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Take a Look at These 10 Gorgeous Amethyst Necklace Options & Bookmark the Page ASAP!

Lizzie Lizzie 24 Apr 2019 190

If you like the idea of owning your very own amethyst necklace then we’ve chosen some of our favorites which we think you’ll like.

Amethyst is a precious stone that consists of a variety of purple or violet quartz. Depending on the individual amethyst, the color of the stone can range from very light violet to an intense royal purple. The price of amethyst can also vary quite a lot depending on the quality of the stone and the size of it.

Our Favorite Amethyst Necklace Picks!

1. Cushion-Cut Checkerboard Created Amethyst Necklace

Amethyst necklaces - Cushion-Cut Checkerboard Created Necklace

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Wearing this dainty necklace will certainly give your neckline an effortless and lasting glow!

This classy piece has been created with a small square shaped amethyst. What we love about this piece of jewelry is that it’s really all about the gemstone. The purple stone has been positioned in place by four prongs on a bed of sterling silver

. This delicate looking pendant is then attached to a sterling silver chain. The size and setting of this beautiful amethyst definitely deliver a less is more look which we simply love!

This option would make a fantastic birthday present, especially if your birthday takes place in February because this gem represents the month’s birthstone. To give you an idea of the size of the pendant, it is approximately 6 mm by 6 mm square. The shape of the gemstone is cushion cut and weighs approximately 0.7 carats.

One of the things we love about this option is that the design is very classy and would suit being worn with a variety of outfits, making the piece extremely versatile!

When it comes to the choice of metal, sterling silver works really well with this amethyst. The shiny silver complements the deep violet shade of the gem really well. The sterling silver chain is approximately 18 inches long which gives the necklace a great length.

This pretty piece is being sold by Amazon Collection for a low price. It will arrive in a cute little jewelry box and offers the wearer something very special to model! Even though we love this piece, it is also available to purchase in a variety of different gemstones giving you heaps of choice and inspiration when buying a piece of jewelry to go with your outfit. Have a look for yourself!

2. White Gold Oval Shape Pendant

Amethyst necklaces - White Gold Oval Shape Pendant

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When you catch eyes of this option it will certainly take your breath away! This stunning piece definitely gives you that ‘wow’ factor.

The gorgeous necklace has been created with an oval-shaped amethyst gemstone in the center. Appearing directly above the stone is a smaller circular white diamond that gives it a lovely sparkle.

Two white gold metal loops attached to the top of this diamond then allow for a silver chain to be threaded through the pendant.

All of these components make up a gorgeous piece of jewelry that you’ll certainly want to own.

To give you an idea of the size of this piece the amethyst is approximately 10 mm by 8 mm and has been cut into an oval shape. The color of the stone depicts a royal purple shade which has a brilliant sparkle. The gemstone weighs approximately 2.6 carats.

The jeweler has lovingly designed this piece of jewelry so the amethyst sits neatly on top of a white gold base where the gemstone has been securely positioned within a prong setting.

The main structure consists of a 14 carats white gold material. What’s great about this is that it’s extremely smooth and very shiny. The white gold complements the royal purple amethyst beautifully.

The pendant also comes with a complimentary 18-inch sterling silver chain that has a rhodium finish which looks fantastic alongside the pendant.

These two really go well together. We also must mention the touch of sparkle in the form on the genuine white diamond which gives this piece a beautiful shimmer.

The jeweler is selling this necklace with a 30-day return policy. It is being sold by PEORA for a high price. We simply love this pendant and are happy that it arrives in a signature gift box. Go on and treat yourself to this sparkling pendant!

3. Leaf Pendant w/ 18 Inch Chain Necklace

2.28ct. Natural Amethyst 925 Sterling Silver Leaf Pendant w 18 Inch Chain Necklace

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If you have a passion for nature and natural beauty, in particular flowers, then take a look at this wonderful pendant from Silvershake.

This gorgeous pendant represents a cluster of leaves alongside purple amethyst flowers. The design represents beauty, color, movement and most importantly nature. We love how the jeweler has tried to create movement within the shape and composition of the flowers and leaves.

The varying shades of grey that are displayed within the branches and leaves add a feeling of depth and dimension within this piece. This pendant really gives off a lot of intricate detail across the amethysts and sterling silver.

When it comes to the pendant it features three pear-shaped amethysts. Cut beautifully, these purple colored stones give it it’s much-needed color. Within the design, each amethyst has been held securely in place by a v-prong setting. In total the three stones equate to 2.28 carats.

The main foundation of the pendant has been crafted by using a rhodium plated silver. Not only does the silver give the piece a lovely shine and smooth finish but the rhodium plating gives the pendant a great strength to the piece ensuring its long lasting life.

To give you an idea of the size, this pendant is approximately 14 mm wide by 33 mm long.

The jeweler has done a fantastic job in representing the leaves and stalks through the rhodium plated sterling silver. The intricate detail that has gone into this piece is something quite special to shout about!

This beautiful piece comes with a lovely complementary chain. Approximately 18 inches long, this piece of jewelry comes with a cable style chain that has a spring ring clasp on it.

This allows the necklace to be put on and taken off with total ease. When looking closer at the chain it is ultra fine and very delicate which we think is great.

However, if you prefer a thicker or more substantial chain then you may like to invest in a separate chain to wear alongside this pendant.

4. 14K Rose Gold Halo Amethyst Necklace

Amethyst necklaces - 14K Rose Gold over Sterling Silver Diamond and Amethyst Halo Pendant Necklace (3.00 CTW), 18'', Jewelry for Women

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If you’re browsing for a special girly piece of jewelry then this necklace could be exactly what you’ve been looking for!

This option has been designed with a circular amethyst in the center of the piece, giving the pendant a lovely focal point. Surrounding this is a rose gold frame that goes around the entire gem and is used to join the piece to a cute chain.

What’s special about this piece is the use of small dainty diamonds surrounding the entire amethyst which have been embedded within the rose gold metal.

A slightly larger diamond hangs above the amethyst creating a beautiful sparkle. This is a unique piece that would add some much-needed glamour to your neckline.

This genuine amethyst quartz has been cut into a circular shape and has been placed in a gorgeous halo style setting. This gemstone colored in violet shines beautifully within an elegant horseshoe-shaped rose gold setting.

The stones used in the set consist of amethyst quartz and genuine diamonds varying in size and shape.

The size of the pendant is approximately 10mm by 10mm and in total the piece equates to 3 carats in weight. The necklace comes with a rolo style chain that is approximately 18 inches long and has a spring clasp closure making it very easy to put on and take off.

The main structure of the pendant has been crafted using a 14k rose gold over a sterling silver base. This piece of jewelry is very pretty, unique and fashionable which could be worn with a variety of outfits.

Dressy, simple and casual, this rose gold amethyst necklace is extremely versatile which makes it a fantastic piece to have in your jewelry box!

When it comes to a gift, this necklace would make the perfect anniversary present for your girlfriend or wife. The design, color, and materials are very feminine so if you have a lady in your life, don’t hesitate to treat her to this stunning piece of jewelry.

This pretty option is being sold by Voss+Agin for a medium price. We’re shocked at the price because looking at the craftsmanship, quality, and attention to detail, this piece of jewelry is a complete bargain!

5. Trillion Cut 1.50 Carats Necklace

Amethyst Pendant Necklace Sterling Silver Trillion Cut 1.50 Carats

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Another option which we just had to include in our list of the top ten amethyst necklaces is this stunning piece sold by PEORA.

The beautiful gemstone has been cut into a triangle shape which has been positioned on a sterling silver base. The stone is then connected to a double loop silver attachment which joins onto the necklaces chain.

This is an extremely elegant piece of jewelry which could be worn on a daily basis as well as special occasions.

This gorgeous amethyst crystal necklace has been created using a genuine amethyst which displays a royal purple color and has a brilliant sparkle. We love this shade of purple because it’s extremely rich and vibrant and has an eye clean clarity.

The gem has been shaped into a trillion checkerboard cut which is approximately 1.5 carats in weight.

To give you an idea of the size the stone is approximately 8 mm wide by 8 mm long. It has been positioned in a 3 prong setting on top of a base of sterling silver.

This pendant has been created using top quality craftsmanship and has been completed with a beautiful finish, we simply love it!

The base of the pendant has been made using a sterling silver that has a rhodium finish to it. What we love about this is that the choice of silver gives the pendant a soft, shiny and smooth surface however the rhodium finish gives the piece a protective surface which will prevent it from tarnishing.

If you look after this necklace it will stay in great condition for years to come.

The stylish pendant comes with an 18-inch sterling silver box style chain which certainly finishes off the necklace well. This wonderful option will also arrive in a lovely gift box which has been decorated with a pretty ribbon.

If you decide to give this precious necklace as a gift you won’t have to worry about any gift wrapping because the jeweler has done it all for you for free!

We think this is a very special piece which would make a fantastic birthday present for either your mum, grandmother, sister, auntie or wife. Whoever you choose this necklace for they will be extremely happy with the piece.

6. White Gold Accent Flame Pendant

10k White Gold Gemstone and Diamond Accent Flame Pendant Necklace, 18"

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Amazon Collection has done a fabulous job creating this dainty amethyst necklace!

The jeweler has chosen to frame this amethyst in a very elegant setting which really shows off the beauty of the gemstone in its full. The purple stone is captured as the centerpiece of this necklace and why not?

The pretty stone appears as a flat circle shape which appears to be encapsulated within a single silver flame accent.

The best way to describe this accent is to simply look at the image for yourself! A plain chain is then effortlessly looped through the accent to act as the chain. There is no special attachment for this chain to loop onto, just the pendant itself.

This is definitely an elegant and sophisticated aspect of the necklace which we like.

The two main stones that feature in this pendant are an amethyst and clear diamond. The larger of the two is the amethyst gemstone that has been cut into a round shape.

Featured along with the accent we also have a row of small perfectly formed clear diamonds that add a beautiful sparkle to this amethyst crystal necklace.

The diamonds have been cut into a small round shape. It’s important to point out that these are natural diamonds which haven’t been treated.

The jeweler has also made of point of stating that these diamonds comply with the Kimberley Process which ensures that the ones featured in this pendant are conflict-free. The pendant has been crafted using a 10k white gold metal that gives off a glorious shine.

As mentioned earlier this piece features a very elegant pendant which has been designed to not only highlight the colorful gemstone but also the beautiful diamond accents. The piece comes with a box style chain which has a spring ring clasp. The great thing about this is that the necklace is very easy to put on and take off.

Other than the amethyst, this necklace is also available to purchase with a blue sapphire, created emerald, pink sapphire, created ruby, garnet, and Swiss blue topaz, however, our favorite is definitely the colorful amethyst!

This simple but elegant piece of jewelry is being sold by Amazon Collection for a high price. The stunning piece of jewelry will arrive in a beautiful box that will certainly last a lifetime.

7. Purple Pendant Necklace With 18 Inch Silver Chain

Gem Stone King Purple Amethyst and White Diamond 925 Sterling Silver Pendant Necklace 6.52 Cttw With 18 Inch Silver Chain

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This chunkier looking option is definitely a statement piece of jewelry that will get heads turning. Created with an octagon gemstone at the center of this necklace, the main focus of this piece of jewelry is the striking stone.

The piece contains a prominent straight line and striking corners. To give you an idea of the size of this center stone is approximately 14mm by 10mm. The beautiful gemstone has been held securely in place by a 4 prong setting.

Different to some of our other pieces, the prongs used to hold this gem in place are quite dainty which really works well in pushing the stone forward to the forefront of your attention.

Positioned directly above this gemstone is a diamond shaped clear stone. Sized to approximately 1.5 mm by 1.5 mm this white diamond gives off a beautiful shine within the piece.

It’s great to hear that both the purple stone and the white diamond are natural and you can see that this natural beauty definitely shines brightly.

Altogether this is a very chunky display of stones, weighing in at a total of 6.52 carats.

The prongs and the ‘V’ shaped attachment that joins this gemstone to the chain have been crafted out of sterling silver. Not only is this material utterly gorgeous but it’s also extremely tough making it perfect for everyday use. You can definitely buy this necklace with the confidence that it will last!

This pendant also comes with an 18-inch cable style silver chain which has a spring ring clasp. Whether it’s a birthday present, anniversary gift or wedding present, this necklace would make a wonderful present for a lady who loves her gemstones, in particular, amethysts.

This gorgeous piece has been made and sold by GEM STONE KING for a medium price. This jeweler has been making jewelry since 1903 and they pride themselves in delivering the highest quality jewelry for a great price.

8. London Chain Necklace

SERAFINA ❤️ Womens Pendant in 925 Sterling Silver with Dancing Amethyst London Blue Topaz Blue Sapphire or Peridot Styled CZ on 18" Chain for Her

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If you want to treat yourself to a pretty piece of jewelry then take a look at this option. With a circular shaped amethyst in the center of the pendant and sterling silver around the gem featuring diamonds, looks similar to that of a flower.

In the center of this pendant, the piece features a simulated amethyst gemstone that has been held securely in place by a 4 prong setting. What we love about this stone is that it gives off a lovely sparkle and beautiful twinkle which certainly catches your eye.

Surrounding the purple gemstone, white sapphires frame the gem giving the piece a brilliant shine. This pretty round halo necklace makes the perfect gift for someone special in your life!

The main structure of this pendant has been made from a sterling silver material. It has been made from a high polished quality piece of silver that looks stunning. The pendant also comes with a sterling silver 18-inch box chain that has a lobster clasp.

What makes this piece of jewelry even more appealing as a gift is that it comes in a beautiful black velvet box.

This pretty piece of jewelry is being sold by jewelers at SERAFINA and the item is being sold for a medium price. We think this necklace is guaranteed to bring some sparkle into your life.

9. Gold Purple Necklace with 18 Inch Solid 14k Gold Chain

Gem Stone King 14K Yellow Gold Purple Necklace with 18 Inch Solid 14k Gold

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If simple jewelry is what you prefer then take a look at the piece!

The gorgeous necklace is made up of a big oval purple amethyst which has a yellow gold rim to it. The gem featured has a tiny loop at the top of the stone which then allows for a yellow gold chain to be looped through the hoop. This necklace may be simple in design but it’s extremely elegant to look at!

The stone has been shaped into a cushion checkerboard shaped gemstone which is approximately 16 mm by 12mm in size. It’s important to point out that this purple stone is 100% natural, increasing its value. It’s also quite heavy to wear coming in at 9 carats.

Surrounding the center stone is a 14k yellow gold border that gives a lovely smooth golden finish to the pendant.

We think that this is a very high-quality piece of jewelry that could be worn on any occasion. The piece is very stunning and extremely flattering. Wearing it would immediately put you into the spotlight!

The pendant also comes with an 18-inch yellow gold chain which complements the gemstone beautifully. Altogether this is a very flattering piece to wear.

10. Heart Shaped Center Stone Pendant

Finejewelers Solid 10k White Gold 7mm Heart Shaped Center Stone Pendant Necklace

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What could be more romantic than a heart-shaped amethyst necklace to give to the special lady in your life!

This beautiful little number consists of a small heart-shaped stone. When it comes to this piece, it’s definitely all about the gemstone! The violet colored stone is approximately 7 mm by 13 mm in size and weighs approximately 1 carat.

Attached to the top of the heart-shaped stone is a small simple white gold loop which allows for a chain to be threaded through it. It’s important to point out that this necklace may look like it’s made out of silver; in fact, it’s made out of solid 10k white gold. We really do love the simplistic vibe that we get from this necklace.

What’s great about it is that arrives in either a cute velvet jewelry bag or a stylish navy blue jewelry box. You can, therefore, be reassured that your necklace will arrive safely in one piece. The pretty piece is also being sold by Fine Jewellers for a great price.

Amethyst Stone: Notes to Take Into Consideration

The best amethyst stones are sourced from Africa however the largest quantity of the gemstone is produced in South America.

Interestingly the purple amethyst is the birthstone for the month of February and is the stone for those people who are born under the sign of Pisces. It is believed that the procession of a stone like this can result in you having lovely dreams and visions. The gemstone has also been used to symbolize wealth, humility, happiness, love and sincerity.

Amethyst crystal
Amethyst crystal

Amethyst is known for carrying many healing powers. Whether its emotional issues, physical ailments or energy healing, this stone is wonderful in working its healing powers. The gems crystals are primarily known for helping the nervous system and curing insomnia, nightmares and balancing the crown chakra.

Kendra Scott Amethyst necklace
Kendra Scott Amethyst necklace

The gemstone is often seen worn by healers because it provides them with a lot of power to focus on energy. It is also known for helping with any breathing and blood-related problems. Amethyst crystals are used to keep the life force and air in a home very positive and clean.

This makes them a great healer of a negative home. The stone is known to relieve headaches and help a person overcome fears, cravings and overall increase positive feelings.