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Are Toe Rings Still In? Yes, and These Are Our 15 Picks

Marianne Marianne 16 May 2018 1460

If you think toe rings were a thing of the past, you are wrong. Toe rings are still in and still just as beautiful. While adorning your exposed body parts like the hands, face, and neck, you tend to leave out your feet. But we often fail to realize that a tiny accessory, such as a toe ring can completely up to your fashion game and accentuate your feet by adding a feminine touch for a sexy, modern and sophisticated look.

Toe rings come in a myriad of designs, shapes, and prices making it suitable for women of all ages and backgrounds to sport it as a go-to fashion accessory. Of course, with the right kind of toe rings, men can also pull it off.

The designs on the rings can range from a simple polished surface to highly intricate work, even featuring objects or animals, whichever suits your personality. The pricing also varies depending on the metal used, type of plating, level of detailed work, types of stone used, width and much more. Nevertheless, it is still highly affordable and well within reach of the common people.

Toe rings are prevalently worn during the summer months when people switch to sandals or flip flops and goes beautifully when paired with anklets. The metals most commonly used for toe rings are sterling silver and gold. Although there are also toe rings made of plastic and elastic thread, the metal ones are still highly preferred.

So, what are you waiting for? Let your feet sparkle with some toe rings! Even better, present it to your best friend, wife, mother, the grandmother on special occasions such as birthday, anniversary or Christmas.

A glimpse into the past

The origin of toe rings began in India. Starting from the Ramayana times till the present, toe rings have been a common accessory mostly among married Indian women, indicating their marital status. Fun fact: they were also believed to have health benefits regarding menstruation and pregnancy.

In the United States, toe rings became a popular trend in the ’70s when Marjorie Borell started selling in New York after returning from India. Although the trend has died down in recent years, it is making a comeback with celebrities such as Kim Kardashian, Jennifer Anniston, Tori Spelling and more spotted wearing them on the red carpet.

So, to help you pick the right toe rings, have a look at our 15 picks and be ready to flaunt your feet the next time you go to the beach or for a walk outdoors. Your feet will never go unnoticed with these eye-catching toe rings.

Our Top 15 picks!

1. Sterling Silver Plumeria Flower


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The simplicity of this plumeria flower toe ring is bound to impress you. Made in Hawaii by Honolulu Jewelry Company, a leading brand which has been creating Hawaiian jewelry since the 1980s, this toe ring of sterling silver has a plumeria flower with cubic zirconia set at the center of the flower giving it a stunning sparkle.

In Hawaii, the plumeria holds cultural significance, symbolizing positivity and commonly worn as garlands.

The length and width of the ring are both 8 mm, the height is 3 mm and it weighs 1 gram. The open band of the ring makes it easily adjustable and perfect for regular usage.

It comes in a sophisticated white box with the company seal on it, making for a beautiful gift all ready to be presented. Another great feature is its lifetime guarantee to repair the jewelry or any of its components without charge. The price is also reasonable for its great quality and design.

2. Hoops & Loops Sterling Silver Channel Cubic Zirconia


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Looking for something smart and elegant for your feet? This toe ring by the renowned brand, Hoops & Loops promises to provide you with just that.

The Chanel like the design of this ring features a row of cubic zirconia stones set inside the top of the band. It provides you with two choices for metal plates- yellow gold flashed silver and rose gold flashed silver.

The yellow gold has its own vibrant color while the red gold shines with its calming warm hues. So, pick whichever you like best.

The dazzling effect and brilliance of this toe ring along with the stones will make it seem as if you are wearing diamonds. Because it can be easily adjusted and is gentle on the toes, you will most likely wear it at all times.

Hoops & Loops ensure proper inspection before sending out their products to customers. It has a unique anti-tarnish coating that is sure to last the toe ring for many years. The product claims to provide a lifetime as well as a 100% satisfaction guarantee otherwise you get your money back.

It is affordably priced and also comes with a complimentary Hoops & Loops branded satin gift pouch.

3. 925 Designs Sterling Silver Snake Ring


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This beautifully designed snake-shaped toe ring by 925 Designs will definitely make your feet look ten folds sexy.

It is available in two styles-sterling silver and oxidized sterling silver without any change in price. The sterling silver has 92.5% silver with small amounts of alloys to prolong its longevity and strength.

The 18.85 mm ring is designed in such a way that the body of the snake curls over the top of your toe which tapers towards the tails and has an opening at the back for ease of adjustment. The most stunning feature about this toe ring is its detailed snake scale engravings over the entire length of the snake.

It is an inexpensive ring and comes in a gift wrap. All of 925 Design’s products are carefully inspected for missing stones or defects before shipping them from the United States for timely delivery so that you are 100% satisfied. Again, if you are not happy with your purchase, you can get a full refund within 30 days of purchase.

The brand also prides in providing first-class customer assistance and prompt answering of queries regarding their product via email or phone.

4. Chevron Filigree .925 Sterling Silver


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Sac Silver, a brand dedicated to creating authentic jewelry, has provided a toe ring suited for an urban chic and classy look.

In contrast to conventional round toe rings, this is a chevron styled ring with a detailed filigree pattern that looks equally beautiful as a midi ring. The band of sterling silver and alloys give added strength and durability to the ring which also bears the 925 stamp on its band.

The toe is available with a free gift wrap at a cheap price. The brand ensures superior customer service by providing you with quick delivery and refunds. All its products are new and go through careful inspection for quality assurance before it is shipped from the United States.

5. Sterling Silver Daisy Flower Adjustable Toe Band


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This daisy flower toe ring by Metal Factory is such a pretty and adorable toe ring that you will never want to take it off! And that is absolutely fine because you can wear it everywhere without it losing its sparkly shine.

It consists of a row of daisy flower along the length of the band. The band itself is made of sterling silver with the 925 hallmark stamped on it. It is 5 mm wide and great for any toe size.

Surprisingly, the ring is of a very good quality considering its unbelievably cheap price. Moreover, they provide a complimentary silver gift box so you will want to gift it to everyone you know.

This shiny toe ring will pair perfectly with your floral outfits and jewelry this summer. Stack it with some simple bands or wear it alone, it will look gorgeous anyway.

6. Celtic Knot Mid Finger Ring 925 Silver


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Bling Jewelry is currently a successful multimillion-dollar company for its sterling silver jewelry. The Celtic knot designed ring by Bling has a highly unique design which will provide you with the much-coveted aesthetic Bohemian chic look.

This toe ring is great for women of any ages and can be worn in the middle of first and second knuckles on your fingers or on your toes. The oxidized look gives an additional allure to it. With such a cool and stylish ring, you are sure to receive compliments.

The ring is 5 mm wide and weighs 2.08 grams. You could wear it with your other oxidized rings for an even trendier look. Also, with the available gift wrap, you can present it to someone special and they will cherish it forever.

7. 14k Gold Filled Plain Braid


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Here’s a whimsical and highly appealing set of toe rings that you can wear to any informal or formal setting and look fabulous. Moreover, it is perfect for any type or color of attire.

This toe ring designed by California Toe Rings is a 14k gold filled trio set with two plain 1mm thin gold-filled bands and one braid band accounting for a total width of 4 mm.

This versatile ring can be worn as a midi ring, pinky ring and of course toe ring so you can alternate among them.

Handmade in the US with 14k gold, naturally, the rings are not likely to tarnish, fade or chip any time soon. However, care still needs to be taken. Just as sterling silver, this toe ring should not be exposed to chlorine or harsh chemicals. It can be cleaned using a soft brush, mild soap and water and stored in a fabric jewelry box or pouch.

As the rings are of the fitted type, the size has to be customized. You will have to pick from the list of ring sizes. For help picking a ring size, you can consult the ring chart provided.

8. Sterling Silver Antiqued Skull Ring


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Are you into gothic fashion? Then look no more because this is the toe ring of your choice!

With this toe ring that is suited for both men and women, you will definitely be ahead of others. The antiqued look of the ring gives a badass vibe that will have your peers in awe.

The ring is 6 mm wide, weighs 2 grams and the ring tapers from 7 mm to 3mm. Despite the cool look of the skull and bones, it is still affordable and is available with a gift box and silk pouch.

Sold by Shop 4 Silver, a brand that has been in the market for over 5 years now, prides in its excellent customer service. Hence, if you are not satisfied with the product, you can return the ring without any hassle 30 days after purchase.

9. Sterling Silver Butterfly


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This is another beautiful toe ring by 925 Designs with a wide ornate butterfly which beautifully highlights the toes.

The detailed work is impressive with accurate features of a butterfly’s wings, antennae, head, thorax, and abdomen. The wings have even detailing on them.

This dainty piece of jewelry is 8 mm wide and free of nickel so there is no risk of an allergic reaction. Furthermore, because of its cheap pricing and delicate design, it is totally worth its value.

Like all other 925 Design’s products, they undergo inspection them from the United States and guarantees 100% satisfaction.

10. NOVICA Polished .925 Sterling Silver Spiral 


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The esteemed brand NOVICA has been working with artisans from many countries for years in providing a global platform for them to sell their handiwork internationally. Its huge array of products includes handcrafted gifts, accessories, jewelry, clothing, and so much more.

This artistic and unique toe ring by Alok Jain, a talented Indian artisan, features a sterling silver band fashioned to cross over at the front with the edges curled into a spiral shape in opposite directions. Alok’s designs which have an Indian charm to it are inspired by nature, mostly featuring natural motifs.

The toe rings come in a pair to be worn one on each foot. Along with it comes a beautiful string drawn burlap jewelry pouch decorated with a lace running along the middle representing the Indian culture. Furthermore, a NOVICA booklet is provided with information about the craftsman and inspiration behind each piece.

Considering that it is a handmade item, the pricing is very reasonable and makes an absolutely beautiful gift.

11. Rose Flower and Leaves Antiqued Pinky Band


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Do you have a flair for the whimsical? Then have a look at this one! Silver Insanity’s antiqued toe ring features a simplistic yet highly aesthetic design of a rose with leaves on each side.

It bears the .925 stamp on the silver sterling band which is 1/4″ wide and is slightly heavier in comparison to the other rings with a weight of 3.2 grams. The adjustable toe ring also doubles as a ring for the small fingers of the hand up to size 5.

The antiqued look combined with the simple design makes it a very charming and fashionable piece of jewelry.

12. Sterling Silver Hawaiian Plumeria Flower


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This is another one of Metal Factory’s toe rings that has a plumeria flower hollowed out within the band and detailed scrollwork on each side of it. All in all, this tiny ring manages to capture the essence of Hawaii.

The shiny and sturdy 3 mm wide jewelry offers a lot more than you can ask for. The band with its adjustable sizing bears the .925 stamp.

For such a cheap price, it is a bang for your buck! You will want to buy one for your friends, mom, sister and so on. And to make the toe ring more presentable, it comes with a gift box.

13. Isola & Co Arrow Ring


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This stunning, shiny, classy product by Isola & Co serves multiple functions- it can be worn as a regular ring, knuckle ring and even a toe ring. However you decide to wear it, you will notice people catching glimpses at it.

This product is designed with silver and stainless-steel wound in a spiral with one ending in an arrowhead and the other with the fletching. The size of the ring is adjustable and varies from 4.5 to 8.5 (US). Its price is cheaper compared to the other rings and is also available with a gift wrap.

14. Sterling Silver High Polished Plain Simple Ring


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This minimalistic ring by Hoops & Loops has an aesthetic value of its own in its simple polished design which can be worn even by men.

Despite lacking any design, it has a modern and sophisticated aura to it.

The ring comes in one size with adjustable open ends. You can pick from any of the four available metal platings without any change in pricing: sterling silver, yellow gold flashed, rose gold flashed, black flashed.

The ring is 18 mm in length and 2.7 mm wide. These rings can be stacked in doubles or with other rings for a more beautiful look. The simple design will complement any outfit of a wide range of colors. Every ring comes with a jewelry pouch and makes a beautiful present for the women in our lives.

15. Open Rings Tail Ring – VIKI LYNN


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Victoria Lynn jewelry has created a toe ring whose intricate, completely hollowed out design will appeal to all fashionable people.

This versatile product can also be worn on your pinky finger. It has a 5 mm wide band of real 925 sterling silver so it is completely hypoallergenic and will not turn your toes green.

The ring is size 4, weighs 0.97 grams and is flexible enough to be comfortable for your toes and finger but delicate so it should be lightly adjusted.

As it is made of fine sterling silver, chances are it will tarnish. But with proper care by keeping it dry and away from water, chemicals, makeups, you can delay the tarnishing process. A polishing cloth can be used for regular cleaning.

The pricing is decent and affordable. You can purchase it with confidence with 30 days money-back guarantee. You will also get a complimentary gift box along with it so it can be directly presented.

And don’t worry if your ring gets broken within a month after your purchase because a brand new ring will be sent to you.

Some Pro-Tips for you!

Like all other jewelry, toe rings also require proper care and storage. That way you can delay the tarnishing process. Here is a list of some of the things you have to keep in mind to keep your jewelry sparkle for a long time.

  1. Wear it regularly

To avoid tarnishing, simply wear your jewelry. The more often you wear, the longer you delay the tarnishing process. This is because the oils in your skin can help in cleaning the silver keeping it shiny.

  1. Avoid exposure

Keep your jewelry away from sunlight, harsh household chemicals and foods containing sulfur. It is also recommended to take off your silver jewelry before getting into the swimming pool as the chlorinated water can cause tarnishing. Also avoid contact with lotions, makeup products, perfumes, and hair products.

  1. Store properly

affordable toe rings

Store your sterling silver toe rings preferably with an anti-tarnish strip in an airtight plastic bag or you could use silica gel, a packet of activated charcoal, or chalk to keep air and moisture out. Avoid storing all your silver jewelry in the same place to prevent scratching with each other. Make sure to unclasp your chains and bracelets too.

  1. Polish!

Use any soft cloth to polish your silver and avoid using tissues or paper towels as they cause scratching. Polishing should be done in a back-and-forth motion rather than circular motions. For tiny, detailed parts, switch to a Q-tip.

  1. Get some professional care from time to time

For silver that is old, valuable or heavily tarnished, take them to a professional to have those cleaned.

  1. Avoid commercial silver cleaners

These do more harm than good by taking off the anti-tarnish coating and result in accelerated tarnishing. The vapors from such cleaners are toxic to our health too.

  1. Use DIY homemade cleaners

Instead of commercial cleaners, you can make your own homemade cleaners using basic ingredients in your pantries such as dish soap and water, baking soda and water, white vinegar and baking soda even olive oil and lemon juice

Frequently Ask Questions

  1. Which toe is best for wearing toe rings?

Toe rings are usually worn on the second toe. But you can wear in any toe you wish.

  1. How do I find out my toe size?

You can find your toe size easily using the string method. Simply use a piece of string and circle it around the middle part of your toe as shown in the picture below. The same method can be used for your thumb, knuckle or pinky. Next, mark the parts of the string where the two ends meet and using a ruler, measure its length in millimeters. That number is your first size. Again, using the same method, measure the widest part of your toe pad. The next number is your second size. Finally, using these measurements, determine your size from a ring chart.