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We Found 10 Magnetic Earrings We Think Are Pretty Cool and Deserve a Place in Your Collection

last updated: Feb 28, 2020

If ear piercing was invented on a Sunday, then clip-on earrings and magnetic earrings were invented on a Monday!

Using piercings and jewelry to adorn the ear is an ancient practice. But not everyone is completely comfortable with piercings.

Some just cannot handle the piercing process - way too much ick factor. Others have religious or personal beliefs that prevent piercing.

It was for these people that the clip on earrings and magnetic earrings were first invented!

We have selected ten of our favorite magnet earrings, and honestly, we think they are pretty cool.

Even if you have pierced ears, these should be a part of your collection.

You can use magnet earrings for sporting a multiple-pierced look for an edgier ensemble, or you can use them for experimenting with alternative piercing locations.

Whatever the reason, there's a pair for you on our list!

Top 10 Magnetic Earrings!

1. Good Trade 7mm Magnetic Earrings

Good Trade 7mm Magnetic Earrings
Good Trade Magnetic Earrings
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We will start with a simple classic. The pearl stud earrings is a timeless treasure that can take any look and elevate it instantly.

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Whether you prefer the dainty studs for a hint of pearl or the larger, more ambitious pearls to stand out, this set is perfect for you.

Unlike traditional clip-on earrings that allow for a lot of weight, magnet earrings tend to stay in the stud style, featuring only a single stone or surface. This prevents accidental slippage and reduces the risk of a pinch if the magnets slide too far down the lobe.

These magnet earrings will clip seven-millimeter freshwater pearls “studs” to your ear.

We love that these feature natural stones. We think it adds a one-of-a-kind panache to anyone's jewelry collection. 

Everyone strives to have that one look that is unmistakable and pearls studs go a long way to helping create that.  

2. Molike Magnetic Stud Earrings

Molike Magnetic Stud Earrings
Molike Pearl Magnet Earrings
Molike Magnet Earrings
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Our second pick is another set of pearls, but these feature dual-sided decor. Sculpted pearls are capped with your choice of polished stainless steel or bright yellow-gold alloy caps.

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The nickel-free metal will rest against your ear and hide the magnet.

Unique to this pair is that both the front and back magnet is adorned with the alloy covered pearl. We love this idea!

While some high fashion jewelry adds a bit of flair to the back of the earring, most just use some sort of butterfly post end and leave it at that.

Molike, the maker’s of this pair of magnet earrings, take attention to detail to the next level, adding a matching backside. It is genius.

These pearls are sculpted polyresin set in a compound alloy, so unfortunately, there are no fine materials used. Luckily the price tag reflects that.

To us, while we adore the fancier stones and materials, it is all about the look. If we can get a cute concept for an ultra-low price, we are completely game.

We think these earrings would be perfect for that awkward space between leaving your home and getting to the gym for a workout or the studio for some yoga.

Of course, you are in your work-out gear but there’s no reason you can’t add some jewelry to the look.

Magnet earrings are perfect because you can slide them right off when it is time to get your sweat on. Once you are all finished, you can pop them right back on!

3. Bling Jewelry Cubic Zirconia Magnetic Clip On Earrings

Bling Jewelry Cubic Zirconia Magnetic Clip On Earrings
Bling Jewelry Clip On Earrings
Bling Jewelry Pouch
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We move from one classic to another with our third entry. There is nothing more elegant than a pair of uncomplicated diamond earrings.  And there are few things better than getting the look of diamonds without the hefty price tag to match.

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Cubic zirconia is the lab-created equivalent to diamonds. They are very similar in chemical structure and come in twice as many brilliant colors.

Since cubic zirconia stones are man-made, the creators can strictly control the color saturation.

In natural diamonds, color is dependent on specific conditions and the presence of particular elements and minerals to affect the color.

These magnet studs allow you to choose your favorite. Although at that price point, we would probably scoop up all of them!

You can choose from a beautiful sapphire blue, white in rose gold, rosy pink in rose gold for a trendy monotone feel, white in brilliant sterling silver, onyx black, white in classic yellow gold, and peridot green.

The settings and magnet casing are high quality 925 sterling silver. The stones are a brilliant round cut for maximum twinkle and securely held into a four-prong setting.

Ideal for adding a pop of sparkle where you do not currently have a piercing, these sets are perfect for both men and women.

Toying with getting cartilage pierced?  Pop one of these on and wear it for the day to get a sense of what sort of reactions you’ll get.

4. LOYALLOOK Stainless Steel Magnetic Earrings

LOYALLOOK Stainless Steel Magnetic Earrings
LOYALLOOK No Piercing Earrings
LOYALLOOK Magnet Earrings
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Next up we switch from the round brilliant cut to the much more modern princess cut for the cubic zirconia. The princess cut for stones is a newer cut, developed late in the twentieth century, but its scientifically engineered precision gives an unprecedented glitter in any stone.

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This set comes as a set of either three or four in your choice of sizes. Sizes range from a dainty 5mm to a hefty 8mm.

Each set will come with at least one yellow gold, one silver, and one black metal.

Settings are crafted from surgical grade stainless steel and electroplated to ensure the color stays on over the life of the earrings.

Some methods of coloring stainless steel are little more than a bit of spray paint and a safety coating.

This leads to high occurrences of tarnishing, and eventually the color will rub off after repeated handling.

Electroplating reduces the risk of the slightly less brilliant stainless peeking through the coating.

Once more, these are perfect for a little experimentation with more risque looks.

Choose the smaller 5mm, and you can “pierce” your nostril or labret, the small divet just below your lower lip.

For a bolder, edgier look, consider placing these on the philtrum, the flat spot just above your upper lip, below the septum of the nose. This is known as a medusa piercing.

Or if you want to be really trendy, simulate a dimple piercing, otherwise known as a beauty mark piercing. The flat back magnet is perfect for pulling these looks off!

5. CASSIECA 6 Pairs Magnetic Stud Earring

CASSIECA 6 Pairs Magnetic Stud Earring
CASSIECA Magnetic Earring
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Our next pick is similar to our last, but we’ve chosen it because it gives you the chance to narrow down what sizes you prefer.  On the other hand, it gives you options for how flashy you want your earrings to be.

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This set of six cubic zirconia magnetic earrings features a princess cut stone in a four-prong setting as well as round cut options. Once more surgical grade stainless steel has been used.

Stainless steel provides the strength of the gold and gold alloys without the high cost associated with those finer metals.

Stainless steel is also hypo-allergenic, meaning those that struggle with nickel, zinc, or cadmium allergies need not worry that these pieces will irritate their skin.

In the set, you will find black, steel and gold-tone options. The black stones will give a very dramatic look; whereas the white stones will provide wonderful glimmers and plays of color.

6. Fashion Supermarket Magnetic Gauges

Fashion Supermarket Magnetic Gauges
Magnetic Gauges
Magnetic Gauges 8mm
Magnetic Gauges Gold Option
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Now we will move into the edgier, more modern pieces of jewelry, a place where magnetic jewelry really shines. Right now, gauging your earlobes is all the rage.

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Gauging is the more modern term for stretching the skin of your earlobes. Stars like American Idol’s Adam Lambert have been s,potted sporting gauged ears!

The difficulty and permanence of gauging make these faux magnetic gauges perfect. You get the look of a solid “plug” without the commitment.

If your style fits in with extreme piercing and gauged lobes, but you aren’t ready to take the plunge, grab a set of these and fake it till you make it.

We suggest you start with the smaller “gauges”, just as you would if you were truly stretching your piercing. Throughout a couple of weeks, switch up to the larger sizes for an authentic feel.

These magnetic earrings come in a set of four in sizes 6mm to 12mm and are available in black and silver stainless steel.

7. MEALGUET Black Ion Plated Magnetic Plug Gauges

MEALGUET Black Ion Plated Magnetic Plug Gauges
MEALGUET Magnetic Plug Gauges
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In keeping with the gauging trend, the next suggestion on our list is a bit more stylized version of the faux plugs. Black, ion-plated, surgical grade stainless steel spikes can take your rocker look and push it just a bit further.

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Great for men or women, when you are done with the look, simply slide them off and put them away.

Pair one spike with a flat magnetic back to add an extreme look to a facial piercing.

A reminder, though, practice caution with using the magnetic back inside your mouth or nasal passage.

This is most recommended for the sake of a great selfie. Then, for your safety, please remove the magnet earring.

8. Fashion Supermarket Hypoallergenic Magnet Studs

Fashion Supermarket Hypoallergenic Magnet Studs
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These are similar to an earlier recommendation in that they are electroplated black stainless steel faux gauges, otherwise referred to as plugs. However, these feature four pictograms often associated with the emo, goth, punk, and rock scene.

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Stark white images of a skull and crossbones, a star, a cross, and a scorpion grace these pieces. These are 10mm sized magnetic earrings.

We think these pictographs are just perfect for adding to an Instagram worthy rockabilly or pin-up look.

It will add a bit of grunge and dark edginess to the classic “bad girl” with a style look.

Even if you want to add a bit of incognito punk to your look, pair the star pair of faux gauges with some victory rolls and a gingham shirt with jeans and chunky boots.

It isn’t so far out there that it will look like a costume, but it does have a lovely shout out to the forbidden sexy looks of the 1940s and 50s. The earrings add a modern flair to it!

9. United Duo Black Magnetic Design - Acrylic Tapers

United Duo Black Magnetic Design - Acrylic Tapers
Acrylic Tapers
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One of the methods for gauging a piercing is to use a taper. This cone-shaped rod allows the user to slowly push the rod further and further through the hole throughout a couple of weeks. This stretches the hole out to the desired size.

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While this method is not recommended by professional piercers, it is a common way to gain a few millimeters outside the piercing parlor.

While wearing tapers when actually gauging your piercing, they are held in place with two silicon or rubber O rings. One goes in the front of the piercing and one goes in the back.

These are pushed close to the skin to prevent the taper from sliding around and undoing any progress. These faux tapers include the detail of the O-rings.

Wear these with the pointed end in the back of the earlobe, toward the hairline and the thinner piece on top of the earlobe, toward the face, to get the look of having recently taper gauged your own ear.

10. COOLSTEELANDBEYOND Magnetic Heart Stud Earring

COOLSTEELANDBEYOND Magnetic Heart Stud Earring
Magnetic Heart Studs
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Our final entry wanders back to more classic and romantic styling. This heart-shaped stud earring in yellow gold and a black stone is super cute!

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The stud is fantastic as a “trial run” earring for a baby or pre-teens who are wanting to get their ears pierced.

They can get into a habit of caring for their ear properly while wearing earrings with the risk of improper healing, infection, or dealing with the initial pain of the piercing.

Children can practice taking them off and putting them away properly. They also get the attention of wearing these 8mm earrings to see how that feels.

This option is also perfect for all the ladies out there looking for an understated,  girlie and sweet stud earring.

By the way, the seller, Orazio, gives you a 120-day exchange or money-back guarantee in case you want to try something else.

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When where magnetic earrings invented?

As ancient as earrings for pierced ears is, the history of magnetic earrings is a little shorter. We have to fast forward from the time of Shakespeare in the sixteenth century all the way to the late nineteenth century.

As bonnets and hats faded from the favored fashion, hairdos switched from simply being tucked away to let the fanciful hat shine, too far more complex and sweeping updos.

Beyond marking a significant shift in women’s fashion and signifying an important move into women’s independence, this also exposed the earlobe. A need was felt to adorn that bare lobe.

However, as the practice of piercing had somewhat fallen out of fashion among those “with taste,” many women were loathing to puncture a hole in their ear.

magnetic earring

Enterprising women, wanting to don jewels but not willing to modify their bodies to do it, created the clip-on and magnetic earrings!

In the 1920s, that boom went nearly nuclear as the iconic flapper bob became more popular, leaving the ears constantly exposed.

Combine that with the bold fashion demands of the age and earrings were large, heavy, and flashy.

A pierced earlobe can only support so much weight before beginning to tear.

A clip on or magnet allows a little more weight to be carried since the closure disperses the load and allows for those larger stones and settings across the whole lobe.

A magnetic personality

By the 1950s, piercing had reemerged in popularity but the fake earring endured (thank God if we may add!).

It wasn’t until the 2000 though that the false earring experienced its first true evolution.

Magnetic earrings began to appear after the turn of the twenty-first century as magnets strong enough to hold through flesh, but not so strong as to cause injury, became more widely available for cost-effective price points.

how to put on magnetic stud earrings

These became far more popular with the counterculture crowds in short order, allowing for people to get the “gauged” look without actually going through the hassle, or permanence, of stretching the earlobe.  

Most feature a small stud style earring with a magnet inside or under the jewel. A separate magnet is placed behind the earlobe to affix the stud in place.


q: Are magnetic earrings safe?


In general, magnetic earrings are considered safe jewelry. However, there are a few things to keep in mind.

Magnets, in some cases, can disrupt electronic devices and the way these function. Those with a peacemaker or some other type of health electronic device, should avoid wearing any type of magnetic jewelry.

Another useful tip we have for you is to keep your magnetic jewelry away from credit cards. Magnets, if kept in close proximity to credit cards, can rearrange data particles and damage your cards.

q: Do magnetic earrings fall easily?


Low-priced magnetic earrings may feature a weak magnetism. Unfortunately, there is no solution to that.

When selecting your earrings, make sure to check other customers' reviews and their experience with the particular product you want to purchase.

q: Are these type of earrings appropriate for children?


While magnetic earrings are a great option for children and kids are one of the biggest marketing targets of brands selling them, keep in mind both the back and the front portion of these earrings is tiny, making it easy for a kid to inadvertently consume it.

q: Do they hurt or leave marks on your ears?


Again, this depends on the quality of the product. When purchasing you earrings with magnets, make sure to only consider brands who received positive reviews from previous customers.

if the magnetic earrings was designed professionally, it won't hurt, pinch or leave any mark on your earlobe. It also won't weight down on it or cause any skin allergies.


Magnetic earrings may not sound like your sexy jewelry option, but believe us when we say it's the perfect choice for trying out new ear styles or avoiding any issues if your ears are too sensitive for piercing.

In our list, you will find a collection of super affordable magnetic earrings made of quality materials such as surgical stainless steel and with magnets that won't easily slip off your ears.

You'll find options for both women and men and in some cases, for kids as well.

No matter the reason you're browsing for magnet earrings, we're sure there's a pair on our list just perfect for you!