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Topaz Stone, Meaning & Our Jewelry Picks!

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Topaz is a versatile gemstone for sure. It comes in a good variety of colors ranging from clear or colorless to pale blue, soft pink, bright orange, or even brown.

Pure topaz is colorless and the most common form around. Different impurities within the stone are what allow it to occur in so many different colors and shades. The most sought-after variety of topaz is referred to as Imperial Topaz. This is a bright orange, sometimes almost peachy color. It makes for a beautiful and bright gemstone perfect for jewelry.

Blue topaz doesn’t often occur naturally, but clear topaz is often treated to achieve the blue color. This doesn’t take away from it being considered real topaz and is part of the reason that blue topaz, specifically, has become quite popular on the market. Some blue forms can resemble aquamarine so well that you can’t tell the difference with the naked eye.

This gives a good, affordable alternative to aquamarine for those that love the look but have a tighter budget. Pink topaz is also very rare, which is why yellow topaz is often made to look pink instead.

topaz stone color chart

Interestingly, the color of the stone has a lot more to do with its overall value than the size/weight of it. Also very interesting is the fact that the stone forms some of the largest crystals ever known of.

Some of the larger ones can be up to 3 feet tall and can even weigh hundreds of pounds. Sometimes the crystals can even weigh over 20,000 carats. In fact, the largest cut topaz stone weighs a whopping 21,327 carats! It is named the, “Brazilian Princess” and is on display at the Smithsonian Institute in Washington D.C.

There, is also a specimen in the Museum of National History in New York City that weighs 600 pounds! Topaz has a hardness of 8 on the hardness scale. So, it is very hard, but it also happens to break easier than many stones.

Raw blue topaz
Raw blue topaz

For this reason, topaz jewelry should be handled with special care. In the United States, all topaz must be tested for radiation before being used in jewelry and sold to consumers. This is because some stones do hold radiation, and a stone with stronger radiation can cause serious health issues for the wearer.

The Gemological Institute of America now provides testing to all jewelers in the U.S. using topaz. Because of this, you may want to avoid purchasing it from outside of the United States for safety purposes. This is simply because it isn’t regulated everywhere else, and you want to avoid exposing yourself to radiation. Topaz is certainly a beautiful stone that is versatile and, generally, affordable.

Let’s Talk History

There are a couple of theories about where the name “topaz” originated. The more popular belief is that it was named after Topazos Island, located in, the Egyptian Red Sea. The island is now known as St. John’s Island and was a popular mining site for gemstones for thousands of years dating back to ancient Egypt.

Interestingly, it is possible that what was originally called topaz was not the same stone that we call topaz today. Actually, that island was particularly popular for peridot.

Peridot is a yellow-green stone that can look similar to some varieties of topaz. The Egyptians referred to both as Chrysolite unable to distinguish the differences. A Latin writer called Pliny the Elder is the one that started referring to these stones as topaz supposedly after the Topazos Island.

Topaz crystals
Topaz crystals

Shortly after, all yellow stones were considered topaz. It was also believed that the stone only occurred in yellow. It is also possible that the name stems from the Greek word, “topazion” which originally meant “fire.”

Both Greek and Roman societies placed a lot of value on this gemstone. It was quite prized and rare for a long time, starting around the middle ages until the mid-19th century. It was during this time that a large deposit was found in Brazil. This caused the gemstone to increase in popularity and decrease in price. It becomes very affordable and popular, which remains true of it today!

It also has a history in other parts of the world. In Hindu mythology, topaz is one of the sacred stones of the Kapla Tree. It is also one of 9 stones in a talisman of 9 gems, which makes it very sacred amongst Hindu belief.

They also consider a pendant with this gemstone to have special powers and an ability to relieve one’s thirst, increase intelligence and wit, and even increase your life. In Africa, it was also used in special healing rituals and considered sacred by the African Bushmen.

Topaz Birthstones

November has two different birthstones in the United States. One is topaz, and the other is citrine. While any variety of topaz could be used as November’s birthstone, it is primarily the more highly sought-after Imperial Topaz that is associated with November. This variety of stone and citrine look almost identical and have often been confused for each other.

These sunny bright stones are both thought to bring the wearers fortunate and warmth while also bringing forth a sense of calmness. Blue topaz, specifically, is also an alternative birthstone for December. This puts it alongside tanzanite, zircon, and turquoise as birthstones for December. All of the stones have a cool blue-ish color that matches well with the start of winter.

Citrine and topaz
Citrine and topaz

Another cool fact about this stone is that certain varieties of it can be used as stand-ins for more expensive birthstones for other months. April is the perfect example of this since its birthstone is the diamond!

Since diamonds tend to be pretty pricey, clear topaz can often be used to represent the diamond birthstone of April without having to fork out the money for a real diamond.

Topaz Meaning

Topaz is one of many gemstones that hold multiple special meanings. It is the gemstone meant to be given on the 4th and the 19th wedding anniversaries. It represents love and affection. It is said to increase one’s sweetness and also help with a positive and loving disposition.

It is also supposed to be an excellent stone for artists. With the ability to increase both creativity as well as concentration, it can help one hone their skills and produce their best art. It is a stone that helps you control your anger and give yourself a positive attitude in life. The optimism can spread throughout your life and increase the quality of it overall.

It is also supposed to help control one’s greed and even keep lust in check. Physically speaking, it has even more benefits. It can increase eyesight, help reduce symptoms of arthritis and other joint issues, and even helps take care of sleep-related issues like insomnia.

This also includes getting rid of nightmares. A dream involving topaz is said to be a sign of good fortune coming to you soon. When used inside your home, it can even provide physical protection from things like accidents and even fires. Since the different colors of the stone can have more specific meanings, we will give you an overview of what each variety can specifically mean:

Clear – Colorless or clear topaz increases self-awareness, brings forth emotional healing, and allows you to more easily perceive truth.

Imperial topaz (and yellow topaz) – This is a stone of nobility.

Clear topaz
Clear topaz

It helps to keep you motivated and meet or even exceed your goals. It provides self-confidence and pride in one’s abilities while also encouraging greater generosity to others.

Blue  – While rare, natural blue topaz has incredible benefits of calming the senses and opening up clearer communication. It increases receptiveness to learning complex concepts and helps one to build greater knowledge.

Blue topaz
Blue topaz

Brown  – This shade is less sought-after but is considered very powerful and makes a great talisman. Brown topaz helps to increase strength and stability both physically and emotionally. It can also help ensure faithfulness and support relationships.

Brown topaz
Brown topaz

Pink  – This stone represents hope and helps to bring you great fortune in matters of love. It helps you find true love and avoid destructive tendencies.

Pink topaz
Pink topaz

Topaz Jewelry

Topaz jewelry tends to generally be very affordable and versatile. It comes in so many colors and designs. It is easy to find something perfect for almost any occasion. Check out some of our favorite jewelry picks below!

1. Earrings

Monica Vinader Mini Gem Huggie Earrings

Monica Vinader Mini Gem Huggie Earrings
Monica Vinader Mini Gem Huggie Earrings

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Huggie earrings are some of our favorites because they’re cute, flirty, and comfortable to wear. The Monica Vinader huggie earrings capture everything we love about this style. The hoops sit close to the ears with glistening white topaz drops at each end for added luxury.

The low-profile design of these hoops sets them apart from the rest, as the brilliantly polished metal glimmers effortlessly. Not to mention the stellar addition of natural white topaz, which looks akin to diamonds, adds an extra ounce of class.

If you’re someone who prefers to wear streamlined pieces, these huggie earrings are a superb option. Not only are they responsibly manufactured, but they also boast recycled gold and silver, helping you give back to the planet.

Monica Vinader Mini Gem Huggie Earrings
Monica Vinader Mini Gem Huggie Earrings

Each pair also comes with a 100-day return, ensuring you own a beautiful set of earrings that you can cherish forever.

White topaz is an intricate stone, as it’s transparent and colorless in nature. Within the stones, you’ll find natural feather-like inclusions, speaking to its authenticity.

The effortless glam these earrings bring to the table exudes beauty and confidence as well as uniqueness.

Bloomingdale’s Blue Topaz Triangle Drop Earrings

Bloomingdale’s Blue Topaz Triangle Drop Earrings
Bloomingdale’s Blue Topaz Drop Earrings

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Some gemstone jewelry designs can come off as dated, taking away from the beauty of the stone itself. Bloomingdale’s blue topaz drop earrings are a phenomenal alternative, offering a strikingly modern design. With the triangular embellishments paired with the blue topaz drops, these are surely nothing you’ve seen before.

These earrings sit close to the lobe, so you won’t have to worry about them taking away from your other pieces. However, they’re not too small to where they’re unnoticeable, offering the perfect design for a minimalistic jewelry lover.

Above all else, the quality of these earrings far outweighed our expectations. The studs and the triangular embellishments are both made from pure 14k yellow gold. You’ll no longer have to worry about plated metals, especially if you’re someone with sensitive ears.

The postback is remarkably simple to use, whether you want to wear these earrings every day or for special occasions. Also, gemstones have been specially treated to enhance their natural beauty.

These pieces are a part of Bloomingdale’s exclusive collection, meaning they’re unavailable anywhere else.

If you’re the type of person always on the hunt for a one-of-a-kind piece to collect, these earrings are it.

2. Rings

Ross Simons White Topaz Bumblebee Ring

Ross Simons White Topaz and Black Enamel Bumblebee Ring
Ross Simons Bumblebee Ring

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The adorable nature of bumblebees makes our hearts swoon, so why not adorn them on your fingers? The Ross Simons white topaz bumblebee ring is a brilliantly designed one-of-a-kind piece with hints of designer flair. It’s edgy while still maintaining its elegance, especially with the striking contrast of gold and black.

This piece is something that is bound to transcend through the ages, as it’s timeless. The decorative elements will sing praises to your fashion sense, especially if you love more dramatic pieces.

First, there’s rope-line banding around the bottom and top of the ring in 18k gold plating. You’ll also find the interior of the ring features the same gold plating for added opulence.

On the exterior, there are unique embellishments of bumblebees and honeycombs crafted from glistening white topaz. As the backdrop, the ring shows off a deep black enamel band with structural details that add plenty of dimension.

Regarding the ring’s overall quality, it’s designed with the everyday wearer in mind. The base of the ring is crafted using pure sterling silver and is then plated with 18k yellow gold.

In total, you’ll have .30 ct t.w. of white topaz to show off to your friends and loved ones.

Macy’s Sky Blue Topaz Ring in Sterling Silver

Macy’s Sky Blue Topaz Ring in Sterling Silver
Macy’s Sky Blue Topaz Ring in Sterling Silver

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Classic elegance is the word that comes to mind when looking at the Macy’s sky blue topaz ring. It resembles a ring you would only dream of seeing in a fairy tale with exceptional craftsmanship.

There’s no doubt this ring could quickly become the perfect engagement ring as its design screams, “Marry me!” However, it could also work as a luxurious present for yourself, showcasing your personal fashion sense.

With the emerald-cut gemstone, your ring is sure to turn heads, capturing the light from every direction. The effortlessly minimalistic design of the ring is what caught our attention at first.

The band is crafted from sterling silver, a fantastic material that resembles more luxurious metals. You’ll fall in love with the generously sized 4 1/6 ct t.w. sky blue topaz nestled directly in the band’s center. Even the prongs sit securely on the edges of the stone, not taking away from its natural beauty.

One of the most fabulous features of gemstones from Macy’s is that they receive special treatment. Their specialty treatment ensures all of the best features of the stones shine through, offering a unique display.

3. Bracelets

Kay Jewelers Blue Topaz Popcorn Mesh Cuff Bracelet

Kay Jewelers Blue Topaz Popcorn Mesh Cuff Bracelet
Kay Jewelers Blue Topaz Popcorn Bracelet

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Sometimes, it’s great to take a step away from the norm and find a piece of jewelry that speaks to your inner fashionista. The Kay Jewelers blue topaz popcorn bracelet combines everything we love in precious jewelry. From the popcorn mesh around the entirety of the cuff to the two elegant blue topaz stones, there’s plenty to love.

This bracelet is the perfect wear-everywhere accessory, especially if you’re someone who loves having easy-to-wear pieces. Instead of requiring a unique clasp or closure, this cuff fits delicately over your hand and sits comfortably on the wrist.

The blue topaz stones are stunning, as they’re encased in sterling silver like the rest of the band. Both of the stones are perfectly placed, so they face each other, bringing the ends of the bracelet together.

With the addition of the depth of the popcorn mesh, there are plenty of structural features that set this piece apart.