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Amazing Aquamarine Earrings: March Birthstone Jewelry!

Anna Anna 10 Jun 2019 306

We’re talking the kind of palpitations you feel when you fall in love; except, this time around, it’s with aquamarine earrings. Aquamarine is a gemstone with the spiritual meaning of being soothing and cleansing while inspiring truth, trust, and letting go.

But it doesn’t stop there; it’s a pale blue, transparent crystal with a Mohs score of 7.5 to 8. Combine that with any pair of earrings, and you have a formula for success in terms of aesthetic appeal and lifespan.

In our review today, we’ll be going through 10 picks that we simply find irresistible!

10 Pairs of Aquamarine Earrings We Love!

1. Amazon Collection Sterling Silver Cushion Cut Studs

Amazon Collection Sterling Silver Cushion Cut Studs

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Amazon is never a slouch when it comes to creating beautiful jewelry accessories. Check this out – this pair of earrings are a combination of rhodium-plated sterling silver, white sapphires, and aquamarine.

Starting with the first, we love seeing sterling silver due to its strength, hypoallergenic feature, and the obvious aesthetic appeal due to the extra coating of rhodium (bright silver) – with the latter easily complementing the presence of the 34 stones (sapphires and aquamarine) more than anything else.

Each earring has up to 16 white sapphires styled to form halos around a 1.8-carat lab-created aquamarine (measures 5 mm L X 5 mm W).

Now before you panic, the stone has the same reputed strength (includes chemical composition) and optical properties of genuine aquamarine, so it’s incredibly close to the real thing.

But then it does come at a cheaper price which makes it budget-friendly. Additional info includes the use of a butterfly backing for the pair, the inclusion of a medium-sized gift box, and the fact that it’s a March birthstone (hence a great gift for anyone born in March).

2. Gem Stone King Simulated Stone Dangle Aquamarine Earrings

Gem Stone King Simulated Stone Dangle Aquamarine Earrings

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This is a pair of dangle earrings with three core components: sterling silver, a CZ, and aquamarine. The features of the silver include its excellent build quality, the hypoallergenic nature, and a French hook setting.

As for the CZ stone, it’s pretty petite so, jeweler embeds it in a 3-prong setting above the gemstone (measures 13 mm in length while the width is 9 mm).

Now, even though the stone is simulated, it’s optically accurate having the same vivid ice blue hue that the genuine thing is known for.

Further, it is cushion cut (rectangular this time) inside a bezel setting, and it also features a VS1 (100% Eye Clean) rating. Other highlights include the stone’s total weight which is 4.6 carats and a lifetime warranty.

Finally, it comes in a cherry wood finish box!

3. Amazon Essentials Sterling Silver Round-cut Studs

Amazon Essentials Sterling Silver Round-cut Studs

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This is another option from Amazon Essentials, and it’s even cheaper than the first one. We’re suspecting this is because they’ve toned down their use of stones to a single one which is held in a 4-prong basket setting.

But before we go further in telling you all-out the best features, let’s backtrack to the core component. This piece of accessory is made out of a combination of rhodium-plated sterling silver and a genuine round-cut gemstone.

Keep in mind the stone is bigger than usual at 6 mm L X 6 mm W (weighs 1.562 carats).

In terms of the build quality, it’s simply astonishing since sterling silver (weighs 0.81 grams) is known for its robust composition while aquamarine has been recorded to be stronger than steel (7.5 to 8, as opposed to a 6.5 on the Mohs scale).

That part mentioned, the use of rhodium as coating also introduces some benefits. Top on that list of pros is the additional luster that it gives!

It comes in a deluxe gift box and also uses a friction earring back.

4. Peora 14 Karat White Gold Cushion Cut Aquamarine Earrings

Peora 14 Karat White Gold Cushion Cut Aquamarine Earrings

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Despite the hefty price tag that you’ll notice with this pick, it does combine top-notch materials and an expensive, but classic design that literally blows your mins.

Starting with the metal, Peora decided to go for 14K white gold. The total weight of the gold is 1.11 grams and since it’s 14K, the earrings are more resilient.

You’ll naturally be drawn to the ice blue, cushion-cut gemstone being held by a 4-prong setting. The stone measures 6 mm L X 6 mm W and it weighs a chic 1.46 carats. It’s also genuine, so the 8 Mohs (hardness) complements durable metal.

Looking on the back side, you’ll notice the stud-pair spotting a post with friction back – while the packing includes the brand’s signature gift box that’s perfect for gifting on occasions like anniversaries and weddings.

There’s also a 30-day guarantee that comes with the earrings as well as a certificate of authenticity.

5. Gem Stone King 925 Sterling Silver Aquamarine Earrings

Gem Stone King 925 Sterling Silver Aquamarine Earrings

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Whereas other earrings on the list come in the iconic stud design, this is a dangle or might we say pear-shaped pair. It is made out of sterling silver, cubic zirconia, and simulated stone.

There’s no coating here; instead, you get the highest grade of hypoallergenic sterling silver shaped into a 3-prong setting.

You’ll find 48 round-cut CZ stones embedded into each piece with each one measuring 1.3 mm in length and width. As for the gemstone, it’s optically similar to a real stone (same ice blue hue), while its pear-shaped edges measure 16 mm in length and 12 mm in width. Combined, the CZ and the stone weigh 19.45 carats.

This brings us to our next point; the earring pair is dress-oriented, which means it’s perfect for formal occasions. To be honest, you can’t be inconspicuous wearing these amazing jewelry, so if this isn’t your style, consider gifting it instead.

The fact that it comes with a cherry wood finish box makes gifting even easier, ally need to do is wrap the box up!

6. Peora 14 Karat Gold Aquamarine Studs

Peora 14 Karat Gold Aquamarine Studs

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This here is another pick from Peora and it’s very similar to the previous option we reviewed. The studs are made from 14 karat gold (weighing 0.86 grams) and held in a 4-prong setting.

All the similarities stop here. The gemstone is oval-shaped to give it a feminine cut, and it weighs a comfortable 1.26 carats. The stone measures 7mm in length while the width remains 5 mm.

If you can get over the relatively expensive price tag, this pair of earrings are some of the best you can get. They are certainly subtle, but then an attentive gaze exposes its value.

As usual, the brand also throws in a 30-day guarantee with the purchase, and it comes in their signature gift box as well.

Also includes a certificate of return.

7. Gem Stone King Simulated Aquamarine Earrings

Gem Stone King Simulated Aquamarine Earrings

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This pair of dangle earrings fashions a combination of sterling silver, cubic zirconia, and simulated stone. Sterling silver is a favorite of ours due to its robust build and hypoallergenic nature.

The metal sits in a coil design that extends to become an ear-wire backing. The CZ stones (up to 18 for each earring) complement the natural hue of sterling silver.

Finally, the cushion-cut gemstone sits in a bezel setting and combined with the CZ; the weight is a comfortable 11 carats. Since the stone is simulated, it has that ice blue hue that made us fall in love with aquamarine in the first place.

Also, the stone’s dimensions are 12 mm L X 12 mm W. The pair comes in a cherry wood finish box.

8. Gem Stone King Sky Blue Gold Aquamarine Earrings

Gem Stone King Sky Blue Gold Aquamarine Earrings

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Unlike other picks from Gem Stone King, this costs a pretty dime which is understandable given the materials that form up the earring. This is a combination of gold, a genuine white diamond, and a natural gemstone (sky blue).

The design changes this time around with the brand creating beautiful studs that’ll soften your look.

The metal is 14K white gold with a weight of 0.40 grams and it creates the 4-prong setting that the diamond lies in. As for the white diamond, it’s round, just 2 mm in size, and it weighs 0.07 carats (a bit small but still very much noticeable).

Lastly, the likewise round-cut gemstone measures a dainty 6 mm in size.

There is a friction earring back and it also comes in a cherry wood finish box with plush inserts. A warranty is included as well.

9. Peora Gold Emerald-cut Studs

Peora Gold Emerald-cut Studs - aquamarine earrings

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This pair of studs is made from two components only – a genuine aquamarine and 14K white gold.

Starting with the first one, the stones’ dimensions are 7 mm L X 5 W and it features an emerald cut (total weight in carats is 1.75). As for the gold, it weighs 1.03 grams with it set into a 4-prong setting that holds the stone.

Other features include 30-day return eligibility and the brand’s signature gift box which has a plush insert. The latter is immensely helpful when it comes to gifting the earrings.

This pick is a dress option that adds a spin to an almost iconic design of emerald earrings. Instead of the green hue, you get an ice blue color that’s just sensational. It easily upgrades any outfit without going over the top.

10. Belacqua Natural Gemstone Stud

Belacqua Natural Gemstone Stud

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This jewelry piece is the product of a natural milky aquamarine and 925 sterling silver. These earrings are beads which jeweler joins to a plate setting.

As for the sterling silver, the metal’s glossy appearance is achieved with a plating of rhodium. Add in the fact that the jewelry is not only beautiful but hypoallergenic as well, and it’s good enough to rival any option on the list.

Moving on, another thing that we like a lot is that the pair is significantly simpler in terms of design than anything we’ve seen so far. This makes it perfect for both casual and formal outings due to that minimalistic appearance.

Unlike other options on the list, this one comes in multiple sizes with 6 mm, 8 mm, and 10 mm being the available ones. You also get a signature box to store these beauties and prevent any damages in time.

Frequently Asked Questions About Aquamarine Earrings

1. Where does the name aquamarine come from?

The word “aquamarine” comes from the Latin words “aqua marinus”, which means “water of the sea”. The words refer to the gemstone’s ocean-like color which is said to represent both earth and heaven.

We like the reason for the latter since legends say it’s because the ocean reflects the sky, and thus, this gemstone is a representation of that.

2. What’s the story behind this gemstone?

Asides the fact that aquamarine is a word that we associate with Latin, it was also first used in 1609 by Anselmus de Boodt. The man was a physician who introduced the gemstone as such in his gemological work, Gemmarum et Lapidum Historiia (published that year). Having mentioned that, this stone can also have other colors, besides blue.

Way back in the 19th century, you would easily find the gemstone in green instead of blue. Heck, the bluer the stone seems, the more expensive it becomes.

Another exciting piece of information is that the biggest aquamarine found till date was uncovered in Brazil in 1910. It measured a staggering 243 pounds, and it was later cut into smaller stones, yielding more than 200,000 carats.

3. What does this gemstone symbolize?

That depends on who you ask. Ask the Romans, and they’ll tell you to carve the figure of frog onto the gemstone and it becomes a stone that reconciles enemies and turns them into friends.

raw aquamarine stone examined
Raw aquamarine

People also believe that the Romans considered aquamarine the perfect gift for the bride from the groom after their first night of consummation. From there, soldiers and sailors use aquamarine because they believe that it renders them invincible and keeps the ocean at bay.

All-in-all, it’s an all-purpose gemstone that majorly reflects what you want it to.

4. What’s its composition?

It belongs to the Beryl gemstone family, with being a Beryllium Aluminum Silicate. Most times, its colors range from light blue to a deep ocean blue depending on the amount of iron present in it.

In addition to that, the gemstone is also dichroic (two-colored), since it appears as both blue or colorless depending on which angle you look at it. Unlike other gemstones like emeralds, aquamarine consistently has only a few or no noticeable inclusions.

5. Where are the greatest sources of aquamarine gemstones?

The most significant source we have right now is Brazil where it’s locally termed “Cascalho”. Still, there are other sources, though their production is smaller than that of Brazil. These include Russia (Ural Mountains), Afghanistan, India, Pakistan, and Australia.

6. Which month is belongs to this gemstone?

Aquamarine is the birthstone of March. So if you’re considering using this as a gift, it would be a great idea if you gift a piece of jewelry in the same month.

7. How to keep the white gold looking vibrant?

If your white gold doesn’t come with rhodium plating and you want to improve its aesthetic appeal, we recommend you plate it at your local jewelry store.

Aquamarine earrings on a branch

Another thing you can do is polishing your aquamarine earrings or any other type of aquamarine jewelry at your jeweler’s store. On the chance that you bought a piece that has rhodium plating already, then you’ll need to re-plate it every 2-3 years. Otherwise, the metal loses that extra shine.

8. How to clean aquamarine earrings?

Cleaning aquamarine earrings is pretty easy as all you need is warm, soapy (use liquid dish soap) water and a soft toothbrush to gently brush the stone.

Likewise, you can let the stone soak for several minutes before using the brush to clean it. There are some limits to what you can allow yourself to do with your jewelry.

In the case of jewelry made out of sterling silver, don’t use a brush to clean since you’ll be stripping pieces of silver off over time. Instead, polish with a jeweler’s cloth.

9. What to avoid when handling jewelry featuring this gemstone?

There are, of course, a few items that you should avoid when it comes to gemstones regardless if they’re natural, lab creations, or even simulations. They include the following:

Avoid bathing your jewelry with alcohol or ammonia in the bid to wash it. Doing so might bleach the stone and it’ll lose some of its clarity and vivid color.

Don’t put the jewelry under too much heat as it may damages it as well.

Avoid devices such as ultrasonic or steam cleaners. For instance, the former’s vibrations could chip off pieces from the stone.

Never forget to wrap the jewelry up in a soft cloth before storing it.

10. How much is aquamarine worth?

Aquamarine itself isn’t that expensive since most manufacturers really only make use of a small piece of the stone. So expect prices between $10 and $200 for a pair of aquamarine earrings.

This range covers the presence of more expensive materials which will definitely kick up the cost. For instance, the use of 14K gold will bump up, take price. Obviously, the price is proportional to the grade of the gold too.