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10 Superb Moonstone Earrings!

Anna Anna 16 Mar 2019 114

We have had some pretty exciting things to say about moonstone earrings, and you will agree with us by now, that moonstone on any jewelry is simply a touch of perfection. To complement your apparel for any occasion or to accent other jewelry you have, we introduce these ever-radiant moonstone earrings.

They are a daintily gorgeous piece of ear accessories that throws out different shades of beautiful and bright colors. You can’t wear this piece and go unnoticed, and we guarantee you that you wouldn’t be able to resist wearing them every day.

If you check out our list of moonstone necklaces and moonstone rings, there are some fascinating pieces that are just breathtaking. And to continue with that trend of genuine quality, we also have something’s about moonstone earrings that you would find interesting.

Continue reading, and you will learn more about them and the exact ones that would work best for whatever purpose it is you have in mind.

Our 10 Favorite Picks!

1. Bright

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Moonstone is an excellent piece of gemstone that has been complementing women beauty for a very long time. And this piece from moon magic was created for the same purpose.

It was inspired by how beautiful the moon looks. The detailing is made to match the boho style, and you can use it to complete your stunning look for any occasion.

The jewelry is crafted with a teardrop-shaped rainbow moonstone set into 925 sterling silver. The beauty is undeniable, and with the little balls created around the pendant, it is perfect for you. This earring is stud style, and it has a small crescent moon beneath the moonstone.

All the materials used are safe for your skin, and the clasp of the earrings makes sure it doesn’t fall from your ear.

If you are all for simple styles that are chic enough to give you that edge that you desire, then you don’t want to miss a deal like this. It is excellent for your personal use, and you can also get it as a gift for your colleague at work, your friends or even your family.

We are sure that they will find it delightful that you got them such a beautiful earring.

Other info: the stone of the earring has a dimension of 8 x 6 mm and an overall size if 1.27 x 1.59 cm.

2. Gleaming Mist Studs

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We have always found fabulous jewelry that defies all odds for you here at Jewelry Jealousy. And this is another earring that fit into that profile. It has a moonstone with crystal clear radiance and is accented with other beautiful materials.

It is like a match made in heaven and looking at them will cease your breath for quite a while. Chic, fascinating and awe-striking are the only words that can be used to define these moonstone earrings.

An iridescent moonstone is a gemstone used to accent the stud earrings. You have to see it so you can appreciate how magnificent it looks.

The dimension of the stone has been adjusted to make sure that it fits your earlobe without causing any harmful effect. You would enjoy the hypoallergenic feature of the 925 sterling silver since you can wear it no matter your allergies.

The pair of earrings is a pure gem and gleams all over the spiritual world. Moon Magic crafts pieces of jewelry with the best quality possible and they have a free return policy, in case you don’t like what you get. But we assure you that this will be your top choice amongst all your other earrings.

It’s quite affordable so you can get one for yourself and one as a gift for anyone close to you.

Other info: the stone size is 0.31 and set into 925 sterling silver

3. Rumi

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Let’s spice things up a little, with these stud earrings that have an extra feature that makes it more beautiful: the beautiful simple design that puts the moonstone as the main focus.

The pair has been crafted by expert hands and is delicately made to have bohemian detailing.

Made with a genuine and iridescent rainbow moonstone set into a 925 sterling silver, the earrings have an eye-catching effect. The moons dangle extends 4.29 centimeters beneath the moonstone and is made with highly polished 925 sterling silver. You will love the way the design is connected.

To make it the feature even better, silver trims of the sterling silver was used to make the rope that ties the crescent moon to the moonstone gem.

June birthstone never looked more beautiful than it looks on these earrings. There are no toxic materials like tarnish, lead or cadmium inside its components. So, enjoy the bright colors that radiate from the gem when it is touch by the sun or other sources of illumination.

For night parties, red carpet event, get-together, and any other occasion, this is the perfect fit for your apparel.

Other info: the earring has a stone size of 5 mm.

4. Luna Lux

Moonstone earrings

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What we have here are hanging styled earrings that radiates tones of a rainbow when sun-kissed. It was made with a classic touch that makes it look mesmerizing and fit to adorn your ears.

Luna Lux mimics a lotus flower and symbolizes enlightenment mixed with rejuvenation. What you see when you look at it, is pure energy to enhance good luck around you.

Hypoallergenic 925 sterling silver is excellent for everyone since it doesn’t have any adverse effect on your ear. And that is what this earring is carved with, the rainbow moonstone is set into the sterling silver and looks cute right there beneath your ear.

The drop earrings look amazing, and it will fit you just beautifully. You can mix it with any outfit and rock it for casual or even formal outfit.

Moon magic has expert craftsmen that delicately carve pieces of jewelry to meet the taste of the customer.

This earring from them is a touch of perfection, and even at that, it is still affordable enough for anyone. It is well packed, and you can use it as a gift at any holiday or birthday this season.

Other info: the size of the stone is 0.79 cm round and drop just 2.22cm below your ear.

5. Ear Climber – Trilogy

Moonstone earrings

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Triangles have always been used to represent the innate ability of females, and this earring is made with three downward facing triangles. Three of the triangle represents the past, present, and future and is known as the ‘Traveler’s stone’; they are to support you all through your endeavors.

With the aduralecsent effect of the moonstone, the earring has an excellent look with a creative build and fascinating design.

With daring and evocative composition, there are rainbow moonstones set into the three triangles on each pair.

The effect is quite beautiful and gives you confidence as you walk your way through life. To keep the quality ball rolling, you won’t need any persuasion to wear it every day.

It also stays firm on your earlobes and sparkles in brilliant light. If you are all for dangling earrings, then you won’t have any problem falling in love with this one.

Its tribute to the premium quality and you can get your money back within 30 days if you don’t like what you get.

The price is quite affordable, so try not to miss out on this. It is excellent for those vacations you would like to take and watch as compliments keep coming your way.

Other info: The earrings have six stone size of 5 x 5 mm.

6. Vintage Mellow

Vintage Mellow

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This is another dangle moonstone earrings that would help you make a sophisticated fashion statement anywhere you go. The earrings were decorated with dazzling moonstone that is not only bright but also radiant. If you want something that has more than one beautiful gem, then this one is for you.

To accent, these earrings, five clear and iridescent moonstone were used. They were arranged on a 925 sterling silver metal made in the shape of a crescent moon.

The GEM is there to light up the crescent moon and create one hell of sparkle for your ear. All the features of the earrings are held together by the sterling silver, and it has a hook to make sure it doesn’t fall off your ear.

Safe and beautiful are two words that everyone wants in their jewelry, and this is the two words that motivate the professional craftsmen at moon magic to make the best. We picked Luna because it is beautiful enough to make you stand out and add that spark of life you need in your jewelry set.

Also, the price is really great, and you can even afford to buy more than one, for yourself and your loved ones.

Other info: The hook is 3 x 2.5 cm.

7. Venus Studs

Venus studs

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Combining white topaz and moonstone is something that moon magic does so well, which is why we recommend this moonstone earring for you.

It is embellished with beautiful white topaz and features a lovely rose gold coating to make it even more attractive. The name Soaring Rays is due to its resemblance to its psychic ability to elevate your soul.

Explore the details of the jewelry, and you would be charmed at the quality of build infused into it.

The earrings have rainbow moonstone that stays right where it can be seen on your ears, but that is not the only thing that makes it so desirable. It’s the three white topaz lining the sides of the moonstone that adds the extra charm it possesses.

They are quite dazzling, and the combination is perfect. For the base metal, 925 sterling silver was used with a plating of 14 kt rose gold plating for more aesthetic pleasure.

All the materials used for this earring is top-quality, and you definitely don’t want to miss out on a piece of jewelry that sparkle alluringly in any light.

So watch as you have all the spotlight beam down on you at parties, ceremonies or even just a day out on the beach.

Other info: The products ships fast, and you can have a refund in case of any issues.

8. Sonic Studs

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We have had seven gorgeous moonstone earring for you already, and this is the eighth one, but they aren’t arranged according to the best one.The light catching effect is its major attraction, and we thought you like the trendy look that makes it fit for the season.

Each pair of the earring is accented with three moonstones each, and they are set in a 14k gold vermeil frame. It has corners that have been delicately fashioned to gesture to the connection between the soul, body, and spirit.

To make the metal that holds the stone, 925 sterling silver was used, and the carvings at the edge are creative enough to win your adoration.

If you open the box that the earrings come in, the way the three stones on each pair radiates light collectively will send shivers up your heart, and it won’t be long before you have it on.

The earring is suitable for any type of outfit and would make your day just perfect.

With so much fantastic feature, one would think that the ornament will be expensive, but it comes at a price relatively affordable. So get a pair and thank us later.r

Other info: It has a stone size of 3 mm and an overall size of 0.79 x 0.79 cm.

9. Moonlighters


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The shape, size, color, and quality of the ornaments are all exquisite, and you can have an idea of how amazing it would look by taking a look at its picture.

The stud earrings were crafted with 925 sterling silver as the base metal and accented with moonstone. It is called ‘iconic delta’ because it has a downward facing triangular shape that represents the feminine power.

The triangle has a moonstone that sparkles in the light and to even make it look better; white topaz was embellished around the triangle. Tearing your eyes away from this piece is something that would be difficult, and you can even get a matching ring and necklace to go with it.

In case you have been looking for a gift for your loved one, and you haven’t figured it out, then this earring is an excellent suggestion. Get one in a perfectly wrapped box and watch as the person’s face lights up in happiness.

Your budget won’t need a rethink with this one, so don’t hesitate to buy one now.

Other info: The stone size is 8 mm, and it is a stud style earring.

10. Lotus Studs

Moonstone earrings Lotus Studs

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Moonstone has had a rich history in being used to represent a lot of positive things. From being the favorite gemstone of the moon to being the perfect birthstone for June born, you just can’t argue with the fantastic feature of the stone.

This is the same stone that is used to decorate the lotus studs, and it stands proudly at the center giving off its beauty, effortlessly.

All the jewelry in this article have been crafted with 925 sterling silver, and this is no exception. It has a hypoallergenic effect with no tarnish or cadmium o cause adverse reactions.

To make it retain it top-notch dazzling quality, a prominent rainbow moonstone was set in the center of the lotus and form an oval shape there. The earrings were inspired by the prominent Buddhist figure – the lotus flower.

We recommend these earrings for you not because of the symbol but because of the way it twinkles tight there ion your earlobe.

The earring is a perfect fit, and it has the perfect finish to keep it radiant all year long.

It complements any outfit you have in your dresser, and from casual to formal, you can sway your head proudly as you rock this earring from moon magic in style.

Why Should You Choose Moonstone Earrings?

When you go online to shop for a particular set of product, the question ‘why should I choose this one?’ Always pops up in your mind. To answer that question about moonstone earrings we have found ten products that are safe for your skin, aesthetically pleasing, crowd charmer and quite affordable.

Earrings have always been a source of adornment, and right there on the hieroglyphics of the Egyptian wall, you will find their ancestors wearing it. But moonstone only became a fashion item during the 1960s, and that is when it began appearing with necklace, earrings and other fashion accessories.

Moon Magic jewelry
Moon Magic jewelry

It all happened during the art nouveau movement, and you have that particular era to thank for discovering the beautiful combination that has now evolved to be something even better.

Moonstone has two feldspar species, and when light falls between the stacked alternating layer of the stone, it scatters in different directions and reflects lovely colors.

There are also different types of moonstone, and we have some of them for your right here:

Green Moonstone: this moonstone has a slightly hazy appearance and pale green-yellow color. It is not as famous as others, but it still looks nice enough to have on a piece of jewelry.

Rainbow Moonstone: this is perhaps the most popular moonstone among jewelers. It has inclusions and layers that allow it to reflect all the colors of the rainbow when hit by light.

Pink Moonstone: honey, beige to peach; this type of moonstone can have a translucent or opaque look. It usually comes with a cat eye or star effect to make it more than just eye-candy.

Blue moonstone: commonly found in Myanmar, Burma. Here is one of the most desirable moonstones that you can find. It has a transparent look and crystal clear with a beautiful floating blue effect on the surface. It is rare so it might be much more expensive than other moonstones.

Moonstone is a thing of beauty, and even celebrities use it in adorning their ears, neck, and hand. To make it easy for you to pick from the best of them all, we have selected ten of the best product we found online. You will found their features well explain so that you know how beautiful what you are getting is before it even gets to your doorstep.

Frequently Asked Questions about Moonstone Earrings

There might be some details you missed from the article, while some are not just there. If you still need that information, we have compiled some regularly asked question about moonstone earrings in this article and put up answers to them. So read through and see if you can find a solution.

What does iridescent mean?

While describing the properties of moonstone, this word is usually mentioned a lot. Iridescent is a concept of light that occurs when materials capture a ray of light and then reflect changing colors when viewed from different angles.

It happens in moonstone because it has different layers. It is a concept that is common with the rainbow moonstone, and that is one of the features that makes it unique and widely used.

How do I take care of my moonstone earrings?

Taking care of them is like taking care of your other moonstone accessories. You can clean it with soap, water, and a soft cloth and make sure it stays in the pouch when it is not in use.

Also, try not to allow the rose gold plated earring near harsh chemical and take it off when you are about to dive into a chlorinated pool. All the ornaments in this article are durable and robust, so you shouldn’t have any problem with reaction or peeling.

Can you suggest what style can go with moonstone earrings?

Moonstone earrings have amazing colors that go with just about any outfit. We recommend that you use the stud earring for more formal occasions and you can use the dangle to complement parties, dinner dates or hangouts.

There also no colors specification for the earring but you can choose to use bright colors to complete the earrings. Also, there are moonstone rings, necklace, and bracelet; you can check our other article and pick the one that fits you.