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Claddagh Rings! A Special Occasion Gift Idea for Your Boo?

Lizzie Lizzie 28 Feb 2020 3800

For those of you who didn’t know, Claddagh rings are traditional jewelry pieces that represent friendship, loyalty, and love. It is known for featuring two clasped hands on a heart which holds a crown. The two hands are a symbol for friendship, whereas the crown represents loyalty and the hearts symbolizes love.

The Irish Claddagh ring is traditionally given to someone as a token of love. This ring dates back to the 17th century when it was first produced and originated in the Galway, an Irish fishing village called Claddagh. Interestingly, this is where it gets its name from.

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Claddagh rings are commonly given as an engagement or wedding ring and are sometimes given as a friendship ring. It is normally worn as a way of conveying the wearer’s relationship status. Here are some examples of how wearing the Claddagh ring can represent your relationship:

Wearing on the ring on their left hand with the heart pointing towards your fingertips is a sign that the wearer is engaged

Wearing on the right hand with the heart pointing towards your fingertips is a sign that the wearer is single and is searching for love

Wearing the ring on the left hand with the heart point towards the wrist is a sign that the wearer is married

Wearing the right hand with the heart pointing towards the wrist is a sign that the wearer is not looking for a relationship because they are already in one or are simply not looking for a relationship

Claddagh Ring Meaning

The ring has been known for being a wedding ring since the 17th century within the Irish culture. Traditionally within Irish families, it is passed down through the family from the mother to daughter.

The Claddagh ring is also famous for possessing royal connections because it was historically worn by Queen Victoria, King Edward VII, Queen Alexandra and Princess Grace of Monaco.

It can be linked back to Jesus, God and the Holy Ghost. This religious connection can be seen through the design of the Claddagh ring, in particular, the left hand representing Jesus, the right hand symbolizing the Holy Ghost and the crown representing God.

Fado Jewelry

It is also known for holding a lot of similarities to the Faith Rings of Fede. These rings were known for being very popular in Medieval Europe. They consisted of a pair of clasped hands, symbolizing faith, trust, and brotherhood.

Celebrities who love the Claddagh ring

As well as a strong Irish connection, the Claddagh ring is a very popular accessory amongst the rich and famous. Some of the celebrities have an Irish heritage and some just love the ring because of its pure beauty!

For those celebrities who have Irish roots and simply adore the Claddagh ring include rock stars like Liam Gallagher, in particular when he was engaged to Patsy Kensit. British radio and television presenter, Dermot O’Leary also has Irish roots is known to have a Claddagh ring with him at all times, even though it’s not worn on his finger, and Gabriel Byrne. Apparently, it was given to him by his mum.

Gabriel Byrne
Gabriel Byrne

Actors like Julia Roberts, Sienna Miller, and Jennifer Aniston have been photographed wearing a Claddagh which has been given to them by former partners. When Sarah Michelle Gellar wore a Claddagh ring on the popular TV show, Buffy the Vampire Slayer is instantly grown in popularity. Within the show, this ring symbolized Buffy’s and Angel’s eternal love for each other.

Famous men like John F Kennedy and Walt Disney have been known to wear a Claddagh ring. John F Kennedy and his wife Jackie were apparently given a Claddagh ring while on a visit to Galway in 1963. On the trip, Kennedy was photographed wearing the ring. Walt Disney and his wife is another couple to purchase a Claddagh ring on their visit to Ireland.

Here are our favorite men’s Claddagh rings to treat your boyfriend to this Valentine’s Day!

Our 10 Favorite Claddagh Ring Picks!

1. Fado Wedding Band Made in Ireland

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If you want to get your man a traditional piece then this silver band will be perfect. If you want a genuine option, what’s great about this accessory is that it’s actually been made in Ireland, making it very authentic!

The lovely ring has been crafted from a sterling silver material which is nickel free, making it suitable for people with allergies. The design of this ring consists of a straight band, featuring the iconic hands, heart, and crown along with the band with a Celtic detail around the rest of the band.

This ring is traditionally bought as a wedding band but could act as the perfect gift to symbolize the love you have for your boyfriend.

When observing the design it carries a lot of meaning. The ring represents love, friendship, and loyalty. The trinity style knots featured either side of the centerpiece are supposed to represent the never-ending love you have for your man.

This particular ring has been designed to be slightly wider than the average wedding ring, making it approximately ¼ inches wide.

This gorgeous ring comes in a stylish black gift box. The piece has lovingly been made in Wicklow, Ireland by Fado and features a Hallmark from Dulin Castle. When it comes to the price, this men’s ring is being sold for a high price which we think is worth every dollar!

2. West Coast Jewelry Black Plated 8 mm Ring

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This classic piece has been modernized to make this unique men’s ring.

Colored in black, this ring has a smooth and shiny surface, making it extremely comfy to wear. The inner side of the ring has been designed with a curve, making it even more comfortable to wear. On the outer edge, this ring includes a printed illustration of the iconic hands, heart, and crown.

This illustration is featured in a silvery grey color and gives the impression that the illustration has been printed onto the ring. The Celtic crisscross design has also been featured in the silvery grey color.

It has been crafted out of a black plated stainless steel. This steel is extremely high quality and is hypoallergenic so is suitable if you have sensitive skin. What’s great about the stainless steel is that it won’t corrode, stain or rust.

We love that this ring has a perfectly smooth finish. To give you an idea of the size, this ring has been made to approximately 8mm wide by 2mm thick and weighs approximately 7 grams. The ring also comes in sizes 7-13.

This stylish ring will arrive in a silver pouch, keeping the ring protected from any scratches. This would make a perfect present for the man in your life. It’s also being sold for a low price which makes it great value for money.

This piece is being sold by West Coast Jewellery and would make a great ring to wear on an everyday occasion. This ring would definitely be more suited to a modern man. Colored in black and made from stainless steel, this ring would go with any outfit.

3. Sobly Jewelry Stainless Steel Claddagh Ring

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If you prefer the traditional style ring then take a look at this gorgeous stainless steel ring.

It features the iconic hands, heart, and crown which we love. It’s very noticeable that the designer has chosen to make this ring chunkier, giving it a masculine vibe.

This men’s ring has been crafted using a stainless steel metal, making the piece very strong, durable and shiny. What’s great about stainless steel jewelry is that it doesn’t oxidize or tarnish which means this ring will last a long time. It’s also hypoallergenic, which is great news for people who have sensitive skin.

The size of this ring makes this piece on the chunkier size. To give you an idea of the width it’s approximately 15mm wide. The ring is also available in sizes 7,8,9,10,11,12,13,14 and 15. If you’re looking for a big, sturdy and masculine ring this is the perfect accessory. The smooth and shiny surface will also make this ring stand out.

This men’s ring comes in a black silk bag. It’s also been sold by a jeweler called Sobly for a low price. Buy this ring today and your boyfriend will love it!

4. EMYF 8mm in Tungsten

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Another modernized version would be this piece sold by EMYF.

This stylish tungsten ring has been designed with a black band in the center of the ring and a dark blue rim at the top and bottom of the ring. The black strip features the iconic hands, heart and crown design as well as the crisscross detail. This design looks like it’s been clearly printed onto the ring. The choice of white also makes it stand out well.

This men’s ring has been created using tungsten carbide. What’s great about this material is that it doesn’t tarnish and won’t turn your finger green. The ring is also cobalt free.

A special detail that this designer offers is the opportunity for this ring to feature an engraving on the inner side of the ring. This is great if you want to include a special message or include someone’s name or a special date. The engraving allows up to 30 characters.

This piece would make a fantastic Valentine’s Day present for the man in your life. However, if he’s not 100% happy with the gift this ring can be been exchanged up to 90 days after the purchase.

To keep this ring looking great for years to come it’s important to keep it out of contact with perfume and water as this can affect the color of the ring. The piece of jewelry comes in a lovely jewelry box which will give you somewhere to store your ring when you’re not wearing it.

5. Failte Puffed Ring – Irish Made

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This is a thicker style piece that is being sold by Failte. One of the things we love about this men’s ring is that it has been made in Ireland. This ring is a great option if your man has bigger hands because it will have a great presence on his hand. It also features a puffed out heart, giving the ring a three-dimensional form.

This gorgeous ring has been crafted using a sterling silver metal. This metal gives the ring a lovely shine and smooth finish. It’s also nickel free which is great if you have sensitive skin. The ring also measures approximately ½ inches high from the heart to the crown.

It is available in sizes 8 to 13. This lovely piece has been cleverly handcrafted by the expert craftspeople based at Solvar who are experts in their field, based in Dublin, Ireland. This supplier uses fine materials to create this lovely Irish ring.

The piece also includes a hallmark stamped at Assay Office in Dublin Castle in Dublin, Ireland. This mark highlights the quality of materials used and the design that has gone into this piece of jewelry.

Another lovely piece of detail which has been added to this ring is Irish green ring box that it will arrive in. This gives the item a special Irish vibe. This piece is being sold for a medium price which makes it a great buy.

6. Claddagh Ring Store – Wedding Claddagh Ring

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Another of our favorite pieces is this gorgeous sterling silver ring sold by Claddagh Ring Store.

The design of this ring is slightly different from some of the other rings we’ve selected. This ring features the famous two hands, heart and crown symbol in the center of the ring which is simplified. Rather than having crisscrosses along with the band, this ring features six small rectangles as cuffs and three Claddagh symbols.

What’s great about this men’s ring is that it has been crafted using a sterling silver metal. The silver is tarnish-resistant and gives off a lovely high polished quality and beautiful shine which you won’t be able to take your eyes off! The material and finish of this ring make it extremely elegant and very sturdy.

To give you an idea of the size it is approximately 8.5 mm wide, making it a thicker size. The ring is also available in size 7 to 13 with half size increments available. An important thing to be aware of is that the Claddagh design doesn’t appear around the entire ring.

The inner surface of the ring is also very smooth making the piece of jewelry very comfy to wear. This is a lovely ring to give your boyfriend for Valentine’s Day, especially if he has Irish heritage.

This ring is being sold for a medium price by Claddagh Ring Store and you’ll be pleased to hear that it comes in a ring box so it’s ready to give to your man as a gift straight away. Take a look at this ring, you won’t be able to resist it for your man!

7. Friends of Irony Tungsten Carbide Band

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Once again we’ve decided to select an alternative style ring that might be better suited to a young man or someone that doesn’t like silver jewelry.

This men’s Claddagh ring has been designed using a black tungsten carbide material. What’s great about this choice of material is that it gives the ring a sleek and modern feel. The ring’s surface is extremely smooth and the edges have a curved finished to them.

We love the attention to detail that has gone into this piece. The iconic Claddagh rings design looks like it has been cleverly printed onto the outer surface of the ring. This illustration has also been changed slightly, giving off more of a Celtic feel to it. In contrast, the illustration has been printed in white color.

Against the black background, this stands out extremely well. What’s different about this ring is that a Celtic pattern has been printed onto the ring and appears around the entire piece in a continuous pattern. The majority of Claddagh rings that we have featured don’t do this.

When it comes to the choice of material this men’s ring has been crafted using a very strong 100% pure tungsten carbide which is known for being one of the strongest elements known to man.

You’ll be pleased to hear that this makes the ring shatter and scratch proof and will ensure that the ring keeps its smooth finish for years to come. The fact that this material is so long-lasting could also result in this ring becoming a family heirloom.

Even though we’ve selected the black style option, this piece of jewelry is also available in a silver and blue color, giving you plenty of options. We love that the design is very unique and will stand out well. It’s also been crafted to a very high quality.

You’re also covered with a 30-day satisfaction guarantee cover which is great news. However, we don’t think you’ll need to use this offer. Sold by Friends of Irony, this lovely piece is being sold for a high price but we feel it’s well worth the dollars! Take a look for yourself.

8. LOVERSRING Couple Ring Bridal Set

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If you want to buy you and your boyfriend matching rings to show the level of commitment you have in your relationship then why not buy this his and her Claddagh rings for Valentine’s Day.

The men’s ring has been designed with a cool, modern feel to it. Crafted in a black stainless steel colored material, this men’s band features a dark blue strip along the center of the band, continuing throughout the entire circumference. This ring is really something special.

Made from black stainless steel material, this men’s ring is super scratch resistant and very strong! Your man won’t need to worry about scratching this ring when he’s working with his hands. Both rings are also nickel free and hypoallergenic, making them suitable to wear if you have sensitive skin.

For you ladies, the men’s Claddagh rings also come with a matching cubic zirconia ladies ring. Full of clear and blue sparkling cubic zirconia stones, this is another ring that will really stand out in the crowd.

The iconic image of the two hands, heart and crown is also incorporated into this women’s ring in a very eye-catching way. You’ll either love or hate his and her Claddagh rings set. We simply love it and am certain you will too!

9. Gestalt Couture Signet Ring

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If you want to buy your man a ring that no one else will have, take a look at this Claddagh signet ring. It really is something quite unique.

A signet ring is preferably worn on your smallest finger so this ring would make a very comfy fit for your tiny finger. This ring has been designed with a stainless steel base colored in silver. It has a square-shaped ring face which has been colored in gold and features the iconic heart, two hands, and crown.

What’s great about this iconic symbol is that it has actually been molded out of the steel and designed to give a 3D impression on the ring face. There is no outline just simply the image. The ring also has a hammered finish and features an oak lead on one side of the ring whereas the other side features a Wolf&Jens insignia.

To give you an idea of the materials used to create this signet ring, the designer has chosen to craft this ring out of a sold platinum style surgery stainless steel. What’s great about this material is that it won’t rust, stain or corrode easily.

This material makes the ring extremely strong, durable and will make it last for years to come. The ring face has also been crafted using an 18 karat gold plating which really stands out alongside the stainless steel.

Overall the size of the ring is approximately 18mm by 16mm which has been tapered to 9mm. The ring also weighs approximately 1oz.

This ring is being sold by Gestalt Couture for a low price. If you take a look at their website you’ll notice a variety of men’s jewelry including rings, pendants, dog tags, and necklace. Take a look at their website today!

10. Bold 10k Yellow Gold High Polish Band

Bold 10k Yellow Gold High Polish Band Irish Claddagh Ring for Men

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If you adore gold jewelry and want to get your man a statement piece then look no further then these gold Claddagh rings!

This ring is a gorgeous handmade men’s ring that has been crafted using a 10 karat yellow gold material which has been given a fine polish finish. You’ll notice that the top flat surface of the ring has been cleverly designed to feature the traditional Irish Claddagh hands, heart and crown symbol.

To give you an idea of the weight, these men’s Claddagh rings weighs approximately 7 grams depending on the ring size and is approximately 4mm wide. This ring is available to purchase in a number of sizes varying from size 4 to 16.

This ring is definitely a statement piece of jewelry that would be best suited to a man that has a big bold character and loves a bit of attention. This shiny gold ring will definitely get everyone’s attention and make your man stand out. This ring also has a big sturdy structure which will make it very durable and long-lasting.

An important aspect to point out is that doesn’t come cheap, it’s actually being sold by Claddagh rings for men for a very high price. If you’ve got a large budget to spend on Valentine’s Day then this would make a great present for your man!