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10 Lion Rings That Express Utter Masculinity & Sexiness!

Anna Anna 17 Apr 2019 398

There aren’t many animals out there that represent power and masculinity better than the king of the jungle! Lions have long been considered one of the strongest and most intimidating creatures that we share the Earth with, and they also happen to make incredible jewelry inspiration. Below, you’ll find our top 10 picks for the sexiest lion rings for men!

Our Favorite Picks!

1. Sac Silver Great Lion Ring

Sac Silver Great Lion Ring

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Starting out our list of the amazing list is this incredible choice from Sac Silver. This piece is simple, yet strong and very masculine. The entire ring is made from solid 925 sterling silver. That simply means it is 92.5% pure silver with a mixture of metal alloys added to give the silver adequate strength and durability over time. The band is nice and wide to really enhance the manly look and feel. At the base of the band, the ring narrows just a bit to provide ample comfort as well.

The band is domed and smooth with a high-polish finish that gives it a bright shine. Then at the center of the band, there is a large lion’s head carved beautifully from the solid silver. The lion’s mane spans up to and down extending past the edges of the band in both directions. The mouth of the lion is open wide with sharp teeth threateningly bared. This gives it a look as if it’s roaring loudly. Intricate details help to give the lion a more realistic look and provide plenty of interest for the ring.

A tarnished look that only goes over the lion itself provides darker areas within the crease of the lion carving. This helps all of those details to pop creating more drama. The detailed face and barred teeth of the lion help create an almost intimidating look in this super simple and sexy ring.

It comes at a medium price in relation to other choices. It is available in sizes 8 through 13 for a fair amount of versatility in the size.

2. Eosing Stainless Steel Roaring Lion

Detailed 316L Stainless Steel Roaring Lion Mens Ring Engraved Carved, Black

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Here is an extremely affordable pick from Eosing. This option is pretty similar to our first choice from Sac Silver but is made from stainless steel opposed to solid silver. This is still very durable and long-lasting with a very nice look to it. However, it is much cheaper. On top of the stainless steel, you get to choose from several different plated metals for this ring. You can choose silver, black, or have your ring with yellow gold plating.

It features a wide band that does narrow somewhat towards the bottom of the finger. This gives it a strong, masculine look without sacrificing the comfort of the person wearing it. The band part is very smooth and has a lovely polished finish to it. The special comfort-fit design makes sure that this piece feels nearly weightless on the finger even with a heavier design compared to many ring options. The carved face of the lion sits dead center on the ring featuring a detailed face and large mane that appears to flow off around your finger.

The lion’s face is striking with carefully carved detailing in the eyes and around the mouth. The lion carving juts out fairly far up from the band to give a good amount of depth to the carving. The depth really helps to further show off those amazing details and give the mouth a really fearsome look with sharp teeth barred perfectly. The high-polish finish of the band really contrasts nicely with the tarnished look of the lion’s face.

The tarnishing also helps to really highlight all of the details of the carving if you choose the silver-plated or yellow-gold-plated options. The black-plated ring doesn’t have the same contrast, but it does still have a very strong and robust look to it that will command attention and appreciation. It is available in sizes 7 through 14.

3. NOVICA Rainbow Moonstone ‘Lion Charisma’

NOVICA Rainbow Moonstone .925 Sterling Silver Men's Ring 'Lion Charisma'

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This stunning ‘Lion Charisma’ piece from NOVICA is really something special. NOVICA works alongside National Geographic to help artisans from all over the world to a large, international market. Typically, these artisans are from rural areas where they wouldn’t have any other way to sell to a global audience. This particular option is created by a man named Nyoman Rena in Bali, Indonesia. Nyoman grew up learning wood carving from his father and later shadowed a silversmith in his village. Now he creates stunning masterpieces like this one that NOVICA helps him sell around the world.

It is made from solid 925 sterling silver. It features a broad top with a slimmer bottom. This graduation of wideness on the band creates a comfortable fit and strong look. At the very center, large rainbow moonstone is carefully set with a smooth beveled silver edge surrounding it. As you move the ring back and forth, you can see the moonstone throw off an array of different colors.

The broad silver sides of the ring are where the lion comes into play. On each side of the moonstone, on the sides of the ring, an intricate, artistic lion’s head is carved from the silver. The lion design is just slightly less realistic with a bit of a cartoony look. The ring is anything but childish, though. The lion has a powerful, prominent feel about it. Striking eyes and barred teeth add a fearsome element to the lion on each side.

Multiple textures within the silver help the image to come together nicely. You can choose this option in any size from 5 to 13. This makes it more versatile. It is mid-priced for similar options, but that gives it an incredible value considering that it is hand-created by an artist.

4. HZMAN Iced Out Lion

HZMAN Men's Cubic Zirconia Iced Out Lion 18K Gold Plated Stainless Steel Rings

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Up next is this magnificent option from HZMAN. This is their ‘Iced Out Lion’ ring and it is absolutely perfect for a man that loves his bling and isn’t afraid to accessorize. It is made from solid stainless steel that is strong and protects well against the elements. This helps it to be durable and ensure that it lasts indefinitely. Then, it is also plated with stunning 18k yellow gold. This plating is top quality and provides a truly incredible look. That is especially so thanks to the excellent high-polished finish.

This high polishing creates an amazing shine over the band as well as the lion’s face. The face of the lion is dead center and definitely the main feature. It is also huge giving it an even more dominant appearance. The lion measures at an impressive 4cm long and spans nearly 3cm across from side to side. The mane on this lion is smooth with a slight wave rather than being wilder like some other choices. This creates a more regal look to the lion.

Just like most options that have a big feature piece in the center, this ring is wide at the top and narrows to be a good bit thinner near the bottom of your finger. The main purpose of this design is to create a nice and comfortable fit for the man wearing it. It also helps keep it in place better, which further adds to the overall comfort of the wearer. There is a reason that this is called the ‘Iced Out Lion’ and that reason is all of the incredibly beautiful cubic zirconia stones that are inlaid all over it.

The stones are specifically placed into his mane starting near the lion’s face and moving outwards to the edge of the face. Each row of cubic zirconia stones curve along the sections of the mane. This creates a more natural, flowy appearance. There are over 100 of these little cubic zirconia stones perfectly inlaid along the lion’s mane. It gives it an expensive, prestigious look.

To top off the entire design and pull the look together perfectly, there are a final two small cubic zirconia stones inlaid into the eyes of the lion. This gives it a striking, strong look that’s hard to miss. You can choose this impressive piece of jewelry in any size from 7 to 14. It is even surprisingly very affordable.

5. Jewelry Liquidation Onyx Regal Lion Head

Jewelry Liquidation 10k Yellow Gold Onyx Regal Lion Head Mens Nugget Style Ring

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If you’re interested in a fantastic high-end option, this one exudes masculinity like no other. It is definitely a good bit more expensive than most of our choices, but the quality and materials are absolutely worth the higher cost. This piece is actually made from solid 10k yellow gold opposed to being plated in gold like less expensive options. This guarantees that it will stand the test of time much better than cheaper choices. It also features the appropriate 10k stamp inside the band of the ring for authenticity.

It also features a very broad upper half with a narrower lower section of the band. This really does a lot to improve comfort when it comes to wider ring choices. This lets you get that handsome manly look without the sacrifice of all-day comfort for your finger. The upper part is squared with a flat top. This looks fantastic and also helps keep it in place, centered on your finger. Layers of the solid 10k yellow gold go down almost like steps from the top section.

At the very top, a large, natural black onyx stone is cleanly inlaid into the ring. The stone is rectangular in shape with rounded corners that give it a cleaner look. Right at the very center of the onyx stone, there is a solid gold lion’s head attached securely to it. The contrast of the deep black onyx stone and the bright, pure gold is absolutely brilliant and very attention-grabbing. It makes for a very bold piece.

Since this lion is attached at the center of the onyx stone, it is smaller than many of the lions included in the different options that we have included here. Even with the smaller size, the lion includes incredible detail down to the texture of the mane and the individually carved teeth. Another cool detail is that with the mouth of the lion left wide open, you can actually see the black onyx stone through the mouth.

This makes it look even more incredible. Down the sides, small rivets are carved out for a cool nugget look and additional interest for the ring. It is made in California in the USA. You can choose it in a large variety of sizes from size 7 all the way to size 13. They even include both half sizes as well as quarter sizes within this range of sizes.

6. Zealot Jewelry 18k Rose Gold Bevel Edge Lion

Lion Lioness Panthera Leo Ring - Tungsten Band 8mm - Men - Women - 18k Rose Gold Step Bevel Edge - Yellow - Grey - Blue - Black - Brushed - Polished - Wedding - Gift Dome Flat Cut

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For a completely different take on lion rings, check out this sophisticated choice from Zealot Jewelry. This stunning option is made from tungsten carbide. This has become a very popular choice for men’s rings especially. That is because it is a very nice, high-quality material that produces quality rings, but it is also extremely strong and durable for guaranteed longevity. The best part is that it is pretty inexpensive as far as jewelry materials go. The band is 8mm wide and features a uniform width all the way around the finger for a smooth, seamless band.

The inside of the band is specially designed with a slight curve that provides the most comfortable fit imaginable. It features lovely beveled edges that are plated in stunning 18k rose gold. The entire inner part of the band is also plated in this 18k rose gold. The tungsten that is exposed around the center of the band has a very handsome brushed finish. This is the perfect contrast against the shiny high-polish finish of the rose gold edges and center.

Right at the very center of the brushed tungsten, there is a small lion’s head perfectly engraved with just the right amount of detail. This is unique and clever among our other choices and we feel it is the perfect option for a lion ring that is a little simpler and more minimalistic. It also features lots of options for easy customization to your favorite specifications.

For example, if you are not a fan of the beveled edge, you can choose a flat band or a domed band. You also have a good bit of different color combinations to pick from. You can choose from many different color combinations including grey, black, blue, yellow gold, and rose gold. You’ll also choose between polished, brushed, and matte for some of the material options.

Whatever specifications that you decide on for your ring personally, it will still have that manly lion’s head engraving right at the center. There is also a huge range of sizes that this ring is available in. You can get in in any size from size 4 all the way to size 15. That range even includes many half sizes for those that need them.

Each piece of jewelry comes with a nice little ring box perfect for both gifting as well as storing. It is about mid-priced on our list and is well worth the cost when you take into consideration the high-quality materials and design!

7. Jewelry Liquidation 10k Two-Tone Gold Lion Head

10k Two-Tone Gold Lion Head Red & White CZ Mens Ring

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This super unique and very intricate option is a real show-stopper! It isn’t quite like anything else we found and it is a guaranteed bet if you are looking to get lots of attention from your lion piece of jewelry. It is made with multiple different materials and a highly-detailed design with lots of different elements to it. It is made from solid 10k two-tone gold. Most of it is made with solid 10k yellow gold, but there is also some very nice-looking white gold incorporated into the design of the ring as well.

The band is all yellow gold and so is the face of the lion that is featured right at the center. The mane of the lion, however, is made from solid 10k white gold instead. This gives such an amazing contrast that helps the lion to look more detailed and fearsome. It really stands out among similar choices due to the use of the two-tone solid 10k gold. The lion’s mane has a beautiful flowing look about it with precise details that are layered over one another with curling and curving that create a perfect lion’s head look.

The lion’s head itself spans out a little bit farther than the band on both the top and the bottom. The band is also beautifully decorated all along the sides. Indentions and raised sections within the side of the band work together to create a lovely design that helps add incredible detail to the entire ring and really compliments the lion’s head quite nicely.

Some of the coolest and most unique details of this lion’s head are the beautiful stones that are included. The first stone is a decently sized clear cubic zirconia stone that is actually inside of the lion’s mouth. It is held by prongs that appear to be the lion’s large teeth.

The stone is brilliantly cut with incredible sparkle that makes it look very similar to a real diamond. Two more cubic zirconia stones are inlaid into the lion’s eyes. These cubic zirconia stones have a pinkish red color to them that makes them look just like beautiful rubies shining from the lion’s eyes. You can get it in sizes 7 through 13 including half sizes and quarter sizes to guarantee a perfect, custom fit for everyone.

8. SilverCloseOut Stainless Steel Royal Lion

SilverCloseOut Stainless Steel Royal Lion Ring (Size 8-16)

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This super affordable choice is refreshingly simple and made to last. It is made from solid stainless steel with no other materials involved. This simple and strong design is incredibly durable and guaranteed to stand the test of time with no issues. The bottom half of the band is a uniform width across. Then, as it gets to about halfway up the band, the width starts to increase until it is just slightly less wide than the actual lion’s head itself.

The lion’s head is a good bit wider than the bottom of the band with a width measuring at 35mm, which is just under 1.5 inches. This is a great size for showing off the masculine detail of the ring. Even with its simple design, this piece is very attention-grabbing. The lion is very detailed and well-designed. From a broad snout, deep face, and sharp teeth to a wavy, flowing mane, this lion has a realistic look to it unlike many of our other choices.

If you look closely, you can even see whiskers, nostrils, and carefully designed bone structure in the cheeks, jaws, and eyes. It does have a tarnished look where you can see black lining all of the crevices. This helps the design to be clearer and stand out well. The majority of the ring features a high-polish look that makes this stainless steel shine like silver. The entirety of the band features this high shine.

The silky smooth feel of the polished stainless steel also makes for a wonderfully comfortable option. It is available in sizes ranging from size 8 to size 16. It even comes with a silver-toned gift box that is great for gifting as well as giving you the perfect safe place to store it anytime it isn’t being worn.

9. Zovivi Silver Gothic Lion Shield

Zovivi Silver Cool Gothic Lion Sheild Stainless Steel Mens Womens King Crown Ring

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Here is a super cool option that has another unique design compared to most choices out there. Instead of featuring a lion’s head, it has the full body of the lion. The top section of this ring is a flat, shield shape. With a point on the bottom, lightly rounded sides, and two curves at the top. At the center of the shield, there is a slightly abstract lion in a standing position with claws out and mouth slightly opened.

The shield displays the lion’s mane, tail, and limbs perfectly in gorgeous gold. Other details surrounding the lion on the shield include leaf designs and special crown shape. All of these are done in contrast to the gold color in a silvery color that comes from the stainless steel material. The entire piece including the band and shield are made from this 316L stainless steel. This provides superior strength and durability over time.

The sides start wide at the top and then narrow towards the bottom part. The sides are also decorated beautifully to match the shield’s designs. Each side features an indented area with lovely leaves and plants stunningly engraved into it.

These plant designs are also done in the same gold as the lion. Within all of the crevices on the ring in-between the different designs, there is a tarnished black look to the metal. This helps the details and polishing of the rest of the ring pop very well to easily see what is engraved. It is very affordable and comes in sizes 7 to 14.

10. Seta Jewelry Square-Cut Garnet Tribal Lion

Seta Jewelry Men's Square-Cut Garnet Red Cubic Zirconia Antiqued Stainless Steel Tribal Lion Ring

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This last incredible option on our list has a very intimidating and powerful feel about it. It is made of solid stainless steel with a broad lion’s head at the center carved from the same stainless steel of the ring’ s band. This particular lion has a tribal look to it with large, curving lines making up most of the lion. The swirls that create the lion’s magnificent mane curl out and down the sides of the band as well.

At the center, in the lion’s large mouth, there is a marvelous cubic zirconia stone in a deep red color that makes it look just like garnet. The large, sharp teeth of the lion hold this cubic zirconia stone in place for a very nice and fearsome look that looks super sexy on any man. It does have a tarnished look within the crevices between the swirling designs, but it also features a high-polish finish on the higher sections of the design and on the band.

This is a super impressive option with an amazing design. It is almost guaranteed to make the compliments come pouring in. It even comes with a ring box for presentation, a soft pouch for storage, and a cleaning cloth for easy care to keep your piece of jewelry shining beautifully!