features that you should know about include its dimension. The pen weighs 22 grams, with the weight adequately distributed throughout the 13.75 cm length.

A matching pink gift box and rose gold leather case are also included in the package. In the case of the former, you really only need to wrap the gift up while the latter is a case that protects the pen whenever it’s not in use.

Despite the super cute features, the price may need some getting used to but we promise you it’s worth every penny.

5. Crystalline Stardust

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This is the perfect gift for any female coworker who you need to congratulate on a promotion or perhaps a job well-done. The pen, unlike other Swarovski variants, is lacquered in light green with the tip, clip, and the twist mechanism (central ring) plated with rose gold.

This time the grip is filled with 540 Swarovski crystals (in previous picks the Swarovski crystals were always featured on the barrel), and it adds a whole lot of appeal to the overall look.

The dimensions are 5¼ x ⅜ inches, and just like for all of our other picks, you need to twist the central ring to access the refillable cartridges.

The pen comes packaged inside a pouch which means and you only need to wrap it up and you have the perfect little gift ready to be handed out.

All-in-all, this pen works both a functional and sentimental piece of accessory which happens to also look stunning!

6. Swarovski Heart Charm Ballpoint

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This option is quite different for all other the other picks featured on our list. Starting with the design, the pen is made out of metal with different parts featuring a number of colors to create a soft tone.

The grip is lacquered in pink while the tip and clip have a metallic finish. As for the barrel, it’s filled up with up the usual 540 Swarovski crystals.

The highlight of the design is actually the cap at the top which suspends a CUTE, embellished with pavés heart charm with pink epoxy.

The choice in design makes this the choice for a female colleague. From the symbol of love to the pink color, this super sweet accessory has that whole girly-themed vibe going on.

Other features of the ring include the accessibility (open the central ring to change the ink cartridge), a great build quality, smooth writing, and the inclusion of a felt pouch by the manufacturer.

7. Swarovski Gold/Lilac Stardust

Swarovski Gold/Lilac Stardust Pen

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By now, we think you get the idea that Swarovski makes the best luxurious, but affordable pens out there. This piece is also made out of metal, but the choice in hue is a gold/light lilac scheme.

The pen’s barrel is colored in light lilac, while the tip, center ring, and clip are electro-plated with 18K rose gold. The main design feature is the use of Swarovski crystals, which are encased at the grip (courtesy of the brand’s iconic Crystalline technique).

The size is 5¼ x ⅜ inches making it quite comfortable to hold and smooth to write with. This option also comes in a felt pouch which means you won’t be spending any additional pennies for a protective case.

With this pick, luxury meets functionality to create a feminine-themed pen to give to your female colleagues who love super cute office accessories!

8. Swarovski Crystal Black and Gold Pen

Swarovski Crystal Black and Gold Pen

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Coined as the Stardust Black Rose pen by Swarovski, this pick acts as a fashion statement, sentimental object as well as the ultimate desk accessory for any boss lady out there.

The pen showcases a black and gold color scheme to create a formal but elegant appeal. In terms of design, the barrel is a lacquered in black while the gold clip, tip, and central ring act as accents. That said, the highlight is the part that you grip and it’s filled with tiny Swarovski crystals that make for a bold statement.

Writing with this pen is easy and smooth since it features a high-grade ballpoint. You’ll hardly notice yourself moving your hand as the pen seamlessly allows you to transition between words.

It comes in a pouch so there’s no need to buy any gifting box (just wrap it up).

9. The Blue Pen

The Blue Swarovski Pen

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This option combines the use of metal in the form of the frame with tiny Swarovski crystals. Starting from the grip, it’s colored and lacquered in light blue while the clip, center ring, and tip are all metallic silver.

Where things start getting interesting is that instead of using white Swarovski crystals like all of our other picks on the list, the choice here is blue crystals and these sparkly stones blend really well with the overall color scheme of the pen.

The pen’s ink flow is consistent and super smooth. It comes in a felt pouch and the price is super affordable when you consider the super intricate design and the quality of this particular option.

10. Swarovski Fuchsia

Swarovski Pen - Fuchsia

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This option is similar to our previous pick since it features the same type of design. Here though the choice in color is fuchsia which is a combination of purple and red to form an almost-pink hue. This super bold color applies to the grip of them as well as the Swarovski crystals (540 in total).

As for the other parts such as the tip, clip, and central ring, these are all lacquered in metallic silver. This particular color combination is one of our favorite on this list and the perfect choice for someone who likes all things bold!

This pen too will arrive in a felt pouch and measures 5¼ x ⅜ inches. Writing with it allows for a smooth movement on the paper and the quality of the ink is superb. The perfect pen for a boss lady or anyone promotes to a managerial role!

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does it cost to get one?

These are relatively cheap. It will cost you around $20 to $50 (for those ones that are plated with 18K gold).

How do you use it?

Using it is pretty simple; you just twist the top to extend the ballpoint tip, and you reverse it to retract the tip.

How long will an ink cartridge last?

There’s no definite amount of time that we can say an ink cartridge will last for. Ink cartridges typically last 6 to 10 pages, with all the lines filled up.

If you press hard while writing, don’t be surprised that the ink cartridge doesn’t last as long as the range we provided above.

Likewise, your environment can play a huge part in how the ink behaves. During winters, you may notice that the ink dries up incredibly fast, though the overall loss shouldn’t exceed 10% at the maximum.

Swarovski crystal diamond pen
Swarovski crystal diamond pen

Depending on where you keep your ink cartridges, its lifespan may be affected. For instance, if you keep unused ink cartridges where there’s a lot of air circulation and UV light, the ink might only last for about 6 months.

That’s why we recommend the unused ink cartridges to be kept in airtight spaces and away from UV light exposure.

How do you change the refill in a Swarovski pen?

As for maintenance (in the form of changing the ink cartridges), you twist the center ring to access the cartridge and replace it.

Where to buy refills?

You can head over to Amazon as you will find a large selection of refills in various colors and sizes.