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10 Cross Necklaces for Men and You Can be Sure He'll Wear One of These!

Anna Anna 10 Oct 2018 4144

A necklace is nothing new to everybody. Those that hold crosses are also nothing new despite their meaning. And it’s directly because of that, we picked only the most beautiful of cross necklaces for you to go through.

Everyone knows how tiresome it is trying to look unique with a piece of jewelry that’s already turning into a cliché. There are the usual eyebrows that you’ll instantly feel. Though, this time around, it’s not due to the appeal.

So, while getting a cross necklace is ok and could be just a usual gift to your partner, you can do far better than that. Let him carry a cross necklace that’ll carry the same religious meaning, a dose of uniqueness that’s pretty rare, and then boldness through the kind of material used in making both the chain and cross. A gold or Sterling silver piece will look awesome on him if he’s the laid back type of guy.

If you want to stroke his ego, give him a cross necklace where the chain is Sterling silver and the cross is encrusted with diamonds. Alternatively, you can go with Cubic Zirconia if you’re trying for a budget-friendly price. Luckily, CZ shines even more than diamonds so you’re pretty covered here. With all these points dusted, let’s move on to the cross necklaces themselves.

Our Top Picks

1. Jstyle Jewelry Stainless Steel Simple Black Cross Pendant

Jstyle Jewelry Men's Stainless Steel Simple Black Cross Pendant Lord's Prayer Necklace 22 24 30 Inch

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To properly break this review down, let’s divide everything into three parts. So we talk about the looks, then the durability since you’re giving it to a man, and lastly the message it carries.

When it concerns the appeal, your man is definitely going to love the color the cross and chain comes in. Black all through, which just attracts attention no matter the situation. It’s the perfect color if your partner doesn’t talk much, as his overall vibe will really complement the color. Following this, black is an awesome color due to its application. It’s good with literally any outfit he has. Except for his office clothes since such environment isn’t that lax when it comes to fashion taste. Still, in all other mood and style of clothes, it’s one of the best choices that you can give your man. Try it out on his birthday if it isn’t gone yet.

Moving on, durability is obviously required in any piece of jewelry that you’re purchasing. Especially if the item is going to be worn by your partner. So, the cross and chain are made from steel, which is always used because of its infinite lifespan.

If it’s not exposed to really rough environments too much, it’s a material that’ll impress your man due to how long it’ll stay on his neck. Finally, we simply adore the meaning behind the whole look and even the Bible verses written on the cross.

Here, the last prayer is clearly written for anyone that looks in its direction. This essentially cements the fact that cross necklaces are a sign of devotion to God and everything He stands for. That is, the eternal love shared between you guys. The fact that it’s stylish is just the icing on top.

2. FIBOSTEEL Stainless Steel Pendant

FIBO STEEL Stainless Steel Mens Womens Cross Necklace Lord's Prayer Pendant 24 inches, 3 Colors Available

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Like the option above, this one also has the last prayer boldly written on it. Additionally, the one we reviewed comes in the color black and thus, brings the same amount of appeal. People simply love it and it does have a mysterious vibe going for it. Likewise, your partner can wear it with anything and go anywhere, except for formal situations where a cross necklace won’t really be flattering.

All this said and done, those are the only similarities you’ll see. The chain here is designed in loops and it comes in a bright silver color, unlike the black we saw in the former. It’s definitely inconspicuous and it’ll go perfectly if your man doesn’t like attention on his person.

The next difference between the two is the presence of a ring which wraps itself around the cross. To properly explain the meaning behind this, let’s remember that a cross shows religious devotion and all of the messages the religion carries. Now add the presence of a ring which symbolizes marriage and you have a pendant that just screams he’s a romantic. You could buy one for yourself too, though we advise you choose another color.

There are the options gold and silver, and you can also choose between two chain styles (wheat and loop). Regardless of the color or chain style, everything is made from steel. It keeps the cost down and the fact that steel is no slouch in the durability (tough against rust, corrosion, and scratches) department.

3. Jstyle Stainless Steel Dog Tags

Jstyle Stainless Steel Dog Tags Cross Necklaces for Men Prayer Cross Necklace Military Rolo Chain 3mm 24 Inch

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The time around, the cross comes in a simple and portable body that has no space for most Bible verses. Because of this, they included a dog tag, which instead contains the last prayer. It doesn’t have any other accessory that indicates love like the ring did for the FIBOSTEEL cross necklace. But that’s on one hand. On the other, dog tags are symbolic for heroes, and so, it’s the perfect inclusion that complements the primary meaning of the cross necklace. In other words, nothing represents the death and resurrection of Jesus than a dog tag that contains the last prayer.

This is the ideal gift for any Christian that you know. And though, you’re maybe giving the necklace to a man, nobody said it has to be your partner. This would do well as a gift for your son after his baptism. Really seals in a message of love, which he’ll never forget.

If you’re wondering about the aesthetic appeal, both chain (rolo style) and cross are painted a deep black. It’s dangerous and attractive, and you could purchase a pair or more for your sons. Both of them are made from stainless steel, and as the name implies, the material is extremely resistant against rough play. A norm when it concerns most boys that we know of.

4. INRI Cross Crucifix Necklace

HZMAN Catholic Jesus Christ on INRI Cross Crucifix stainless steel Pendant Necklace 24" Chain

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There’s no other cross on our list with the number of details that this HZMAN cross can boast of. We have the figure of Jesus on the cross painted gold and then the cross itself made of bright silver. Although, that’s only for our review unit. You can choose between the other colors silver, gold, and a mixture of black and gold. We would have loved to get our hands on the last one since the combination of colors is really an eyeful.

As for the durability, he’ll definitely enjoy it. The crucifix necklace is entirely made from steel, and that means the usual resistance to wear. What he gets is a gift, that’ll be able to keep up with all of his activities (even the rougher ones). At the same time, the overall look makes it perfect for most scenarios that you can think of. And that’s without taking into consideration the meaning of each hue.

Gold will fit if he doesn’t mind its tendency to attract attention. Silver is perfect if he does mind the extra attention it’ll gather—while black and gold are actually perfect for anyone. Furthermore, you can wear any of the colors with any outfit that you can think of. A simple walk down at the beach is an awesome idea on your anniversary night. Or it could be a birthday gift to your son.

5. Loralyn Designs Small Mens Simple Titanium Cross Pendant

Loralyn Designs Small Mens Simple Titanium Cross Pendant Necklace 16,18, 20, 24 or 30 Inch Stainless Steel Chain

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For any minimalist that you know, we have the perfect gift for them in the form of this piece. There’s no Bible verse written on the body, the frame itself is compact, and it doesn’t have any other design addition that we can speak of. Everything is kept plain and simple, and it’s a formula that works for every scenario that you can think of. Even during business hours, he could just wear the necklace under his shirt, and remove it when he’s through. It’s not the most effective of solutions, but the idea is certainly nice since you’re right next to his heart. Constantly.

It comes in a gift box too. This is perfect if you’re running out of time for a suitable gift for your partner or maybe your son. If the latter applies, you could engrave on the side “Mama Loves You” to create an unbreakable connection with your son. Keyword “Unbreakable” because the entire thing is made with stainless steel. So it’s pretty much one of the most durable pendant necklaces that anyone can have. If you engrave anything on the side as we recommended, the inclusion of durability just means it’s going spend a lot of time there. Your message, in a way, is eternal. Kind of like God’s love.

6. LOYALLOOK 2pcs Black Tone Cross Pendant

LOYALLOOK 2pcs Men's Stainless Steel Silver Black Tone Cross Pendant Lord's Prayer Necklace 24 Inch

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Instead of getting one piece, you get a pair. One is black while the other is colored an impressive silvery-white, which is slightly indicative of the material used in constructing the two. Loyallook made use of stainless steel because of its toughness, and also because men are naturally rough. If you’re giving the gift to your man, the durability will be needed when he’s getting physical with some tasks at work.

Alternatively, it might be at home doing one of his hobbies that he’ll fall in love with the toughness shown. So, it’s a gift to love since it’ll stay with him indefinitely.

As for the design of the cross, it has the last prayer boldly written at the front—and the chain is curb styled. The result is a unique look, that should properly represent your intention when you give it to your partner. You mean business, though this time around, it’s actually in the form of your love. The meaning behind this is simple: you had enough time to think of a gift that’ll fit the kind of person he is. Religious and free-thinking, which is a healthy combination. If you look at that very well, it could be an engraving on the other side.

7. CIUNOFOR Gold Tone Pendant Necklace

CIUNOFOR Gold Tone Cross Necklace for Men Boys Prayer Stainless Steel Pendant Necklace 24-30 inches

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To properly explain how the cross looks like, you’ll have to think of the design as cutting out a piece of text from a book with an artist-like finesse and precision. Here, it’s the Bible and the verse that’s written on it is the last prayer. It’s definitely a sight to behold on any Christian man that you know. That may be your man, little boy, or even a friend. It’s your choice here, and the meaning can be defined with an engraving or gift card.

Something humorous like “I’ve got your back or is it chest here?” would go well along the side. If you need something romantic, “I want you forever” in italics is simply inspiring. Lastly, “Be Safe” is perfect if you’re giving the cross necklace to a friend of yours.

Moving on to the durability, it’s made from stainless steel and that stuff doesn’t corrode, rust, nor scratch easily. So anyone out of the ones we recommended above should expect a lot of use out of it. It’ll easily keep up with the more rougher environments and even situations since the cross necklace isn’t strictly built for looks alone.

Before we go to the next option, the chain comes in several sizes across 24-30 inches that you can pick from. So, you should easily be able to tailor the length to stylishly fit anyone that you like.

8. HIJONES Polished Gold Silver Black

HIJONES Men's Stainless Steel Nail Cross Charm Pendant Necklace Polished Gold Silver Black

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In terms of aesthetic appeal, this is probably the most beautiful and creative option on our list. The manufacturers take took stainless steel, worked it into the form of nails, and then used those nails to create the cross. After that, a steel link chain holds it up.

We know we said we loved the idea of a crown or the writing of the last prayer on a cross. But when we’re talking about Jesus’ cross, nothing depicts the moment more than this. It’ll catch attention no matter where you go, and that’s regardless if you pick the silver or this black model over the gold one. The latter isn’t advisable if your man doesn’t like much attention. If you’re not sure about what he does prefer, ask him out.

Continuing, the durability despite the somewhat loose appearance is very good. It’s not breaking anytime soon just because he stepped on it. At the same time, the colors are deeply imprinted into the stainless steel nails. This ensures that the paint job lasts and thus, the memories. A gift that can handle a lot of use means it’ll also remind the person of you all the time. And we mean that last part literally since the colors and design are just too good to go stale any time soon.

9. HZMAN Philippians 4:13 Cross Pendant

HZMAN Philippians 4:13 Cross Pendant STRENGTH Bible Verse Stainless Steel Necklace

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Although it’s a down on the list, this particular piece does have its own unique design. It’s a simple cross made from stainless steel and along the side, a Bible verse different from the last prayer is written. What we found is Philippians 4:13, and you can get that done in three colors for your man. They are gold, silver, and black. Pick the one that complements his style and personality.

Silver is perfect for a sophisticated man who goes to work a lot. Gold is a lot shiny and for people with a lot of freedom since they’ll maximize the use of the gold color. The last of the colors is black, which represents class, mystery, and sexy. We call that the three combos you need for dinner during the weekend. Or it may be on a casual walk around the park. There’s certainly nothing wrong with suggesting just that, so go on ahead.

As to how durable it is, we can only say it’s not about looks alone. Just as your son (let’s shift perspectives a bit) will wear it on the weekends where he wants to look relaxed and cool, he’ll also be wearing it to school or work with no wear. All of this translates to an exceptional lifespan since stainless steel resists the elements and their effects like a champ if properly made.

Having said that, if you really want to surprise him, you could buy this piece and any other on the list for him. He can alternate between them, wear both at the same time, or even wear the crosses themselves on a particular chain. Before you send them out to them though, you could engrave both the crosses (though one has already) with heart signs to add in a dose of love.

10. AeraVida Cross of Faith Inlaid Abalone Shell Necklace

AeraVida Cross of Faith Inlaid Abalone Shell .925 Sterling Silver Pendant Necklace

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As the last item on our list, we had to make sure we made it worth your while. You have to know that this list is according to our own tastes, but note that they’re the best in what they do. The last product could be your favorite, and we agree with your point. The cross necklace is made from Sterling silver while the colorful crystals inside are actually abalone shells. For the first one, it comes in silver-white color and it’s extremely durable. It’s one of our top picks when it comes to materials used for making jewelry (right next to CZ).

For the second part, abalone shells are from sea snails and what we love about them is the effect that’s created when light hits them. We can’t say it’s bold since it’s actually beautiful in a way that it’s unisex. Here, give it to any bodybuilder you know and you would have stroked their ego a bit.

An alternative to this is giving your son the gift out of the blue. It’s a great way to tell him that you have his back. Especially if he’s a bit old now and shouldn’t even be collecting gifts from you anymore. If you know anyone who can pull this off easily, do try and pass them the idea. It’s a sure way to improve the already strong bond. Now with that part done, we have to mention that the durability is top-notch. You don’t have to worry about the cross being flimsy just because it’s beautiful. Nowadays, these kinds of mixtures are actually not rare.

If you’re personally using it as a gift, going to your partner, try giving him during your next vacation or on a dinner night. The most important thing here is to make the scenario as romantic as possible. Sometimes, the girl has to pull out the big guns for everything to work.


Why wear one?

For Christians, crosses represent all of Jesus’ pain manufactured by man. Still, He loved us enough to suffer the pain of all our sins and even forgive them in the long run. Most Christians need that kind of assurance backing them up. It’s good for moral, for increasing faith, and even perfect for styling whilst still showing your religious inclination.

Can women wear any of these pieces?

Yes, you can. All of the cross necklaces above don’t scream masculinity in any way or form. So it’s all up to personal choice now. Nevertheless, if you’re asking us which particular one we recommend, we think you go for the last option on our list. The shells embedded in the cross are really beautiful and that about fits any woman’s requirements.

What does a ring on a necklace mean?

While a ring on a cross can mean the love you have for your partner, it has other meanings too. And one of the best ones that we found is through buying a pair for you and your partner. The meaning of a ring on a cross is purity. It means your boyfriend is keeping himself pure till the wedding and vice versa. It’s almost like you’re laying your claim by tagging him with a cross necklace that has a pretty obvious meaning.

How to measure necklace length?

Let’s put it this way; maybe you’ve chosen one of the cross necklaces as a birthday present to your friend or partner. But then, you don’t which particularly size to select. Although some sizes are perfect for just about anyone, a bit of adjustment may still be needed before it’s the perfect length for either of the people you’re giving the gift. It certainly doesn’t make a good sight when a necklace doesn’t properly size. A necklace that looks like a choker will immediately be rejected by your partner, especially if he’s at work a lot. One that’s too long will just look funny. Even to you.

So to avoid all of these possibilities, we decided to take you through some simple steps on how you can measure your necklace length. All of the steps are pretty straightforward in operation.

Measure Your Neck

All you need to easily pull this off is a tape rule, and you can go ahead and measure your neck size. If you get a measurement of 20 inches, add 4 inches, and only buy a cross necklace with a length of 24 inches. If the result is 15-17, a 20-inch cross necklace is what we think you should go for.

Take into Consideration His Height

You just need to know 2 things here. The first one is that long necklaces generally don’t look good on shorter people. You need a necklace with a short length and you may have to reduce your measured length in order to get that perfect look and fit. For tall people on the other hand, wearing short necklaces is not a route we would advise anyone that falls in this category to take.

Our Final Thoughts

Cross necklaces for men carry a deep meaning and are very beautiful depending on how creative the manufacturers can get. So, we think every Christian should have one. If you’re not sure whether or not the person will like it, be sure to ask them. Some prefer a crucifix and luckily, there’s one in the list. On the other hand, the ones that prefer the cross will have plenty to choose from. Though, we think you should try and make a choice for them here.