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Hair Jewelry: 2024 Selection

last updated: Jan 07, 2021

All women enjoy stylish hair jewelry. Whether your hair is long, medium or short, a single, pretty pin can make a whole lot of difference turning a simple hairdo into a piece of art, literally!

We decided to scour the internet just to find some gorgeous hair pieces that are pretty looking, easy to use and style, and the perfect accessory for those days when you’re looking to do something different with your hair but you don’t have the time or the budget to pop into a hair salon.

From simple and cute bobby pins to vintagy clips and headbands, our list includes gorgeous head jewelry that’ll change your hair game for as little as a few dollars.

Enjoy ladies, and take a peek at what we have chosen for the latest must have hair jewelry!

Our Top 10 Picks!

1. Deniferry Vine Head Jewelry

Deniferry Vine Head Jewelry
Deniferry Vine Head Jewelry & Pins
Deniferry Vine Head Jewelry on Model
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High quality copper wire, pearls and crystal

Very strong wire


Our first pick is a beautiful hair vine headpiece that will work as a wedding accessory as well as any time you wish to add hair jewelry to your hair without too much fuss (yes, the vine is that simple to accessorize with!).

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This is a rose gold and silver hair vine with extra long delicate pearls and stunning crystal beads that are intertwined with a dainty and malleable copper wire.

The hair vine is super easy to style and it’s very versatile since you can play with it when deciding on a long braid, simple flowing hair, shoulder length hair or you can get creative and wrap the vine in a crown shape (perfect for shorter hairdos!).

The copper wire is what makes it unique and easy to use with any hairstyle. It comes in gold, silver and rose gold for a variety.

It will complement any shade of hair and will glimmer with any bridal or dressy outfit.

Along with the hair vine, you'll also get 3 pearl pins which are just as beautiful and can be used with the vine or separately.

When it comes to the price, it’s so affordable that you can get it in more than one color option and considering the rave reviews from customers who bought it, it’s worth way more than what it costs!

2. Love Viking Celtic Hair Clip

Love Viking Celtic Hair Clip
Love Viking Celtic Hair Clip Side View
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100% fine metal

Works on all textures of hair

Easy to use

This is a must have hair accessory that’s perfect for longer hair and everyday use. Made out of fine metal, this piece is called a Viking Celtic dragon hair clip. It can be used when pushing back your hair to one side, when wearing your hair in a ponytail, or to fix in place a messy bun.

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The barrette will hold any texture of hair in place. The dimensions of the hair clip are 3,14 x 1,57 inches so it’s not exactly a dainty accessory but it’s so beautiful and intricate that we don’t mind the size (it doesn’t weigh much though!).

The fact that it’s a good size makes it perfect for anyone with a lot of hair to tame; however, even if you don’t have a lot of hair, you’ll still be able to use it since it’s easy to tighten or loosen up depending on your hair type.

If you’re a fan of Game of Thrones-inspired hairstyles, you’ll be pleased to know the brand offers 7 Celtic styles of this hairclip to choose from.

You also get a 100% Money Back Guarantee so you know it’s a risk free purchase!

3. CINRA Hair Barrettes Hair Clips

CINRA Hair Barrettes Hair Clips
CINRA Moon Hair Jewelry
CINRA Star Hair Jewelry
CINRA Hair Barrettes Hair Clips on Model
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Moon and stars shape design

Embellished with rhinestones

Secure hold

These gold-shade dazzling hair clips come with rhinestones and are so pretty we could not resist the urge to add them to our cart (no joke!). You get 3 hair clips, one in the shape of a moon and 2 in the shape of a star.

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All three hair clips are different size-wise. The half moon is quite larger and you also get a larger star and a smaller one.

The different shape sizes allow you to play with the hair clips and add them to your hair combining the shapes or, one at a time depending on how much dazzle you want to accessorize with.

The price is super affordable especially considering you get 3 rhinestone hair clips which look pretty expensive rather than a steal!

4. PIAOPIAONIU 10 Pcs Hair Tube Beads

PIAOPIAONIU 10 Pcs Hair Tube Beads
PIAOPIAONIU 10 Pcs Hair Tube Beads Detail
PIAOPIAONIU 10 Pcs Hair Tube Beads on Hair
PIAOPIAONIU 10 Pcs Hair Tube Beads on Hair
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Antique silver metal finish

Can be used on hair, beard or mustache

10 piece set

These beads are interesting and a unique hair jewelry type perfect for those of you with braided hair or dreadlocks.

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The set includes 10 pieces or tube-like, 3.5 to 5 cm long beads. They come in various designs all with an antique silver finish and you can add more than one on a single strand of hair; you can use them on more than one braid or dreadlock as well. The beads can be placed anywhere, near the root or at the end of your braid.

The beads are quite small when it comes to diameter so don’t expect to be able to push larger-sized braids or dreadlocks through them.

The good news is that you get different sizes of beads which gives you a choice of which one to use depending on your particular hairstyle.

5. Cehomi Korean Style Hair Clips

Cehomi Korean Style Hair Clips
Cehomi Korean Style Hair Clips Sizes
Cehomi Korean Style Hair Clips on Model
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20 piece set

No sharp ends (no hair damage)

These are good for styling messy hair and keeping it in place. This cute 20 piece set has a classical design and snap clips to hold your hair in place.

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The clips can be used on any hair texture and they’re design is smooth, with no sharp edges, meaning the clips won’t pull on or break your hair!

The hair clips are quite large; the size is 7.3 x 8.2 x 0.6 inches. However, it’s the size that we like since they’re so pretty they just deserve to be seen from a mile away.

You get so many different styles, textures and colors that you’ll be able to find the right clip for any type of outfit or occasion!

The price tag is pretty sweet since the set is very affordable and rated 5-stars by hundreds of reviewers.

6. Steve Madden Two-Piece Safety Hair Pin Set

Steve MaddenTwo-Piece Safety Hair Pin Set
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Rhinestone detail

Multiple gemstones

Steve Madden designer

These hairpins are designed by rock fashion icon Steve Madden! If you haven’t heard about him yet, let us just say the guy is one of the biggest influencers when it comes to rock-chic fashion.

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This fantastic hair clip set comes with 2 clips in the shape of a safety pin, clearly inspired by rock’n’roll and the style typically associated with the punk era.

The hair clips are 4.1 x 4 x 0.6 inches, so bigger in size and perfect to keep in place ponytails and larger sections of hair.

The clips are encrusted with colorless rhinestones all along the gun metal finished surface and believe us when we say these rhinestones will dazzle when hit by light.

The hair pins are easy to put on so don’t worry about any fumbling with the pin and the price is just a dream considering this is designer hair jewelry!

7. Fani 16 Pieces Rhinestone Letter Pin Set

Fani 16 Pieces Rhinestone Letter Pin Set
Steve MaddenTwo-Piece Safety Hair Pin Set Detail
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16 different lovely letter pins

Gold plated

This hair jewelry set which includes 16 hair clips is our favorite pick. Each piece has bling!

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These are beautiful rhinestone letter clips made with gold plating over metal.

Each hair clip measures 2.44 * 0.7 inches which is smaller than most of our previous picks.

The smaller size allows you to wear more than one clip on a single hair strand. The clips are also very lightweight and will not pull on your hair!

This is also one of the most affordable options on our list and perfect for all hair types and hair textures.

8. Pulleez Ponytail Holder Set - Heart/Swirl/Knot

Pulleez Ponytail Holder Set  - Heart/Swirl/Knot
Fani 16 Pieces Rhinestone Letter Pin Set Detail
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Secure hold without pulling on hair

Doubles as a wristlet

The set of 3 sliding ponytail holders are cute and easy to use when it comes to securing your hair back all day long.

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The unique thing about this minimalist hair jewelry set is that it doubles up as a wristlet.

When you are not wearing them, just slip the holder around your wrist and wear it as a bracelet.

What we love the most about this set is that at the end of the holders’ strings, you get cute metal details which include silvery beads in the shape of hearts, knots and swirls.

You’ll get a holder in black, grey and one in brown so regardless of your hair shade, there’s a an option that will complement any hair color.

The price of this set is slightly higher in comparison to other picks on our list; however, it's still worth every penny!

9. Corciova Satin Headscarf

Corciova Satin Headscarf
Pulleez Ponytail Holder Set  - Detail
Pulleez Ponytail Holder Set  - Hearts
Pulleez Ponytail Holder Set  - Detail
Pulleez Ponytail Holder Set  - Knots
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Beautiful pattern

Can be worn around head, neck or hair

Hand Washable

This interesting headscarf comes in many color options but our favorite is this soft and silky baby pink and white jewelry pattern.

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Even though it looks like silk, it’s 100% polyester; the fabric is very soft and won’t irritate your skin.

It’s 35*35 inches which is a very decent size that will allow you to use it to tie up your hair, as a headband or as a scarf around your neck.

It also doubles up as a cute scarf to tie to your favorite tote bag, around a hat or around your waist as a colorful belt.

If you don’t like this particular pattern, there are 44 styles to choose from and considering the price, we bet you’ll be tempted to get more than one!

10. Metme Flapper Headband

Metme Flapper Headband
Corciova Satin Headscarf Pattern
Corciova Satin Headscarf Uses
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High quality silk band


Retro and elegant

Our last pick is a 1920’s inspired headband (think Gatsby style!) with bling rhinestones and pearls. The head jewelry piece is made of a high quality silk band and you can adjust it anyway you like.

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The design features a leaf and medallion with pearl and crystal stones.

There is a gorgeous pearl pendant which acts as a central and focal point, giving it a retro and elegant look.

Made by elastic material, the headband is one size fits all so don’t worry about it being too tight or too loose.

This tiara-shaped accessory is an intricate, dazzling head jewelry piece perfect for New Year’s, retro parties or even festivals!

Evaluation Criteria


Hair is one of the most important assets a woman has. Healthy, shiny and luxurious hair will put any girl in the spotlight.

Whether it’s a casual day at home or an exciting night out, we all want to make sure our hairdo is right!

This is where our selection of hair jewelry is perfect for women of all ages.

We picked the 10 hair jewelry options on our list because they are affordable and easy to wear. All picks are super versatile and will go great with casual outfits as well as an LBD!

We also made sure to select head jewelry sets, meaning you will get a few hair clips or hair holder styles in one single set.

This will give you the opportunity to mix and match depending on what you decided to wear!

Wear Comfort

We understand that hair is fragile for some women and many of us spend thousands of dollars to make sure our hair is glossy and strong.

This is why we picked a selection that is easy on the hair causing little to no breakage at all.

In addition, all of our picks are very comfortable to wear. None of them pull at your hair so don’t worry about headaches or hair damages.

We also made sure that all options on our list we picked were made to keep your hair in place and are compatible with all textures of hair, whether it be thick, curly, thin, straight, permed, sensitive and baby fine hair.

None of the picks are hard to remove, and therefore, cause no tangles while taking them out.


We researched each and every pick on our list and found that they are made of quality materials, stones, pearls, bands and metals.

All options are very durable and definitely worth the price. The picks we recommend are affordable and should last you for a long time.

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How to wear the hair jewelry on our list!

You can wear any of our picks with whatever outfit you choose. On our list you will find options perfect for weddings as well as retro style parties, festivals, or simple, cute clips for everyday hair styling.

How to wear the hair jewelry on our list!

Some options can also be worn as wristlets (option 8) and other can decorate purses, hats and be used as a cool belt (option 9). The style ideas are endless!


q: Do the hair jewelry picks on your list fit all size heads?


The selection of hair jewelry we chose fit everyone. They are easy to use and you can adjust your hair according to the piece you have selected.

Some of the bands shouldn’t be stretched too much and all options come with directions.

The majority of these hair products can be slipped or clipped in place with ease.

q: Can I mix and match more than one option on your list?


We selected these particular hair jewelry picks for just that reason. All women love to experiment with their hair and you can wear a couple of barrettes and add a few bobby pins to hold your hair in place.

If you decide to wear the vine, you probably would like to put a few rhinestone bobby pins in to keep your hair in place. This just adds more glitter and glamour to your hairstyle. This is why it’s fun to mix and match!

q: Is hair jewelry acceptable as a gift?


Our answer is yes! Hair jewelry is very affordable and makes for a wonderful gift for the women in your life who love accessorizing in general.

Regardless of her hairstyle, there is at least 1 option on our list which would suit any woman you are shopping for!


There isn’t a single young girl or woman who hasn’t worn barrettes or hairpins at some point in her life.

Barrettes, hair clips, headbands and bobby pins are still in style and many celebrities are wearing them while they are out on the town or doing a simple task like walking their dog.

Celebs are sporting fancy, glittering letter-shaped hair clips and pinning their hair wildly all over their head. Why not?

Holly Willboughby hair jewelry

If you want to stand out, it’s fun to be unique and create your own style and we have given you that choice by putting together a fantastic list of 10 hair jewelry picks!

Our top 10 options include pieces made from cool beads, glimmering rhinestones, beautiful pearls, shiny crystals and come in gold, bronze and silver metal.

hair clip styling

Most of our picks have delicate details and the metals are durable and safe to wear. We also made sure all of the picks are comfortable to wear as well.

Regardless of your hairstyle, hair shade or length, adding a dazzling hair clip, hair holder or simple headband can up your style game in no time. Time to shop ladies!