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Super Romantic Heart Rings for Any Budget!

last updated: Jan 07, 2020

A heart ring is a great way to show your love and commitment to your partner before the two of you are ready for engagement!

This can be a great way to take the next step in your relationship even if you aren’t quite ready for getting engaged quite yet.

Heart rings are available in all sorts of shapes and designs, but the one really popular and perfect option is a heart promise ring.

A heart-shaped design is a great way to represent your love and your promise to your partner. We have 10 super romantic heart promise rings for you to check out right here!

Our Top 10 Picks!

1. D-GOLD Black and White Heart Ring

D-GOLD Black and White Heart Ring
D-GOLD Black and White Heart Ring 2
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Our first option is this lovely silver ring featuring black and white crystals! The ring itself is made from solid 925 sterling silver for beauty and durability combined. It has a nice dainty look to it overall. The silver band is pretty thin for a soft feminine appearance.

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At the top of the ring, the band starts to twist and branches off into two different sections.

The bottom section on the right side and the top section on the left side both move out away from the center of the ring before coming back to the center to form the silver heart at the top center of the ring.

The other sections of the band stay straighter but till have a slight curve. They end at the edges of the heart leaving the center open. These two straighter sections of the band each feature a row of tiny black crystals.

There are 7 of these tiny black diamond-like stones on each side of the heart for a total of 14 black diamonds on the piece.

They are all inserted onto the thin band with small silver mounting poles that hold them securely in place while also providing a clean and uniform look that helps the ring to have a very valuable feel to it.

Right at the center of the curly silver heart is a lovely little natural white crystal. This white stone is larger than the black crystals but still fairly small lending to the dainty and delicate feel of the ring overall.

It is available in sizes 4.5 to 8.5 and mid-priced compared to our other picks!

2. Modern Contemporary Rings 10k Gold Open Heart Ring

Modern Contemporary Rings 10k Gold Open Heart Ring
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Our next pick is this stunning open heart ring! This absolutely lovely promise ring is made from solid 10k yellow gold. The band is thin with a smooth rounded design. At the very top, the band holds up a big open heart that is also made with the solid 10k yellow gold.

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The heart is very smooth and symmetrical for a simple and pretty look. The edges of the heart are about the same thickness of the band, flat rather than being rounded the way that the band is.

Instead of the heart sitting on top of the band, the edges of the band are connected to the sides of the heart to leave the inside of it completely open. Right where the edges of the band meet the sides of the heart, there are two half-spheres that give a good transition piece between the heart and band.

The entire piece features a nice high-polished look that really makes the gold shine beautifully. It has such a smooth and elegant feel to it.

For the perfect final touch to this incredible piece of jewelry, there are two tiny white crystals inlaid into the heart.

These gemstones are small enough that they fit within the relatively narrow edges of the open heart. They are located right at the top of the heart on the left side. This gives the piece a really nice little detail while also creating an asymmetrical design that is absolutely adorable!

The two crystals are meant to represent you and your partner, which also gives a special meaning to the design of your ring!

It is made in the USA and even comes in a nice ring box perfect for gifting. You can get it in a huge range of sizes starting as small as 3 and going all the way up to 11. You can even choose it in half and quarter sizes for a perfect custom fit!

The price is a little higher but still completely reasonable for this ring – especially when you consider the value of it.

3. Luolajewelry Personalized Heart Birthstone Ring

Luolajewelry Personalized Heart Birthstone Ring
Luolajewelry Personalized Heart Birthstone Ring - Birthstone Choice
Luolajewelry Personalized Heart Birthstone Ring on Hand
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This personalized birthstone ring from Luolajewelry is so cute and fun! This is an awesome choice because it does give you the personalization that can make your piece of jewelry even more special.

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The ring is also super affordable coming in as the least expensive option of all of our recommendations. It is made of brass to keep the price low, but it is also plated in rhodium which gives it a beautiful finish and greatly increases the durability.

It has a simple band with flat sides. At the top, each side of the band curves away from the center in opposite directions. Each end of the band has a small silver-toned heart. The hearts touch each other to complete the circle of the ring. Each heart has an open design and one sits slightly higher than the other for a fun asymmetrical design.

There are a few different things you get to personalize with this promise ring. The first thing is the stones that are in it.

Each one of the hearts features a small simulated gemstone in the center of it. You can choose from 12 different options – each one simulates a different birthstone. This way you can choose your own birthstone as well as the birthstone of your partner to be featured in your piece of jewelry.

The stones are mounted delicately yet securely at the center of the hearts with small mounting prongs. From there, you’ll also be able to add both of your names onto the ring on either side of the two hearts. You’ll have up to 9 characters on each side of the hearts for this customization.

The final way that you can customize your ring is by choosing to engrave for the inside part. You can have the inside engraved – for no additional cost – with anything you’d like up to 16 characters. This could be a good place to put a short meaningful quote or even your anniversary!

You can choose the ring in size 6, 7, 8, or 9.

4. Ruby & Oscar Heart Shaped Garnet Soulmate Ring

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This Ruby & Oscar pick is super elegant and very romantic. It is made from solid 925 sterling silver with high-polishing. It is very shiny and attractive.

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The bottom half of the band is one solid piece with no decoration. Then about mid-way up the band, it splits into two sections.

These two sections run parallel to each other for a short section before crossing over each other and spreading out to hold the stunning centerpiece. The main stone of this promise ring is a brilliant cut simulated garnet heart.

It has many beautiful facets that sparkle in an incredible way in all directions. The heart is the widest part of the ring at about twice the width of the band. It is mounted nicely with 3 sterling silver mounting prongs.

Then, all around the simulated gemstone, there is a perfect heart halo of small cubic zirconia stones that sparkle just like little diamonds. The sparkling halo of little stones is the perfect compliment to the deep red of the simulated garnet. This deep red color really enhances the romantic feel of the ring in an amazing way.

Along the portions of the band from where it splits halfway up into 2 sections up until the place where it holds the center heart in place, there are additional cubic zirconia stones.

These stones are mounted all along the band’s sections except on the very bottom smooth section of the band. They match the cubic zirconia stones in the halo of the ring exactly and help to pull the entire design together wonderfully.

Of course, if you love this design but you prefer a different color combination, you’ll be excited to know that you can choose this gorgeous piece in a variety of different metal colors and gemstones.

You can also choose a different metal color if you would like to go with something other than the sterling silver look. You can choose from options plated in rose gold, yellow gold, or black gold!

There are lots of stunning possibilities that kind of allow you to get a customized look perfect for your own style and preferences.

5. Clara Pucci Brilliant Heart Cut Solitaire Ring

Clara Pucci Brilliant Heart Cut Solitaire Ring
Clara Pucci Brilliant Heart Cut Solitaire Ring Profile
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From Clara Pucci comes this simple and elegant pick that is absolutely perfect for any occasion. The incredible heart ring is minimalistic yet absolutely breath-taking. The band is made from solid 14k white gold.

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This means that it is genuine and durable with a beautiful clean shine to it. The band has a rounded shape that is very smooth and stays a consistent width all the way around it. It also does feature the 14k stamp on the inside of the band to let you know it is, indeed, genuine.

At the very top center, you will see an absolutely magnificent simulated heart-shaped diamond. This stone is the finest cubic zirconia available. It has a weight of 2.20 carats, so it is a really great large size that is very good at capturing attention.

This stone has the best cut, clarity, and color that you can get. Now, this ring is definitely pricier than some of our other picks, but it is insanely affordable compared to what you would have to pay for a diamond with these same qualities.

Truthfully, if this stone were an actual diamond, the cost would be so high that it would be outside almost all reasonable budgets. This is an incredible way to get a lovely high-end option while still spending a reasonable amount on it!

The stone is mounted securely with multiple white gold mounting prongs and sparkles brilliantly in almost any lighting.

It is available in sizes 3.5 to 11 including half and quarter sizes. It also comes in a nice ring box perfect for a good presentation!

6. Blue Apple Co. White Opal Heart Ring

Blue Apple Co. White Opal Heart Ring
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For a super sweet and very romantic option, you need to check out this precious pick from Blue Apple Co.! It is made from 925 sterling silver, so it is strong and durable. However, it is then plated with rose-tone rhodium. What this does is add an extra layer of durability while also giving the ring the stunningly sweet look of rose gold.

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The band has a cubical shape that is flat and smooth on all sides. This helps to create a slightly modern look.

At the center, there is a very pretty heart-shaped opal stone. The opal is white in color and smooth. It is lab-created to help keep the price down but is still absolutely beautiful. It is mounted securely to the band with the rose-tone metal of the band. The band does get a little thicker right at the top where it holds the stones.

On each side of the lovely white opal heart, there is a small cubic zirconia stone mounted onto the ring. They sit snugly against the sides of the white opal heart and the stones all look very nice together – especially with the contrast from the rose-tone metal. The cubic zirconia stones are round-cut and a bit wider than the actual band.

Since they are wider than the rest of the band, the band actually expands out a bit on each side of the heart to accommodate the stones.

They are mounted with the same rose-tone metal as the white opal heart and produce the perfect additional sparkle to the very pretty piece of jewelry.

All in all, it is a really great little ring that is affordable and definitely has a super romantic feel to it. You can choose it in any size from 3 to 12!

7. Modern Contemporary Rings White Topaz Heart Ring

Modern Contemporary Rings White Topaz Heart Ring
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If you’d like a more sophisticated option, this ring has a very full and dazzling look to it. It is made with solid 10k rose gold. We especially love rose gold because it goes so well the white topaz. The rose gold has a high-polished finish, so it is very bright and shiny.

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The bottom of the band is flat and smooth. As it gets close to the top of the band, though, the edges actually expand out and create a thicker section for the very top of the band.

Within this section, there is actually a large slit in the band that leaves a nice opening where the stones are mounted in a very pretty way. The center gemstone is a large, heart-shaped cubic zirconia stone that sparkles exquisitely just like a real diamond with great cut and clarity.

The rose gold underneath the stone creates a look similar to a bezel setting, but the stone is actually held in place with 3 rose gold mounting prongs. On each side of the large cubic zirconia heart gemstone, there is a round-cut white topaz.

These stones are a good bit smaller but still a nice, easily visible size. They fit well within the slit of the rose gold band while the cubic zirconia stone is actually wider than the band even at its widest point.

The stones are natural and also have great color and quality to them. There is a space in-between and the cubic zirconia stone.

There are also spaces between them and the edge of the slit opening in the band. This creates just the right amount of open space to see through the slit of the ring for added detail that is highly sophisticated.

This option is mid-priced, comes in a nice ring box, and is available in any whole, half, or quarter size ranging from 4 to 12!

8. Diamond Classic Jewelry Ring

Diamond Classic Jewelry Ring
Diamond Classic Jewelry Ring Profile
Diamond Classic Jewelry Ring Profile 2
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Here is a very divine heart ring with a lot of incredible detail to it. This Diamond Classic Jewelry piece is made from both sterling silver as well as rose gold. The sterling silver in the ring is 925 for durability and beauty while the rose gold is a nice 10k.

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Most of the band is made from the sterling silver while the rose gold provides a really nice accent of subtle color in the ring’s design.

The bottom of the band is relatively thin but still nice and durable. As it gets closer to the top of the ring, the band expands a bit and then splits into two sections on each side.

On the left side, the top section turns into rose gold whereas it is the bottom section on the right side of the ring that turns to rose gold. The other two sections of the splits remain sterling silver. At the center, these two sections hold the centerpiece of the ring with one holding it above and one holding it below.

The rose gold sections of the band also come in above and below the centerpiece but they actually curve and curl to form little rose gold open hearts that help to hold the centerpiece in place.

Now, the centerpiece of the ring is a genuine natural white diamond. The diamond has decent clarity and a nice color. It is round-cut and relatively small. The diamond is actual bezel-set into a ring of sterling silver. The silver of this base is textured gently as well.

Altogether, this helps to make the diamond appear larger than it actually is. The bezel setting is then mounted onto the ring with silver mounting prongs. For a nice finishing accent, the silver sections of the band are each filled with a row of natural accent diamonds!

Each side features 8 accent diamonds in groupings of two with silver circles in-between each group.

This leaves a total of 17 diamonds in the ring altogether. All of the gemstones are natural white diamonds as well. You can choose this pick in sizes 5 through 9.

9. Sac Silver Onyx Heart Ring

Sac Silver Onyx Heart Ring
Sac Silver Onyx Heart Ring on Finger
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A much more unique and very nice option is this cool choice from Sac Silver. This ring is made from 925 sterling silver with a thin and dainty band that is very feminine. At the very center top of the band, there is a bezel-set simulated onyx stone that is flat and smooth for a simple and sexy look. The stone and bezel setting are both heart-shaped for that perfect romantic touch.

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Around the bezel-setting, there is more silver that swirls around itself to create a rope look.
The band from the sides to the bottom is a uniform width with a simple flat design.

It has a nice polished silver look while the rest of the silver details of the ring actually feature a very cool tarnished appearance.

This makes the ring have a vintage feel that really adds to the romance and unique feel of this piece of jewelry.

We adore the way that the simulated onyx compliments this tarnished vintage look, but if you prefer, you can choose from a few other simulated stones.

If you don’t love the onyx, you can also choose simulated turquoise, white opal, or even blue opal. All of them look lovely.

This pick is nice and affordable and available in sizes 4 to 10!

10. Gem Stone King Ruby and Diamond Heart Ring

Gem Stone King Ruby and Diamond Heart Ring
Gem Stone King Ruby and Diamond Heart Ring Horizontal
Gem Stone King Warranty
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Our final selection is from the trusted brand Gem Stone King. This incredible two-tone gold ring features both 10k white gold as well as 10k yellow gold.

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It has a very classy look and delicate feel to it even though it is pretty durable. The band is made with the 10k yellow gold. It has a simple smooth design that adds to its delicate femininity.

At the top of the band, there is a lovely lab-created ruby stone with a very sweet heart-cut. It is the beautiful pink-red color that you get with a real ruby rather than being too red like many created rubies are. You don’t have to worry about that here because Gem Stone King did an impressive job recreating that perfect ruby color.

The stone is set with 10k white gold prongs. It is surrounded by a wonderful halo of natural white diamond accent stones. They are all also set with white gold mounting prongs. The prongs stick up slightly all around the diamonds.

This is unique to halos that are either bezel set or feature very small prongs on a base of metal. What it does is create a more textured look that looks absolutely dazzling above the simple yellow gold band.

You can get it in sizes 5, 6, 7, 8, and 9. With your purchase, you’ll also get a nice ring box as well as Gem Stone King’s lifetime warranty!


Heart-shaped jewelry is probably the most romantic type of jewelry we can think of, and a heart ring is always a good idea, no matter if you're just looking for a new ring to add to your jewelry box, or a gift for someone special in your life.

From simple, dainty options to rings with sapphire, opal, ruby or garnet stone, we made sure to give you an interesting variety to choose from.

We picked rings from trusted brands which give you warranties, money-back guarantees and have very high ratings from users who have purchased their jewelry.

As for the price tags, you will notice we included both budget-friendly picks as well as high-end pieces so no matter what your budget is, there is something you can afford on our list. Time to shop ladies!