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Our Top 15 Alex and Ani Bracelets for 2018!

Marianne 17 Apr 2018 43

There are lots of super awesome bracelet choices out there, but one brand in particular that is taking the world by storm is Alex and Ani. Alex and Ani is a brand that makes several different types of jewelry, but they are specifically very well-known for their bracelets. They believe that signs and symbols help to connect you to the world around you, the people and things you care about, and your true self. They aim to create jewelry that is not only eco-conscious but that has real meaning to it that can help to inspire and empower.

Alex and Ani also believes in giving back to the community and has an entire collection of jewelry that when purchased, they donate 20% of the purchase price to different charities. They do this not only to give back themselves, but also as a way to inspire others to do the same. There is a massive selection of Alex and Ani bracelets available out there and there are definitely wonderful choices for everyone. However, while that huge selection is awesome, it can also be a bit overwhelming. We tried to cut the choices down a bit for you and highlight some of the best Alex and Ani bracelets out there with this awesome list of our top 15 Alex and Ani bracelets!

Top 15 Alex and Ani Bracelets

1. Initial Expandable Wire Bangle Bracelet



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The initial bangle bracelet is an extremely popular choice from the Alex and Ani brand. It gives a very classic look that goes with any style. This bangle bracelet features the original bangle bracelet design patented by Alex and Ani. It is made with one long piece of metal wire. The wire is bent into a circle shape and then the ends cross over each other, and the ends are wrapped around the opposite side of the bracelet. This creates an easily adjustable bangle bracelet. It adjusts from as little as 2 inches all the way up to 3.5 inches so that it is one-size-fits-all.

This Alex and Ani bangle bracelet features one large charm in addition to a few of Alex and Ani’s smaller signature charms. The main charm is a circle charm and is about ¾ of an inch in diameter. It features an octagon stamped into it with a single letter left raised in the center. You can choose any of the 26 letters in the alphabet and the font is a beautiful, classy and elegant font that is completely timeless.

The smaller charms feature a heart-shaped American flag that is the Alex and Ani symbol showing that their products are proudly made in the USA, a recycling symbol showing that the product is made from recycled materials, and a small charm stating that the piece is infused with positive energy technology. You can even choose if you want the bracelet in Rafaelian gold finish or Rafaelian silver finish. Overall, this is a gorgeous bracelet that you can get for yourself, but also makes a wonderful gift for a sister, mother, partner, or any other woman in your life!

2. Woman’s Quill Feather Bangle


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This very beautiful bangle bracelet features a stunningly crafted metal feather adorning the side of Alex and Ani’s signature, patented design bangle bracelet. Since it is the Alex and Ani signature, patented design, it is very adjustable. The diameter can range between 2 inches and 3.5 inches meaning that it will comfortably fit almost anyone. This bracelet is done in the Rafaelian gold finish which is a beautiful touch on this well-designed bangle bracelet.

The feather on this bracelet has a very smooth, simple design with just the right amount of detail to create a truly beautiful feather. The feather is attached along the side of the bangle bracelet and the end of the feather wraps elegantly around the metal wire of the bangle bracelet. This bracelet is part of Alex and Ani’s Spiritual Armor collection. Feathers represent all sorts of important values like light, air, faith, and hope. This is a very special piece of jewelry that can represent something different to each wearer.

The bracelet also has several other smaller Alex and Ani charms. It has one charm stating that it was made with love in the USA, one that the metal used in it is recycled, and one more that states that the metal in it is infused with positive energy technology. It also has a tiny charm attached to the USA charm that shows the Alex and Ani name.

3. Disney Park’s Exclusive Star Wars Stormtrooper


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If you are a big Star Wars fan, this is the perfect Alex and Ani bracelet for you! It is simply and beautifully crafted using the signature, patented one-size-fits-all design that Alex and Ani is so well-known for. That means that it easily adjusts making the diameter of the bracelet anywhere from 2 inches to 3.5 inches so that practically anyone can get the perfect fit for them with it. It is made with an antiqued Rafaelian silver finish for a very nice look that compliments the design perfectly.

The main charm of this awesome Star Wars bracelet is a very cute, 3-dimensional stormtrooper’s helmet. It is a very famous and well-known image associated with the extremely popular Star Wars franchise and is sure to be appreciated by any Star Wars fan. That is why it isn’t just a great purchase for yourself, but it can also make a really cool gift for the Star Wars fan in your life.

4. Brilliance Bead Mother Earth


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This is yet another beautiful bangle bracelet made with Alex and Ani’s original, patented design. It is adjustable with the sliding clasp so that it can easily adjust to fit almost anyone. The diameter of the bracelet can be anywhere from 2 inches to 3.5 inches to get the best, most personalized fit for anyone. The metal that makes up this bangle bracelet, however, is a little thinner than the previous Alex and Ani bracelets on the list. This gives it a more elegant, delicate appearance.

Rather than having a main charm as the previous bangle bracelets on our list, this is one of Alex and Ani’s beaded bangle bracelets. From one end of the clasp section of the bracelet where the metal ends overlap to the other, the bracelet is covered in beads. On this particular bangle bracelet, the beads are small and uniform. They are a very stunning green color. It is a deep, almost emerald green that is very reminiscent and reflective of the beauty of the Earth around us. On the sliding clasp section of the bracelet, a couple of the smaller Alex and Ani charms are included. They are the Alex and Ani heart charm and the positive energy charm.

5. Imitation Birthstone Bangle Bracelet


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Another super popular bracelet from Alex and Ani is this imitation birthstone bracelet. This one is really cool because it gives you a good amount of options. You can choose Alex and Ani’s Rafaelian silver finish or Rafaelian gold finish for the metal. The main charm is a metal circle that holds a stunning round stone. The stone comes in 12 different colors – imitation versions of the 12 different birthstones. There is one stone color for each month.

Since this is available in a different color for each month, you can choose the bracelet that reflects your own birthstone for a special, personalized feel. Of course, if you don’t happen to feel a special connection to your own birthstone color, there is nothing stopping you from simply choosing your favorite stone. Some of the options include a beautiful ruby color for July, a stunning sapphire color for September, and a classic imitation diamond for April.

This is another bracelet that is done in the original, patented, adjustable bangle design of Alex and Ani’s, so it should fit practically anyone with a great personalized fit ranging from 2 inches in diameter to 3.5 inches in diameter.

6. Harry Potter Deathly Hallows Bracelet


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This is the perfect bracelet from Alex and Ani for any Harry Potter fan. It is also made using the original, adjustable bangle bracelet design of Alex and Ani. It fits almost anyone and ranges between 2 inches and 3.5 inches in diameter. It is available in either Rafaelian silver finish or Rafaelian gold finish, so you can choose whichever one you like the best. In addition to its main charm, this bangle bracelet also includes 3 of the smaller Alex and Ani stamped charms.

The main charm for this Alex and Ani bracelet is a triangle shape with a circle in the center. A stick then goes down through the center of both shapes. These three pieces together create The Deathly Hallows symbol. The Deathly Hallows symbol is a very famous and well-known symbol among Harry Potter fans representing 3 different very important wizarding objects known as The Deathly Hallows. The triangle represents the cloak of invisibility, the circle represents the resurrection stone, and the stick represents the elder wand. It is a perfect pick for Harry Potter fans.

7. Color Classics


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This Alex and Ani bracelet has the most options available of any of the choices to make our list. It is a gorgeous and simple bracelet that anybody can find a version of that they truly love. This is one of the beaded bangle bracelets from the Alex and Ani brand. It is adorned with 2 different types of beads. Most of the beads are made of glass and come in various colors that you can choose from and the remaining beads match the metal of the bracelet.

Color choices include everything from a soft pink color named Fairy and a bright red called Rosy to a tropical blue called Breeze and a buttery yellow known as Soleil. The bracelets are also available in different metal choices. You can get either the Rafaelian gold or Rafaelian silver finish. In addition to the wire of the bangle bracelet, every 4th bead matches the metal tone of your choosing to break up the color of the bracelet as well as add a classy touch that ties the bracelet together.

It is another bracelet that is made with the original Alex and Ani sliding clasp design. This means that there isn’t just a color choice that everyone is sure to love, but it also means that everyone will get a bracelet that has a personalized fit.

8. Because I Love You – Love Cuff Bracelet


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This bracelet is one of Alex and Ani’s different designs. It is not the adjustable, sliding clasp, bangle bracelet that they are so well-known for. Instead, this is a cuff bracelet. It is still a popular choice, and a very gorgeous bracelet. This cuff bracelet does not wrap all the way around the wrist with the ends of it connecting like most Alex and Ani bracelets. Instead, it wraps most of the way around the wrist, but has an opening at the bottom of the bracelet which helps you to put the bracelet on easily.

The cuff is decorated with elegant swirling designs as well as beautifully designed hearts. It also says the word “Love” several times across the cuff. The whole thing creates a very sweet and classy design for the bracelet. You also have the option of getting this bracelet in 3 different colors. You can choose Rafaelian gold finish, Rafaelian silver finish, or even Rafaelian rose gold finish.

Additionally, there are several very well-placed Swarovski crystals along the length of the cuff bracelet. They are a soft pink color that goes great with any of the three metal options. The inside of the cuff is also stamped with the words “love”, “affection”, “joy”, and “light”. This bracelet represents some of the most positive and important virtues in life.

9. Swarovski Beaded Rouge Expandable Wire Bangle


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This is a very feminine choice of Alex and Ani bracelets. It is made with the original, patented design from Alex and Ani, so it is highly adjustable. The diameter can range anywhere from 2 inches to 3.5 inches and the clasp easily slides to increase and decrease the diameter of the bracelet. It is available in both the Rafaelian gold finish and the Rafaelian silver finish. This is also another one of the beaded bangle bracelets and includes 2 different types of beads.

The main bead that is on this particular bangle bracelet from Alex and Ani is a beautifully crafted pink Swarovski crystal bead. The pink Swarovski crystal beads line the length of the bracelet and are occasionally broken up by a second type of bead. The second type of bead is rounded with small bumps and matches the metal tone of the bracelet whether you choose the gold version or the silver version. There are also two of the smaller Alex and Ani stamped bracelet charms.

10. Kindred Cord Shine Bright Bracelet


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This is another bracelet made with a different design from Alex and Ani. It is highly adjustable, but it is not their bangle-style bracelet design. It is made using a soft cord that wraps around the wrist several times. Beads on the cord of the bracelet allow the bracelet to be easily adjustable. It should fit practically anyone’s wrist. The cord is black and the beads that create the adjustability are silver, so they both go great with any color or style.

The kindred cord bracelet also features a charm. The charm is cut into an octagon shape and secured to the bracelet on either side via the cord. On the octagon shaped charm, the words “SHINE BRIGHT” are stamped. Below the stamped words, there are 7 small holes cut into the octagon to create a diamond shape. Finally, there are several small sparkly symbols stamped around the diamond cut-out. It is a fantastic, very cute bracelet that shines almost as bright as the person wearing it!

11. Love is in The Air – Cupid’s Arrow Wrap


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This is a very unique bracelet among Alex and Ani bracelets. There is no other bracelet that is exactly like this one. The bracelet resembles an arrow that wraps around your wrist and overlaps itself. Rather than the typical fletching that you see on the back of real arrows, this Cupid’s arrow bracelet features a large heart. The shaft of the arrow is done in multiple sections that curve around your wrist. The shaft is done with beautiful details that make it look similar to real wood.

The actual arrow point of the arrow is also crafted with amazing detail giving it the look of real stone or flint apart from the color itself. The bracelet is available in the Rafaelian gold and Rafaelian silver finishes. Finally, at the very tip of the arrow, a small chain link is connected where charms are attached. This bracelet features two different charms. The first is a Vintage Sixty-Six charm representing the collection and the second is a charm showing the brand name, Alex and Ani. This is a great bracelet to get for yourself, or it can make a very special Valentine’s Day or anniversary gift for your partner.

12. Precious Threads Crystal Quartz Gemstone

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Here is a really cool bracelet from Alex and Ani’s Precious Threads collection. It is also a different design than the original, patented design of sliding clasp, adjustable bangle bracelet. Instead, it is made up of three small threads that are braded together. On this bracelet, the three threads are a deep burgundy red, a bright rosy red, and a shiny silver. Together, the three different colored threads create a delicate and beautiful bracelet that is very high-quality.

Sterling silver beads are used to allow this bracelet to be adjustable and add a little special accent to the bracelet. The main feature of the bracelet is the group of stunning crystal quartz beads threaded onto the braided threads.  There are seven individual crystal quartz beads on the bracelet. Overall, this is a really stunning bracelet that adds a simple touch of precious beauty to any outfit.

13. Charity by Design Best Friends Set


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This choice of Alex and Ani bracelet is actually a set of 2 bracelets. It is a best friend’s set of bracelets that is perfect for any set of great friends to share. These bracelets are made using Alex and Ani’s original sliding clasp, adjustable bangle bracelet design, meaning that they should fit practically anyone. You can also choose if you want this set of bracelets in the Rafaelian gold finish or the Rafaelian silver finish, so you can choose the color that you and your bestie like the most.

Each bracelet’s main charm is half of a heart split down the middle. When brought together, the two heart halves create a whole heart. One of the bracelet’s main charms says “best”, and the other bracelet’s main charm says “friends”. In addition to the main charms, each bracelet has 4 different small Alex and Ani stamped charms.

14. Wonder Woman Cuff Bracelet

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Another very cool cuff bracelet from Alex and Ani is this super cool Wonder Woman cuff bracelet. It is similar to the other cuff bracelet on the list in that it is not a complete circle. It wraps around the wrist leaving an opening at the bottom of the bracelet to allow you to more easily put the bracelet on and take it off. There are some pretty major differences between the two cuff bracelets on the list though.

First of all, this one’s band is much thicker, so it has a less delicate look to it. At the center of the bracelet, the band turns into the famous double “W” that represents Wonder Woman. The W’s trail off on either side around the wrist and end in a wing-like pattern adding to the “super” aspect of the bracelet. It is made in both the Rafaelian gold finish as well as the Rafaelian silver finish. It is a really cool bracelet perfect for you or the Wonder Woman in your life. It makes a really great option for DC fans!

15. Charity by Design Daisy Bangle Bracelet


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Here is another gorgeous bracelet that is in the Charity by Design collection. When you purchase this bracelet, 20% of the purchase price goes to help support UNICEF in their mission to help all children survive and thrive. It is made using the adjustable, sliding clasp design. That means that it can be adjusted so that the diameter is anywhere from 2 inches to 3.5 inches. It is also available in both the silver and gold Rafaelian finishes.

The main charm on this Alex and Ani bangle bracelet is a super fun, playful little daisy. The daisy is outlined in metal and the petals are filled with white enamel. In the center of the daisy is a small yellow stone. In addition to this main charm, there are 4 other charms on the bracelet. They are some of the smaller Alex and Ani stamped charms including the positive energy charm and the Charity by Design charm indicating that a portion of the purchase price of the bracelet went to charity. It is a great way to support charity and a beautiful bracelet too.