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The Cutest Jewelry with Symbolic Meaning? An Infinity Necklace!

last updated: Feb 20, 2020

To help you find the best infinity necklace on the market, we’ve chosen a variety of styles so you have options before making your mind about picking one from our list.

When it comes to jewelry, the infinity symbol can come in a variety of forms including a necklace, infinity bracelet, ring or earrings. The range of styles available is endless.

The infinity symbol can be best described as looking like a pretty bow or a sideways figure of eight.

An infinity necklace is a very beautiful piece of jewelry; not only because of what it looks like but what it stands for. It can symbolize many things including empowerment, eternity and everlasting.

The infinity bow can also be linked to that of everlasting love; that’s why an infinity necklace makes a lovely gift to give to someone you love.

Top 10 Infinity Necklaces

1. Billie Bijoux 925 Sterling Silver Necklace

Billie Bijoux 925 Sterling Silver Necklace
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To begin our roundup we decided to feature this classy option which has been created using sterling silver.

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What’s great about this material is that it gives the piece of jewelry a lovely shine and smooth finish.

The pendant includes cubic zirconia diamonds positioned in a line which adds a subtle hint of sparkle to the piece.

The piece also features additional sparkle in the form of a small circular cubic zirconia diamond directly above the infinity symbol.

Your eye is drawn to this beautiful diamond which is approximately 3mm in diameter. The mini diamond is a great way of linking the pendant to the chain.

The pendant is attached to an adjustable cable chain that has a spring ring clasp.

The chain is approximately 16 inches long with an additional 2 inches if you require a longer length chain.

The main structure of this pendant has been made out of a sterling silver metal that has a platinum finish.

One of the things we love about this necklace is that it is lead and nickel free!

It is also available to purchase in yellow gold and rose gold so if you fancy something slightly different then take a look at these.

The pretty infinity necklace is being sold by Billie Bijoux for a low price. This item comes in a stylish white jewelry box that has a black interior.

2. CoolJewlery ‘I Love You To The Moon And Back’ Pendant

Cool Jewelry Infinity Necklace
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Love is in the air with this cute infinity heart necklace! CoolJewelry have done a fantastic job by incorporating a heart in their infinity necklace design.

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The pretty pendant consists of the iconic bow shape but this time features a heart symbol alongside one of the sides of the bow.

Typically jewelry of this kind features a touch of sparkle in the form of shimmering diamonds; the designer has decided to go against this which we think is a great idea.

If you’re not keen on diamonds then this option is a great alternative.

What the jeweler has done is they’ve decided to decorate the infinity bow with a one-line message “I love you to the moon and back”.

This short romantic message brings a lovely feel of sentimental value to this piece of jewelry.

We’re certain that whoever receives this piece would love this personalized message, captured in a simple black text.

When it comes to the choice of materials, this jeweler has opted for classic sterling silver. It’s smooth, shiny and sexy!

To give you an idea of the size of the pendant it is approximately 30.35 mm by 12.45 mm by 1.30 mm.

The chain which is approximately 18 inches long has also been made in sterling silver so these two work great together in a seamless and fluid piece.

It’s important to point out that this gorgeous necklace comes in a bright turquoise jewelry box which will definitely catch your eye!

3. Ouslier Personalized Infinity Name Necklace

Ouslier Personalized Infinity Name Necklace
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This time we’ve chosen an option that really oozes personalization!

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The name necklace has been created with the iconic bow shape; this time the designer has decided to subtly feature a name at the top of one bow and at the bottom of the other bow.

The clear design concept not only embraces and enforces the iconic bow symbol that represents the infinity shape but also modernizes and brings it up to date with the inclusion of names.

The font type that the designer has opted for also works well in blending in with the shape of the bows and the overall style and feel of the pendant.

The jeweler has gone for a three-dimensional look for this piece which looks really good.

We feel this piece would be best suited to a younger aged person. However, it’s still got a great twist on the traditional infinity necklace that we know of and love!

Once again, this designer has chosen a sterling silver material to create this stunning piece; it gives the wearer the option of selecting and featuring two names within the pendant.

They have specified that the chosen name can be up to 9 characters long and has to have a capital letter for the first letter. This limit of characters gives the wearer a great range to work with to create their own individual piece of jewelry.

When it comes to the chain, the jeweler has gone for a box style chain. What we love about this is that you can choose how long or short you want your chain to be by choosing your preferred length.

The infinity necklace also comes in a cute little box with a bow on the top, what more could you want?!

4. Jeulia Infinity Cultured Pearl Necklace

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If you’re looking for a more elegant option that would go well with a little black dress, then take a look at this gorgeous piece which features freshwater pearls.

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Rather than the iconic bow or sideways figure of an eight shape, this jeweler has chosen to feature the pendant as a figure eight symbols.

What’s lovely about this option is that the figure of eight cleverly includes a freshwater pearl within the symbol. If you’re looking for a truly elegant piece of jewelry then this is it!

The figure of eight pendants has been created using the finest quality sterling silver.

This smooth, shiny and silky silver really looks timeless. When it comes to the pearl this is a handpicked freshwater cultured pearl.

It is a real pearl that has a thick and iridescent nacre on it. The pearl is white, round, has a high luster and is 9mm diameter in size. Mounted on the larger of the two loops, this piece of jewelry looks extremely classy.

The pendant has been suspended on a matching 17-inch chain. This is a link style chain that has a lobster claw clasp which makes it extremely easy to put on and take off the necklace.

This stylish necklace has been created by Jeulia who has done a wonderful job.

Founded over 20 years ago, this jeweler continues to grow from strength to strength.

What’s great about this jeweler is that you can have the confidence that they’ve only used genuine cultured pearls.

5. Morany Sterling Silver Pendant

Morany Sterling Silver Pendant
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We love this mix and match of different colors and materials for our next pick.

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The jeweler has designed this necklace by having two intertwined figure of eight incorporated to make one pendant.

One part of the pendant has been created using a sterling silver that features sparkling diamonds; the other part of the pendant features sterling silver that has gold plating on top.

Even though the two colors and textures are extremely contrasting, we think they look great together!

The size of this infinity pendant is approximately 24mm by 2mm by 12mm and weighs approximately 3.5g.

The diamonds that feature on part of the pendant are in fact cubic zirconia gemstones that give it a fabulous sparkle.

The pendant also comes with an 18-inch box chain that has a spring ring clasp making it very easy to put this piece of jewelry on. .

This gorgeous necklace was designed by Morany. The item will arrive in a lovely deep blue colored gift box.

Their pieces of jewelry are ideal if you’re looking to give a gift to your mum, daughter or wife a gift for their birthday.

6. NYC Sterling Infinity Necklace

NYC Sterling Infinity Necklace
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If you’re looking for an option to elongate your neck or an accessory that would look fabulous with a low cut top, take a look at this necklace!

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Length, length, and more length! The piece has been created to feature a very long chain that incorporates a very simple infinity bow.

The chain cleverly connects from one side of the bow to the other side of the bow to create the main necklace.

Next, another chain drops down from one side of the bow, holding a crystal sparkly ball.

In other words, the jeweler has opted for a Y- design necklace; it includes an infinity bow connector, giving this necklace and anyone who wears it an extremely glamorous look!

The length of the chain is approximately 16mm long, incorporating an additional 2mm extender if required.

The chain type is a diamond-cut cable chain which looks very pretty and elegant.

The pendant itself has been made using sterling silver. One of the necklace's highlights is the striking crystal that hangs from the single chain.

The beautiful piece definitely brightens up the necklace and gives it bundles of glam.

This aspect of the necklace really does transform the piece and make it a fantastic accessory to wear with a dress or low top.

If we only had three words to describe this necklace it would be sparkly, pretty and unique.

7. Black Bow Jewelry Co. Stainless Steel Infinity Necklace

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This necklace features an iconic infinity shape which has been molded into a gorgeous figure of eight.

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This is a great choice for a special evening out and would look stunning when worn with an evening dress, particularly when paired with some diamond stud earrings.

ThE necklace has two quite distinct features. On one side of the figure of eight design, you’ll see a heart-shaped section which shows off the beautifully shaped stainless steel.

The design has been taken even further by balancing the second half of the pendant with a selection of white cubic zirconias.

There are in fact 15 diamonds along with the figure of eight pendants and this works really well alongside the plain stainless steel.

You may have noticed that there is actually one more crystal (that’s 16 in total!); it has been carefully molded into the bottom of the pendant, sitting effortlessly within the lower hoop.

The pendant comes with its own 18-inch cable chain.

This necklace is sold by the Black Bow Jewelry & Co. who offer a range of attractive jewelry including beautiful diamond rings and necklaces.

8. Mega Creative Jewelry Ruby Heart Pendant

Mega Creative Jewelry Ruby Heart Pendant
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Infinity pendants often have that something special which sets them apart from other necklaces.

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The design is very elegant and extremely romantic. Along the center of the pendant, you’ll notice 16 sparkling Swarovski crystals set into sterling silver.

We love the small detail here; particularly the dark shading behind the crystals which helps to make them even more sparkly.

This also works really well against the simple, polished silver which sits behind the crystals.

Perhaps the feature that stands out most is, in fact, the bright red heart gemstone.

This is a lovely design that is very romantic; it makes this a great option as a gift for your loved one.

Held in place by a simple three-prong setting, this red gemstone offers a beautiful contrast to the lightness of the silver and crystals.

The pendant is fixed to an 18-inch chain that works really well and keeps all attention on the infinity design.

The chain is also extendable by up to two inches so this is a great option if you’re looking for a slightly longer necklace.

This necklace is nickel-free and lead-free so you have peace of mind if you have sensitive skin.

Your necklace will even come in its own box which includes a soft cleaning cloth to help keep its shine.

9. Amazon Collection Black & White Infinity Necklace

Amazon Collection Infinity Pendant
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This is the perfect option if you’re looking for something special to wear for an evening event or special occasion.

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The figure of eight design is light and elegant and sits in a way that is slightly off-center; it looks like the metal has been softly twisted around itself.

The crystals added to decorate the pendant have been cleverly used to further add to the shape; the black crystals being used for a shadow effect to soften the overall feel.

In total there are 26 crystals so you’re getting a lot of sparkle for your buck!

The stones are extremely elegant and the soft; bright white diamonds work really well against the deep, dark black diamonds.

This really is a necklace of two halves that come together to create an elegant piece of jewelry which is sure to be timeless.

With the necklace, you’re getting a beautiful 18-inch rolo chain with a lobster-claw clasp. This means that the necklace will stay safely attached as well as looking fantastic.

The sterling silver that is used also means that it will keep its shine in addition to being durable.

The piece comes in its own deluxe medium box to keep it safe so it’s perfect for a gift (or if you’re looking for something to treat yourself!).

The necklace is part of the Amazon Collection which means you’re getting a high-quality piece of jewelry that has been selected for its style and beauty.

10. BlingGem Diamond Heart Infinity Necklace

BlingGem Diamond Heart Infinity Necklace
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The final option in our shortlist is available from BlingGem and you’re certainly getting bling with this necklace!

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Featuring a horizontal sterling silver pendant, the essence of this necklace is quite simple and elegant.

The sterling silver has been plated in 18k white gold; it gives it shine and this works really well alongside the gems that have been used to add sparkle to the pendant.

At the heart of this piece, there really is a heart! A sparkly heart shape has been cleverly interlinked between the infinity design as a symbol for being together forever. How romantic!

Adorning the heart are dozens of cubic zirconia gemstones that add sparkle and shine, meaning you’ll get lots of attention when you wear it!

There’s one further detail in the form of a larger gemstone; it sits above the pendant and links it to the chain. This is a very unique design which helps to add extra sparkle.

The pendant is attached to a 16.5-inch cross chain; it can be extended by up to 2 inches. Your necklace comes in its very own black jewelry box along with a cleaning cloth.

There’s even the option to order it in rose gold if you’re looking for an alternative option to silver/white gold.

That’s what we like, a stunning infinity necklace for a bargain price that offers different color options to suit your taste!


There you have it, our selection for some gorgeous infinity necklaces in all price ranges!

We made sure to pick options made from quality materials and attractive designs. Some picks are quite minimalist and simple while others sparkle and dazzle with crystal stones.

An infinity necklace symbolizes eternity, whether it's love, a friendship a family bond.

That is why we think one of these 10 necklaces are the perfect choice for gifting as well!