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Opal Earrings: Our 10 Fave Choices!

Lizzie Lizzie 14 Mar 2019 368

We would find it hard to choose our favorite gemstone, but if we had to select our top five gemstones opals would definitely be in there (maybe even taking the top spot!) This isn’t the first time we’ve spoken about opals and it certainly won’t be the last. One of the things that make an opal truly special is that no two are the same and they are a very versatile gemstone which can be matched with a range of styles. Nothing screams versatility of style like opal earrings.

Wwake jewelry
Wwake jewelry

Opals come in a variety of colors but you’ll see from our selection that one of the most popular opal gems is the white/ blue variety. We’ve selected our top picks that show why this is such an attractive gemstone and a must have item for your earring collection.

Our 10 Favorite Opal Earrings!

1. Dazzling Rock Collection

Dazzlingrock Collection 14K Ladies Halo Style Stud Earrings, White Gold

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The opal takes center stage in these earrings, accompanied by clear sparkling diamonds that have been cleverly positioned around the opal to represent a star-like shape.

The circular opal positioned in the center allows your eyes to get lost in the beauty of the gem. The added diamonds give the stud a touch of sparkle that no pair should go without. We’d definitely give this jewelry 10 out 10 for design originality and class!

These pair has been crafted using medium sized opal stones that are perfectly shaped into a circular shape. The opals are synthetic gemstones that beam with shimmer that you won’t be able to take your eyes off them, even for a second.

One of the things we love about opals is that they present such a wide of range color making them a fantastic jewelry accessory to wear on practically any occasion. They’re extremely versatile and make a great investment piece to have in your jewelry box.

What makes these earrings one step closer to pure perfection is the addition of diamonds. This jeweler has decided to choose a white topaz diamond. We love these because they give the earrings an elegant sparkle and give that added wow factor!

The clear diamonds also complement the opals in color and allow the designer to achieve the mission to replicate the designed star shape for these earrings which is very clever!

You may have lots of pairs of earrings but this set is a very special pair that we recommend buying for yourself or as a special gift. Opal gemstones are very unique so they make a lovely buy if you want to make a purchase that no one else will have. No two opals are ever the same!

The round circular opals are also a great size. They stand out enough to make a statement but are small enough so they’re comfy and not too heavy for your earlobes to cope with. The four individual diamonds positioned around the opal really do add a touch of pure beauty.

These are definitely one of our favorites and we’re certain you’ll feel the same! To make them even more desirably they’re being sold for a medium price which makes them a fantastic investment!

2. Amazon Collection Leverbacks

14K Gold Oval Created or Genuine Gemstone Dangle Leverback Earrings

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Aztec is in at the moment (when is it ever out?). Check out these Aztec inspired earrings that will add some much needed to class to your wardrobe. As the song goes, walk like an Egyptian and with these earrings you really can!

Designed to perfection these studs are really out of this world. The most striking element of these earrings is the designer’s inclusion of straight and triangular corners representing, our much-loved pyramids.

The duo of an opal gemstone and sterling silver set the tone for these earrings and give them that sophisticated business women vibe.

The beautiful opal gemstones have been shaped into a clean straight edged diamond that has been held securely in place by four prongs. The elegant opal will inject a wonderful element of sparkle to your earlobes that you won’t be able to live without.

The designer has then chosen to include high polished sterling silver above the opal that replicates similar to that of a pyramid. The straight, clean, edgy contours really complement the beautiful gemstones by making them stand out.

Even though these are stud pieces it’s important to be aware that the stud joins to the top point of the sterling silver triangle so these opal earrings will drop slightly below your earlobe. This shouldn’t concern most people but we felt it was important to make you aware.

These gorgeous earrings are being sold by Amazon Collection for a medium price. We feel that the earrings are well worth the price and you won’t have to worry about anyone having the same earrings as you.

They would make a fantastic jewelry accessory when going out for an evening meal or a day in the office. Either way, they’re a lovely pair of earrings that you’ll cherish for years to come. Buy your pair today.

3. Decandence Rose Gold Opal Stud Earrings

14K Rose Gold 4mm Round Gemstone Stud Earring

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When we first saw the next item in our list, we couldn’t help but notice how the shape of these earrings mirrors the side profile of a diamond. This is a very unique design that works really well (it also looks very similar to the Superman logo!).

These feature two beautiful opal gemstones which catch light effortlessly. The opal gems are simply stunning and are perfectly sized at 7mm. We think these earrings will make a fantastic choice if you’re looking for something simple and elegant to complete your outfit. They also make a great option if you’re looking for an alternative to a standard pair of opal stud earrings.

The metal that surrounds them is actually sterling silver which has been plated with 14k rose gold. The light and delectable hue of the rose gold works extremely well with the soft opal gems and you’ll see straight away that the opal gemstones have a wonderful hint of pink and blue.

Due to the diamond shape of them, the lower point of the earring is likely to sit just below your earlobe which gives these earrings a really nice feel and an extra level of depth.

Another thing we really like is the way the metal carefully encases the opal gems. This helps to reflect light and has the effect of making them really nice and shiny.

The shape really helps to lengthen the ear and the small-medium size means that they can be worn with a range of other jewelry, without looking too busy.

We’d recommend matching them with rose gold jewelry or even better, matching them with something that features another opal gemstone. These earrings show just how beautiful the opal gemstone is!

4. Sterling Silver Genuine Round Bezel-Set Dangles

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We all love a pair of dangle earrings. What’s not to love! Our next choice is a real bargain and a great option if you’re looking for a pair for everyday wear. Made from Sterling silver, these earrings feature a large hoop which includes a lever back fitting.

This means that you’re getting the benefits of a pair of hoop earrings with the added sparkle of a beautiful round opal. The gemstones in these earrings really are stunning.

Coming in at 32 carats, these simulated white opal gems are really eye-catching and we lost count of the number of colors that we could spot in these gemstones! We couldn’t help but notice the light blue hue of these gemstones which are effortlessly set within a sterling silver setting.

The lower section which features the opal gemstones is connected to the upper part of the earring via a small hoop which means that you’ll get a good amount of movement and ‘dangle’ from your earrings.

Whilst they feature a hoop design, from the front you would be forgiven for thinking that this is a simple band rather than a hoop. The design is very simple which is what makes these earrings work so well.

We all love the variety and with these pair, you have the choice from 14 different gemstones including topaz, amethyst, white sapphire, and emerald. This means that you have a range of different color options.

Another thing we love is that they are nickel and tarnish free which means that they are a great option if you suffer from sensitive skin and they will also keep their shine.

You’ll receive them in a lovely pouch to keep them safe and this is also a nice touch if you’re planning to give these earrings a gift. Sold by GemStar USA, we love the care that has gone into making these earrings which are a great option to add to your jewelry collections for a very reasonable price tag!

5. DwearBeauty White Gold Cubic Zirconia and Opal Earrings

DwearBeauty White Gold Plated Stud Cubic Zirconia and Opal Earrings (Round-Shape White Gold)

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Looking for a low-cost pair of opal stud earrings? Then look no further than our next choice of stunning studs! The opal gemstones that have been chosen for these earrings are a created good cut gem.

These are very attractive opals and we love the shades of blue that are reflected with the occasional hint of orange. The gemstones are held in place by a simple four prong setting and this really adds to the overall design. Not only does this look great, but it also gives them a really well-made feel.

Surrounding the opal gemstones are 30 cubic zirconia crystals (15 on each earring!) and this brightens them up really well. You’re sure to get a lot of compliments when you wear these earrings, especially due to the beautiful sparkle that emits from these studs.

They are actually made from brass which has been plated with white gold. Considering that you’re getting such attractive opal gemstones and so many cubic zirconias, this is a very reasonable price tag.

The halo setting is a classic look which is sure to match with almost any outfit. Whether you’re looking for an everyday pair of studs or something to finish your outfit for a special occasion, you won’t be disappointed with these stunning earrings!

You’ll receive your earrings in a handy pouch to keep them safe and if you’re looking for another item of jewelry to match with your new studs, we’d recommend taking a look at the seller’s page (DwearBeauty) for a selection of other pieces.

We’d certainly recommend matching these with an opal necklace which is sure to complement the deep color of these beautiful gemstones!

6. Long Drop Dangles – Teardrop Vintage

Long Drop Dangles - Teardrop Vintage

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What catches our eye in these earrings is the wonderful opals. These earrings offer you two opals for the price of one!

They are very long so if you want a pair of earrings to lengthen your eyes, these certainly will! The bottom of the dangly earrings features an oval-shaped opal which is surrounding by sparkling white diamonds. These diamonds are positioned on a silver drop which is connected to a second oval opal that attaches to your earrings.

The opals are extremely breathtaking! They are a white synthetic gemstone that has been cut into an oval shape. To give you an idea of the size, the length of them is approximately 30mm long and weigh approximately 2.76 grams.

The big opal that is featured at the bottom is approximately 5 x 7mm and the smaller opal is approximately 4 x 6mm. Dazzling cubic zirconia stones frame the larger of the two opals. This framing consists of 10 stones and adds the much-needed sparkle to this pair.

This pair has been handcrafted using a brass material that has been covered in 18k white gold plating. What’s great about this gold plated brass is that its nickel and lead-free making it safe for people to wear who have sensitive skin.

The jewelers at OPALTOP have been hand making jewelry like this for over 10 years and these are no exception! The opals have been securely positioned using a four prong setting. The craftsmanship of these earrings is outstanding. The backing of these earrings offers a push-back fixture which offers a very comfortable fit.

One of OPALTOP’s favorite gemstone is the opal. They love the stone because they believe it brings happiness and beauty to the wearer. The jeweler specializes in creating fashion jewelry for women including bracelets, earrings, necklaces, rings, and brooches. If you like the sound of this jeweler take a look at their website today!

7. White Fire Opal Leverback Dangles

White Fire Opal Leverback Dangles

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Opals look beautiful alongside rose gold jewelry. This pair sold by OPALTOP is a prime example of how great the comb can look!

The stunning opal has been positioned in a four prong setting that is attached to a rose gold lever backdrop which we think makes this pair look extremely elegant. The opal is a white color that can be described as a ‘fire opal’.

The beautiful opal has been cut into an oval shape and has been created by being simulated. The lever backdrop and four prongs setting that hold the opal securely has been created using a brass material that has been covered in rose gold plating.

This dangly pair of earrings features an easy hook clasp which makes it effortless to hook through your ear. The fixture also makes the earrings very comfy to wear.

One of the great things is that they are nickel and lead-free, making them safe for you to wear if you have sensitive skin. To give you an idea of the size of the earrings they are approximately 27mm in length and weigh approximately 1.58grams.

The backing of these earrings makes this pair extremely secure and safe to wear. You won’t be worrying about losing this beautiful pair!

They will arrive in a beautiful jewelry gift box that will keep your earrings safe from getting scratched. If you don’t like the rose gold plating these earrings are also available to purchase in a gold plated base and platinum plated base, giving you plenty of choices when it comes to these. They are also being sold for a low price which makes them a fantastic buy. A great bargain!

If you’re looking for a dainty cute pair of earrings these dangly earrings would make a fantastic gift to give to the special someone on their birthday. They’ll simply adore these earrings and won’t want to take them off for a minute.

8. Round Opal Flower Studs

Round Opal Flower Studs

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If you’ve been looking for a glitzy pair of stud earrings, these feature a beautiful opal stone and a flower inspired design.

One of the reasons we love them so much is because of the opal stone. As you can see from the photo the gemstone, this stone features a variety of different colors including blue, yellow, green, pink, white and purple. When the light catches on this stone, it reflects a different color which is quite remarkable.

When it comes to the gemstones setting it is securely held in place by a four prong setting. The opal has also been cut into a round shape which is approximately 6mm in diameter.

As previously mentioned the gemstone has been positioned with a petal-shaped silver that surrounds the stone. These petals have been crafted out of a brass base which has been covered in 18k white gold plating.

What’s great about this material is that it’s extremely smooth and shiny. The brass material is also nickel and lead-free and hypoallergenic which means the earrings are suitable for people to wear who have sensitive skin.

When it comes to the fixture, these flower-shaped opal stud earrings are fixed to your ear via a 12mm post. The stud weighs approximately 1.28g and is a great way of ensuring that the earrings are nice and secure and won’t come loose from your earlobe.

They will arrive in a beautiful jewelry pouch which will guarantee their safe arrival. This pouch is also a great place to store the earrings when they are not being worn. These earrings are being sold by OPALTOP for a low price.

9. Opal Leaf Dangle Earrings

Opal Leaf Dangle Earrings

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If you’re going for that natural look check out these dangly leaf opal style earrings! The jeweler has cleverly designed them with an infusion of green and blue speckled opal that gives them that natural feel!

The design makes this piece of jewelry very unique and individual. They have been shaped into a leaf-like shape. The designer has also decided to give these earrings an extra bit of detail in the form of the leaf veins that achieves in making the sections of the opal stand out and frame the color by using the silver colored metal.

They are approximately 2 inches long and 9mm wide with a weight of approximately 4.34g. The foundation has been created by using a rhodium plated base metal. The choice of material gives them a strong and durable foundation which means they will last for a long time.

The rhodium metal has a lovely polished finished and is lead and nickel free as well as hypoallergenic which means the earrings are very safe for you to wear if you have sensitive skin.

They have been made with a blue created opal. Even though the designer specifies the choice of a blue colored opal the inclusion of green within these opals earrings is very prominent and makes these stand out as a showcase piece. We can guarantee that these earrings have also been made with a high-quality cut opal stone that you’ll simply adore!

If the color blue and green isn’t your favorite color these leaf style dangly earrings are also available to purchase in red, orange, green and white, giving you plenty of choices. If you wanted you could buy a different color of earrings to wear each day of the week. What a fantastic idea!

You’ll also love the fact that these are being sold by CiNily for a very low price making them a fantastic buy! These earrings would make a great birthday gift for someone, take a look for yourself!

10. Sterling Silver Cushion-Cut Halo Earrings

Sterling Silver Cushion-Cut Halo Earrings

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To finish our top ten list of the most elegant opal earrings, we’ve chosen something quite special. Throughout our top ten we’ve included a selection of different styles and designs to suit any occasion and these combine the best of all the options we’ve seen!

At the center sits a stunning cushion cut opal which is simply spectacular. Held in place by a simple four prong setting, these opals sparkle effortlessly and the cushion cut works really well in this style. Coming in at a whopping 1.20 carats, these earrings are sure to turn heads.

Surrounding the opals are 54 smaller crystals (yes 54!) which complement the larger opals very well. If you’re looking for a glitzy pair, this halo cut really makes this item of jewelry something for a special occasion.

These are similar to some of the previous designs that we’ve reviewed in that they feature a large hoop design that includes a lever back clip. This is again a really nice design and means that these earrings are really easy to wear. They are also very dangly which means that you’ll get a lot of movement and this is perfect if you are looking for a pair of earrings that will stand out and sparkle.

The design has been made even more special by continuing the smaller crystals along the hoop and up to the ear. This adds even more sparkle and makes them a really nice option if you’re going out for a special meal or even to wear to a wedding (they would look amazing as bridal jewelry).

To make the most of them you’ll want to wear your hair up so that they can be seen and admired from afar!

These opal earrings are available from GemStar USA which means that you’re getting reassurance in the form of a 30-day money back guarantee, along with a cute little pouch to store them. We can’t help but love these earrings and for such a reasonable price tag (we’d place this in the mid-price range) you’re getting a truly spectacular item of jewelry!