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Moonstone Meaning, Healing Properties & Jewelry

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One of our all time favorite gems is the gorgeous moonstone! It is among the world’s most beautiful gemstones which make them a popular choice for jewelry. The versatile moonstone  commonly has the appearance of rippled clouds of blue. The extraordinary blue hued gem is easily the most sought after color, but moonstones can also be found in rainbow, yellow, gray, pink, peach and cream/white. Each of these colors has its own meaning, and the energy that flows from each color of this gemstone will show the personality of the person who is wearing the stone. We will identify a little later what each color of moonstone represents.

Moonstone is made of potassium aluminum silicate. This stone is known for a special effect it has and this effect is called adularescence. We are talking about an optical phenomenon that grants an amazing glow to the gemstone. When the light moves across the stone it glides across it much like moonlight would glide across a calm body of water. This happens when light reflects off the thin layers of different feldspar minerals within the moonstone.

Adularescence effect

Although this stone has many qualities similar to some labradorite stones, labradorite is a plagioclase feldspar and moonstone is orthoclase feldspar. Plagioclase feldspar is composed of calcium and sodium and orthoclase feldspar is composed of potassium.

As for hardness, it ranks between 6 and 6.5 on the Mohs Scale of Hardness, which is not a lot. This means it can break easily. Moonstone jewelry usually comes in the form of necklaces or earrinfs since they are less likely come into contact with hard surfaces.

When choosing a piece of jewelry that has a moonstone gem its good to consider what each color of stone represents. Even if the gem is solely picked due to aesthetics it is still nice to know what your stone means.

moonstone type

The rainbow moonstone is associated with the properties for psychic protection and is said to improve relationships. The peach one is used to increase self worth. The gray symbolizes love, interpersonal relationships and is used as a healing tool for women. The blue is used to balance the mind and to help with focus and aide in control. And lastly, the white simbolyzes power of gods and is said to bring pure energy and protection to the wearer. More and more people are paying attention to the characteristics of their moonstone jewelry and what its functions are. This is such an amazing stone because it is  beautiful yet it also can bring many benefits to a person who wears it all the time.

Moonstone Throughout History and Culture

According to Hindu legend the stone was formed from moonbeams. Even the early Romans and the ancient Greeks believed it to be “made of moonlight” they also believed that this gem possessed healing powers. Many ancient cultures believed we could be hypnotized simply by staring at the gem as the light turns slightly back and forth. In ancient times, it was said to arouse tender passion in lovers and give them the power to read the future. In Asia, it is considered to be the jewel of luck.  And in the Arab culture, it is a symbol of fertility. Even today many Arab women still wear this gem for that purpose, however the gemstone will often be hidden under their clothing so it cannot be seen.

As you can see Moonstone jewelry has been a popular gem for hundreds of years. It was also very popular in  the “Art Nouveau” era and used by renowned jewelry designer Renac Lalique in France. This collection of famously designed moonstone jewelry is now only available to be seen in a museum.

rene lalique
Art Nouveau Lalique’s Moonstone Tiara at Marie Poutine’s Jewels & Royals

What better stone to incorporate into your favorite piece of jewelry than one that is historically healing and thought to be formed from moonbeams! This timeless stone will make an excellent choice for jewelry since it comes in many different colors and can be used in rings, necklaces, earrings or any type of jewelry or pendant that suits  you.

                Celebrities Wearing Moonstone

These glamorous stones have become a popular choice in Hollywood due to their unique ability to be glamorous without being overstated. It’s the type of gem that can be worn day or night because it’s exciting yet not over the top. Because this gem can be found in an array of different colors,  stylists enjoy working with it because it is easy to pair unsables with. One celebrity jewelry designer said that many times she does not know what her clients will be wearing on an award night or to a movie premier so she will opt for a moonstone piece due to its versatile chameleon like ability to compliment any color.

So which celebs have been spotted wearing moonstone jewelry and how did they wear it? Let’s start with the iconic world leader, Michelle Obama. She is known to be a contemporary style icon and someone who enjoys fine jewelry. Former first lady has been photographed on several occasions wearing a Moonstone brooch as well as her moonstone-and-diamond earrings.

Michelle Obama
Michelle Obama

Americas sweetheart and  actress Drew Barrymore was photographed wearing a huge peach colored moonstone cocktail ring at the Golden Globes. Tina Fey was also seen wearing earrings designed by the famous Neil Lane. Tina’s beautiful earrings were a mix of moonstone, brown diamond, yellow diamonds and white diamonds. Kristen Stewart who plays the character Bella Swan in the Twilight saga also wears a rainbow moonstone during filming.

Bella Swan ring

Actress Kaley Cuoco who place Bridget Hennessy on the ABC sitcom 8 Simple Rules, was seen on wearing Moonstone earrings designed by Neil Lane. Leighton Meester who played Blair Waldorf in Gossip Girl fancies a moonstone  piece on screen. As does actress Nina Dobrev who plays Elena Gilbert or Katherine Pierce in The Vampire Diaries. The moonstone is one of the items in this series that is needed to break the curse of the moon and the sun which signifies vampires and werewolves.

Vampire Diaries
Vampire Diaries

The stunning gem is also a favorite when it comes to engagement rings and a beautiful piece was seen on Anna Paquin’s fingers once she announced her engagement.

Anna Paquin
Anna Paquin

                Moonstone as a Boho Fashion Piece

Not only is the gem popular amongst Hollywood’s elite, it is also a favorite in the Boho-chic fashion world. The bohemian lifestyle  embodies a life that is all about living free and simple without any boundaries. Bohemian style reflects this type of living and is inspired by these free spirits who choose to lead an unconventional life; the travelers, the  actors, the writers. Boho lifestyle has a special place for art, whether it is  music, photography, painting, dancing, jewelry or anything that requires creativity.

Boho style rings from Moon Magic jewelry

The stone is a popular gem amongst these free souls because if its calming effect. It helps the wearer become calm and tranquil. This amazing stone also has an aspect of spiritual healing associated with it which is an important attribute amongst bohos. Healing through moonstone is done in various ways, and the simplest of them is by wearing moonstone jewelry all the time, keeping the moonstone close while meditating, and performing full moon rituals.  Many people considered it to be a travelling stone because its said to offer protection on land and on the sea which is also why it is so perfect for Bohemian lifestyle and fashion.

    Healing Properties of the Moonstone: Physically, Mentally and Spiritually

Ok, so we have seen movie stars, musicians, travelers and the free spirited Boho chic stylista sporting the gem, but what about the average girl? The girl who is  drawn to the amazing moonstone simply because they are beautiful and have the added bonus of having some awesome healing properties. This stone is an amazing choice for the girl who is into pretty things with healing benefits just as much as its for Hollywood and Pinterest Boho models.

The gem is famously known for its healing properties which are due to the unique vibrational frequency each gem possesses due to the formation process. It is believed to be able to address a person’s specific ailments. Some of the healing properties include calming fears of the unknown, balancing one’s emotional state, opening a person’s intuition, increasing someone’s confidence and their willingness to take action, and relaxing a person’s mind and body.

Moonstone healing properties
Polished moonstone

It has properties that will activate and strengthen the pineal gland. The pineal gland which is responsible for our mood and also produces melatonin, a serotonin-derived hormone that helps regulate  sleep patterns in both circadian and seasonal cycles. It is a very good gem for women to wear as it will improve the reproductive cycle, help in the process of conception, pregnancy and childbirth. Furthermore, this incredible stone will help women cope with menstrual disorders and balance their hormone cycle.

The stone can also be used for mental healing by releasing tension and stabilizing emotions. This powerful gem gives the person wearing it the strength to survive and a sense of optimism and hope. Besides that it will increase intuition and inspiration. It is also known to enhance ones emotional atmosphere, thus protecting the person wearing it from excessive sensitivity. Wearing it provides a person with the ability to open themselves up emotionally in order to increase creativity, reduce negativity and to turn it into positive energy.

In love affairs moonstone help to increase compassion of a girlfriend and reunite lovers who have quarreled.

There are so many benefits of wearing a moonstone! So far we have seen this stone used to heal the physical and mental state of someone, now we will look at how wearing this stone will help a person spiritually. This gem has been known to improve the functioning of the Ajna chakra and the Crown chakra. The Ajna chakra is also known as our third eye chakra which is what helps us see things with clarity. It helps to cultivate inner strength and confidence.

This stone also provides gentle but strong energy, so it  can connect with the natural rhythm of our bodies and soul. The benefits spiritually also consist of  providing feminine energy vibration, wisdom and reflective abilities and gives strength to the person wearing it to keep hope and faith.

The energy of the gem also helps to strengthen intuition and psychic perception to natural power. The rainbow moonstone in particular with its light spectrum gives off a sense of cleanliness and uplifting.

                Moonstone as Feminine Energy

This amazing stone is the master healer for women; it brings soothing, calming, healing energy. It is the stone of the mother moon and sacred feminine energies. With the high energy gold, purple and blu rays, the gem is always charged with white energy; this turns it into a protective stone and the perfect stone to incorporate into rings, necklaces, earrings or any other fashion piece.

moonstone meaning

Emerging from the powers of the moon, the feminine energies in moonstone is believed to enhance a woman’s  intuition. It is mostly used by women to boost their kundalini efficacy, and by men; to bring a balance to their emotional and rational sides.

The Gem and Its Associations


This brilliant stone with its striking luminescence is associated with the third wedding anniversary. With so many different ways to wear this marvelous stone one can give a moonstone ring, pendant, earrings, necklace or whatever piece of jewelry best suits your loved one.

Another interesting place you can find this dynamic stone is as Florida’s state gemstone. The moonstone was christened the Florida State Gemstone in 1970 to honor the Kennedy Space Center and Nasa’s achievements. So for the girl who loves science or the lady who wears business casual attire working for the state of Florida, what better gem to incorporate into a lovely piece of jewelry than the sensational moonstone.

moonstone birthstone

This fascinating stone is also the interchangeable birthstone for the month of June. June is one of only two months that has three birthstones associated with it, the three stones are pearl, alexandrite, and our personal favorite the moonstone.

                Caring for Your Gem

We have seen moonstone  jewelry being worn by celebrities, musicians and  we have seen it as a gem of importance to heal and as feminine energy, in Boho fashion and in many other areas, but once you have this stone how do you care for it?

It’s essential to cleanse your stone and try not to expose it directly to the sun. By making sure your stone is taken care of you will make sure to get the most of the stone’s energy radiating towards you . The best way to recharge it is by exposing it to moonlight. By placing your stone under a new moon it absorbs fresh energy and placing it under a full moon allows it to absorb the moons full energy potential.

Moonstone Pendants – Sage Goddess

When caring for your moonstone, do not use any harsh chemicals or cleaners to clean it. Always avoid using ultrasonic cleaners or steamers.

Moonstone is suscetible to pressure, so do not set your stones using any tension-style mountings. You should also remove any jewelry when cleaning, playing a sport or during workouts.

When storing it, it would be good if you did so by putting your moonstone away from other jewelry. Storing it in a jewelry box for added protection is the best way to protect it from scratches.

Moonstone Cuts

Moonstone is usually cut in cabochon, which is when a stone is cut into a rounded top with no faceting and a flat or slightly domed base; this is done to show the stone’s true shine.

This type of cut needs to be done by a specialist because only experts who have knowledge about the distance and height of the cabochon are suitable to work with this stone. This type of cut is done  to highlight the stones shine and make it even more beautiful.

The glitter you can see on moonstone pieces is derived from the phenomenon of lamellas inclusion structure, which is a type of inclusion shaped like a vertical line. This inclusion distorts the light through which it produces an attractive color. When a moonstone is polished it can improve its  color and shine.

How to Wear Moonstone Correctly

Adding a moonstone piece of jewelry to any outfit will compliment your style and bring your overall being a sense of calm and happiness. The first choice of metal for moonstone jewelry should be silver or gold. Moonstone should be worn on the little finger of the correct hand, left hand for left-handed people and the right hand for right-handed people to ensure you receive all the benefits of the stone.

Moonstone Rings from Moon Magic jewelry
Moonstone Rrngs from Moon Magic jewelry

This amazing stone is a brilliant option to use in any type of jewelry, because of its adaptable uniqueness to be exactly what you are looking for. Whether you are looking for something to compliment other pieces of jewelry you have or if you want this to be a stand alone piece. If you are looking to achieve the Boho-chic fashion sense or if you are looking for an engagement ring, the moonstone is the perfect choice!