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10 Black Onyx Rings to Add to Your Collection

Lizzie Lizzie 20 Mar 2020 6488

Black onyx is a gemstone that has a polished textured surface. The stone is known for being extremely smooth and very eye-catching. It is made up of a variety of the chalcedony stones which can range from white-colored stones to black and the black version is a fantastic choice for jewelry; this is why we decided to put together a list of our favorite black onyx rings!

Black onyx is a gemstone that has been made up of a variety of silicate mineral chalcedony, including onyx and agate which are both varieties of layered chalcedony. They differ from one another because an onyx has parallel bands whereas an agate has curved bands.

In order to create a black onyx rings, the stone must be treated first. Treatments include boiling or soaking chalcedony in sugar solutions, then treating it with hydrochloric or sulphuric acid which carbonizes the sugars.

These are then absorbed into the top layers of the stone. A dyeing treatment can also be used to create a black onyx. Treating the chalcedony with nitric acid or heating is also another way of eliminating undesirable colors in the onyx or lightening the color of the stone.

Interestingly, the onyx is the birthstone for December and is the Zodiac sign for Leo. Onyx is also associated with the planet of Saturn and can be sourced in India, Brazil, Madagascar, and Afghanistan.

Our 10 Favorite Black Onyx Rings!

1. GemStoneKing Sterling Silver Black Onyx Ring

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To start off our list of the top ten black onyx rings we’ve chosen this oval ring which would make the perfect accessory to wear to a cocktail party.

We’d recommend wearing this ring as the only piece of jewelry because it really is a statement piece and deserves to take center stage. The ring consists of an oval black onyx which is framed by two rows of dazzling diamonds.

This centerpiece is then joined to an elegant band which features even more diamonds. If you love diamonds you’ll adore this ring because it features plenty of sparkles.

This gorgeous accessory has been crafted using a natural oval black onyx set in a four-prong setting. The ring features a stunning sterling silver metal which has a shiny surface and strong composition, making this a lovely ring to wear on an everyday occasion.

To give you an idea of the size of this ring it features an onyx that is approximately 14mm by 10mm in size. The black onyx is also AAA in clarity and it’s important to point out that it’s a natural gemstone which hasn’t been treated.

It’s tricky not to notice the sparkling diamonds featured within this ring. They are in fact round shaped cubic zirconia stones which frame the black onyx. They are simulated white stones which haven’t been treated and are approximately 1.1mm wide by 1.1 mm long. In total, this ring features around 121 stones and weighs approximately 5 carats.

This beautiful design is extremely elegant and unique. The design also promises a very comfortable fit and when worn will accentuate your fingers beautifully. The ring also arrives in a lovely jewelry box making it a great gift.

This stunning ring has been created by GEM STONE KING who has been crafting jewelry since 1903. They specialize in creating jewelry which features gemstones and diamonds. They not only produce black onyx rings but also bracelets, earrings, and pendants.

The jeweler also has a passion for producing jewelry in a variety of stones and colors. The team at GEM STONE KING are very reputable and have years of experience working with gemstones and diamonds. Take a look at their beautiful collection today!

2. Palm Beach Jewelry 18K Yellow Gold-Plated Marquise

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If you like yellow gold jewelry you’ll love this art deco inspired yellow gold black onyx ring.

This ring features an oval black onyx which has been wrapped in two rows of sparkling cubic zirconia stones. The design of the ring pays tribute to the Art Deco movement and represents pure glamour in the form of this ring. The main structure of the piece has been crafted using an 18k yellow gold plated brass material. To give you an idea of the size this piece is approximately 20mm wide by 30mm long and 10mm high.

The onyx used is a black color which has been originally dyed. The shape of the gemstone is classed as marquise. The ring also features cubic zirconia stones which are simulated white stones that have been cut into a round shape. The ring is available to purchase in sizes 6, 7, 8, 9 and 10.

This breathtaking ring is being sold by Palm Beach Jewelry for a medium price. This jeweler is known for having an extensive collection of jewelry including rings, earrings, bracelets, anklets, necklaces, and pendants. As well as women’s jewelry they also craft men’s jewelry.

The jeweler creates pieces using a range of materials including gold, silver and rose gold. They sell a variety of pieces in a range of styles. Take a look at their website today!

3. GemStoneKing 925 Sterling Silver Black Onyx Ring

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GEM STONE KING has done it again, they’ve created this truly beautiful black onyx ring which represents a unique setting, similar to that of a flower.

This gorgeous piece features a cluster of three black onyx stones positioned in the center of the ring. Each individual gemstone has been cut into an oval shape and has a clarity of AAA. The onyx which hasn’t been treated is approximately 6mm long by 4mm wide. The three stones which have been positioned alongside each have been set in a prong setting. We think they look stunning!

The decorative design also features cubic zirconia stones. These have been beautifully positioned along with a sterling silver spiral band that is incorporated within the center design of the ring. The cubic zirconia gemstones which have been cut to a round shape are approximately 1mm long by 1mm wide.

When it comes to the materials used in this ring, the piece features a solid sterling silver metal which is extremely durable, making it suitable to wear on an everyday occasion. The total weight of this ring is approximately 1.54 carats. This ring is also extremely comfortable to wear and will definitely accentuate your fingers.

This gorgeous ring deserves a place in every ladies jewelry collection and is being sold by GEM STONE KING for a medium price. The ring is available in sizes 5, 6, 7, 8 and 9. This is a very pretty ring and looks a lot more expensive than it actually is. For the price, you’re definitely getting quality for money. It’s also extremely sparkly!

4. Chuvora 925 Oxidized Sterling Silver Marcasite Heart Leaf

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If your preference is more of a dainty style ring then this heart ring may be exactly what you’ve been looking for!

The ring features a heart-shaped black onyx gemstone in the center of the piece. It’s important to point out that this beautiful ring has been made using a genuine marcasite black onyx. This piece is also very lightweight so will be extremely comfortable to wear.

This piece has been designed with a heart-shaped onyx in the center of the ring with a decorative design around the edge. The ring then features a leaf style finish along with the band which finishes off the design of the ring nicely.

What’s great about this ring is that it’s nickel free which makes it suitable to wear if you have sensitive skin. To get the best out of this stone has been treated in this ring, mainly to enhance the properties including durability and color.

It’s important to look after this piece so it will last for years and years to come. The jeweler suggests that you should avoid wearing it while in a swimming pool or spa because the chemicals can damage the color of the ring.

It’s also recommended that you remove the ring while playing sports to avoid it from getting scratched. The jeweler suggests the best ways to clean your ring to use warm soapy water and a soft brush, especially when it comes to cleaning the gemstones.

This delicate ring will arrive in a black velvet pouch, great if you want to give this piece as a gift to someone. It will also look great worn with anything in your wardrobe. This ring is being sold by CHUVORA JEWELRY for a low price. If you like the sound of this ring, head to their website.

5. GemStoneKing Basic Ring


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This piece shouts pure elegance!

It has been designed with a beautiful square-shaped black onyx that has been positioned in a prong setting. This gemstone is featured alongside two strips of sparkling diamonds either side of the black stone. The stone is then positioned on a thin smooth shiny silver band.

It has been crafted using a gorgeous sterling silver metal which is extremely durable making it perfect for everyday wear. The black onyx has been cut into a cushion checkerboard shape and is approximately 10mm long by 10mm wide.

What truly makes this ring stand out are the round cubic zirconia diamonds that have been added to the ring. These are approximately 1mm wide by 1mm long. In total 25 stones are featured in this ring, giving the piece a touch of sparkle that you’ll love!

In total this classy piece of jewelry equates to 3.6 carats. The jewelers, GEM STONE KING have done a fantastic job creating this piece! The ring has been constructed with the utmost quality, delivering you a luxury piece of jewelry.

It is so beautiful you simply won’t want to take it off your finger. The piece can be worn with a variety of outfits making it extremely versatile. It will also arrive in a pretty little jewelry box. This gorgeous piece of jewelry is being sold for a medium price and we think it’s well worth the dollars!

6. Palm Beach Jewelry Cabochon Pillow Ring

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This black onyx stands out as a very interesting ring so thought we had to feature in our list of the top ten rings.

As you’ll see from the image this unusual piece has been designed with a large circular black shiny onyx that has been wrapped in large prongs, almost like a nest. The intricately detailed metalwork has been crafted using a 14 karat yellow gold plated brass.

To give you an idea of the size of the ring it is approximately 30mm wide by 31mm long and 11.5mm high. The setting of the black onyx is classed as a channel setting. This black onyx definitely makes a bold impression atop this stunning ring.

This is a very large piece so is true when it comes to the measurements. This ring is very shiny, stylish and extremely eye-catching so you won’t be able to take your eyes off it!

You could even go as far as to say that this is quite a dramatic ring which dresses up a pair of casual jeans and a top but at the same time would look gorgeous with a dress. Making it perfect for every occasion!

This stunning ring is being sold for a medium price by Palm Beach Jewelry who simply love making jewelry. If you take a look at their website you’ll notice they offer a gorgeous selection of jewelry. What’s great about this particular jeweler is that they sell something for everyone! We hope you agree.

7. GemStoneKing 925 Sterling Silver Black Onyx Ring

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This three stone style ring is an extremely classy ring designed by GEM STONE KING.

The gorgeous piece consists of three oval black onyx gemstones, the center stone being slightly larger than the two other stones positioned either side. These beautiful stones have been cut into a lovely oval shape and each has been positioned within a 4 prong setting.

The largest of the three stones are approximately 9mm long by 7mm wide while the smaller stones are approximately 6mm by 4mm in size. The striking onyx stones have been positioned along with a solid sterling silver band that looks utterly gorgeous.

The composition of this silver makes the ring extremely tough so making suitable to wear on an everyday occasion. The band also adds an extra bit of detail in the form of a pattern along the outer and lower part of the band. This unique ring represents a design similar to a Celtic pattern which complements the three-stone setting extremely well.

We’d best describe this as an elegant piece of jewelry that is very comfortable to wear. It’s important to point out that this ring is on the chunkier side so if you’re looking for a dainty ring this may not be the right ring for you.

The stones also sit quite high on your finger. The black gemstone gives off a lovely sparkle and the sterling silver a beautiful shine. This is a quality ring which you won’t miss out on buying. It’s definitely worth the dollars!

8. Checkerboard Square Black Ring


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Another of our more unusual black onyx rings is this sterling silver rose gold plated ring with a checkerboard square onyx. You needn’t be worried about someone else having the same ring as you because this rose gold plated ring is very unique and you could say an acquired taste!

The piece has been crafted with a large square-shaped black onyx that is approximately 10mm long by 10mm wide. The professional term for this shaped gemstone is checkerboard.

The stone has been securely positioned in a 4 prong setting and consists of approximately 3.75 carats. The metal used to create this ring consists of sterling silver rose gold plated metal.

What’s great about this material is that it’s extremely durable and very shiny. We love the rose gold plating because it really makes this piece stand out beautifully. The Onyx also comes in a beautiful deep black color which has been polished to give a lovely finish.

What’s great about this pick is that it is extremely versatile, making it perfect for all occasions. It would look fantastic with a formal outfit but also a casual outfit. Rich, stylish and chic would best describe this piece of jewelry!

It’s also available in a variety of sizes including 5, 6, 7, 8 and 9. This is a pretty ring and is very good quality. We love it and so should you!

9. GemStoneKings Black Onyx Oval Ring


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This gorgeous black onyx ring offers more of understated design. We love how the black onyx has been cut into an oval shape and has been positioned within the center of the ring.

This stone is held in place by a 4 prong setting which then joins to a decorative weave design that incorporates circular shapes and what looks like a rope-like textured metal. This intricately designed band transforms this ring from an ordinary ring to something quite extraordinary.

This pretty ring has been crafted using a sterling silver metal which looks utterly shiny and sophisticated. The silver is also extremely durable making this a lovely piece to wear on an everyday occasion.

It would also work in accentuating your fingers. The piece designed by GEM STONE KING is also very mesmerizing. We’d describe it as being modern, sleek and elegant.

To give you an idea of the size of this ring, the black onyx is approximately 9mm long by 7mm wide. The gemstone has also been cut into an oval shape and has an AAA clarity. In total, the entire ring weighs approximately 2.6 carats. This ring is also available to purchase in a variety of sizes including 5, 6, 7, 8 and 9.

10. Ice Carats 925 Silver Black Onyx & Cubic Zirconia 


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To end our list of the top ten black onyx rings we decided to choose this decorative ring sold by Ice Carats.

This stunning ring consists of a large circular black onyx and sterling silver flower which is wrapped around the onyx stone creating a protective nest. A cubic zirconia stone is positioned at the top of the silver flower symbolizing a flower head. This design makes a very pretty and decorative ring that we’re certain you’ll love.

What’s great about this ring is that its nickel-free and hypoallergenic which makes is perfect if you have sensitive skin. The ring has also been created using a sold sterling silver metal which has a smooth and shiny surface.

This choice of metal makes this very comfortable to wear and extremely durable so will last for years and years to come. As well as the stone this ring features a touch of sparkle in the form of cubic zirconia stones.

A small circular single cubic zirconia stone brightens up this ring and gives it that touch of glamour which we love. When it comes to the onyx the ring features a deep black onyx that has a lovely polished finish to it.

When it comes to the jeweler, Ice Carats are selling this gorgeous ring for a medium price. The jeweler is known for creating quality pieces of jewelry at a reasonable price. Ice Carats have a team of devoted craftspeople who produce beautiful pieces of jewelry that can be worn on an everyday occasion

. If you take a look at their extensive collection you will notice that each piece is unique and inspiring. What’s great about this jeweler is that they offer a lifetime warranty and 30-day money-back guarantee.

You’ll also receive this elegant piece gift wrapped so if you’re giving it to someone as a birthday present you won’t need to worry about wrapping it yourself. We love this black onyx ring and think you won’t find another ring like this one!

Meaning and properties of a black onyx stone

As well as being eye-catching, black onyx rings are known for carrying strong spiritual and healing properties. This stone is a great item to wear during an emotional turmoil time because it is known for possessing soothing qualities. It can help release negativity from its surroundings and wearer and is known to protect the wearer from the ‘evil eye’.

If you want help in getting over a previous relationship this is a good gemstone to wear because it can help you move away from the past and start living in the present. Some other powers that the special stone carries are focus, positivity, balance, protection, and change.

One important to point out is that in order for the black onyx to work the wear must allow the gemstone to have full access to the powers it beholds. In similar terms, the wearer must be open to its powers and hold a clear mind and open its mind and body to change. The stone will then work its magic and will allow you to live the life you are supposed to live.

Meaning and properties of a black onyx rings

The black onyx rings are also known for carrying healing qualities. When worn, the gemstone has the power to release any negativity within the wearer. It is a fantastic soothing stone which can help the wearer to release any negative thoughts and emotions.

It is also believed that the gemstone will help the wearer change any of their bad habits and become more balanced and focused in their life. The stone is known for freeing the wearer’s mind from stress and help the wearer change their life for the good.

As well, it is meant to help align a person’s body, mind, and spirit with the Universe and put the person’s mind in a position where they will be happy to receive goodness. If the wearer wears the stone with complete faith in the stone, this belief will eventually manifest into the real world.

Interestingly, wearing a black onyx stone is believed to sharpen the wearer’s senses so they become more conscious, alert and focused. It is also supposed to make them more confident, grounded and balanced.

Finally, it is believed to carry healing powers when it comes to teeth problems, feet trouble, eye disorders, bone issues, and epilepsy. Continually wearing a black onyx is believed to help with these conditions.

Charged with water, it is also believed that the stone can help with skin problems and other infections. If you’re pregnant, you’re also encouraged to wear the black onyx because it can help you have a smooth and trouble-free pregnancy as well as childbirth.

To get the most out of your black onyx rings it should be kept underground overnight so it can rejuvenate its spiritual and healing powers and be discharged once every two weeks under running water. This is the best way to get the most out of its healing properties and spiritual powers.