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Helix Earrings We Have Our Eyes On

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A helix piercing occurs on the upper cartilage of the ear and if you have two or three piercings near one another it will be called a double or triple helix piercing. You may sometimes hear the term forward helix piercing being used which is a piercing that occurs in the cartilage that joins your ear to your face. This is the curved cartilage that typically features a stud or a hoop or helix earrings.

Does a helix piercing hurt?

When it comes to the helix piercing and the level of pain, it all comes down to your pain threshold and the piercee giving the piercing. It’s normal for you to feel some discomfort when the piercing is carried out and after when your ear is healing. However, it’s important to point out that the helix piercing isn’t the most painful piercing.

You may not be aware that a helix piercing can take between 3 to 6 months to heal properly after piercing. You can also expect to feel some soreness, swelling, redness and initially some bleeding after the helix piercing. If you’re geared up for these side effects then you’re ready to get your helix pierced.

Celebrities who love helix earrings

In recent years the helix piercing has become a popular piercing. Celebrity icons including actors, singers, and fashion icons have been captured wearing the gorgeous jewelry accessory.

With the number of A-list celebrities photographed wearing these beautiful gems and the variety of styles, colors, and designs available, no wonder everyone wants a piece of the helix piercing. There are so many different helix earrings to choose from where do you start?

Singers like Beyonce, Rhianna, and Millie Cyrus have been photographed with a helix piercing. Actors like Jennifer Lawrence, Scarlett Johansson, and Vanessa Hudgens are also fans of the new fashion trend.

This once alternative piercing is, therefore, becoming a mainstream piercing that everyone wants. With A-list celebrities captured wearing the piercing on a daily basis the helix piercing is becoming a must-have accessory.

Jennifer Lawrence 4
Jennifer Lawrence

Deciding on helix earrings may seem a bit of mission so to get you started we’ve chosen some fantastic ideas which will leave you feeling inspired and excited. Whether you’re thinking about having your helix piercing done or want to add to your growing collection of pretty and unusual helix earrings, have a read of our favorite helix earrings.

Our 10 Favorite Helix Earrings Picks!

1. LOLIAS 3Pcs 16G CartilageEarrings 

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We love these helix earrings from LOLIAS because you get three cartilage pieces for the price of one!

What’s great about these pieces is that they all have a slightly different design. The first features five teardrop cubic zirconia jewels in a row, the second has five opal stones and the third has seven cubic zirconia jewels.

This set of three cartilages earrings gives you plenty of choices so you can wear different earring each day. This also makes the overall cost very economical!

All of the pieces have been crafted from a high-quality stainless steel material that is safe for you to wear if you have sensitive skin. The three types of earrings are also resistant to corrosion and rust. They feature a high-quality cubic zirconia and opal stone, giving the earrings a fantastic shine.

These helix earrings have been made by LOLIAS for a low price. You’ll be pleased to hear that they offer a money back guarantee if you’re not 100% satisfied with the earrings. They also come in a cute black velvet pouch, making them the perfect gift to give as a birthday present.

When it comes to LOLIAS jewelry they pride themselves in offering the best jewelry. They display quality craftsmanship and have strict quality control for their products.

They use high-quality material to create their jewelry and produce jewelry that is safe for people to wear who have sensitive skin. Their cubic zirconia and opal stones also give off a beautiful sparkle.

Their earrings are extremely shiny and elegant so will give catch your attention straight away. We love these helix earrings and are certain you will too!

2. Hanpabum 4Pcs 16G Cartilage Helix Earrings

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This is another of our favorite set of cartilage helix earrings!

The set of four earrings includes a plain round white diamond, a silver flower, and two diamond encrusted flower earrings that offer plenty of sparkles. This set of four earrings is the perfect way to mix and match your earrings and allow you to wear a variety of earrings on your cartilage.

All of the cartilage earrings have been crafted from high-quality stainless steel. This material makes the earrings very durable and long lasting. They are also lead and nickel free and hypoallergenic so the earring won’t harm people who have sensitive skin.

In more detail, the first earring is a white flower which includes 5 petals and is approximately 9mm in diameter. It also has a 4mm diameter steel ball for the fixing at the back of the earring. Next, we have another flower with five teardrop shaped petals.

The earring also features cubic zirconia jewels which give it a gorgeous shine. The flower design is approximately 9mm in diameter and the steel ball is 4mm in diameter. The third flower features six petals which contain cubic zirconia jewels.

The final jewel is a single round white earring that is approximately 4mm in diameter and has a steel ball which is approximately 3mm in diameter.

All four pieces will decorate your ears beautifully. With the combination of pretty flower shapes and cubic zirconia jewels, these pieces will enhance your beauty and your ear.

All four-helix pieces have a simple steel ball and a screw mechanism that makes these earrings very easy to put on and take off. Another great feature is that they can be worn in multiple ways, depending on your mood, making them extremely versatile.

You’ll be pleased to hear that the jeweler, Hanpabum is selling these for a low price. They’re also offering a 365 day after sale service, meaning if you’re not 100% satisfied with your earrings they’ll give you your money back or you can exchange the items.

This set of four-helix earrings will also arrive in a soft black velvet bag, preventing them from rubbing against other items.

3. OUFER Body Piercing Jewelry – Heart

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If you’re a fan of heart jewelry then this heart shaped cartilage helix earring will make a fantastic addition to your collection!

This gorgeous earring has been shaped into a heart shape, with half of the heart covered in small individual cubic zirconia diamonds that give off a beautiful shine.

The other side of the heart has been left plain, partly because this is the side of the piercing that goes through your cartilage and secondly because the rose gold metal looks lovely against the sparkling diamonds.

This pretty piece has been created using an 18 carat rose gold plated metal which is suitable for people to wear who have sensitive skin. It’s important to note that this earring is a right closure cartilage earring so is suitable to wear on your right ear and not your left.

If you don’t like rose gold you’ll be pleased to hear that the jeweler also sells these earrings in gold, white clear, white pink and white red, giving you plenty of colors to choose from.

These heart-shaped earrings are being sold by Oufer for a low price. If you take a look at their website you’ll notice this jeweler sells different piercings including helix earrings, belly rings, nipple barbell, nose piercings, and tongue rings, the list is endless!

They also specialize in gold, rose gold and silver metal with lots of sparkling diamonds. We love their collection and think you will too!

4. MoBody Clear CZ Jeweled Mother of Pearl Flower Tragus

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For all of you who love flowers and diamonds, we’ve chosen this helix piercing especially for you!

The piece has been crafted with a white flower in the center that has five flowing petals. Either side of this centerpiece the flower has two round diamonds that complement it perfectly.

The main structure of the earring has been created using a rose gold base which complements beautifully against the white flowers and clear diamonds. This particular piercing would fit perfectly at the top of your ear, creating a pretty band of sparkle.

This piece of jewelry has been created using a surgical stainless steel material that is lead and nickel free. It’s also hypoallergenic which makes it completely safe for you to wear if you have sensitive skin. The white flower has been created using a mother of pearl stone.

The diamonds featured are cubic zirconia stones which give the piece a lovely shine. The earring also has a rose gold plating which gives this piece an extra bit of fashion detail.

Another reason why we love this piece is that it has a high polished smooth surface. Even though the earring has been designed in a strip, it has been designed to be very lightweight, making it comfy to wear. Style and comfort also make it a lovely piece to wear on an everyday basis.

Another thing to point out is that even though we’d suggest wearing this piece as a helix piercing, it can be used as a cartilage and tragus earring, meaning it is extremely versatile. We’re pleased to see that the length of the bar is approximately 6mm, offering you that extra comfort.

This earring is also available in yellow gold, silver and rose gold, giving you plenty of options to choose from. This piece is being sold for a low price by MoBody who sell different types of piercings. Take a look at their collection today.

5. 2 Pieces 16g Rhinestone Moon Stud

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This half moon helix stud would make a lovely addition to wear on your ear. The stud has been crafted into a cute half moon shape which contains sparkling white diamonds in the center. This helix earring has also been created using strong surgical steel material.

What’s great about this piece is that it’s available in two different colors a silver-tone and black tone. When it comes to the material this earring comes in either an 18k white gold or black gunmetal, giving you a couple of options.

What’s great about these materials are that they are lead and nickel free and are suitable for people to wear who have sensitive skin. The piece also features AAA cubic zirconia stones that give off a beautiful sparkle and shine.

When it comes to the size, these half moon earrings are approximately 6mm in diameter. The metal beads that hold the earring on your ear are also 4mm in diameter and the bar is approximately 1.2mm by 6mm.

The great thing about this half moon earring is that is can be worn like an auricle piercing, a cartilage piercing, and an upper lobe piercing. There’s plenty of variety with this earring. It is also extremely easy to put on because the studs can easily be pushed through your ear and the balls can be unscrewed and screwed onto the back of the earring.

This piece of jewelry would make a lovely birthday present to give to a friend or family member. The earring also comes in a blue velvet bag, which not only protects it but keeps the stud safe and looks lovely as a gift.

6. CrazyPiercing 2pcs Unisex Gem

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We love this set of diamond studs because they have a gorgeous sparkle to them which reflects beautifully against the light.

What makes these helix earrings special are the striking diamonds which have been made from a cubic zirconia gem. The main structure of the earring has been created using a surgical stainless steel metal which is very strong and hard wearing.

It also has a smooth and shiny finish which provides extra comfort and looks pretty as well. The length of the stud is approximately 6mm long by 1mm in diameter.

The stud is held in place by a steel barbell that is approximately 4mm in diameter. What’s great about this earring is that it can also be used as a cartilage stud, labret stud, and ear tragus.

This earring is being sold by CrazyPiercing for a low price. Looking at their collection they love to create pieces with plenty of color, shape and style, this piece being no exception. Whichever stud you need they’ll make it. Take a look at their website and you’ll be spoilt for choice!

7. Brass Plated Octopus Cartilage/Helix Cuff

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If you prefer more unusual jewels for your helix piercing this may be just what you’ve been looking for! Plus, if you’re an animal lover, you’ll probably find this octopus themed helix stud enchanting.

This earring has been crafted into a small octopus shape using a stainless steel metal that has a brass plating. The use of stainless steel makes this piece very strong and sturdy. This piece also has a black plating which allows the brass color to highlight the intricate detail along the octopus’s tentacles.

What’s great about this piece is that as well as a helix cuff barbell it also makes a great octopus cartilage stud. To give you an idea of the size, the earring is approximately 8mm long by 1.2mm thick and the ball size is approximately 3mm in diameter.

This piece is being sold by Pierced Owl for a low price. If you take a look at their collection Pierced Owl offer a selection of pieces, all which bring something unique to the design.

8. JOERICA 4 Pairs Silver Ear Cuff Earrings

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Our next option doesn’t require an actual piercing so they’re perfect if you want to test out the earring first before you get the piercing.

This comes as a set of four pairs of silver ear cuffs. Each pair has been individually designed to create a new and pretty design.  The first ear cuff consists of a simple two-row wrap and the second cuff has been designed with a U shape swirl dome. The third cuff is another U shape pattern dome and the fourth cuff has been designed as a trendy leaf wrap.

These four pieces have been created using a high-quality copper that has a silver-tone finish. What’s great about them is that the material is soft enough so the metal can be bent. This, therefore, prevents the cuffs from being too tight or too loose. The earrings also have a high polish finish to them making them look very shiny. The shiny reflections make these earrings look extremely glamorous.

The piece also has a very smooth inner surface which makes it very comfortable to wear. The metal has a silver electroplated finish which keeps the color looking good for a long time.

They are being sold for a low price by JOERICA who create a variety of earrings including ear cuffs, lip rings, helix cartilage clips, fake nose rings and more! Their pieces are created with a lot of passion, quality, and expert craftsmanship. They also strive in making their collection with excellence. They pride themselves in creating high-quality pieces that have a beautiful presentation.

9. Ruifan 18G Opal Steel Tragus

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If you like opals as we do then you’ll love these opal style sets.

Not only do these earrings look gorgeous but they come in three pairs of earrings – all different colors! This set consists of blue, white and purple colored opals. The great thing about this multiset is that you can wear a different color each day or if you have multiple piercings you’ll have plenty of earrings to wear.

These pretty earrings have been crafted using surgical stainless steel material. The choice of metal makes these earrings extremely strong and are resistant against rust and tarnishing. The stainless steel is also nickel free and hypoallergenic, making it safe for people with sensitive skin. The earrings are also made using a high-quality opal stone.

When it comes to the size of these earrings, the length of the bars are approximately 6mm long and 1mm in diameter. These opals range in size from 2mm, 3mm, and 4mm in diameter. The stones have also been positioned in a four prong setting ensuring that they’re secure and will not come out easily.

These cute little studs come in a grey velvet gift bag that will keep them safe and secure. The jeweler who has created these studs is called Ruifan and they are selling them for a low price. If you take a look at their website you’ll notice they offer a selection of earrings. Take a look at their collection, you’ll find something you like!

10. body jewellerybodyjewellery 2pcs 16g 1/4 Cartilage Earring Stud Flower

bodyjewellery 2pcs 16g 1/4 Cartilage Earring Stud Flower helix earrings

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To finish off our list of the favorite helix earrings we’ve chosen this lovely set of two earrings. Both look lovely worn together but they also look great worn separately. The first helix stud has been crafted into a flower shape and consists of five petals.

You’ll notice that this flower has been created using a mixture of plain metal, to highlight the detail and the rest of the flower consists of a sparkling diamond texture. The second stud, on the other hand, is very different. It has been designed to include a plain simple stud that features a sparkling diamond.

Both of these pieces have been crafted using quality surgical steel material. What’s great about this steel is that it is resistant against corrosion, easy to clean, is long lasting and is bio-compatible.

To give you an idea of the size of the pieces the flower stud is approximately 6mm in diameter and the length of the bar is 6mm long by 1.2mm wide in diameter. The barbell is also approximately 4mm in diameter.

When it comes to the plain stud the jewel is approximately 4mm in diameter and the stud is approximately 6mm long with the width of the stud being 1.2mm. The barbell for this earring is 3mm in diameter.

There are some important factors to point out when it comes these. They have been made so that the flower earrings fasten tightly onto the ear but the earring also unscrews smoothly making them earrings very easy to use. Another great thing about these earrings is that as well as a helix stud they can also be suitable to wear in your cartilage, tragus, conch, pinna, lobe forward helix and rook. These studs are therefore very versatile.

These earrings will arrive in a stylish sleek satin purse, keeping your earrings safe and will also make them a lovely gift for a birthday present. The jeweler that has created these two pieces is called body jewelry and they have sold them for a low price. If you take a browse of their website you’ll notice they offer a variety of earrings for a low price. Take a look today!

How to best avoid an infection

The best way to avoid infection with the helix piercing is to ensure the area is kept clean. You can ensure this by using a cotton bud and a saline solution and gently cleaning around the area regularly. It’s also important not to change or twist the piece of jewelry until you’re certain that the piercing has healed because this can cause an infection and prevent the healing process.

Interestingly, an infection may not be as a result of a poor piercee or lack of cleaning but it could be a result of the metal you’ve chosen to wear. Therefore it’s important to do your research when buying your helix earring, particularly if it’s your first earring because it could cause a nasty infection.

Ways to protect your helix earrings

Ensure that your earrings are stored in a dry cloth and place them in a separate jewelry box to avoid any damage occurring. We also recommend you avoid storing them a damp place.

When cleaning your earrings use a soft non-shedding piece of cloth and gently scrub the earrings. If the metal is a dark shade you may want to try wiping it with some toothpaste which will brighten it up.

Another way to keep the earrings in good condition is to frequently change the piercings and rotate wearing them.