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10 Boys Necklaces to Gift Your Favorite Boy!

last updated: Feb 24, 2020

Who says that jewelry is just for girls? Not us! These days boys love accessorizing just as much as girls do, and boys necklaces can be as unique and pretty looking as they come.

Necklaces seem to be one of the toughest sales on boys and men, but we found these 10 amazing options that the boy or man in your life is sure to rock!

Honestly, anyone that believes necklaces aren’t for boys is probably pretty closed-minded. Boys can accessorize just as well as girls with the right choices.

Browse our list of 10 gorgeous boys necklaces which work well as a birthday, Christmas, special occasion gift!

Our Top 10 Picks!

1. Lifetime Jewelry Gold Rope Chain

Lifetime Jewelry Gold Rope Chain
Lifetime Jewelry Gold Chain
Lifetime Jewelry Gold Chain Width
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You can’t go wrong with this classic look from Lifetime Jewelry. Our first pick for our favorite boy necklaces is this incredible gold rope chain.

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The simplicity of this gold chain is versatile and timeless. We adore the fact it's a statement piece even though there are no pendants or any intricate design going on.

Another great benefit is that boy it's for can wear it with practically anything.

Solid gold can be unattainably expensive for many while typical gold plating may not stand up to wear and tear over time. That’s why we chose this specific option.

They really do make jewelry that lasts a lifetime and at prices most people can afford!

Most gold-plated jewelry has only a very thin coating of real gold, which leads to wear and chipping much too quickly Fortunately, Lifetime Jewelry uses an impressive 20 micro inches of gold layering on top of a semi-precious core of jeweler’s bronze.

That’s another thing that sets this necklace apart from seemingly similar options. The core is made of semi-precious metal. Most other gold-plated jewelry uses things like pot metal instead.

That’s part of the reason that cheap jewelry can actually turn your skin green, which is something not to worry about with this necklace. It would be nearly impossible for the average person to even distinguish this chain from a solid gold one.

The 2mm necklace features a French rope design with a special diamond cut that gives the chain a beautiful twist. This catches the light and provides a gorgeous glistening shine that is sure to catch eyes and turn heads.

When you go to buy this necklace for the boy in your life, you’ll get to choose between 7 different lengths ranging from 16 inches all the way up to 30 inches.

You even get the satisfaction of supporting a family-owned business that proudly makes its products in the USA.

2. Black Bow Jewelry & Co. Black Plated Cross Necklace

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Here is another great look that has become very popular among boys. A simple cross is a perfect way for your favorite boy to quietly share his spirituality with the world.

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This cross has a very strong and masculine appearance, so, this necklace is one that will have deep meaning for the boy you give it to. 

It's made of high-quality 316L stainless steel that is completely safe and even hypoallergenic. This means it will work great for all skin types.

The cross necklace comes on a 16-inch cable chain with a lobster clasp.

The chain also features a high polish for a beautifully shiny appearance. Lobster claw clasps work incredibly well and are so easy to use.

The cross itself features a Latin-inspired design. The ends curve in just slightly to give it a quality, sharp appearance.

The black-plated stainless steel cross pendant is the perfect size to capture attention without overwhelming the rest of your boy’s wardrobe.

It is even super affordable for practically any budget! This necklace won’t work well within more formal settings; however, it is completely ideal for more casual environments and day-to-day wear.

3. JaneRJewelry HANDMADE Surfer necklace

JaneRJewelry HANDMADE Surfer Necklace
JaneRJewelry HANDMADE Surfer Necklace Detailed View
JaneRJewelry HANDMADE Surfer Necklace Detailed View 2
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If the boy in your life suffers from any type of reoccurring pain, or even from anxiety, you can choose a necklace for him that doesn’t just look amazing but also helps improve his symptoms!

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Baltic amber has been used to help treat various ailments for many years now.

Lately, though, it is starting to go more mainstream as more people see its awesome benefits and just how beautiful it really is.

Baltic amber is a versatile jewelry option perfect for all people regardless of things like gender and age.

We happen to think that this particular Baltic amber necklace is the ideal choice for boys and men alike.

Jane R Jewelry makes a variety of different amber products that are of great quality with impressive prices. This necklace is super cheap, and what you get is super quality amber!

It contains a naturally occurring substance called succinct acid. Succinct acid can have many benefits for the body including boosting the immune system, anti-inflammatory properties, and even lowering anxiety levels and fatigue.

This particular piece is perfect for men and boys thanks to the rugged, bold appearance.

The rugged look comes from the choice to use semi-polished chip beads as opposed to fully polished and rounded beads. It has a more natural look that is actually more effective overall compared to fully polished beads that are over-processed.

This necklace also features turquoise accents that give the perfect touch of color without detracting from the overall masculinity.

4. Sport Ropes 3 Rope Titanium Necklace

Sport Ropes 3 Rope Titanium Necklace
Sport Ropes 3 Rope Titanium Necklace Clasp
Sport Ropes 3 Rope Titanium Necklace Clasp Detailed View
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You’ve probably heard of titanium sports necklaces and how they can help improve athletic ability and reduce pain in an all-natural way.

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The concept is that the titanium within the necklaces provides magnetic therapy to your body. This is supposed to help your nerves communicate within your body better for less pain and improved performance.

This pick is a perfect choice for little boys and grown men alike. It is great for sports players and sports fans. It doesn’t just have the potential physical benefit, but it also looks super cool, too!

The 2 ropes of the necklace twist around each other for a cool and simple pattern. The tons of different color options allow you to easily find the perfect color to best support your boy’s chosen team!

Colors like blue, red, black, white, green, orange, purple, and even pink are combined in a variety of ways to best fit with any color scheme you’re trying to match.

The ropes are soft and comfortable on the outside to ensure they are not distracting. This makes them perfect for everyday use. Obviously, this won’t be a good choice for any slightly more formal setting, though. This is strictly a casual piece.

The lightweight design is convenient and won’t add any weight to slow your boy down when he plays. He’s actually likely to get so used to the necklace that he doesn’t even notice it anymore!

Two different sizes of 18 inches and 22 inches further help to make this a perfect option for any age. Highly durable and even waterproof, this is a necklace that is sure to stand the test of time.

For safety purposes, it features an easy-to-use breakaway clasp. This means that if the necklace gets snagged or pulled on for any reason, it will come right off to help avoid injury to the wearer and damage to the necklace itself.

5. Munchables Camo Chew Necklace

Munchables Camo Chew Necklace
Munchables Camo Chew Necklace on Boy
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This is a necklace specifically for little boys and not so much for adult men. The Munchables company came up with the idea of chewable necklaces for children that have chewing problems.

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It is very common for children of varying ages to chew on things like their fingernails, hair, shirts, pencils, and other various things. Sometimes this chewing may come from stress, restlessness, sensory overload, or another unidentified cause.

While it is great if you are able to address the issue directly, this chewable necklace provides a helpful solution to chewed-up pencils and clothing while you try to figure it out. Some kids just need a good sensory aide to help them relax and focus.

This necklace is the perfect sensory aide as it is discreet and stylish. It is made up of a durable cord with 100% food-grade silicone beads. Soft, safe, and durable, these beads provide the perfect oral sensory experience for your child.

The necklaces are about 21” long. Multiple color options are available to best fit your boy’s specific style and likes.

We chose this fun camo option that features grey, green, and black beads because we feel like it is perfect for little boys and matches a variety of styles.

You can also choose this same necklace in styles that include colors like blue, red, grey, black, and green in different combinations.

This pick is fairly priced and lands in the middle of our list when it comes to the cost. A breakaway clasp on the back of the necklace adds an important element of safety to the necklace.

This helps give you peace of mind and keeps your boy safe!

6. überleben Leicht Fire Starter Necklace

überleben Leicht Fire Starter Necklace
überleben Leicht Fire Starter Necklace on Hand
überleben Leicht Fire Starter Necklace on Display
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If an item that is generally just about looks can also provide an important function, boys are sure to be all over it. This incredible necklace from a company called überleben is unlike any others we found. It combines style and functionality perfectly.

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This is a fire starter necklace that can do just that – it lets you start a fire!

The necklace consists of two important pieces that are strung together in a very stylish manner on the durable paracord necklace.

Hanging from the bottom, the first thing you’ll notice is the specially designed striker.

An ambidextrous design allows the durable striker to be used easily with either hand. It has a nice, sharp edge that keeps it working quickly and efficiently even over time.

Just above the striker on the necklace, there is a small rod. This is known as a ferro rod, or ferrocerium rod. This one happens to be a micro ferro rod as the small size fits perfectly on the necklace without being so small that it can’t be easily used.

The ferro rod is a very popular form of fire starter and is the perfect material to strike the starter against. Softness and durability mix perfectly to create the ferro rod allowing it to work efficiently for 12,000 strikes!

Together, the ferro rod and striker can create sparks of up to 5,500 degrees Fahrenheit. Quick release clasps are easy to use and come off quickly when needed.

You are also able to take the clasps off to let you cut and burn the paracord to your desired length before simply putting the clasps back on.

This lets you have a customized length perfect for your needs and desires. Before customizing, the length of the paracord is a generous 34 inches.

Obviously, this option is not for young boys. The necklace has an outdoorsy and rugged look that is perfect for older boys who love functional jewelry.

Shockingly, this is also one of the most affordable necklaces of all of our top picks!

7. BlueRica Shark Tooth Boys Necklace

BlueRica Shark Tooth Boys Necklace
BlueRica Shark Tooth Boys Necklace Clasp
BlueRica Shark Tooth Boys Necklace on Display
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This fun piece is great for all ages. Children will love this necklace, but it can definitely be worn by a full-grown man as well.

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The shark tooth necklace features a genuine real shark tooth as the main piece. Shark teeth have long been seen as a symbolic item that protects the wearer, so it doesn’t just look cool but also holds a loving meaning.

Give it to a boy that you want to know is well-protected and tell him the special meaning the shark tooth holds.

Since it is a real shark’s tooth, it will vary slightly in size from necklace to necklace. Typically, the tooth is between 0.5” and 0.8”.

The tooth is wrapped in silver metal wire that keeps it securely in place. It is strung on black cord in a special way with barrel knots that allow the necklace to be fully adjustable.

When fully extended, the necklace is 18”. The stylish beads are tiger coconut beads with clam shell and cork bead accents that compliment the tooth and overall look perfectly.

This adds an even more authentic feel to it and gives it that perfect exotic look that you go for with a necklace like this one.

It is extremely reasonably priced, so it makes a perfect gift that will be well-loved regardless of your budget.

8. JAOYU Aromatherapy Oil Diffuser Boys Necklace

JAOYU Aromatherapy Oil Diffuser Boys Necklace
Oil Diffuser Boys Necklace Instructions
JAOYU Aromatherapy Oil Diffuser Boys Necklace - Pad Colors
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Here is one more awesome necklace for boys and men that has a really beneficial and cool function to it. This is actually an essential oil diffuser necklace.

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Essential oils are excellent for aromatherapy purposes as well as to simply enjoy lovely smells. These are known to have all sorts of health benefits ranging from better focus and attention to strong pain relief and healing.

With this incredible necklace, the boy or man in your life can enjoy these wonderful benefits all day long regardless of where they are or what they are doing.

The way it works is simple. It opens up with a locket design to reveal a small space inside where you place one of the included cotton pads. It comes with 8 of these cotton pads all in different colors.

The colors included are purple, red, black, green, white, blue, yellow, and pink. This lets the boy choose whatever color he wants or even change the color each time he wears the necklace.

Once you have placed the pad inside it, you simply drop a couple of drops of whatever essential oil you want onto the pad. Then you close the necklace and enjoy long-lasting fragrance and aromatherapy benefits!

The necklace is made of stainless steel and closes via strong magnetic clasps that will hold the oil pad in safely away from skin or clothing.

A 24” chain is the perfect length for this necklace and lets the wearer slip it right over his head without having to undo anything.

The coolest part is the super tough and sleek-looking wolf design that is cleanly cut into the front of the necklace. This is where the scents of the oils are able to escape the necklace.

The wolf is a strong and manly symbol that he is sure to love! Of course, if you don’t think he will like it for whatever reason, you can choose this piece with a variety of other designs including a cat, horse, musical symbols, and a paw print.

9. Black Bow Jewelry & Co. Layered Cross Necklace

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Since cross necklaces are one of the most popular looks for boys, we chose to include a second cross necklace pick. This option is a bit more expensive but is definitely still reasonably priced.

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It includes some really great detail and has a very bold and strong appearance.

The stunning and eye-catching cross pendant on this necklace is constructed of 2 layers of stainless steel for a detailed and high-quality look.

Both the top and bottom layers are plain stainless steel with the typical silver appearance. This provides a nice contrast that lets you see all the beautiful details of the necklace.

The outside edges of the cross are perfectly pointed to give it the incredible look it has.

It comes on a unique 24-inch ball chain. The clasp is strong too and very easy to operate. 

This is a fantastic gift for a younger boy as well as any man. It is a great way to display spirituality proudly and it has a high-quality design that will last for years to come.

10. RESVIVI Sterling Silver Personalized Bar Necklace

RESVIVI Sterling Silver Personalized Bar Necklace
RESVIVI Sterling Silver Personalized Bar Necklace Detailed View
RESVIVI Sterling Silver Personalized Bar Necklace Color Options
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Last but not least is this lovely bar necklace. It comes personalized, so it can really be a highly meaningful and heartfelt gift for any boy out there.

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The personalization also means that it has a ton of versatility and can be given as a gift for practically any occasion imaginable.

The bar pendant is 5cm long and 0.5cm wide. You can choose between 3 different plating types – 18k yellow gold, 18k rose gold, and silver.

Once you choose the plating you prefer for the necklace, you’ll be able to choose how you’d like it personalized. There are 4 sides on the bar, so you can choose to just add personalization to one, two, three, or all four sides.

What you can choose to have engraved on your bar is almost endless. One of the most common options is to place names.

The bar pendant comes in 925 sterling silver and the chain's length varies from 14 inches to 22 innches, depending on the metal color you choose.

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Do Boys Like To Wear Necklaces? Celebrities who do!

Jewelry among male celebrities is actually quite popular and nobody is questioning their style!

Johnny Depp Necklaces

Regularly spotted wearing various necklaces and often times even stacking multiple necklaces at once, Johnny Depp is a heartthrob across generations of women.

Johnny has been seen wearing many different types of necklaces from simple chains to huge pendants. Why not follow the style of a man that is so coveted among thousands upon thousands of women?

Do Boys Like To Wear Necklaces? Celebrities who do!

Another heartthrob male celebrity that likes to keep it simple with his jewelry is Leonardo DiCaprio.

Leonardo di Caprio

He is well-known for layering lots of necklaces together for an incredible look with tons of style. He wears all kinds of necklaces and seems to especially enjoy big and bold pieces.

Now, we know nobody is questioning this man’s masculinity. Leo likes simple chains and small pendants that add the perfect accent to his more casual outfits.

Do Boys Like To Wear Necklaces? Celebrities who do!

Now here is a man that loves his jewelry. In case you somehow didn’t already know, Steven Tyler is an insanely talented musician from the well-loved band Aerosmith.

Steven Tyler

He is well-known for layering lots of necklaces together for an incredible look with tons of style. He wears all kinds of necklaces and seems to especially enjoy big and bold pieces.

If you think a boy in your life would really enjoy wearing a great necklace, but you also think he may worry about what it will do to his reputation or say about his masculinity, you should remind him of all the celebrities that do it.


If you're a boy browsing our list, we're sure there is at least one pick you'll really really like.

If you're someone shopping for a boy's necklace, then we believe we provided you with 10 awesomely affordable options to choose from!

The boys' necklaces on our list are all made from safe and durable metals and materials. we only feature brands that are known for selling quality jewelry pieces.

We also made sure to give you as much variety as possible, so no matter your style or the style of the boy you are shopping for, we got you covered!