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Moon Phase Necklaces We Really Like!

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The moon is our constant companion and the light in our night sky. Reflecting the sun’s light deep into the dark of night, its ethereal beauty and magnificent mystery have been a fixation of mankind since the dawn of history. It has guided explorers across the land, sea and even the depths of space, its phases marking the passage of time. Various calendars of various cultures across the span of history have even been dictated by the night orb. Scientists and artists alike are fascinated by night’s great globe. This fascination leads to the creation of a moon phase necklace.

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It even inspired nearly two decades of a concentrated effort to land a man on it as an attempt to answer the myriad of questions and mysteries held on its barren, silvery surface. With these unique and gorgeous pieces celebrating the phases of the moon, you can combine the science and art of our moon to add a stunning pop to any outfit.

Our 10 Favorite Picks!

1. Moon Phases Bar Necklace

Moon Phases Bar Necklace

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The Moon Phases Bar Necklace is, quite simply, our favorite find of the moon phases necklaces, available in three colors, all of which are equally attention-grabbing while maintaining a cool elegance given by the simple, minimalist design. This piece tracks the phases of the moon across your collarbone on a 32mm x 6mm bar with the phases punched out.

The jewelry maker demonstrates a stunning use of negative space to create a necklace that stands out for the clean, uncomplicated presentation of the moon phases. This particular piece is exceptionally unique as it is one of the few on our list to include the moon’s waxing and waning crescent with the rest of the phases. The crescent moon, the universally favored phase of the artistic community, occurs when more than three-quarters of the moon is darkened by the moon’s own shadow as it hangs in the night sky. We call the moon increscent as the shadow decreases nightly, allowing more of the moon to shine and shifting to the full moon.

It is referred to as decrescent as the shadow begins to obscure more of the moon, moving toward the new moon phase. The slender hooks of the crescent lunar phase start and end the horizontal punched bar like ethereal parentheses with the full moon presented in the center. The minimalist bar is suspended from a sixteen and a half-inch chain with an available one-inch extender, making this necklace ideal for wearing over high necked sweaters or hitting that sweet spot right at the collarbone when paired with a simple scoop neck blouse.

Its simple design also means it can be layered with several other chains, perhaps featuring other astronomical phenomena, without looking overdone for an eye-catching, out of this world, statement arrangement. Available in 14k overlaid on sturdy sterling silver 925, shining sterling silver or super trendy rose gold, the moon phases bar necklace is handmade, very reasonably priced, and shipped on a custom card with an endearingly romantic quote, and the artist’s own maker’s mark.

2. Gold Plated Crescent Moon Encrusted With Black Crystals Jewels

Gold Plated Crescent Moon Encrusted With Black Crystals Jewels

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Another piece by the same artist responsible for the Moon Phases Bar necklace, this one focuses on one single phase of the moon, the celebrated crescent moon once more. Although the crescent moon is not typically recognized as an “official” phase of the moon, it has not stopped our deep appreciation of the enigmatic swoop of moon painting the sky.

The necklace is significantly longer than others on our list, arriving on a gold plated thirty-two-inch chain. The chunky 32mm x 25mm pendant combines both clever design and brilliant use of texture for a stunning piece that should hang low on the body, nearer the navel. A smooth, glisteningly golden crescent is beautifully accented by chunky, angular black crystal pieces for a glittering effect, reminiscent of the starry night sky surrounding the moon. While the chain cannot be shortened without a visit to your local jeweler, the jeweled moon could easily be worn as the focal point of a tiered look, combining other chains and pendants of varying lengths and colors for a bold but still elegant look.

Since gold is experiencing a resurgence of popularity after a steep decline in the first part of the millennium, the pairing of the finish with the sparkling black crystals is jaw-dropping, especially if worn over a light-colored, solid top, providing a stark field of contrast for the piece to really shine. A note on caring for this piece; extra care may need to be taken with the crystal pieces.

Since they are intentionally left chunky the edges can be snagged on particularly fluffy sweaters or overcoats, potentially damaging either your clothing or a piece of crystal. Additionally, be cautious when storing this in velvet or felt-lined jewelry box as the crystals may want to pick up pieces of fuzz from the lining. This necklace is best stored hanging at its full length to keep the chain from developing kinks.

3. Customized Birth Moon Slide Necklace

Customized Birth Moon Slide Necklace

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This necklace is a brilliant take on moon phases. Rather than feature all of the moon phases, these jewelry makers will craft a custom piece based on your important date. Select a date important in your life and the artist will create a slide pendant that depicts the phase of the moon from that night.

Celebrate a birthday, anniversary or other significant life events with your own personally meaningful jewelry. The image of the moon that correlates to your selected date will be applied to a slide pendant. If your special evening saw a new moon hanging in the sky, fret not. Since a new moon is often not visible as the entire surface of the moon is obscured in shadow, the creators of the customized birth moon necklace will present you with an image of the full moon that has been darkened.

This way you still have a necklace that features the enigmatic craters, valleys, and canyons of the moon’s surface as opposed to a blacked-out pendant where a moon ought to have hung. The slide pendant styling adds an additional layer of elegance to the overall design as the chain seems to disappear into the pendant rather than the pendant hang from a finial or loop. The piece will still float gently and move with you instead of hanging rigidly as a statically mounted pendant might, getting spun around your neck as you go about your day.

This is most certainly a conversation starter piece and could easily be worn as a focal, solo piece on its eighteen-inch chain. Not only will friends and family take notice of the brilliant depiction of the moon, but you’ll also have a chance to discuss the significant event it represents. However, it should be noted that due to the custom application of the moon images as well as the choice of the hollow slide pendant, this piece is not completely water-resistant. To preserve your meaningful birth moon necklace, water should be avoided while wearing.

4. Moon Phase Bib Necklace

Moon Phase Bib Necklace

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This statement piece will do just that; make a bold, beautiful statement. This handmade necklace features nine distinct phases of the moon in gorgeous glass half-orbs arranged in a pleasant sweeping bib style necklace. We love that the images of the moon phases feature soft edges of the shadow across the face of the moon, lending itself to the reality of moon phases which rarely see hard lines draped across the moon, rather a gentle, soft blend between bright moon and deep shadow.

Constructed of rhodium-plated brass, the fittings and chain will not take away from the moon phase “jewels”. Each moon is 12mm across the widest point and with nine of them in a peaceful arc, the necklace is not for the faint of heart. The glass moons are permanently linked and do not come apart or adjust so if your tastes run to the heavy, chunky pieces this is right up your alley.

The 18-inch chain gives a little room for adjustment to lay across or inside the collar of your favorite outfit. Since the moon and the soft-edged black shadow backgrounds paint a neutral pallet it can match with any color you please. It will look stunning with just about any top but most especially with a deep, wide v-neck or low slung boat neck in any bright, deep color such as a crimson or royal purple.

The curve or plunge of the aforementioned collar styles will generously accent the gentle curve of the nine moon representations. Pair the bib collar styling with a pair of dainty studs in more moons or stars (or one of each for the particularly adventurous) to complete the look without detracting from the astronomical find! The bold, chunky shape of the bib will definitely get looks and comments flowing and the reasonable price means it is an amazing gift for anyone, including yourself, of course.

5. Sterling Forever Waning Moon Pendant

Sterling Forever Waning Crescent Moon Necklace

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This piece had us nearly in tears for so many reasons. The fantastic price makes it an absolute steal, the simplicity of the piece is too die for and it immediately reminded us of Mandy Moore’s adorable and touchingly sentimental moon necklace from the hit show This Is Us. When Jack presented a dainty and quaint waning crescent moon necklace to Rebecca we got all choked up.

Luckily, we don’t think you’ll mind very much as you wear the incredibly simple yet alluring chain and pendant. This piece features a simple crescent moon glimmering with inset cubic zirconia. While it represents just one phase of the moon, it is, at the very least, everyone’s favorite and a deeply meaningful phase according to lore. The waning crescent moon is a symbol of rebirth, new life, new opportunities and a burgeoning hope for the next phase of your life. As the moon emerges from the dark shadow of the new moon in the waning crescent phase, so too does this brilliant, shining crescent moon charm.

The sixteen-inch cable link chain with a two-inch optional extender gives options for a collarbone hang or a slightly longer, mid-chest hang that will look absolutely fabulous with any collar style you choose. Additionally, the extender will mean you can drape this around a traditional tabbed collar shirt for a choker style pendant accent.

The simple, elegant design means this piece is great for a subtle accent to your professional attire while its whimsy and charm mean you can wear it to glam up a casual look. AAA grade cubic zirconia stones are laid in high-quality sterling silver and the price simply cannot be passed up. You get the look of a high-end piece without paying the high-end price! Our tears are of joy thanks to this Waning Crescent Moon charm and we are completely confident yours will be as well.

6. Celtic Knot Moon Phases Necklace

Celtic Knot Moon Phases Necklace

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This piece is a little less straightforward than the other options on our list so far, but its intricate patterns and artistic representation of the night’s orb makes it all the more appealing. Four moon phases, Full, New, Waxing Crescent, and Waning Crescent are represented in a non-traditional presentation so it is less about an outright scientific approach and appreciation of the moon and more a delicate, interpretive styling interwoven with traditional Celtic knotwork. The various phases of the moon are represented by both negative space and sterling silverwork, all carefully crafted within the structured confines of a woven knot.

The piece speaks to the natural patterns of the outdoors and the influence and interconnectedness of the moon to the planet. Earth’s oceans, lakes, rivers and other bodies of water are tied together with the moon as its presence makes possible the tides, the natural motion of the waters that allows life to thrive in its depths. A lifeless gray rock, thousands of miles up in the sky directly affects the motion of the waters, the pulse of the seas, making life and motion possible in those waters. A Celtic knot is a knot that has no beginning and no end as does the ebb and flow of the cycle of tides.

The subtle artistry combining both lunar cycles and the traditional Irish art in a single piece is beyond fascinating, purely genius and it will look beyond gorgeous when featured in your collection. The 44cm pendant hangs from an eighteen-inch chain making it ideal for laying against the skin framed by a low neckline or over a high collar.

The high-quality sterling silver will present a wonderful contrast to bold, dark colors or a subtle accent and shine laid over paler colors. No matter how you wear it, the intricate knotwork will certainly stand out. The artists even went so far as to accent the bail with weaving detail. This well-thought-out, inventive piece is on the top of our must-have list, for sure.

7. Moonstone & Moon Phases Pendant

Moonstone & Moon Phases Pendant

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This bold pendant incorporates the semi-precious gem known as moonstone and surrounds with the moon phases and we love it! It adds a beautiful, ethereal sparkle to the whole piece. The moon is traditionally celebrated as a very feminine entity. It is associated with a number of goddesses across a number of religions and mythologies and is often referenced as the source of a woman’s power.

The moonstone is a pale, silvery gem with flecks and stripes of brilliant colors and seems to emanate a glow from within the very stone. The stone has long been associated with all things feminine as well as lunar, as its name might suggest. It is believed that wearing a moonstone channel the lunar energy and boosts the wearer’s ability to make decisions and feel secure in their choices. This pendant takes a 4mm piece of moonstone and sets it in a bezel inside a 25mm circle pendant with the phases of the moon encircling the setting. Hanging from a generous 30-inch chain this will hang just above the navel making it ideal for a pop of powerful shine with chunky cowls, intricate necklines or days when your outfit features a scarf.

The moon phases that surround the stone are done in low relief with a sort of rustic, rough-hewn finish that makes the piece all the more charming. The styling of the pendant feels very vintage and rustic without losing elegance. This piece would equally as amazing featured against that little black dress or as the accent to leggings and puffy sweater. No need to leave all the glitz at home just because you are headed to the grocery store or running out for a quick cup of coffee. Plus, we love long necklaces for a touch of creative sparkle with casual outfits and this piece is absolutely made for that.

As a bonus, with thirty inches and a spring clasp, you can always do a single wrap around your neck to create a bonus choker and lift the pendant to mid-chest. Add a few simple chains, perhaps an additional star or simple charms, for a layered effect and the subtle long hang becomes a statement piece in no time. This particular pendant is also available in 14k gold plate as well.

8. Glowing Moon Pendant

Glowing Moon Pendant

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Other pieces of our moon phase must-haves feature only a crescent moon. This glowing moon pendant features only the full moon, complete with the enigmatic craters and valleys we see in the night sky each clear evening. Our moon lights the night sky and this full moon pendant will light up your outfit, quite literally. This cabochon pendant offers options on what view of the moon you prefer, from infrared to the classic silver glow we see in the sky, and all of them will illuminate in the dark.

Just like our moon, this pendant is designed to soak up sunbeams and reflect them at night. The creators use a luminescent coating that allows the moon to glow brightly after an appropriate exposure to UV rays. The nickel-free, cadmium-free, and lead-free pendant base are plated in white gold that adds a beautiful shine to the pendant mount with less risk of moisture irritation sometimes experienced with long term wear of sterling silver. Measuring 36mm the pendant will make the moon the central focal point of any ensemble.

With a twenty-two inch chain, the mid-chest hang to make it ideal for wearing under an infinity scarf or cowl neck sweater for just a peak of the moon under an otherwise bulky scarf. Alternatively, it can be worn solo over a busier pattern and still hold its own, the size preventing the pendant from being overwhelmed by heavier patterned fabrics.

The various presentations of the moon available also give a few more color matching options as opposed to the standard silvery presentation typical of moon phase pieces. The pendant will be a statement and proclamation of your love of our celestial companion.

9. Gothic Moon Phase Chandelier Necklace

Gothic Moon Phase Chandelier Necklace

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This entry is another of our more artistic representations of the moon phases. Arranged vertically the focus of the piece is true to scientific observation moon in a glass cabochon. It is framed on top and bottom by waxing and waning crescents, followed by a truly impressive use of negative space, representing the new moon and the start of a new cycle. It is a lovely nod to the continuous cycle of the moon.

Just as one phase finishes, another seamlessly begins with a grace only Charming chains connect the lowest part of the vertical pendant to the uppermost part and will create a lovely, draping chandelier effect. This piece is best worn over bare skin with a plunging or open neckline. Delicate metal detail work finishes the complete look for a very gothic-inspired necklace, with echoes of the inspirational gothic architecture at its core. The term gothic may have gained a certain popular culture notoriety in the 90s and the 2000s with an association to an all black and carries a dark arts aura about it, but the movement and its subsequent revivals dates back to the 11th and 12th centuries when designers of fashion and architecture alike became hyper-fixated on the minutest of details. Artisans paid close attention to the smaller nooks, crannies, stitches and hidden places of their designs and no detail was unintentionally added.

The Gothic Moon Phase Chandelier Necklace is definitely rooted in this movement. Naturally, the design aesthetic and its more modern connotations combined with the deeply burnished sterling silver lends itself to performing most admirably with all-black outfits. The chandelier chains will mean that it is important to store this piece in a hanging position. Laying or coiling the pendant portion risks developing kinks in the chains that may detract from the graceful lay across the chest.

10. Moon Phases Chandelier Statement Piece

Moon Phases Chandelier Statement Piece

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This beauty of a statement piece is another of our favorites on this list. Measuring a full thirty-two inches, the top crescent hangs near the sternum while the bottom-most crescent reaches almost down to the navel. This artistic rendering of the three most dramatic moon phases, waxing crescent, full moon, and waning crescent is not for the faint of heart.

It is a very bold piece for a very bold fashionista. Styled with a Victorian ethos, the strong alloy metal colored in antiqued silver, one can imagine the piece passed down through the generations of science and lunar lovers. The Victorian Era was one that saw tremendous leaps in fashion and styling. Dresses were dramatically cut and necklaces were designed not only to attract the eye but highlight the natural curves of the body. Add to that a rise in the cultural phenomenon of mysticism and spiritualism in the age of Queen Victoria and the moon figured heavily into motifs both in clothing and jewelry.

Everything from simple strands of pearls to bigger, more audacious designs became commonplace, especially as mass production and artisan-inspired creations became attainable by the average working class, rather than reserved only for the very rich. In this chandelier statement piece, each moon phase is connected by antiqued chains and delicately detailed d-ring connectors. The chains will hang in a graceful drape across the body evoking a chandelier.

No crystals or bling are required for this piece to really shine. The sheer size of it will create a beautiful talking point and a perfect addition for the brave jewelry wearer. This statement piece will best be worn with solid colors as the piece itself is large enough to create its own focal point pattern. The price for this much necklace really can’t be beaten either.

Conclusions on Moon Phase Necklaces

Every jewelry lover is on the constant lookout for new, unique pieces to stay ahead of the ever-shifting world of jewelry trends. These moon phase pieces combine both artistry and science to offer clever pieces. No collection is complete without distinct pieces that proclaim the wearer’s personality, utilizing both bold statement pieces and more subtle, dainty necklaces that quietly proclaim good taste and clever styling.